Usb Jumper Converter

Do they make a usb jumper converter to that i can connect it to a regular usb port rather than to the jumper on the mobo?

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3.5 Mm To Usb Converter

I am looking for something like this :

I saw it comes with these headphones :

The reason why i want it is because on the new 13" mbp it doesn't have a microphone input on it just a headphone output. And windows vista on it recognizes the built in microphone but for some reason, any of my other programs won't (common problem looked up, other peoples' skype won't work, and my ventrilo doesn't recognize my microphone). I am just looking for the adapter because, i don't really want that headset because the mic doesn't detach from those headsets. So yeah.

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Serial To Usb Adapter / Converter

Does anyone know whether it is possible to get a serial to usb to converter. I have got a pc which has no usb ports and i basically want to have a usb port through either my serial port or my parallel port.

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Parallel To Usb Converter For Printer

I just won a new printer (epson rx500) but it only uses a usb cable. I also have a nice hawkings print server wich has a male parrallel port on one end and an ethernet port on the other. I was wondering if there was a way to use the old parrallel print server on the new usb printer. A quick google search yeilded results of only maly usb to male parrallel.

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Mic To Usb Converter Headphones

I recently bought a sennheiser 350 which has a mic, unfortunately for my sound card, it only has a digital line in/mic jack which is shared. I am already using the digital line in jack so there is no room for my mic to be plugged in. Enabling the mobo sound-card causing some weird sound issues to make the mic work. So i am wondering if any of you know a good mic to usb converter or some sort of y adapter to share the two. Thanks in advance!

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Game Port To Usb Converter

After looking though some past joystick posts, i believe this is the correct forum for my question, sorry if i get it wrong; new to these boards. The problem:
I have an old (windows 98 era) microsoft sidewinder 3d pro joystick. My system does not have a gameport(sound is onboard motherboard). I have a gameport-to-usb adapter that was lent to me(unknown: manufacturer, driver requirements, system requirements). There is a new device under sound, video, and game contollers in the device manager that wasn't there before. I'm dead positive its the adapter. Its called unknown device( properties tab: no drivers installed, details tab: device instance id is rootmedia

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Trackball Explorer Jumpy After Using Usb To Ps2 Converter

I have this 1-yr old microsoft trackball explorer 1. 0. It was doing great, until recently i needed a mouse for my other computer. I used the usb-to-ps2 converter on this trackball, and i think it messed it up inside. The mouse cursor is now jumping around and becomes "unplayable". It says it's ps2/usb compatible on the bottom of the mouse. I use the latest mouse driver from microsoft and cleaned the trackball. I wonder is there a "fix" available?

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Connect Parallel Print Server To A Usb Printer Using Converter Cable

Can you connect a parallel print server to a usb printer using some kind of parallel to usb converter cable? I have recently bought a new printer, which has a usb interface on it. But in the past, i've been using a printer with a parallel interface. I have been using a print server with a parallel port on it to connect to my old printer (which has the parallel interface) but obviously, i cannot connect this print server to my new printer, simply because it has a usb interface. Therefore, my question is, if i buy a parallel to usb converter cable and connect my new usb printer via the converter to the print server, will it work?

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Hard Drive Jumper Issue

Well to cut a long story short, my hard drive which is the primary master now runs very slow when i have the jumper on master or cable select. With no jumper it runs fine. "Well run it without a jumper i hear you say!" But i have a new drive i want to use as slave on that controller and no jumper means slave to the 1st drive. (When it needs to be master) hope this makes sense. Anyone help?

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Jumper Power Supply Permanently

Basically, are there any power supplies that i can "jumper" permanently. My goal is: i have an empty atx case, but as far as i'm concerned, its an 8 bay hard drive nas case or how ever you want to look at it. I had the default power supply in it, and i jumpered the green and the black pin to keep the power on with out a motherboard and it worked great! But after a month or so, the power supply did die, as all the blogs/forum post suggested it would. Is there any thing i could do to power 8 hard drives in an empty case, with out a failing power supply? Do they make power supplies that are able to run with out a motherboard? Or perhaps an option i have yet to find?

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Reset Bios Password Jumper On Dell Desktop

How do you reset the bios password jumper on a dell desktop?

Answer:- i know some methods. 1. The best and easiest method: close os and shut down the electricity power of computer. Open your computer box, take out the cmos battery from the main-board. Then the bios password will be reset to blank. Put it back after a few minutes. 2. Follow some hard tutorials, it is difficult to do. It is better that you are a expert. For example this tutorial: bypass bios password or crack cmos password?

3. Use the bios password recovery tool, but that is not free!

So i would suggest you the 1st method. Hope it helps.

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Seagate / Maxtor Drives Fitted With Speed-limiting Jumper At The Factory ?

I had a glitch yesterday with some drives connected to a 3ware 9500s sata controller. I contacted 3ware support & they advised me that:

In order for sata ii drives to remain stable on the 9500s controllers they do need to be set to the sata i link speed. Please make sure all these maxtor drives have a jumper placed on the j50 jumper. This will force the drives down to the sata i link speed. So i went on the manufacturers' websites for all the drives in this system, found out how to do this for each drive, and then scrabbled around for enough jumpers. Two of the drives are very similar-looking 500gb drives, one maxtor, the other seagate, and i was amazed to find they both already had the jumper fitted! I am quite sure that i never fitted them, because i never even knew about this jumper before today. Is it really possible that seagate / maxtor are fitting the speed-limitation jumpers at the factory? Read more at the forum.

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Ide To Sata Converter

So, i'm going to install as many drives as i can in my machine. Right now since my last upgrade, i have about 10 ide drives just laying around. I came across these ide to sata converters and had a few questions:

1) has anyone here used a converter such as this? If so, any problems?

2) what would be the pros/cons for using one of these?

3) are there any other sites that you would personally recommend for this converter as opposed to what i linked above? I'd rather purchase from a company that others have used than one i haven't heard of. Also, a question, not necessarily regarding this converter:

When a hard drive is connected, but not necessarily being accessed, does it still draw quite a bit of power from the power supply, or is it minimal? In other words, i have a 560w power supply, and wanted to make sure adding the max number of drives wouldn't draw too much on the psu. (Think my max for this motherboard is 6 sata + 4 ide). But then again, i know i have other components that do use quite a bit of power, so may decide to upgrade my psu at some point, but figured i'd at least inquire.

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Lan Media Converter

What is a lan media converter? I bought the sony bdp-s550 blu-ray player and want to hook it up wirelessly to my home network, since there is no possible way of conecting it directly to the modem. I contacted sont and they say i need a lan media converter.could someone tell me what that is and if i have a netgear modem, does netgear make these media converters?

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Cable Converter Box

We are in the market for a cable converter box for our not-cable-ready tv. This is for our kitchen tv and is the only one of our three tvs still connected to the roof antenna. The customer support person at comcast (my cable service provider) is useless. All she wants us to do is rent a box from them. I am quite miffed at their abuse of power. Technologically there is no reason why we can't own the box. I would replace the kitchen tv with a cable ready unit before we would rent a box from them. For this tv we don't need all of the digital channels - just the basic cable. The converter box in our family room uses a scientific atlanta explorer 2100 which we rent from comcast. They are available from ebay, but none of the offers assure compatibility with any service. What are our options?

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Power Cord Converter

I have an old dv1000 series laptop. Purchased a new 90w ac adapter that came with a little adapter to larger size plug to the smaller tip that came on the original ac adapter. Tip has broken off. Where can i get a new plug adapter? I can see them in the pictures for many other items, but never a a separate product (i.e. : http://www.Shopping. see lower right of image)

The ac adapter is fine. Only the small plug interface piece has broken. It seems a tad ridiculous to buy a new ac adapter for the loss of such a small and replaceable part.

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Free Video Converter For Youtube

Ive tryed downloading at least 5 video converters, but they all either have a watermark on, or they cant be longer than 5 minutes? I make youtube videos, but i use my phone to record them as its really good quality, but it comes on as mp4 and you cant upload mp4 videos onto youtube so i need to make them into wmv or wma. So what is a free video converter, that doesn't have watermark, and your videos can be longer than 5 minutes.

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X1650 Pro Dvi-i Port Converter

My x1650 pro comes with a dvi-i converter, which connects the vga port of my lcd to the dvi port of the video card. I wonder if it can improve the performance. Has anyone use that converter before? Is it necessary?

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Sata To Eide Pci Card Or Converter

I'm trying to get my sata drive to work with my older system that only supports eide. Is there a card i can purchase that will allow me to use my sata on my board. Any links to products would be helpful.

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Difference In Transfer Rate From Usb To Usb And Hdd To Usb

I have an seagate 160gb external hdd (fat32), and i was wondering if moving the page file to the external disk would garner any extra performance gains. I was also wondering if there is a difference in the transer rate from the usb->usb and hdd->usb. I was thinking about using hdtach on my external drive, so i think i'll give that a try.

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Usb Speed - Same Transfer Rate From Usb 2.0 And Usb 1.1

I have a usb2 1gb thumbdrive. I have 4 usb2. 0 ports on the back of my computer and 2 usb1. 1 ports on the front of my computer. When i plug my thumbdrive into the front or back i get the same transfer rate. Now i'm sure that's not suppose to happen. In my device manager i have, under universal serial bus controllers, intel(r) 82801eb usb universal host controller, have 4 of those, then i have one of, intel(r) 82801eb usb2 enchanced host controller. Any suggestions? I have xppro sp2.

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Usb Works With Keyboard And Mouse But Won't Read Usb Stick

Hello guys, i've this problem since some time. My keyboard and mouse work properly but the system seems to fail in reading usb sticks. They do appear in my computer but when i access them it either says " f: is not accessible. Impossible to satisfy your demand because of peripheral error e/s ", or, it allows me to enter it but there are no files listed. The stick works ok in other machines and there are files on it. It also takes a long time for the system to see the stick. I did have some viruses but now the comp is clean as i ran all the programs suggested in networking&security section of this forum. Help!

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Usb External Hard Drive Front Panel Usb Connection Problem

I have a usb connection external hard drive. It works perfectly and is detected in computer 2 and 3 starts to detect it but stops and says there it might have problems working perfectly. And no drive letter shows in computer 2 & 3. But computer 1 reads it shows it. All 3 computers have win xp pro and all 3 computers detect and show all other usb devices with no problems. This issue here is with the front panel usb connection on all cases. Not the back. Anyone here have a solution?

It's a 2. 5 travelstar hitachi ide hard drive in an enclosure case.

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Convert Mini Usb Cord To Male Full Size Usb

I have a cord that has a mini usb male on one end of it. I need a way to convert that to male full size usb. This mini usb is not the standard 5-pin. This is even smaller.

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External Usb Drive Message Says, It Can Perform Faster On A Usb 2.0 Port

When i hook it up, it recognizes, then says it can perform faster on a usb 2. 0 port then goes away, and repeats this process over and over. I can never actually access it or see it in my computer. I also constantly hear the noise of a usb device being turned on and off.

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Add Usb Port To An Older Motherboard - Ide To Usb Connector

Have an older motherboard with no usb connectors. Need to add usb port to install newer multi function printer. No pci slots open, have 1 isa slot open, also 1 ide port available. Any prouducts out there that will allow me to add a usb port with above listed available ports.

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Dell I9200 Laptop Usb Ports Are All Normal Speed Not Usb 2.0

I purchased a refurbished dell ( inspiron ) i9200 laptop a few months ago, haven't used any 2. 0 devices until last week, when i plug it in it says my ports are all normal speed, however i know they're supposed to be 2. 0. I can't seem to find drivers or anything that will make them 2. 0. And dell won't talk to me because i didn't buy it new from them i bought it from a certified reseller. Any ideas on what to do?

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Usb Hub To Boost Signal Quality Of Usb Extension Cables

I am thinking of getting an usb hub to boost the signal quality of some usb extension cables and was just wondering, if the hub would introduce lag and how much current the psu must generate to stay within the specs. The current extension cables are 4, 5 m long and the signal is too weak to power mouse and keyboard simultaneously, sometimes. Recommendations are also welcome, as some manufacters dont bother to include the specs on their homepages. I am looking for an 4-port hub around 20 euro.

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Usb Drive To Play Downloaded Movies On Xbox Via Usb Connection

Could i use a one terabyte usb drive to play downloaded movies on my xbox via a usb connection? I've used my 320 gb external drive on my xbox 360. I don't know if 1tb drives work, you can try. Edit: make sure the drive is fat32, the xbox cannot read ntfs (ironically).

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Usb 2.0 Maximum Cable Length - Long Usb Cables

My backup device is a usb 2. 0 250 mb iomega hard drive. I'd like to put it in my garage, requiring about 20 to 25 feet of wire. The official usb specs say 5 meters max; if further use a hub/repeater. I'm wondering how realistic the 5 meter spec is. I recall that parallel printer cables were supposed to be limited to 10 feet or so; 75 foot cables worked just fine. Same thing with the specs for rs-232 cables. Does anyone have any real world experience with long usb 2. 0 cables? I'm thinking of building mine using unshielded cat5 cable, one twisted pair for power, another for data. Wise? Foolish?

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