Will Extreme Heat Destroy My Computer ?

I left my computer in a garage for storage for about 2 months, itll be around 2 1/2 when i get back, but it gets around 100 degrees in vegas around this time and even hotter in the garage. Will my computer be completely screwed by the time i get back? I also have a lcd tv, monitor in there as well. I have renters insurance but id rather not go through the hassle with that unless i have to. Anyone care to help me on this. Is my system completely *** or are there some sort of precautions i should take before i boot up?

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Asus Rampage 2 Extreme Or Gigabyte Ga-ex58 Extreme

Which one would be a better choice for the i7 920? Price-watch list them for asus $386. 50 and gigabyte $329. 99

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Heat Sink Compound

I've never used a heat sink compound in any of my builds and never had a problem. I just place the heat sink/fan directly on the processor. But i was talking with someone and they said you must put a heat sink compound on a processor. Is this true or is this just something additional that would only be necessary for over clockers and the like? Btw this computer will only surf the web and do some applications.

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What Causes Hard Drive Heat ?

So i'm sitting here at work, doing my work stuff, and i started thinking about hard drives (i recently had one fail so it was on my mind). I've done a lot of reading recently on hard drives but it occurs to me that i have not read what causes the heat in a hard drive. Thinking about it my self i can only come up with a few sources, some of them very minimal:

Air to platter friction
Electric motor current
Electric motor friction
Read head stepper motor thing
External on board circuitry heat
Internal circuitry (if there is any?)
Read head (not friction, but the electrical energy through the traces)

I dont believe there are any other sources of real heat generation inside that little box. The last two are probably minimal at worst, but then again, i dont know!

So my question to you all is:

What causes hard drives to heat up so much?

My personal opinion is that the air/platter friction is the main source. Assuming, obviously, that there isn't a vacuum inside the case. Which leads me to this, even a relatively mild vacuum in the case should do two things, reduce platter friction and thus heat generation, and reduce the amount of torque required to keep the disk spinning, reducing heat again and also energy required to operate. What are you thoughts?

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Extreme Video Lag

I'm half-decently computer saavy but i've been having a problem playing videos on my laptop lately. I run on vista and have 1 gig of ram and a 1. 70 ghz processor. My laptop is fairly new and i run norton anti-virus. I'm using an acer now that's replaced a toshiba i was using before which sustained water damage. On my toshiba (which i had for over a year) i could always watch videos fine online and through media player. With this acer (i've had it since october), every time i try to run videos, whether they're already downloaded or streaming, there's a huge lag. The picture itself just freezes for about 30 seconds and the sound keeps going. Then the video speeds up very fast after the freeze to catch up with the sound. I'm pretty stumped. Less than half my harddrive is full, i have spyware/virus protection, i ran a defrag, uninstalled some programs that i don't use, did error-checking and am running my firewall at all times. What could be causing this lag? It only really affects my video performance but it's driving me crazy! I've been all over google and any advice would help me alot

Edit: the laptop is an aspire 5100 if that helps
Processor is amd athlon(tm) 64x2 dual-core processor tk-53

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Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Mb

How many mb of graphics is intel extreme graphics 2? Ok this may sound convoluted cus i dont know what those mb tell, basically i need to know how many mb is the intel extreme graphics 2 thing, my games tell me the mb requirement of the graphic cards but i have no idea how much intel extreme graphics 2 is, can someone help and can i run games like empire earth 1-3 (tell me which ones if u know. )

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Hp Zd7000 Heat Problem

Hp zd7000 heat problem. Does 50c sound hot? I have a copper cooler at least i think so. I see copper through the fan holes. It only gets hot running graphic intensive programs or when downloading using p2p. Are there better coolers for this particular model? Hp uses cheap stuff i believe.

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Dell Wfp2408 Monitor Heat

I purchased a dell wfp2408 monitor and i figure out that it emerges heat from front of the monitor. When i touch back of it i feel the same thing. I have another 24 e that don't have this issue. I tried 2 mother 2408 but they have the same issue . Is this common in this model or other 24 monitors since i went and touch several monitors in the shops but didn't find this issue ?

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Damaged Mb While Removing Heat Sink

I was just attempting to remove my heatsink from my asus a7n8x deluxe and my screwdriver slipped and nicked the mb. My computer will not boot and i think i may have seriously damaged the board. Is this something that would be covered by waranty or rma, or do i have to fork over some cash for a new mobo and write this one off. I would appreciate advice from anyone that has had a similar mishap.

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Hard Drive Extra Heat

I just had a 2001 40gb western digital drive inside a computer with the panel off, just to format and test how the sectors are. It was burning hot to touch. I have never felt a hot drive besides the maxtor slim profile drives ( which was cooler than this wd ). Question is:- would this be an over-spin problem causing the extra heat, or just a bad drive model they produced - enhanced ide hard drive wd400bb-00aua1.

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Video Card Heat Problem

My video card is heating so darn much. I installed a program that tells me how hot is it & it went to 96c! I installed the program to see how hot it would go while playing world of warcraft cause i heard if it went over 75c its too much, but it went to 96c. I'm just wondering why!

Here are some of my computer specs:

Operating system: windows vista, home premium (6. 0, build 6001) service pack 1 (6001. Vistasp1_gdr. 080917-1612)

Language: english (regional setting: english)

System manufacturer: gateway
System model: unknown

Bios: )phoenix - award workstation bios v6. 00pg

Processor: amd athlon(tm) dual core processor 4050e (2 cpus), ~2. 1ghz

Memory: 3070mb ram
Page file: 1460mb used, 4905mb available
Windows dir: c:windows
Directx version: directx 10
Dx setup parameters: not found

Dxdiag version: 6. 00. 6001. 18000 32bit unicode

Display devices

Card name: nvidia geforce 6600 gt
Manufacturer: nvidia
Chip type: geforce 6600 gt
Dac type: integrated ramdac

Device key: enumpciven_10de&dev_0140&subsys_000000

Display memory: 1400 mb
Dedicated memory: 120 mb
Shared memory: 1279 mb
Current mode: 1280 x 1024 (32 bit) (70hz)
Monitor: generic pnp monitor

Driver name: nvd3dum.dll

Driver version: 8. 17. 0012. 5721 (english)
Ddi version: 9ex
Driver attributes: final retail

Driver date/size: 6/7/2010 15:57:00, 9712744 bytes

Whql logo'd: yes
Whql date stamp:

Device identifier: {d7b71e3e-4200-11cf-e975-0c201cc2c535}

Vendor id: 0x10de
Device id: 0x0140
Subsys id: 0x00000000
Revision id: 0x00a2
Revision id: 0x00a2

My friend told me its because i have a dual core processor 4050e? And he said if i get windows 7 it would be alot better? I want to know what is it exactly, the video card or the processor. What does windows vista have to do with this? I only simply want my video card to not heat up. Btw, the only game i play is world of warcraft. And also what video card would you guys recommend for me to get?

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Rampage Ii Extreme Not Detecting Intel Ssd

I just bought a intel ssd x25-m. I hooked it up to my system and it's not being recognized. The bios doesn't see it, but it seems like it's scanning on that certain sata port for a long time. I've tried different ports and cables. Any other suggestions?

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Cold Headphones - Good Heat Dissipation

I've gone through a couple sets of headphones and i'm definitely not the best fan of them. I almost always prefer to just balance out my computer speakers with the surrounding sound. I just can't seem to leave on an earmuff type headphone for longer than an hour without playing with them. If they were comfortable, somewhat light weight, and will not cause my ears to get overly warm i could leave them on for a long time. I think it always comes down to my ears getting too warm. And ear-buds are a no go for this situation. Anyone have any recommendations? I wouldn't want to spend over $125. $75 sounds much better. But price really wouldn't hold me back i guess.

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Ram Heat Spreaders / Mini Heatsinks

I have a 3. 68 ghz pentium 4, with 2 gb ram and a 7800 gtx. My cpu is overclocked from 3. 2 ghz, and the computer is absolutely fine doing anything (temperature wise), but when playing bf2 my computer brings out so much heat, and crashes my computer due to ram getting too hot. I found out about ram heat spreaders, and i was wondering if they actually disperse heat efficiently. Also, i was wondering would it be better just to by the mini heat sinks to stick onto the ram.

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Pc Heat Problem - System Temp As Reported By Winbond Is 55-60c

I've got two computer now that i believe have bad motherboards because of the videocard (whether this is even possible i do not know)

After i installed the radeon, i started having heat problems ( system temp as reported by winbond of 55-60c) my solution to this was probably a mistake but it worked. I took a 2ft x 2ft house fan and placed it next to the open side, blowing outwards. For several months this worked, but still occasionaly crashed during a few game tests. Then i lost video in an attempt to cool the processor by "underclocking it to 1500+ using bios (can "underclocking hurt anything"). My conclusion was that either the processor or the motherboard was damaged. I finaly put the other systems 1500+ into this system and it ran extremely hot under low system load 70c and up as reported by bios so i turned it off immediately and haven't turned it on since. Then i took the processor and put it in my abit a7v-266 this system had no problems at all even after i put the 2100+ from the previous system into it so that convinced me that it was most likely not a processor problem (it seemed to run @ about 45c (core processor temp)in the new system). A few days of running it like this go by then i decide to put my radeon into the new system and hook up dual monitors. About 24 hours go by and i am trying to put new hard drives in the comp, but i seem to be having power issues because of a massive ammount of power splitters due to fans and one from the radeon. So i figured out that you can't run devices with 2 spliters in one cable (which i had hypothesised but i tried anyway, aftera ll i didn't have much choice) so then i unplugged the two fans that needed splitting and just plugged in the radeon splitter. A few reboots later bios won't even get to the part where it auto detects the ide channels, the dell key will not get me into bios specifications:

Athlonxp 2100+
512mbs 333mhz ddr crucial (brand) ram
Ati radeon 9500 pro (previously geforce something, without problems)
450w psu

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Cant Load Sound Driver From Asus Striker Extreme

I have an asus striker extreme mobo, c2d 2. 13ghz, bfg 8800gts, 2megs of corsair ddr800, seagate barricuda 320 gig at 7200. I installed all on a new case and everything runs perfect except the sound. The soundmax adi1988 card that comes with the mobo does not load. The driver install says i need an hd audio bus driver and that it is not found. What is this particular driver and will this prevent me from installing a different card in the future. Can i get one? I tried changing things in the bios and running the driver from the asus website but to no avail.

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Asus Maximus Extreme Compatibility With Ddr2 Ram

I was just wondering whether the asus maximus extreme would have backward compatibility with regards to the ram. It has ddr3 but would ddr2 still be compatible?

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Asus Rampage 3 Extreme Or Evga X58 Classified

Which is better asus rampage 3 extreme or evga x58 classified? Im buying a i7 computer i just want to know which is the best for gaming and i need to know which i7 cpu is the best for the buck.

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Asus Rampage Ii Extreme Audio Card Work With Other Mobo

The asus rampage ii extreme x58 mobo comes with its own, off board sound card, pci-e 1x. Will this work on another mobo with a pci-e 1x slot?

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Overclock Intel Core I7 980x Extreme 3.33ghz Processor

Can i pay someone to overclock my intel core i7 980x extreme 3. 33ghz processor? I cant find anything on google i just bought an 1500 machine and don't want to break it, is overclocking easy? Should i try it?

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Asus P5b Vista Edition Or Asus Striker Extreme

I am going to build a new computer very soon and my choice of a mobo is the asus striker extreme. Since vista is out though, i would love some input if it would make sense to buy one of the new "vista ready" mobos asus makes, like the p5b premium vista edition. What is your take please? Striker or p5b vista?

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Computer B Can't Access Computer A Files Through Router

I have two computers connected together via router. Internet connection connected to the router. Both computers have access to the "a" (dell1) can access computer "b's" (oldcomputer1) files. But computer "b" can't access computer "a's" "a" can ping the router and computer "b". But the router and computer "b" can't ping computer "a". It could be my router because i have been having problems with it.

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Computer Qualification To Open Up Computer Shop

I plan to open up my own computer shop when i leave school (this is my final year. ), And of course, after i get a job in town, to save some money. I would be the "normal" pc shop owner, fix computer hardware/software problems, install hardware, format hard drives, and of course sell computers, computer hardware, and computer software. I am wondering what sort of qualifications i need. I am from new zealand, so i probably won't be aware of certain degrees. I already have qualifications in small business and retail, through a polytechnic, so i am just after what computer qualification would be best. Do you suggest a bachelor degree such as a bachelor of computer engineering, bachelor of information technology, or maybe just a certificate in computer engineering, or something else?!

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Connecting Computer To Another Computer To Share Internet

How can i connect my computer to other computer to share internet? Well here is the problem, computer 1 has internet which is a wireless internet that is used by a wireless usb adapter which connects to one of my networks. But computer 2 had a virus so i restored it and now it only has "local connections" and not "wireless connections" in control panel under "network connections" and so computer 2 has no internet on it because i can't connect to anything without having "wireless connections" there. So what i was thinking is using a ethernet cable to connect computer 1 to computer 2 and they can share the internet and they both can have it. So i connected the ethernet cable to both computers and now what do i do? Under local connections on computer 2 it says "unplugged" and i'm confused! How can i make it so both computers have internet and none of them connects to a router through wires? I know there is a way, computer one has fully working internet because it has "wireless connections" in "network connections". All i have to do is plug in my adapter and then connect to my network. If it helps to know, the computers are both windows xp. Are you suppose to configure something now that the cord has them both connected to each other? How do i make it so the internet from computer 1 which is wireless internet, connect to computer 2 using a ethernet cable, make both have internet by sharing computer 1 internet! Idk if u guys get it? Like computer 1 is connected to computer 2 through a ethernet cable, i want computer 2 to have internet aswell, is there a way that the internet can be shared like that from computer 1? Please help me and with good instructions! This is my very first time doing this, and i need internet on my other computer, this is my only chance left!

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How To Hack Someones Computer From Your Computer ?

Now i know this is usually against forum rules, but the reason i'm asking this is to test and see if my firewall's working. I don't think that would be against forum rules, would it? Basically i want to know if there's anyone on here that i know fairly well who knows how to do it, that i can pm my ip addy to, and then they can try to hack into my computer, and if they succeed they'll just leave a folder on my desktop that has a textfile that says "you've been hacked" or something along those lines, then advise me on the forum on how to improve my security.

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Connection To Use 2 Computer Monitors On One Computer

What is the name for a connection that lets me use 2 computer monitors on one computer? So basically what is the name for a connection that shares 2 monitors for the same computer and shows the same things, etc

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What Do You Do With An Old Computer ?

So what do guys do with your old computers? I used to go and give them to members of my family, but now everyone's got one. Parts i've kept in a box, but i'm not sure what to do with a working system. Junk, scrap, or throw in the garage? Or do guys go for a mad mod project?

Right now it just sits in a corner, waiting to be scrapped for parts, but i'd like to put it to good use if i could. The culprit in question is a 466 celeron with a 6 and 2 gig hd and 64 megs of ram.

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I7 Computer

1) what will you be doing with this pc? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc
Mostly gaming, some minor photoshop/media perhaps. 2) what's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?
I suppose under $1500

3) where do you live?

4) what exact parts do you need for that budget? Cpu, ram, case, etc. Please be very specific. Everything, building a new comp. 5) if reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. Using a 52" sony bravia 1080p tv that we already have sometimes. 6) will you be overclocking?

7) what size monitor do you have and/or plan to have?
It should be either 21. 5" widescreen, i might use a 17" for dual if i can figure it out, and sometimes a 52" tv. 8) when do you plan on building/buying the pc?
Beginning of summmer - june 12 ish

9) what features do you need in a motherboard? Raid? Firewire? Crossfire or sli support? Etc. Sli, enough space between the processor socket and memory modules so that the cpu heatsink doesn't eat my memory cards!

10) do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable os key/license?
I have an xp install, intend on buying vista 64 bit so i can use 6gb. I'm thinking of making this pc. http://secure.

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Using Your Computer As A Tv

The next comp i'm gonna build is for my boys' room. I want to be able to use it as their tv as well to save space. We have cable, and therefore have a cable box. If i install a tv tuner card in my computer, do i just run the cable from the box to the card as i would to the old tv? Do i still change the channel through the box? Does the card just basically route the signal to the monitor?

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Computer Not Getting Right Ip

I was using the net on my computer one morning, that night it didn't work anymore! There is no longer a light on the port where i am connected to the router, but the link light is on. I am using my other computer to write this message. Both are connected to the same router, but only the other one is stuffed. The dhcp is now automatically set to 196. X. X. X. X. I have tryed ipconfig /release and /renew but both don't work. I have installed and run even though i am running windows xp pro, nothing happened. I have reinstalled windows, nothing. Any help in this matter would be terrific.

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