Avast 5 - Computer Freezes Up / Slow When Start Up

I don't know if it's just me or after i downloaded/updated avast 4. 8 to avast 5. 0 i seemed to have gotten slower on my computer and after i start up i seem to freeze after 5-10 minutes from the startup. Avast 5 is working fine and every-thing's good. When my computer freezes up i can move my mouse but everything else seem "frozen". I then manually restart the computer by pressing the on button. Is it just me or is there something wrong?

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Computer Freezes On Start Up

I am trying to fix a computer and would appreciate any suggestions of help. I start the computer, it loads, gets to the windows screen, the blue segmented line goes across a couple of times then the whole thing freezes in that spot, the blue line stops moving and that's as far as it gets. Things i tried:

F8 - safe mode
- Last known good configuration
- Start windows normally
- (Etc)

When i tried these it just came back to the f8 screen. Pushing 'r' didn't do anything (i was told this could make a repair) o. 0 ?

Tried to boot up from an operating system disk by changing the boot up menu (delete) and this didn't work either. All it did was get to the windows screen and the blue line moved across a couple of times and it froze again in that spot. Exactly the same as when i try to start it. I am clueless now as to how to get this computer working. Any ideas?

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Computer Freezes A Few Seconds After Start Up

Sometimes a few seconds after start up. Sometimes during games. Happens much more frequently now than it did in sig. All latest drivers. Defragged recently. *** Is going on? Also all of my games stopped working.

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Start Menu, Computer Freezes

Problem description: on click of start menu in windows xp, the lower half of the menu shows (programs, documents, run, shut down, etc), but the top half (i have 6 shortcuts) appears blank, and the entire operating system is temporarily frozen for about 20 seconds. During this frozen period, system will not respond to anything. After 20 seconds, the top half of the start menu appears ok, and everything is back to normal.

Occurrence: occurs occasionally; mostly after long period of not clicking on start menu. I use my computer about 10 hours each day, and this start menu issue happens about 5- 10 times. What i've done to solve this: downloaded winboost, reduced registry's default start-menu delay value, but this doesn't appear to be the issue.

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Network Connection Symbol Has Gone After Downloading Avast Antivirus

Downloaded avast antivirus and the network connection symbol at bottom right of screen has gone!? I downloaded avast (free) antivirus program and now the network connection symbol / icon that shows the internet connection (local / local & internet) at the bottom right of the screen has gone. Does anyone know why this has happened and how i can get it back? I right clicked on where it used to be and clicked on 'properties' and 'notification area' and where it says 'clock, volume, network, power' the network tick box is grayed out so i can't even select it! Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do about it?

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My Computer Cannot Start Up

My computer turned on fine this morning but about 15 minutes ago i tried it and when i start it up, it stays at the screen where it shows me what kind of motherboard i have. (Asus a8v-e deluxe) my keyboard does not work at all. I already tried plugging it in and out. I have no clue about my mouse. But after that, i have to shut off my computer. What is the problem?

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Start Computer But Nothing Happens

I tried starting up my computer tonight, and what happened was that i got to the screen where the windows icon appears and the little blue bar moves to indicate it's loading, then the screen goes black and the little light on my screen starts to flash like it usually does if the computer is turned off or if it's in stand-by mode. I try restarting it, and press in the restart button. Nothing happens, the computer doesn't even sound like it usually does when it restarts. I shut it off completely, and restart. The screen stops blinking, and i barely get to see the black screen that comes before the windows screen before the same thing happens again. I restart again, hammer the f8 button to try and start it in fail-safe mode. I get to the fail-safe menu, but before i have time to select anything, the screen goes black. I try a fourth time, this time pressing delete so i can get up the bios menu. Nothing appears this time at all. I have not tried anything since then. This came out of the blue, i have not installed or removed any hardware, and i haven't installed any software either. My specs are:

Motherboard: matsonic ms-9077
Cpu: intel pentium 4 2. 53 ghz
Ram: 1024 ddr
Harddrive: maxtor 80 gb
Graphics card: ati radeon x800xl
Psu: chiefetec something (i don't know what to look for, it says max load 360w)

The computer is about 3 1/2 years old by now, except for the graphics card which is about 1 1/2 years old. If you need to know anything else tell me, because i have absolutely no idea what is happening.

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Computer Goes Into Stand By On Start Up

My computer goes into stand by (black screen and hard drive spins down) during start up. I can start the comp in safe mode so i suspected the video driver and my 20" dell ultra sharp was the problem so i deleted the device from device manager for monitor and display card but its still goes blank. This has happened before with a different mother board but i just had to press the sleep button on my key board and it came back on. Now that trick does not work. I am away form home at the moment so cant try anything, but if any one has any ideas.

The computer seems to load up the same drivers every time i start the computer so is there a way of completely removing the driver back up from sys 32 file. Sorry but i cant recall the specs of my computer but i know its an athlon 64 3800+ msi 939 mobo 1 gig ram, ati radion? Windows xp pro. If i remember right this started when i got the 20" dell ultra-sharp monitor.

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Computer Shuts Down After Start Up

I have been working on this problem for the last 5 days and can't think of anything else to try. My computer when you get to the windows loading screen will shut down, but it can load into safe mode. After i load safe mode i am able to restart and load normal mode and i get to desktop for about 2 or so minutes then shuts down again. It is not a heat problem, i have checked the heat and all the fans are spinning. If anyone has any ideas?

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Computer Becoming Very Slow

Just posting to say that my computer has been acting awfully slow in the last few days, this happened to me on my last windows installation until it became almost unusable it was that slow and required me to back everything up and reinstall windows. What i mean by "slow" is its just generally becoming slow, msn will hang and take about 3 or 4 mins literally to reopen sometimes when minimized, which then freezes ie 7, wmp 10 if im listening to music. All i see is white bits on the screen where that active window was and the hourglass symbol. And just a sidenote - my cpu usage goes right up to 100%.

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Computer Won't Start

It's very strange, but my laptop computer just doesn't start anymore. When i press the start button, i hear the sound of the hard drive trying to boot fot two seconds, but then it stops. There is absolutely nothing on the screen, it just remains black. I always use it with ac adapter plugged in and the batteries are full. So i wonder where i should start the investigations from.

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Computer Doesn't Start

Someone's computer just suddenly stopped loading completely : it comes up to the enter password screen, and as soon as the password is entered, there is this usual timer image that tells you things are loading, but the computer doesn't go any further. What can the potential problems be?
What can i try doing?

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Hdd Error When Start Up Computer

If i have a hdd error when i start up my computer build for the first time can i just buy a windows xp disc and reformat it?

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Computer Is Slow After Connecting To Tv

My computer is slow after connecting the computer to tv. After i hooked my pc to the tv using vga cables the resolution was weird so fixed it and it loads video files and the internet slow. It was faster than this before i hooked it up. Is there a reason for this?

Answer:- it is because your tv screen is bigger than your pc screen, it also needs to provide more resolution. So the graphics card has to work harder in order to give you better quality. In this case, your graphics card is not powerful enough to produce a high quality output to your tv.consider upgrading it, if you use your normal pc screen, everything should be back to normal.

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Computer Is Very Slow And Is Bottlenecked

I just recently upgraded my computer, but my my whole computer is very slow. Some people say my cpu is bottlenecking my system, however i see people on youtube running with crap p4/ dual cores but with good vids cards and they are maxing out games like crysis. Is this true? Secondly, if my computer is being bottlenecked, i have no more money for an upgrade. Also, my cpu is not overclockable. Is there anything i can do like go back some drivers or special software? Please help, i think i just wasted 200$ on an upgrade, lol. Specs:
-Amd dual core 4050e 2. 1ghz
-2gb ddr2 ram
-Windows vista 32 bit
-Ati 5750 512mb gddr5
-Bfg gs-550 watt psu

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Computer Reboots Automatically When Start Any Games

I'm having problems with my computer. If i start aim or rthdribl or any games, my computer reboots automatically. I tried disabling the reboot on error for windows, but it restarts and leads me to some blue screen. I've also tried booting in safe mode, and things seem to work in safe mode. So now i really don't know what's the problem.

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Computer Does Not Start After I Change Memory Configuration

My computer wont start after i change the memory configuration on bios settings from automatic to manual - aggressive, any ideas on how to get the bios setting screen up?

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How Do You Start A Business As A Computer Hardware Vendor ?

How do you start a business as a computer hardware vendor? Any advice or suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Computer Wont Start After Sleeving Psu

Just finished sleeving my psu a corsair hx750. Also sleeved other cables including 2 pci-e cables (for 5850), usb cables, front panel cables, audio cable. Now when i plug in the power chord, and switch the psu to "on", the computer turns on by itself - all fans including gpu fan running at full speed and all lights on. When i push the power button, all the fans scale back and everything appears to be starting the boot cycle - "ff" is displayed on my evga motherboard ("boot" award post code). But nothing happens. I'm 99% certain that all the pins in the atx cable have been placed correctly.could i be overlooking something here?

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Computer Will Not Start When Press Power Button

My computer will not start when i press the power button, not even the fans go on. The led on the motherboard is on (green led), so electricity is is going through. The problem started following a freeze on stand-by, i was not able to shut it down by maintaining the power button. I finally hat to cut the power using the on/off button at the back. Ever since, the machine doesn't start. I occasionally had a problem in the past with a "overclocking failure" message when starting the machine. Strange, because i have never tried to overclock.

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Slow Computer With Maxtor 250 Gb

I bought new hd - maxtor 250gb and since then my computer is very slow. I cannot watch movies or listen music, b/c of that. Restart computer doesnt help. But sometimes it's working good (like right now). I have 2 partitions - 137gb and 113gb. I am thinking that maybe some cooler for hard disk may help, but i'm not sure. Any ideas?

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Computer Being Slow - Antivirus Scanner

I am sick of my computer being slow and i just want a new anti virus scanner if any knows of a great one please tell me. I really want one that you know of and that works well, so don't search for one right now and send it to me not knowing about it. I want one that you already experienced and you know it works well. So please don't send me one that will make my computer slower or mess it up!

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Computer Running Ridiculously Slow

This computer is a little over a year old. It was in perfect running condition until i let my mom start using it. She has since then downloaded a few things that i am unsure of and maybe you people know a little more about than i do. First:

Irfanview - i have no idea what this program is at all. Is it possible she could have downloaded it from a shady site and put a virus on the computer?

Farmville toolbar - ah yes. The oh so popular farmville. She's addicted to it and downloaded this toolbar so it will tell her when her crops and stuff are ready. Farmville snagbar from gamers unite - this apparently snags items for farmville or something, another thing i know little about. Now, when i run a full computer scan with my avast antivirus it shows no viruses. However i'm still feeling kind of paranoid about these programs. Any help with how i could get my computer running back in good condition?

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Computer Wont Start - Powers Up For 2-3 Seconds And Then Shuts Off

The other day i woke up and noticed my pc was off. I thought nothing of it and thought maybe the power quickly went out over night or something. A couple days later i went to turn it back on, everything started as normal but then a couple second later it turned off.confused, i hit the power button again, and again, everything powers up normal for 2-3 seconds and then shuts off. I don't know if the super socal heat has fried my mother board or not and need some advice on how to problem solve this. The motherboard light is on, the ps turns on, all case fans turn on, everything turns on, but automatically shuts off. Do you need to know exact hardware or is this enough info to start?

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Computer Wont Start When Hooked To Hdtv Through Hdmi

Like the title says. The computer powers up, but there isn't the usual beep and nothing shows up on the screen. If i unplug the cable and then turn on the computer, it starts up fine, and i can then plug in the hdmi cable and it works fine, but i don't like having to keep unplugging it and plugging it back in. So. Any suggestions?

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New Hard Drive, Computer Runs Slow

I have a dell inspiron 9100 and last spring my hard drive crashed. It was a 7200 rpm 60 gig. I replaced it with a 5400rpm 80 gig, and reinstalled all of the aplications and got everything set up. It has less apps running now than it did before, but when i load things it can tend to go really slow, or when i play music on itunes it goes extremely slow and the music skips constantly, which in turn makes the computer almost unuseable with more than 2 programs running. I did search but couldn't find a good answer. I never installed a driver for the hard drive, as i thought it wasn't needed but maybe i do. Oh, and i already ran scandisk and defragged it(which took almost 2. 5 hours).

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Computer Boots Slow And Loses Files

Everytime my computer restarts its takes about 10 mins to boot and it always saids boot failure, insert disc then i have to reinstall windows, all my normal files are incontact like installed programs but i have to reinstall windows in order to reboot, any suggestions?

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Slow Computer Performance When Playing Cs Source

My pc is not performing as well as i expected it to when playing half-life 2 (cs:source): low frame rates/graphics performance especially when playing in servers with many people (lets say 32 and above). I'm currently using:
Amd 64 3200 processor (socket 754)
Dfi lanparty ut nf3 250gb motherboard
Kingston memory: ddr 1gb 3200 hyper x (2x512mb)
All-in-wonder x800 xt agp video card
Dell p991 19" crt monitor
Seagate 160gb ultra ata/100 7200rpm hd
Enermax eg651p-ve fm 24p 550w psu

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Using Slow Computer With Fast Dsl Connection

If i am using a slow computer, and i have a fast dsl connection, would the connection be slow? Does it matter that the computer is slow? If i use a fast computer, will the connection be faster?

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Sony Vegas Pro Slow Down Computer

Will sony vegas pro permanently damage my computer? My computer is a dual processor of 3. 0 ghz, p4, 1gb of memory. Will downloading sony vegas pro slow down my computer? If so can i just uninstall and delete sony vegas pro to make my computer return to it's previous state? I just don't want to ruin my computer with a demanding program like sony vegas pro. I am editing hd video in it.

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