Convert Ps2 Keyboard To Usb Without Adapter

I was wondering if i could instead of going out and buying a usb adapter for my keyboard, i could use my spare usb cord and cut off the usb conector and solder it to my ps2 keyboard. I do know that i might need drivers if i could do this.

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Convert A Ps/2 Mouse Or Keyboard To Usb

I was wondering if theres any way to convert a ps/2 mouse or keyboard to usb by splicing the wires on an old usb plug?

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Is Ps2 Keyboard / Mouse Better Than Usb ?

I need a good keyboard / mouse set thats cheap and good for gaming. Also can somebody answer these questions ive heard: ps/2 is better than usb? And corded better cordless? Is this true for gaming? Im only allowing myself a maximum of 20 ok!

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Ps2 Keyboard For Usb Port

I have a laptop that has a keyboard that no longer functions. I wish to hook up my ps2 keyboard to my laptop, but there's no ps2 ports, only usb. Where can i buy a converter on-line?

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Two Way Switchers For Dvi And For Usb / Ps2 Keyboard, Mouse

I'm looking to control which computer can send data to one of my monitors. I use dvi cables, and would like something nice but not too costly! Also, i would love it if i could do the same thing to my keyboard and mouse. It's a logitech set with wireless and i believe a wired option - any ideas short of popping the logitech wireless donggy back and forth (which isn't horrible).

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Viewsonic Ku709 Usb Keyboard Problem With Logitech Ps2 Mouse

I just changed my old logitech keyboard with this new viewsonic ku709 keyboard (usb) and i found everytime i run full screen program my logitech mouse(ps2) will drop dead. Then i changed my keyboard back to my old ps2 logitech keyboard, and everything runs normaly. What's wrong with this? I've tried to install the driver for the new keyboard and new mouse driver from logitech website but the problem still there.

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Ps2 Keyboard Stops Working When A Optical Usb Mouse Connect

I was just wondering if any of you could help me i have a problem . When i connect my optical mouse through usb my keyboard which is ps/2 keyboard then stops working but the mouse works fine if i connect my non optical mouse they both work fine. If i go into device manager then down to keyboards it has a yellow sign by it so if i disable the keyboard then enable it , it works fine. Is there any way i cud get my keyboard to start working automaticaly.

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Usb Keyboard To Ps/2 Port Adapter

Anyone know if there is such a thing as a usb keyboard to ps/2 adapter? I have plenty of the usb mouse to ps2 plugs but they don't work on my store sent me a new keyboard but my kvm switch only has ps/2 plugs on it. I see some on the net but they look just like the ps/2 mouse ones i already have.

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Convert Mini Usb Cord To Male Full Size Usb

I have a cord that has a mini usb male on one end of it. I need a way to convert that to male full size usb. This mini usb is not the standard 5-pin. This is even smaller.

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Ps2 Network Adapter Walmart

I was wondering is the ps2 network adapter for online gaming was still available for sale via the official ps2 site, or some other place (like walmart or kmart) i've been looking all over for a place that sells them (not using ebay/ internet to buy one). Is that item no longer on the market? Or is it still for sale. Also this is probable a foolish question, but is their the same thing for ps3, that i could use on a ps2? I'm not well informed on how the systems both work.

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Convert Usb Ports To Usb 2.0 Port Without Replacing Them

Can some one tell if i can convert my usb ports to usb2 port without having to replace them.

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Convert Printer Cable Usb

Parallel printer cable to usb, xp, and the hp laserjet 5l. I am attempting to hook up an hp laserjet 5l to my desktop running xp. When i plug in the parallel cable (which came with useless software, ebay cheapy), windows installs usb printing capability, but does not recognize the 5l. I have tried downloading the drivers from hp, and using windows versions of both the 5l and 6l. I have also tried removing the usb printing support and reinstalling it. I am out of ideas. After reading through all of the threads on this forum and others, i am stuck. Note: i have had newer printers hooked up to this machine that have printed via usb fine, but not with this cable.

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Convert Usb To Firewire Or Vice Versa

Is it possible to convert usb to firewire or vice versa? I only have 1 free pci slot, but i need both types. I really do not want to buy a combo card because i already have a usb 2. 0 card and a firewire card that i can use. The reason i have both is that i got a usb 2. 0 card because i needed more usb slots for my compact flash drive and other things, but then for christmas i got a camcorder that doesn't use usb 2. 0 so i bought a firewire card. Anyway, i really think i need the extra 2. 0 ports again.

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Use Barcode Scanner With Ps2 Connection Without Keyboard

Can i use a barcode scanner with ps/2 connection without the keyboard?

Yes, you can, provided that the barcode scanner is compatible with your computer.

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Ps2 And Usb, Which One Is Better ?

I've been using a logitech mx610 laser cordless mouse for a wile. It uses a 2. 4ghz usb reciever, and came with a usb to ps/2 convreter. It's been in both ports and i don't notice a differance my self, but is there? Is one better than the other or does it just not matter?! Just curios if any one knows.

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Can You Use A Usb Controller On Ps2 ?

I was trying to reseat a ribbon cable that connect the controller ports to the mother board and a plastic piece broke off. Now the ribbon won't seat. Can i use a ps2 usb adapter to connect the controllers to the usb ports some how, or is there a usb controller that will work with a ps2? Or am i hosed?

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Splice A Usb To A Ps2 Controller

I know that thaere are adapters for connecting a ps2 controllers to a pc but are there any ways to splice a usb to a ps2 controller? Any info would be great. All i seem to find is xbox mods. Maybe ill just get a xbox controller if i can get any info.

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Usb To Ps2 Performance Loss

I was thinking of moving my mouse and keyboard from usb ports to ps2 ports. Would i experience any performance loss from doing so ? I use the logitech g15 keyboard and the razer lachesis mouse if that matters. I was thinking of doing this to save some usb ports.

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Slim Ps2 Usb Problem

Neither of my usb ports seem to operate. Usb drive, keyboard, controller nothing works when plugged into them. Any ideas?

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How To Change Ps2 To Usb Connection ?

How to change a ps/2 to a usb connection? I am trying to change a ps/2 mouse to a usb. Anybody know how i can hook them up to work?

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Trackball Explorer Jumpy After Using Usb To Ps2 Converter

I have this 1-yr old microsoft trackball explorer 1. 0. It was doing great, until recently i needed a mouse for my other computer. I used the usb-to-ps2 converter on this trackball, and i think it messed it up inside. The mouse cursor is now jumping around and becomes "unplayable". It says it's ps2/usb compatible on the bottom of the mouse. I use the latest mouse driver from microsoft and cleaned the trackball. I wonder is there a "fix" available?

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Do Ps2 Compatible Keyboards And Mice Work On All Ps2 Games ?

There are some games for the ps2 out there that are just plain awkward to use a ps2 controller for. *Cough* brothers in arms *cough* so, i'm thinking of buying a keyboard and a mouse to better enjoy these games, do ps2-compatible keyboards and mice work on all ps2 games?

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Joytech Ps2 To Usb Don't Work With Games

I have got a joytech ps2 to usb thingy but it dont seem to work with the games i have got i.e. Need for speed, underground 2, it is reconised in the game controllers panel but not in the games.

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Why Ps2 Keyboards Are Hot Swappable Ps2 Mouses Are Not ?

Can anyone inform me as to why ps2 keyboards are hot swappable and ps2 mouse's aren't?

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Get Internet On Ps2 - Hook Ps2 Up To Laptop

Hello, here's my situation. I have a laptop in my room connected to the internet by a wireless card. What i want to do is hook my ps2 up to this laptop so i can get internet on the ps2. My hub is in the basement, so i was wondering if there's a way to change the settings on the laptop to produce a signal to go out one of the network ports on the laptop to the ps2?

I have windows xp. I would do a search on this topic, however, i have no idea what you would call my situation.

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Usb To Serial Adapter

I bought this adapter, usb to serial, now the program i was using gives me an option of ports com1 thru com4. But using the usb port it will not recognize a com port. Is there a way to direct the usb port to act as a com port and assign it to 1 thru 4?

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Adapter For Hdd And Usb

Is there any adapter to go from my 1. 8 hdd i got from my toshiba gigabeat to usb? The model number is mk2004gal if that helps you find out what type of adapter you need.

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Scsi To Usb Adapter

A few times now i've been stuck wishing that i had a scsi to usb adapter so i could image or pull data from a scsi drive. Currently, i just throw an old hba in my pc and hook up the drive that way. The drives are always 68 or 80 brings up a few hits and it looks like these were popular years ago, but even then they were very slow and most of the time only had 50 pin connections on them. They seemed to be often used with the old iomega zip and jazz drives and only supported usb 1. 1. I'd like to add one to my recovery kit if possible, but i can't find much info. Thoughts?

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Usb Charger Adapter

While in my local staples, pilfering the clearance bin, i found an interesting cell phone /wire connector set which had an adapter cable that looked like it might just fit in my kindle. After buying it for a rip-off price of 50 cents, it turned out to be a perfect fit, and it doubled as a usb -> mini-usb connector too. Basically it is an: usb -> miniusb + power adapter that fits into kindle power adapter slot. The reason why usb -> power adapter is better then charging from usb -> mini-usb is that you don't have to goto usb drive mode (which prevents you from reading), when connecting with mini-usb connector alone. This means you can keep reading while charging your kindle next to your laptop via usb port!

As a bonus, it seems this wire is both plentiful and cheap on ebay (or if you're too lazy you can find it in most office-supply/ electronics stores)


But you can buy them on ebay if you search specifically for:

"Palm zire usb cable". Tons to be had for $4-5 dollars shipped. Make sure you get the zire 72 or tungsten type and not the wrong type of palm cable. Note: though i already scored the belkin version of this cable, i managed to find on ebay a better retractable version for $4. 50:

(Note: still waiting for this one to arrive, but it should fit, and i will update thread if it doesn't fit)

With a retractable version, that means i can charge my kindle anywhere i want, bring a spare charge cable in my pocket to plug into usb, and transfer stuff onto kindle if necessary. This is the specific product i bought for 50 cents (if you want to scrounge around your local staples clearance bins).

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Serial To Usb Adapter / Converter

Does anyone know whether it is possible to get a serial to usb to converter. I have got a pc which has no usb ports and i basically want to have a usb port through either my serial port or my parallel port.

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