Mouse Goes Crazy

My problem is my mouse goes crazy like it has a mind of its own. When it goes nuts it moves to the bottom left of the screen, up and across the left and bottom. It also right/left clicks conituously where the mouse cursor is. This happens for a few minutes then the mouse would totally stop working. Sometimes before hand the mouse curse would freeze a few times then go back to normal, but then in the end will it will go nuts again. Before the mouse goes crazy the things i was doing were; surfing the net, playing games from counter strike to world of warcraft basically i know from many pass experiences that i can do "anything" and the problem will arise. Out of 3 of my mouses, the problem occurred on two, the "aopen o-35g optical mouse" and an "atech ball mouse" both these mousse are ps2 and have the problem. My really old "logitech m-c48 ball mouse" which is a serial mouse has no problem at all, it works perfectly fine but is not satisfactory for playing games. I have tested my mouses on a different computer and they work perfectly with no problems. I cleaned my mouses thoroughly making sure all are sparkling clean where the balls and the optical light is. I also tried using a ps2 to usb adapter on both my ps2 mouses, and then plugging into a spare usb 1. 1 socket, but the problem still persist. I also tried different surfaces for the optical mouse, such as dull non reflective grey surface of a book, or cardboard, and a fabric material mouse pad. But the problem still persist. Software wise, i installed/uninstalled old and new drivers for the optical mouse. Versions 3. 31 and 3. 32. Both still had problems. I used windows xp standard mouse drivers for the other mouses. Im running windows xp sp1 with latest security updates. I have also done various virus and trojan checkups with the lastest updates of bitdefender, spybot, adaware, and spy sweeper. All these check ups where also done in safe mode without internet connection. I got to the point where i formatted my c: drive to reinstall windows. I left d: drive as is (c: and d: are one hard drive that is partition to two). Problem still occurred when i had installed a fresh install of windows xp with no extra programs being installed. Even when using partition magic and doing a boot format, during the format utility the mouse went crazy. In conclusion i am no expert but i believe this is not a virus, trojan or hacking, it is not the fault of my mouses, and the mouse drivers are not a fault either. I am totally stumped, and very frustrated with my computer. I hope to do regular things on my computer with my pimped up mouse gear let alone play games without this problem persisting!

Computer specifications:

Amd athlon xp +2400
Abit kr7a-raid via motherboard (lastest bios firmware)
512 ddr apacer 266 ram
Radeon 8500 128mb hercules (lastest catalyst drivers)
Neopower antec 480 powersupply
60gig ibm deskstar harddrive
Pioneer 106 dvdrom
Pci firewire card
Network card macronix mx98715-based ethernet adapter

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Cordless Mouse Going Crazy

Well i was playing company of heroes yesterday and my mouse went bananas, as did i cause i was winnning, till all my guys walked into thier death cause my mouse went bananas and when i tried reseting it, it wouldnt work for like a min, happened 2 times in a row, making him pwn my whole base and win. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing with thier mice? I have a feeling it might be because my mouse is to close to my keyboard and it has had interferance from that once b4, this also happened a long time ago but it hasent arouse till last night. Its working fine atm but since i am thinking about getting a icemat 2 and useing its sticky pads on this mouse (cant find teflon mouse feet in canada). I dont want this problem to arise again but i would like to salvage my mouse which is missign a plastic pad on the bottom. I have a mx1000 and i find it the most comfortable mouse out there to me, didnt care for the g7 plastic feel, maybe i should try to find a black one to see if it has better grip, but i dont want to buy a new mouse.

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Which Mouse Is Better ? Usb Mouse Or Ps2 Mouse

I hear that ps2 offers better refresh and stuff with optical mice is this true? I always thought usb would be better cuz its newer and faster.

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Laptop Inbuilt Synaptics Mouse & External Mouse Fail To Work

On my ~1 year old win xp pro laptop, the inbuilt synaptics mouse and any external mice, ps2 or usb fail to work. I'm having to use it via keystrokes only, so even typing this is hard to get to it. I've had this problem since this morning. I brought it downstairs (its kept upstairs) and turned it on, and when it booted to the welcome screen, the pointer was in the center and my ps2 optical mouse (chic) wasn't responding, although the actual led bit was on. I tried my touchpad (synaptics model) and that also doesn't work. The animated icon in my systray didn't respond to my touches. I have since tried 2 other mice, one ps2 and 1 usb, and i have had no luck. The only way to control my mouse is using mousekeys (ugh) or using a mouse via vnc. I have no hardware devices listed in my mouse hardware list in the control panel. I am not sure if it is a hardware or a software problem, but if i fear the worst, and it's hardware, perhaps my ps2 controller thingy busted? Although it shouldn't take out usb or touchpad either. I hope its more of a software problem, but after rolling back system restore point from last friday (when it definately worked), i have had no luck. I have also reinstalled the drivers for my usb mouse and the driver cd that came with my laptop. I am really stuck, and i won't be able to take it into technical support until monday. I really hope to have this fixed asap. Any help you can give me would be great, and as i use my laptop a lot, i'm really stuffed, everything else seems to be working okay, and i have not noticed any other problems, although there was a process in task manager using about 92% of cpu called sypad or something similar.

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Message: No Mouse Is Connected - Mouse Stop Working

Every 30 minutes or so of using my pc causes my mouse to stop working. When this happens everything else continues to work. Also on occasions when the mouse is connected normally a message appears on start up telling me that no mouse is connected. These problems have occured with 3 different mice and with mice connected to both usb and the normal mouse port. Therefore i think the problem is my computer rather that dodgy mice.

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Ms Sidewinder Mouse's 3 Sets Of Different Mouse Feet

Has anyone tried the different sets of mouse feet that come with the sidewinder mouse? It suppose to come with different textures of teflon. But i haven't been able to get an info on the attributes of each set of mouse feet which they call glide. It seems to me that the white set seem to glide the easiest out of the 3 sets offered. Even when the white set of feet are dirty they do seem to glide easier or glide similar when cleaned.

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Suggestions On A Mouse, Keyboard, And A Mouse Pad

I have around $110 to spend on a mouse, keyboard, and a mousepad. Its for gaming so please, if you suggest something, make sure it is good for gaming. My friend has dual opticals on his mouse. He says its great. Also what mousepad should i get? Nothing too fancy please. I kind of want to go wireless btw but some people say it isn't as good for gaming?

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Ratpadz Xt Mouse Pad For Logitech G9 Mouse

I have the g9 mouse which is awesome but my current mouse pad seems to not work sometimes. It acts like a ball mouse does when you don't clean it for a long time. It skips and doesn't seem to track till i mess with it. It is rare when it happens but it does happen. The mouse pad i use is just a cheap cloth one i got from fry's for 3 bucks. I was looking into getting a new mouse pad. Specifically the ratpadz xt because i can send it back if i don't like it or it doesn't work the way i am expecting it to. Does anyone have a g9 mouse and a ratpadz xt pad? How does it work? Do you have something else you prefer over the ratpadz xt? I want to get a pad that doesn't skip.

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Ergonomic Mouse And Mouse Pad

I need something for my right wrist, which was shot all to *** last year by a temp job that required massive amounts of 10-key data entry and an obscene amount of clicking and dragging of the mouse. I probably have carpal tunnel in the damn thing right now, or at least i am dangerously close. I bought some sort of beanbag to go under my wrist for $10 last year. It hurt my wrist bad, which was the opposite of what it said it would do. I bought a gel mousepad with a gel resting pad for my wrist for $20 last year. It hurt my wrist bad, which was the opposite of what it said it would do. So, obviously i can't search for myself because i always end up buying crap that only makes things worse.

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Is It Bad To Use A Mouse Without A Mouse Pad ?

Is it bad to use a mouse without a mouse pad? I have logitech g5 mouse, and i was using it without a mouse pad but i figured out that my computer table has a smooth surface and more space to work with. The g5 glides well too as it has polytetrafluoroethylene feet as well, so it's smooth. So is it ok without a mouse pad?

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G7 Vs G5 Mouse

So i have had a cheap mouse (spent like $5 on it) and it is finally giving away - lasted me 5 years. The scroll button is not working that great anymore and since i use this with my laptop as well i dropped it a few times and it is a little screwed up. So i am looking to get either of these mice. The price difference is about $20-25. So whats the difference between these for gaming? If there really isn't any i will just get the g5.

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Mouse Under $20

Can be either wireless or wired. I really want a pink one to match the color too (but if you want to it can me any color).

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Mouse Around 20

Looking for a new mouse, im looking to spend around 20, things im looking for, laser (or good optical), ergonomic feel, switchable dpi, nice looking. Any ideas? I have seen this looks quite nice with some decent features, although ive never heard of the make.

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Mouse For Under $25

My microsoft comfort 3000 mouse's scroll wheel has died on me and the right click is iffy, so i'm now looking to purchase a new mouse. Needs/wants:

-At least 800 dpi
-Good for smallish hands (i love the microsoft wheel mouse optical, just wish it was 800 dpi)
-Less than $20, $25 max.

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Mouse Usb Vs Ps/2

I just got the new mx1000 mouse and i have always wondered this, but never knew the answer. Is it better to plug in the transmitter using usb? Or is it better to use ps/2 using the usb to ps/2 converter?

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What Causes Mouse Lag ?

What causes mouse lag? On my new system, i'll experience it once in a while when the cpu is under load. I'm using the ms optical mouse blue connected through the usb port on dell specifications:

Abit ip35-pro
Bfg 8600gts
4gb ram
Vista 64

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Mouse Interface

First: there was a rumor/fact that ps/2 interface mouses work better/faster because they are using a more dedicated interface which has higher sampling frequency (200) and lower latency than a usb mouse at least that's what i think at the moment but since i have not yet found any confirmation i would like to get some help here. The second thing : if that rumor is true, what about mouse that comes with a usb interface but has a "converter" for ps/2, because if the internal mouse sampling frequency is still designed for usb and the ps/2 thing is only for "limited backward compatibility" (like they are doing a favor and/or trying to increase sales to lam0rs which are too stupid to ask a question such as this) the performance of that mouse will still be that of the usb interface and the ps/2 converter is just so that you could "connect the usb mouse to a ps/2" and not "get ps/2 performance from a usb mouse"

The third: what other mouse interfaces exist that should be used instead and which companies make them ? For example firewire mouse or some other pci dedicated interface mouse for minimum latency and maximum sampling frequency, which also raises the question: will a pci to ps/2 and/or pci to usb card will be able to bring mouse latency to pci latency speeds ? Can it be any higher than the original ps/2 performance ?

4: there are some "hacks" and "tools" to: modify usb mouse sampling rates, and some tool that was used in win98 to monitor ps/2 mouse sampling rate, and generally what "equipment" is available for "mouse administration", "monitoring" and "configuration"

5: wireless (including mouse) is not part of any of the questions mentioned above this is wired equipment only. 6: oh and yhe i also heard that usb has more bandwidth, but i also heard that bandwidth is like totally unimportant for a mouse because you don't send alote of information, only x and y positions which only take like 8 bytes or so per packet of ps/2 data, so im guessing that latency is by far more important for a mouse than any increase in bandwidth?

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Big Mouse

I'm looking to get a new mouse as the one i have seems to be cuasing my fingers to ache after a while of using it, i think this is because of the fact that it is too small. What is a good mouse out there that is also quite big? I'm not looking for a gaming mouse but it needs to be of the same sort of genre if you get me, price range is about 20 or usd$40. Also if the mouse comes with a keyboard that would be a great bonus as my keyboard is also getting a bit used, and my hands hurt whilst typing although i think this is because i type funnily.

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Mouse Recommendation

After 5 years the little squeaker is giving up the ghost. I like the size and shape of this mouse. I don't follow mice much so i don't know what is out there that would be similar and thought one of you might. I don't want anything over maybe $60. This one was made by elements.

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Gaming Mouse For 30

Getting owned in online shooters and i have had it with crappy mice. Reccommend a good one for my budget of 30.

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Gaming Mouse For Under 65$

Im choosing between different mice and was wondering what you guys wanna recommend. I play alot of cod4 and gonna start playing wow again. I need a mouse and preferably mouse pad for under 65$ shipped. Im looking at the deathadder and mx516 look like nice mice. What do you think.

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Keyboard And Mouse For Around $30 - $50

As the title says whats a keyboard and mouse for reasonable price around $30-$50 good for gaming and everyday use .

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Mouse Pad Under $15

What's the best mouse pad under $15, from newegg?

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How Much Do Mouse Skates Help ?

I have a razer death adder mouse, and i could never be happier i upgraded from a copperhead which was also good. It was hard switching from a copperhead to a death adder cause of the shape and size, but anyways, i was thinking about buying skates for it because i've been sucking something awful in cs:s. With my copperhead i could easily go 50-1, but with the death adder although its way easier to get headshots with it. But its hard to move sometimes and im not sure why its either because im not use to the mouse yet or its because i need skates to make it slide better across my func industry gaming mouse pad, so would any of you guys recommend some skates for this kick ass mouse?

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Mouse Lag

I'm running my g9x through the hub on the g15 and in to my kvm switch and into my pc. Am i getting lag? Technically!

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Quiet Mouse

Could anyone recommend me a "quiet" mouse? The problem i have is my computer is right next to my bed and when i stay up and play games my wife says the "clicking" of the mouse keeps her up. Bottom line is i cant use my computer at night until i fix this. I prefer logitech as i currently use a g5 and love it but i'm open to anything.

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Mouse Pad

I'm in love with my new mouse pad. It's from a company called cs hyde

The pad i bought is the c4 ngen 04. It's paper thin and has a rubbing backing that prevents it from sliding at all. The surface is made of some kind of teflon-ish material. It's smooth as glass and works great with every mouse i've tried. Maybe the best thing are the prices. My 16" x 16" pad cost just $18 shipped.

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Mouse Jittering Around

I have a problem with my mouse that involves it the cursor jittering in random directions on my screen when i try to move it. The problem is very intermittent. Originally i thought it was my mouse, an mx518, so i replaced it with a g5, but i still get the problem. My motherboard is a p5q pro. I've tried multiple usb ports as well. I have no idea what might be causing this. I have the logitech drivers installed. I wish i knew how to fix it - it really ruins my gaming fun when it happens. See the attached photos on the forum, in these photos you can see me trying to move my cursor in straight or curved lines in ms paint. Every so often everything goes haywire and the mouse wont move vertically in a straight line. Apparently i can still basically make precise horizontal movements, but vertical movements make the cursor go all over the place. In the second photo i am trying as hard as i can to move my cursor in straight verticle lines.

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Gaming Mouse Under $50

I have been looking to replace my wireless mouse with something i can use for gaming. I am trying to spend $50 or less. Heres what i've come up with:

Logitech g5
Razer deathadder
Razer diamondback
Logitech mx518

I also plan on getting a ratpadz xt from the deals section unless anyone has any objection to the quality of those pads. I plan on going to a local micro-center and manually try each of these bad boys out, but any feedback on my situation would be appreciated.

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G9 Mouse Issue

I have a couple questions: (i had a g9, but returned it, because of a few issues, but now i'm wondering if maybe my mouse was just defective)

1 - do you have to raise the mouse higher off the desk surface (to re-center it) than other mice? Whenever i lifted my g9 off the pad to re-center, it would keep on mousing, causing the cursor to jump in the opposite direction i was trying to go. Apparently, the laser would keep reading the mouse-pad from a little higher than any other mice i've used, and so i had to really give it a lift, causing my knuckles to scrape the underside of my desk. 2 - is the middle-mouse-click pretty difficult? I had to muscle mine down compared to other mice, and i use middle-mouse-click so much (in firefox and games) that it was a nightmare. (I close tabs and open links with it in firefox, and reload weapons in games, and it was causing a slight delay)

I'm currently looking into this mouse (the razer mamba) and uhh well, okay, i was looking into it, until i looked it up on newegg, and saw the price. The g9 was already about 7x more than i would ever want to spend on a mouse, but my work is so demanding (here's my rig), i simply have to buy what works best for me. Hopefully the price will drop back down to humane levels (like $30), because this is just evil. Then, of course, i would buy it. And my brothers would. And everybody on earth would.

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