Connect To Internet Other Than Firefox

I'm having a few connection problems at the moment. In general, i can't connect to the internet using any programs on my computer other than firefox. An example of a message i've gotten is "could not connect to server. If your internet connection is up your server might be down".

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Connection Problem - Internet Explorer & Firefox Doesn't Work

My laptop is about 2 years old now and about a few weeks ago firefox stopped working but i stilled had explorer so i was ok but now both of them both don't work. It says its a connection problem but i've able to go onto aim and yahoo message ( both have been download on to my laptop ) and im also able to go onto tunes store. Which both need internet access to get into which i have so why doesn't my internet explorer and firefox work ?

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Internet Explorer Doesn't Connect To Internet

My internet explorer doesn't connect to internet?

Answer:- nowhere near enough information to give any meaningful suggestions beyond, "have you tried turning it off and on again?" Try it with both computer and modem/router. Other information you could've included would be:

Do other browsers work on the same computer? Operating system? Ie version? Has this always happened, or is it something that's just started happening?

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How Do You Connect To Internet ?

My brother can connect to the internet using only the ethernet wire plugged into the ethernet slot built in his motherboard. So i decided to take the wire and plug it in to the slot of my gigabyte ga-965p-s3 (right next to the 2 usb slots). But nothing happen, i can't connect to the internet. I check the network connection and see there is only a "1394 connection". Do i need an ethernet card ? Or the mobo already has it ?

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Cannot Connect To Internet

I am working on a friends computer because it wont connect to the internet. Here is what it says when i try to trouble shoot the problem: windows could not detect any wired or wireless network cards installed on your machine. If you are connecting to the internet through your phone line using a dial-up connection you will need to contact your internet service provider. Otherwise please make sure that the network card drivers are installed properly, or contact the manufacturer of your personal computer for further assistance.

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How To Connect To Internet?

My mother and father just bought me a dell inspiron one 19 all-in-one desktop. I have completed the setup for windows 7. I have been trying to connect to internet(i have wireless internet, the router is connected to my father's desktop in the basement) i have done everything like troubleshooting and calling a friend of mine. I found a linksys setup cd (thats the router i have in the basement) and tried configuring it from my desktop. Can someone please tell me how i can connect to the internet. The linksys router will not even show up on my desktop, i have tried my absolute best to figure it out, can someone give me a few suggestions?

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How Do I Connect To The Internet?

The other day, my computer crashed, so i searched my desk and found the windows xp professional os cd that came with my computer, so i booted it off of the disk, wiped my hard drive, and reinstalled windows. However, i don't have any of the 3rd party software that programmers like to add before putting them on the shelves. I have no volume control, no internet connection, no nothing. I am on a different computer right now obviously but i need mine for school and it definitely helps to have access to the internet. I have no idea what to do, and im looked at as the "tech savvy" person in my family. So any advice would definitely be helpful.

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Cannot Connect To The Internet

I have 2 computers, both running on a wired connection one will load up sites such as google, and yahoo etc but the other which says its connected won't go to websites, i have tried changing setting in ie and other browsers but the same type of message appears every time does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

I have tried a lot of things from the internet, even doing a system restore, and yes i have done virus/malware/trogen scans so its none of thoes either, any got any clues as to what i could be or how to sort it all out?

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Issue With Keyboard When Using Firefox

Only when using firefox does my home key and end key act as the tab key. It works fine in ie8 and chrome. Any ideas?

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Video Lag In Firefox

Just as the post says, i try watching stuff, e.g. Youtube, and the video lags away from the sound. I press pause, the video then stops and then a second later the sound. Any patches or fixes out there. A link will do. Just don't understand why is only does it in firefox. Other videos that are on my hdd have no lag.

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Disable Toolbar In Firefox

How to make hp search bar go away? I just got a new hp laptop and everytime i open firefox, i have this hp bar at the top, which bothers me. Is there some way to make it go away?

Answer:- follow the following steps:

1. Tools
2. Addons
3. Extensions
4. Uninstall the tool bar. If that doesn't work, try this:

1. View
2. Toolbars
3. Uncheck the toolbar

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Firefox Untrusted Connection

What to do when firefox says "untrusted connection" on Im on firefox, my facebook has worked before , and a few minutes ago for the first time, i saw this message: "this connection is untrusted, you have asked firefox to connect, securely to login., but we can't confirm that your connection is secure. Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified. If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue. " Ive tried logging in like 5 times, and this always keeps popping up!

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Connect Xp Computer To Internet

Connect a reset xp computer to the internet? I had to reinstall xp after my friends hdd got wiped mysteriously, but now he can't connect to the internet at all, even though he's got a wired connection to the verizon modem-router. What do i do?

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Connect Wii To Internet

How do i connect my wii to the internet? I have a wii console and a blu-ray player, both internet compatible, approx ten meters from my internet connection and am not able to move them closer. I am not very knowledgeable with regards wireless connections and would like some advice as to how i go about connecting both to the internet without using wires/cables. I also have a laptop that i would like to be able to connect once i have my desktop back up and running.

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Connect To Internet Through Wifi

How to connect to the internet through wifi? I do not have my own wifi.

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Connect To Internet Through Another Computer

Connect to internet through another computer. I'm using a laptop that runs on vista and i want to connect to internet through another computer that runs on xp using wired connection. I've tried everything but i seem to go nowhere.

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Connect Internet Adsl2

I just got the internet adsl2 connected at my home but don't know what i have to do next. I am no pc wiz and don't know how i get it to work on my pc. Its wireless but i also have the cable running from the modem to the pc. I did not get cds.

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Connect Itouch To Internet

How do i connect my itouch to the internet? I have tried restarting it but every time i click on my network it just says "unable to connect to network. " I know my wifi is good because my computer uses it. What do i do?

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Connect To Neighbors Internet

I wanna connect to my neighbors internet on my laptop. I try to connect to it and normally it'll ask me for the password/pass code but its asking me for a user name, password, and logon domain. I have the password but i don't know what to put for the other 2 things. Help me?

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Internet Connect Then Disconnect

When i try to connect to the internet it connect then disconnect then reconnect and so on. Can anybody tell how to resolve this?

Answer:- i am assuming that you are using wifi and a router. This might be interference from a cordless phone or a neighbor who has a router using the same wifi channel. There are 11 channels to choose from in the router. Go in there and change the channel. Your user guide for your make and model will have the instructions for this. If you don't have a user guide download it from the maker's website. I you are not using wifi, then i must say the problem is either with your modem or the internet provider is having trouble. In both cases you need to talk with the provider.

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Connect 2 Internet Connection To 1 Pc

How to connect 2 internet connection to 1 pc? I subscribed tikona isp, few weeks ago my cousin also had subscribed same isp and he don't use it at night, so whether it is possible to connect both the connections to a same pc using 2 ethernet ports & switch.

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Ipad To Use At&t To Connect To Internet ?

When you have an ipad, do you have to use at&t to connect to internet or can you use your own isp?

Answer:- if you want 3g, meaning internet anywhere you go; you must have a monthly fee through att. If you don't care and just want to jump on your own wifi or a specific hotspot, you don't need the sub through att.

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Psp Cannot Connect To Internet

My psp can not connect to my internet, (security not supported). A while back i got a psp and a wireless router. So here is where my issue begins. I invited a friend over for the night, he brought his laptop over and began to set it up to the internet. Next thing i know my internet now has a password that neither of us know and he apparently changed the security settings on my router. Before he came to my house, my internet was called (blenkins wireless. Something like that). Then when he connects my wireless is now called robot vaio connection. I just need to know how i can get my psp working again? Am i going to have to buy another 30$ wireless router?

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Can't Connect To Internet

In cmd this is what i got: ipconfig /all

Host name: zhm3
Primary dns suffix:
Node type: mixed
Ip routing enabled: yes
Wins proxy enabled: no

When i try to ping ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again. I just enabled ip routing manually using regedit.exe, i have a windows xp sp3. This just started about 2 weeks ago, my linksys router works with all the laptops in my house except my pc which is hardwired. Any help?

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How Do I Connect A Computer To Internet?

I'm trying to set up a computer to the internet, since it's going to be used for storing all my music and itunes stuff. It's the same type of computer as my main one (hp pavilion dv1000), but instead of saying "wireless network connection" when i put the mouse over the internet connection icon, it says "wireless network connection 2. " I don't know if that makes a difference, but i can't connect it to the internet. It's right next to my main computer, who's signal strength is very good, but it says that there's no wireless networks in range. Is there any way to fix that? I tried right clicking and repairing it, but it stopped at "connecting to the wireless network. "

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Programs Cannot Connect To Internet

This problem has started ever since i tried upgrading my messenger to 10. Since it said it was blocked by a firewall (even though it's listed as an exception) i had to go to the messenger support page and download the actual file instead of the installer. Now my anti-virus program won't update, i can't connect to messenger, and i still can't use the messenger installers. I have done multiple scans and it is not a virus, and i have even gone so far as to disable the windows firewall, and my av firewall to no avail. What is going on?

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Why Can't I Connect To The Internet?

I have a toshiba satellite m105-s3041laptop, a westell 6100g dsl modem and a netgear wgr614v9 wireless router. I recently formatted my laptop and reinstalled windows xp (pro sp2). All went well. I didn't have sound, but the drivers on toshiba's website fixed that. Now, i can't connect to my dsl modem, nor can i access the internet through the wireless router. When i click on my router to connect, it is at strong signal, but after i click it says windows can't connect and the router may no longer be in range. I can click to access my neighbors' wireless routers and the network key screen comes up for theirs. The router works because i can connect our other laptop to it without a problem, so therefore the dsl modem is working as well. What can i do?

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How Do I Connect To Internet On Laptop?

I'm at my dads house and usually when i come here my dell laptop usually connects to the internet. I have the right password and i reset my settings to get it to work better but still it doesn't work. My dad did get a new router which is netgear and it connects to his other laptop because anyone can connect to it with the password. But for some reason mine doesn't work. At first when i connected to it there was an x next to it and it said your settings do not allow you to connect to this router. So i problem shot it and it said cannot connect to hidden network of (name of network) so i kept trying and configured the wlan settings so there wasn't an x and i could press connect. So i did and it said connecting but then it stopped and came up with the trouble shoot page again. How do i get the internet to work on my laptop!

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How To Connect To Internet Wirelessly?

I just got an used ibook g4 yesterday and i was trying to connect to an internet using wi-fi but later i found out that this one didn't have the airport extreme card and then i tried to install realtek rt73 wireless usb driver. I don't know if i installed it correctly but whenever i try to open the program it doesn't work or sometimes it opens and says please enable the realtek wireless or something. Also, i was trying to put the laptop in factory defaults or delete the stuff whatever the seller had. Can someone please help me with this? I would really appreciate.

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Missing Files Download Through Firefox

Yesterday i download the firefox browser and some images into my pc, but i can not find the file or pics. Also whatever i download or save, i can not find it, and it did not ask me where do i like to save it the files. Please tell me how to find download save files in my pc.

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