Usb Headset Vs Analog Headset

So my beloved usb headset died on me. So i went on search for a new headset. I tried 2 very expensive, nice analog headset but their microphone just is not loud enough for everybody. I have tampered with the sound settings with all the way possible. But there are still people who cannot hear me or say i am too low. So i did a little bit of research and found out, even though gamers prefer analog headset for the sound quality usb headsets are the way to to get your voice heard. They transmit the voice digitally while analog headset convert it to digital and then transmit.

Also non-gamer people who use their computer for phone calls etc also prefer usb over analog becuase of its clarity in voice transmission. Although i heard something about usb headsets eating up cpu or something like that i have never experienced any problem from my side. So i am now declaring myself as usb headsetter for life after trying to make it work with 2 different analog jacking headsets. I will never look back again. Which one do you have? How do you cope? What settings you have if you have an analog headset? People have trouble hearing you even if you are about to swallow your mic?

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Using A Usb Headset Is The Same As Analog Headsets ?

I was wondering if using a usb headset is the same as analog headsets, simply plug and play? Because i only use my headset when i need to talk to people over ventrilo, so i'm wondering if it's as simple as just plugging it in and it'll automatically work? Also, does anybody know of any headsets that have the volume control on the headset itself?(Not the g35, that's out of my price range. )

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Usb Headset Vs Sound Card + Headset

It's been a long time since i've looked into headsets, and owning a *great* one i have to ask the question yet again. Currently, i use a medusa 5. 1 surround headset that is plugged into my sound card for positional audio in gaming. It works pretty well. That said - i have looked at some of the newer headsets, and they are all usb, pretty much eliminating the need for me to have a sound card at all.

My question is - how good are these usb headphones (specifically for gaming) if they come from logitech or razer or something? Is the cpu usage going to go up a lot (this was why i went the way i did with the medusas), and are there any real benefits to having a sound card any more?

I don't watch movies or listen to music much on the pc, and even if i do i don't care about the sound quality. I have a nice home theater for all that. Anyway, i was thinking about buying the g35 headphones from logitech but i'm hesitant because of the past information i've had, so i wanted to vet it all with you guys first .

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Steelpad 5h Headset Headset Issue

Anyways i decided to go with a the steelpad 5h headset because i heard good things about it and it plugs into the sound card and is not usb, a big plus in sound quality. Problem is i can't figure out how to plug the damn things in correctly. The headset has two jacks, pink and green. Pink is usually the microphone and the green is sound output. The sound card has a jack for microphones but three for sound output (front, back, and sub. I think). My audigy2 manual says nothing about headsets and neither does the creative website. In fact, i could find nothing similar to my dilemma online. I tried all the different jacks but can only get the front, back, or sub to work never all three. This is a true 5. 1 headset so i don't know what else to do. What do you think i should try cause i'm running out of ideas?

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Usb Headset For Under 40$

I would perfer one for under $40, it *has* to be usb. I do have a generic headset already, but i am using 5. 1 speakers. Which means i have to use a splitter if i want to use my speakers and my headset at the same time, and when i have both the speakers and headset hooked up into the splitter, audio quality drops. So i figure if i get a usb headset i won't have to screw around with the splitter and be worrying about reduced audio quality.

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Usb Headset Recommendations

Any one have any recommendations? I really need a good headset, i game alot and i dont use 2. 1 etc speakers just soley headphone/headset, needs to be usb as well.

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Hd Audio Through A Usb Headset

I've got a logitech g35 headset and was wondering how i would go about using it if i got a hd sound-card? The only interface it has is usb is there a converter to dvi or something?

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Gaming Headset Without Usb

Whats the deal with all the good headsets being usb? Im looking for a closed ear set of surround type phones. Any ideas?

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Sound Card + Usb Headset

I have usb headset, my old plantronics gamecom pro1 which i believe has it's own onboard sound processing. I'm using p35 mobo's realtek audio right now, and i was thinking about getting nice sound card for gaming. Would my headset's onboard processing interfere with sound card/ does it make sense for me to get sound card at all with this headset?

Don't know much about audio/sound cards.

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Usb Headset With Clear Microphone

I would prefer the audio quality be excellent as well, but the microphone must be top notch. Opinions from people with personal experience with a wide range of headsets preferred so there is a basis by which to judge. Sometimes when i am on ventrilo and hear people talking, it is as if they are right next to me, such is the clarity of their microphone. That is what i want. What products get closest to perfection?

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Bluetooth V1.2 Compatible Headset And Usb Adapter

I don't know too much about bluetooth. I'd like to get the logitech bluetooth mobile pro headset for talking on skype. I don't know which usb bluetooth adapter to get for it. I'm using windows xp but, it would be nice to get one that's linux compatible too. I'm guessing that the adapter should be bluetooth v1. 2 compatible. What's the diff between v1. 1 and v1. 2?

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Set Windows To Use Usb Headset Automatically

Is there a way to set windows so that it automatically cuts the speakers and has the usb device as default audio output when plugged in? This way i don't have to shut off whatever video/music/game that's currently played just so the audio will come out of the headset.

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Usb Headset Causes Hp Computer To Freeze Until Unplugged

My problem relates to a usb headset. It appears that when i hit a heavy load on the system sound my computer freezes up. It comes back right away (most of the time) if i unplug the usb connector on the headset (logitech). If i do not unplug the headset the system will sometimes have a moving mouse cursor but it is completely unresponsive (can not click on anything on the win 7 menu bar). Please let me know if there is any additional information i can provide to help solve this problem.

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Use Usb Headset As Front Panel Headphone Jack

I have a set of 5. 1 speakers, and my sound card only has 3 audio outs (my speakers take all 3), so i can't use my headset without going behind my computer, unplugging one of the leads for my speakers and replacing it with the headset, then going in the audio control panel and changing it from 5. 1 to 2. 1 so the sound isn't all jacked up. My computer (or my speakers for that matter) don't have a headphone jack. I think i could cure this issue with a usb headset. To my understanding, usb headsets act like a front panel headphone jack where when connected the sound is no longer relayed to the speakers and only to the headset.

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Cyber Snipa Usb Headset Is Not Working For Voice Chat

The problem is downright odd, and i'll go through a list of things i've tried to get this to work, as well as the problems i've encountered. First of all, as the post title would demonstrate, the said product that isn't working is "cyber snipa sonar 5. 1 usb headset": 1-gaming-headset.php

Now onto the more dire points:

I've tried to voice chat with this headset in an extensive amount of programs and games:

It records perfectly in windows sound recorder. It records perfectly in paltalk. Acts weird in google talk. Doesn't work at all in xfire. Bsod in skype when i actually try to start talking. Doesn't seem to work in any fps game that i have that supports voice chat, quake wars included of course. Now, what steps have i taken? Here you go:

I have the latest drivers for all my hardware, including the headset. I have tried moving the headsets usb plug to every usb slot i have. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the headset drivers several times, even reverting to older versions. I've tried it with no drivers at all. I've checked the volume settings, made sure everything is un-muted etc. (Which as i said it works perfect in some things, loud and clear). I've removed sound card from my system altogether (usb headsets are independent of a sound card). So it is my one and only sound system. I have done an exhausting search for other people having problems with usb headsets not working right for voice chat, and have found quite a few interesting things, but still nothing quite like the problems i'm experiencing. Here's some other stuff that is weird:

When i first installed the headset/drivers, and i did the recording test thing in quake wars, it would bsod and reset my computer. I un-installed the drivers, reinstalled and that fixed it. But of course it went from bsod to just not working. Wee. I also bsod in skype as i mentioned earlier as well. When i press the button to voice chat in quake wars or battlefield 2, it acts like i don't even have a recording device at all, it won't even pop up an icon to indicate that i'm trying to voice chat. But yet, in battlefield 2 the voice testing program thing exterior to the game detects me loud and clear. And quake wars detects the device as being the controller for my microphone, but it acts like it isn't even there. It is nothing short of mind boggling to me. So in conclusion, i know the headsets microphone is fine and working as intended. But it obviously has some serious conflicts with certain software. I'm asking for any help or advice that i can get, no matter how big or small. Anything you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm just beat on this thing. I'm really sorry about the long post, but i really want to be able to voice chat in quake wars.

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Xbox 360 Controller (connected To Pc) Causing Usb Headset Distortion

Well basically i just connected my xbox 360 controller (well, the guitar that comes with guitar hero 2, to be specific) to my pc, and while vista recognized the device and installed drivers and such without a problem, and the device seems to be functioning, for as long as it's connected (and until i reboot with the controller disconnected) the sound going through my headset (usb plantronics dsp 550) sounds completely distorted.

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Usb Sd Vs Usb Headset

Friend of mines laptop sound-card mic jack apparently broke, he came to me for advice on each alternative and i don't have much of a clue. What would be more worthwhile? I'd assume the headset would be more convenient although he uses his laptop as a desktop, whats the better quality?

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Looking For A 5.1 Headset

What i'm looking is a good 5. 1 headset (with mic) for watching movies and playing video games for my pc. I would use this for quite a long time so i don't really want them to broke soon. I also wouldn't really listen music to it, but i would still like that the audio would good - and also the microphone. Two main things i would like are big earcups which would fully cover the year (i don't want those small ones like fatal1ty). I also would like if it had softening so it would be comfortable for long sessions. I haven't tried those, but speedlink medusa and razer barracuda seem to have the soft thingy. I'm also running windows 7 and i've heard that speedlink medusa doesn't work with it - so maybe the barracuda is the right choice? The price for that is a little steep but i guess it is worth it. I wanted a good headset for a long time, but they never would sell things in my country or the price would be twice as big. But now for example sends things in my country so i can order from there maybe.

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Headset Under $30

I'm in desperate need of new headphones, and a microphone, so i figured i would just buy a headset of some sort. I don't have very much money to spend on this ($30 at most or so). My friend really like his logitech clearchat usb headset, but a lot of reviews on amazon have been less than stellar, complaining of the usb plug falling apart. This is for my desktop so it won't be moving around that much if that was the issue. So any suggestions including that logitech are welcome. As for 3. 5mm vs usb, i don't really particularly care, i just want the best performance out of it. I have a cheap-o sound card from mad dog multimedia (lol @ now defunct company) so its nothing special. So any suggestions are welcome.

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Headset For About $80

My razer barracuda hp-1 head just recently started to fall apart on one of the ear cups. I have had these for about 1 1/2-2 years and they have been really good otherwise. I kind of want to avoid getting these again, i was think about going with some steelseries siberia or possibly steelsound 5h v2. I need some suggestions for about $80 budget and some recommendations on something comparable to the my razer's in sound that is. I do have a creative x-fi xtrememusic sound card if that is of any concern.

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Gaming Headset

Well my zalman 5. 1 gaming headset finally broke after 3 years and i am looking for a replacement. I am not totally sold on the 5. 1 headset fad. The positioning is good but i have tried my x-fi sound card in headphone mode it is seems to sound just as good/better than just regular 5. 1 audio. So i am looking for a decent headset for my gaming needs. I have to say that i am not that much of an audiophile at all. I don't listen to that much music, and was content how my zalmans sounded music wise. My primary use will be for games. A microphone would be a big bonus. I have never had one before, and it would be very useful when playing tf2, or l4d. My price range is around $100 cad. So here is a list of some that i have been looking at. I am open to suggestions other than the ones below. What do you guys suggest/ recommend?

Sennheiser hd435
Sennheiser pc151
Sennheiser pc161

Razer carcharias (i have heard great things about these)

Razer barracuda hp-1 (i just put these out there. The 5. 1 isn't very important to me, but a friend has these and they do sound pretty good. )

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Gaming Headset $20 - 40

Anyone know of a good gaming headset between 20 and forty bucks? I see the logitech precision for about 15 bucks but i've read that its made poorly and breaks easily.

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Headset Around $50 - $100

I need a good headset for around $50-$100, mainly for music (rap, rock) and movies. Any suggestions?

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$100 Headset

I've been using a creative fatal1ty headset for the past few months and while it's done its job, it's been pretty uncomfortable. I bought that back for 20 dollars and i think it's time to raise my budget for a good comfortable set. What's the best headset i can get for about a hundred bucks? I'd like it to be over the ear with leather padding with usb connectivity.

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How Does A Headset Work ?

I want to get a headset so i can talk to people online while in game, instead of having to type. So i want the mic on my head, but i still want to hear the ingame audio from the external speakers, not from a headset. Do usb headsets allow this, or do i have to find one that has both mic and line-out connectors? I spoke to a person at fry's and i did not get a clear enough answer.

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Headset Recommendations For Less Than $50

My mic broke today, and i'm searching for a new one, preferably one of equal of greater quality. Any suggestions? The one that just broke is:-

And i'm naturally wary of buying it again.

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5.1 Headset With X Fi Card

Okay so i have a x fi extreme gamer sound card with a triton 5. 1 headset. Here is my issue:- everything sounds like it has a echo, its to the point were i cant stand to even have them on. I am on 64bit vista. Do i do 5. 1 on vista and 5. 1 on the xfi control panel? I have no idea any help would be great. I use ventrilo and everyone talking sounds like they are in a pipe.

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Gaming Headset For $65

Looks like my altec lansing headset is finally taking a dump. The wire going to the right earphone is finally giving out and cuts in and out. I'm getting ready to go shopping for some headphones, but unfortunately i know walmart has a limited in-store selection as opposed to their on-line selection. If i'm going to be resorted to ordering online, i want something that you guys think is going to do well!

Sound is a plus, i definitely want to be able to hear things coming as best as i could. I already know 5. 1 is a gimmick so i'm not too worried about that.comfort is also key, especially for those long gaming sessions. The altecs weren't bad, however sometimes after long sessions the cartilage on my ears would begin to be sensitive to touch and be sore. If i could get full headphones that completely cover the ear, i might try them, but anything that is known comfortable is good. Decent mic: don't like crappy quality, something that i don't have to up the db to the max just so people can hear me, but then again i know that differs based on ventrilo codecs and windows (windows vista x64 atm, windows 7 soon). In-line volume control w/ mute for mic would be nice too! I haven't checked out best buy or anything yet, but what do you guys think would be great that would be preferably under $65 / $60 if i can help it!

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Pick A Headset

Friend says only good ones on list are gamecom 777, siberia's, ad700, hd 555. I use on-board sound-card. Would be nice if you said gamecom 777 or siberias are good enough due to money id save. Looking to use for games, music and movies. Very long peroids without removing. If you did say siberias could i get the regular jack model or should i use usb? My current are plantronics . Audio 510 usb ultimate performance and would like the new set to be way more comfortable and possible sound better. Headset list:-

01. Plantronics gamecom 777
02. Razer carcharias
03. Razer barracuda
04. Steelseries siberia
05. Zalman zm-rs6f 5. 1
06. Audio-technica ath-ad700
07. Sennheiser hd555
08. Tritton ax pc pro tri-ua513
09. Tritton ax360 true 5. 1
10. Beyer dtx 800
11. Jvc ha-dx1
12. Akg k77
13. Victor-jvc hp-rx700

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Mouse Headset And Keyboard Under 30 Each

I'm looking at either the microsoft habu or the razer diamondback, how different is the diamondback in terms of shape since i found the habu to be very comfortable? Headset wise i'm looking at the plantronics gamecom 367 or the sennheiser pc151 headset i don't really like logitech since the last two headsets i've had were logitech and their sound quality has been pretty awful. This combined with the complete lack of durability (one of the earpieces in my current headset died randomly and the other one fell off and refused to reattach) has put me off logitech. I was looking at the saitek eclipse ii or something in that sort of price range. I'm only willing to pay up to 30 for any of the peripherals.

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