Firewire Usb Adapter Cable

I got a firewire cable recently, (4 pin to usb) and my computer doesnt seem to read the device while plugged in. Do i need to install any driver for this. My os is windows xp(with sp2)

Image of the cable :

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Usb And Firewire Cable

I have a usb 2. 0 external hard drive and i was just wondering if it would still work if i used a firewire cable instead. If it does work i figure it would give me faster transfer speeds, but i am just not sure if the driver would be compatible with firewire.

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Firewire To Sata Adapter

I'd like to add a firewire port to the front of my case, but my board does not have a firewire header. Does an adapter exist to convert the firewire header cable to sata? Strange request i know, but in this particular case i cannot just add a firewire card.

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Esata To Firewire Adapter

I'm trying to score a new external drive in all the black friday madness. I'll be getting my imac over thanksgiving and would like to use my current 250 gig drive for time machine, and get at least a 500 gig to use for whatever else. There are a lot deals floating around where i can get one for even less than $100. However, none of them have firewire. I pretty much require firewire so that i can daisy chain off my other one. I'll have all the usb ports full and i would much rather use firewire anyway. Some drives do have esata connections, but is there any way to get esata onto an imac? Is there any sort of esata to firewire 800 converter that i could use and still daisy chain? I've been looking around and can't seem to find anything like that.

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Connect To Computers Together Using Firewire Cable

Can you connect to computers together using a firewire cable? I am getting a macbook pro next week and i have a lot of songs and pics on my p. C. That i want to transfer over. I know you can do this with portable hard drive or disks but can you do it using a usb to firewire cable to connect the two computers?

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Connect Firewire Cable To Dell Inspiron 545

How do i connect firewire cable to dell inspiron 545 ? Cannot find 4 pin port. I would like to transfer some home movies onto dvd and want to use my computer. I cannot find where i can fit a firewire cable (ieee1394) into my inspiron 545?

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How Faster Firewire Than Usb ?

I know that firewire is faster but how is it faster than usb? I upload my minidv tapes using windows encoder at 1280*720 and at 20mbps and then i do my editing. Does firewire collect more information or something?

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Usb And Firewire Simultaneously

I just bought a western digital 1. 5tb my book and want to know can i hook it up to 2 pc's at the same time, one with usb and one with firewire. I have read that this could cause the drive to fail so i want to ask before i try anything.

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Unrecognized Usb / Firewire Card In Xp

I have the syba pci usb 2. 0 & firewire/1394a combo card model sd-combo-02 found here. When i originally installed it, i was running vista, and it worked. I've since gone back to xp, but it's only showing up as an unrecognized pci device, with none of the ports working. Checking the drivers, i found vendor id 0106 and device id 3044. Pcidatabase shows two firewire devices with that device id, but no vendors with that id. One of the devices is a via, which is vendor id 1106, so i thought maybe the device was given the wrong id. I don't know if it's even possible to force that, and this device isn't even supposed to have a driver (i couldn't even find one anyway). So is there something i can do here?

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Cable Or Adapter Required To Use 2.5 Drive On A Desktop

I know the 2. 5" drives have different sata connectors than what desktop mobos use normally with 3. 5" drives. Is there any specific cable or adapter required to use one (planning on migrating my x25-m g2 from my laptop to new build)?

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Convert Usb To Firewire Or Vice Versa

Is it possible to convert usb to firewire or vice versa? I only have 1 free pci slot, but i need both types. I really do not want to buy a combo card because i already have a usb 2. 0 card and a firewire card that i can use. The reason i have both is that i got a usb 2. 0 card because i needed more usb slots for my compact flash drive and other things, but then for christmas i got a camcorder that doesn't use usb 2. 0 so i bought a firewire card. Anyway, i really think i need the extra 2. 0 ports again.

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Ide To Usb / Esata / Firewire / Rj45

I stopped looking for the enclosure listed in the title (that has all those ports - usb/esata/firewire/rj45), and decided to go with one from newegg that has usb and rj45, but esata is something i'd like to have. Any ide to usb/esata/firewire/rj45 enclosures out there?

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Front Usb And Firewire - Pin Connection To Motherboard

Well i have an antec case and it said in the book i should have a 8 pin which is the usb and a 6 pin which is the firewire. Well i have a 10 pin and a 7 pin and am confused. How did you guys connect it to the motherboard?

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Do I Need To Buy An Adapter For Hdmi Cable To Plug Into Dvi Port?

I bought a cable to connect my ps3 to my desktop monitor. It is a hdmi to dvi cable. My monitor has a dvi and d-sub port. Even though the cable i got says it is hdmi to dvi it will only connect to the d-sub port (the d-sub is smaller and blue and the hdmi is larger and white). Do i need to buy an adapter to allow the hdmi cable to plug into the dvi port or am i doing something else wrong entirely. When i turn on the ps3 nothing comes up. I tried holding the on button to reset the ps3 display settings to hdmi but nothing happened. I suspect i need to buy the adapter but i wanted to confirm before i go buy it. My monitor is a hanns g hi221d. I'm pretty sure my monitor should be compatible but i'm sure someone knows alot better than me.

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Connecting Sis 900 Fast Ethernet Adapter Cable To Dell Laptop

How do you connect an sis 900 fast ethernet adapter cable to an old dell laptop? I have tried and tried but it will not work! I need your help to give me info on how to connect the cable to the bt home hub.

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Usb 2.0 Maximum Cable Length - Long Usb Cables

My backup device is a usb 2. 0 250 mb iomega hard drive. I'd like to put it in my garage, requiring about 20 to 25 feet of wire. The official usb specs say 5 meters max; if further use a hub/repeater. I'm wondering how realistic the 5 meter spec is. I recall that parallel printer cables were supposed to be limited to 10 feet or so; 75 foot cables worked just fine. Same thing with the specs for rs-232 cables. Does anyone have any real world experience with long usb 2. 0 cables? I'm thinking of building mine using unshielded cat5 cable, one twisted pair for power, another for data. Wise? Foolish?

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Usb Active Repeater - Usb Extension Cable

I bought an 10m usb extension cable so that i could wire this across my room to downstairs but anything i connect to it, the computer says it is not recognised and that there are no drivers installed. Im guessing the signal is low or something as i believe they only work up to 5m, so im thinking of getting a usb active repeater but how do these work exactly and what size will i need?

I dont want my connection to be longer then 10m so would i have to connect the repeater to the computer and then the 10m cable to the repeater or something? Or will this not work no matter what becasue it is 10m?

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Usb 2.0 Degradation With Long Usb Cable

I'm reorganizing my htpc setup to add a second pc but i'd like to keep my external drives where they are. It will be about 8-10 foot run total with about 3 feet for the usb hub (powered) and another 5-7 feet for the extension. Both cables are shielded. According to the standard i should be good up to 16 feet (5m), but i was wondering if anyone had experience with long usb cable runs and if they noticed any degradation either in the form of slower speed or corrupted data.

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Usb Hub Using A Usb Y-cable For More Power

I use a laptop that only has 3 usb ports, and i like using a corded mouse and an external hard drive that takes up the other 2 ports. Since a usb y-cable provides more power, could i use that to hook into the hub?

I want to hook one of these:

Into one of these:

Would that provide more power to the hub, without having to use the ac adapter with the hub?

I really wish someone made a simple hub like this with 2 plugs:

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Usb To Serial Adapter

I bought this adapter, usb to serial, now the program i was using gives me an option of ports com1 thru com4. But using the usb port it will not recognize a com port. Is there a way to direct the usb port to act as a com port and assign it to 1 thru 4?

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Adapter For Hdd And Usb

Is there any adapter to go from my 1. 8 hdd i got from my toshiba gigabeat to usb? The model number is mk2004gal if that helps you find out what type of adapter you need.

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Scsi To Usb Adapter

A few times now i've been stuck wishing that i had a scsi to usb adapter so i could image or pull data from a scsi drive. Currently, i just throw an old hba in my pc and hook up the drive that way. The drives are always 68 or 80 brings up a few hits and it looks like these were popular years ago, but even then they were very slow and most of the time only had 50 pin connections on them. They seemed to be often used with the old iomega zip and jazz drives and only supported usb 1. 1. I'd like to add one to my recovery kit if possible, but i can't find much info. Thoughts?

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Usb Charger Adapter

While in my local staples, pilfering the clearance bin, i found an interesting cell phone /wire connector set which had an adapter cable that looked like it might just fit in my kindle. After buying it for a rip-off price of 50 cents, it turned out to be a perfect fit, and it doubled as a usb -> mini-usb connector too. Basically it is an: usb -> miniusb + power adapter that fits into kindle power adapter slot. The reason why usb -> power adapter is better then charging from usb -> mini-usb is that you don't have to goto usb drive mode (which prevents you from reading), when connecting with mini-usb connector alone. This means you can keep reading while charging your kindle next to your laptop via usb port!

As a bonus, it seems this wire is both plentiful and cheap on ebay (or if you're too lazy you can find it in most office-supply/ electronics stores)


But you can buy them on ebay if you search specifically for:

"Palm zire usb cable". Tons to be had for $4-5 dollars shipped. Make sure you get the zire 72 or tungsten type and not the wrong type of palm cable. Note: though i already scored the belkin version of this cable, i managed to find on ebay a better retractable version for $4. 50:

(Note: still waiting for this one to arrive, but it should fit, and i will update thread if it doesn't fit)

With a retractable version, that means i can charge my kindle anywhere i want, bring a spare charge cable in my pocket to plug into usb, and transfer stuff onto kindle if necessary. This is the specific product i bought for 50 cents (if you want to scrounge around your local staples clearance bins).

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Usb Keyboard To Ps/2 Port Adapter

Anyone know if there is such a thing as a usb keyboard to ps/2 adapter? I have plenty of the usb mouse to ps2 plugs but they don't work on my store sent me a new keyboard but my kvm switch only has ps/2 plugs on it. I see some on the net but they look just like the ps/2 mouse ones i already have.

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Serial To Usb Adapter / Converter

Does anyone know whether it is possible to get a serial to usb to converter. I have got a pc which has no usb ports and i basically want to have a usb port through either my serial port or my parallel port.

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Usb Adapter For A 1.8 Pata Drive

I have a dell latitude d420 with a corrupted hard drive. I believe it's a 1. 8 pata drive and it has a ribbon cable connector. At this point all i really want to do is get some of the data off of it and then i will format the disk and re-install the operating system. I am looking for a usb device that will allow me to read the disk as an external usb device. I have one for ide and sata drives and it works great but it's not compatible with the dell 1. 8" drive. A tech guy at a local computer store tell me that he does not think one exists. Does anyone know if there is a usb cable adapter that will support this drive?

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Laptop Drive To Usb Adapter

I bought a usb adapter that can go from ide/sata and laptop ide to usb. Everything works great. Except when i hook up the laptop ide drive. It can read/write for about 5 minutes (more like 2), then it shuts down. I'm not sure if it is a power saving feature or what, but it is annoying. I have changed the setting in device manager to "allow the os to shut off device to save power" to disabled with no results. Anyone have a similar experience or solution. Yes, i've googled it many times under different queries with no decent results. I don't think buying a new one would help, as it does work, it's just the power to the hdd stops after a few minutes.

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External Hd With Usb To Rj45 Adapter

I have an external hd case that has usb and esata. I would also like to connect it to my router. Is this possible by using an adapter like this: http://bit. Ly/9okfd1

Will that make the external hard drive available on the network?

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Usb To Ethernet Printer Adapter

I want to connect a usb printer to a network. I know it can be done with the airport extreme base station through its usb port. But is there any solution/device that will allow me to do the same without me having to get a airport station?

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Bluetooth V1.2 Compatible Headset And Usb Adapter

I don't know too much about bluetooth. I'd like to get the logitech bluetooth mobile pro headset for talking on skype. I don't know which usb bluetooth adapter to get for it. I'm using windows xp but, it would be nice to get one that's linux compatible too. I'm guessing that the adapter should be bluetooth v1. 2 compatible. What's the diff between v1. 1 and v1. 2?

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