Computer Wont Boot Hdd

I am working with two computers. My friend's is an emachine d4362 (basic specs: p4 3. 0 ghz processor, 3. 2 gigs of ram)

And mine is a soyo dragon. (Basic specs: p4 3. 0 ghz processor, 1 gig of ram)

The emachine had windows xp installed on its hard drive (ide hard drive) and it ran perfectly fine. We wanted to install windows 7 on it, so we put in the disk. It always froze at 16%. So we put the hard drive into my computer, and loaded ran the installer. It again froze at 16%. Another method i had learned of was to install from a usb drive. I did that, but his computer wouldn't boot from usb. Mine, however, did. So we put the emachine's hard drive into my computer, and booted from usb. We successfully installed windows 7. Here is the interesting part. On my computer (the dragon) windows will boot normally, and go to the windows 7 desktop without a problem. When we moved the hard drive back into his computer (the emachine) before it even gets to the "starting windows" logo, the computer automatically restarts. So the moment the hard drive is being accessed it just shuts off and tries booting again. I dont understand. Why will it work on my computer and not his? (Remember, this hard drive was originally in his computer to begin with, we only switched it over because his computer wouldnt boot from usb)

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Computer Wont Boot - Red Hdd Led

Recently i got a 1. 00ghz celeron (coppermine, 100x10) from a friend for free. I was planning to use it in an older computer of mine, a system with a celeron 433 (mendocino, 66x6. 5). I removed the heatsink, installed the processor, applied thermal grease, replaced the heatsink, closed the system up but when i tried to boot it up, but all i get is the red hdd led, instead of the green "power" led and (older) "turbo" led which both is supposed to be on. The motherboard i tried it on is an asus mew-aml which is supposed to support processors on the 100mhz fsb. I remembered to change the jumpers (because it will only run at 66mhz if i dont). After it refused to boot, i reinstalled the original processor, but i ended up with the same problem. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I need to know if my motherboard is fried.

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Hdd Clicking On Boot Up

A older maxtor hdd (model 54098h8) makes the dreaded 'western digital' like "clicking" noise on boot up. The mb doesn't see the drive. It was ok, but started to 'act up' and then went dead. Is this drive toast?

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Boot From An External Hdd

My plan is to build a brand new pc which has no hdd, i want to use a external hdd to boot from and store programs ect. Is this possible, or will it require a hdd in the system itself?, Will i require a certain mb?

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Hdd Wont Boot From Disc

Summary of the rambling below:

1. Old hard drive failed, tried to replace it. 2. When i turn on the comp it shows cd rom on primary slave, and hard drive on secondary slave. Is this a problem or wrong?
3. The jumper on the cd rom is set to cable select. 4. Boot sequence in bios is set up to start from cdrom then c. 5.comp won't boot from disc, never gives option "push any key to boot from disc"

I have used this disc to install xp on my other comp and worked fine. And when i unplug the power from the hard drive, it gives the option boot from disc and goes into windows set up. The manager who i bought the hard drive from suggested maybe my cd rom isn't compatible with this newer hard drive?

Rambling begins: hello a couple days ago my hard drive failed in my old pentium 3 comp and yesterday i went out and bought a hard drive from a well known computer store. It's just a semi-used 40 gig hard drive, the manager working there told me he tested it just a day ago and that it had a fresh install of windows xp so he told me it was working. So today i tried installing it in my old pent 3, and it shows up when i start up the comp, it shows the cdrom on ide primary slave and shows the hard drive on ide secondary slave. Is there anything wrong with this? I was told that the hard drive has to be on it's own separate ide cable or at least on the "end" of the ide cable correct? Did i mess up already? The hard drive doesn't have a "key" on it for the correct jumper setting. So i just moved it 4 times until it finally showed up. And should the cd roms jumper be set to cable select, or master? Or slave? Right now it's on cable select and it's showing up as ide primary slave. Anyways, the windows xp disc is in the drive, and i have set it in the bios to boot from cdrom then c drive, but it never gives the option "push any key to boot from disc".

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Cannot Boot With External Hdd After Restart

I just got a new external seagate free agent 500 gb. I installed it no problem, but if i try to restart the pc it won't boot up. It freezes at the bios stage, i think. If i unplug it again it boots up fine. Anybody have any idea? I'm running xp by the way.

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Hdd Not Found On Boot = Disk Error

I recently received a western digital 160gb, as a replacement for a broken western digital 120gb, from western digital. However on boot the hdd is sometimes not found and instead a little clicking noise can be heard, which in turn leads to the primary slave not being found and then a disk error. Usually if i simply turn it off then back on again, then it works fine however sometimes i have to do this multiple times, sometimes i have to turn it off and leave it for a few minutes and sometimes i have to open the case and push all the cables into the back of the hdd and dvdrw a bit more. To me the cables don't feel as though they've come loose and so really this is an exercise of ritual rather than anything constructive, yet it seems to do the job. Once the hdd is recognised the pc works fine and dandy but i'd like to avoid this failure as it is happening more and more. Is this an issue with the cpu, data cables, power cables, hdd, dvdrw, ram?
My system is an asus pundit w/ intel 2. 8ghz, dual 512mb ram, western digital 160gb, sony 8x dvdrw.

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Sony Vaio Laptop Won't Boot After New Hdd

I have a 3 year old vaio vgn a115b laptop. I needed more storage than 40 gb so i bought a new 100gb hdd at dabs. I undid all the screws on the base, removed the keyboard, undid the two screws under that and then took the chassis apart. I then swapped the hdd with the new one and re-assembled. When i power it on now i hear the cpu fan start up and after about a second a click and then the whole thing shots down. Then, after 2 seconds the fan comes on again but nothing else happens. I know this is a long shot but can anyone sugest what i may have done wrong?

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Computer Is Trying To Format The Hdd

I removed a hd (samsung sp1604n, 160gb ide) from the old computer and now trying to put it in the new one, via a raid card. The computer says it need to be formatted. Even if i attached to the on-board ide channel it is the same deal. I have lot of data in it. How would i avoid this and get the computer to read the drive?

To make it worse, i do not have a backup. Btw, raid card and bios identify the drive. It is xp having problems with this.

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Hdd Error When Start Up Computer

If i have a hdd error when i start up my computer build for the first time can i just buy a windows xp disc and reformat it?

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Computer Can't Detect Hdd

I have a very weird problem, once i boot my computer the memory shows and all is ok, then it gets to the drive detection (hdds, cds etc. ) It writes the line "detecting ide drives. " And just gets stuck, i tried:

- Only plugging my dvd writer without my hdd - the computer detects it, all is ok and it keeps on booting. - Plugging nothing at all - the computer just writes:
Master - none
Sec. Master - none
Slave - none
Sec. Slave - none
And keeps on booting. - Changed the ide cable - didn't help. - Changed the ide port from the motherboard - didn't help. - Put a different hdd - didn't help. - Reset the bios, meaning, cleared the cmos by removing the battery, switching the jumper back and forth - didn't help. - The jumpers are ok (hdd is on 'master or single' and dvd is on 'slave')

I don't know what to do, maybe it has something to do with the bios? I don't know much about the bios. Does anyone have any tips? I really don't know what to do anymore.

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Computer Cannot Detect Usb 2.0 External Hdd

My computer cannot detect my usb 2. 0 external hdd, it was working only a few minutes ago, then i removed it through "safely remove hardware" after that i realized i forgot something so i plugged it back on. The light of my external hdd is on, but my computer isn't responding, it isn't showing any signs of another hdd in "my computer" and also in the "safely remove hardware" thing. I tried in my other computer and it's the same. I've scanned through for viruses previously, and cleared 3 trojans. Shouldn't be of a problem tho. Is my newly bought external hdd faulty ? Or has my computer gone mad?

P/s i also got this common problem that my external hdd couldn't be read directly, i have to - rightclick - explore. I believe this is a common n00b mistake i have done to my hdd or something.

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Getting Detailed Analysis Of A Computer Cpu, Ram, Hdd

Is their any way of getting detailed analysis of a computers cpu, ram, hdd etc. Without using any extra software. I want to do this on 98, me, 2000, and xp.

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Hdd Detected In Bios, Device Manger, But Not In My Computer

I just put a new hdd in my machine, i already have 2 other ide hdd in there, this is just an extra one i got free off a mate. Its 20gb. The new hdd appears in my bios, it also appears in device manger and says drivers are installed and the device is working properly. But its no where to be found in my computer! Any ideas?

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Esata Hdd Makes Computer Freeze Randomly

I have a problem when connecting my esata hdd to this motherboard (p5k mobo). Basically i'm using a samsung hdd with an enclosure and i connect it to the pc via a esata cable going to the esata input at the back of the comp. The problem is the computer keeps freezing for like 10-20 seconds randomly while the esata device is connected. If i switch the esata device off (via the enclosure's switch) it works fine. Is this a known issue for this mobo and e-sata?

Also there are so many drivers i cant find which one i need to update as i haven't updated the mobo since i got it like 3 years ago. My mobo is a p5k but on the manual it says p4s533-e.

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Connect A Ide Hdd To Computer With Isa Slots

I am wondering if it is possible to connect a new ide hd to an older computer with old isa slots. The mobo is an at style, 33mhz 8-bit bus (i think). Is there anywhere you can buy an adapter for this? Or is it even possible to go from a fast modern hard drive to a ridiculously slow computer? And if so how?

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Computer Does Not Boot At All

This computer i just recieved to do some work on wont boot up at all. I mean no beeps, no lights no nothing. The only thing that happens is when you plug it into the wall a little green light on the ps starts blinking.

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Computer Take A While Before Boot Up Normally

I am using an epox motherboard right now. Recently, if i turn off my power supply for about 15 mins, and turn it on and restart the computer, it will give out the siren alert and no screen. Since my mobo has a led attached to show the process of initial preboot, i check the code, and it always stop when it doing memory checking. However, if i turn on the power supply, and leave it there for about 5 mins, then the computer will boot up fine. I check memory, cpu, hdd already, nothings wrong. I switched power supply too. Nothing 's wrong. I'm guessing it;s the mobo. Maybe it take a longer time to charge up before it has enough power to do the preboot.

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Computer Boot

My brother has an dell inspiron 530, and it wont start up correctly. When i press the power button, the boot screen opens, a then, about 5-10 seconds later, a message will flash on the screen. "Ahci bios not installed". After that, the screen will turn black, with no mouse, and it will have a small horizontal line flashing in the top left corner. This will stay on the screen until i turn off the computer. I have already tried to set the hdd as the main boot device, but there was no luck there. Also, i reset the bios settings to default. No luck there, either. There were no recent hardware upgrades on this computer.

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Computer Does Not Boot

I'm having a strange problem with my htpc that i just can't figure out. When i turn it on, all the fans are running and the power and hd lights are on. However i don't get a video signal and the hd light never turns off/blinks. I disconnected the hd and removed the video card, same result. The mainboard does not seem to advance past the "power up" stage. I removed the battery on the mainboard for a bit but that didn't help. I mean if the mainboard would have a problem, it should beep right?

I am running out of ideas. It's probably the mainboard, but how can i be sure?

Here's the hardware:

Asus p5b-e
Intel core 2 duo e4300
Corsair twin2x2048-5400c4
Samsung hd321kj, t166s, 7200rpm
Asus en8500gt silent/htd/256, pci-e
Nesteq na 4501, 450w
Netgear wg311t wireless pci-adapter 802. 11g

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Transfer Data Including Windows Xp From Old Hdd To New Hdd

Im getting a new 250gig sataii hard drive, with 16mb cache. Just like to know if there is any simple way of transferring all my old stuff on the current drive onto this new drive without too much trouble. Like is there a way of transferring the whole os (windows xp), all the progs and stuff onto this new hdd through an image or in an easy way?

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Connecting Sata Hdd With Existing Pata Hdd

How to connect a sata hdd with existing pata hdd ? I has bought a 320gb sata hdd. I already have 40gb pata hdd with xp os. I want to know how to connect sata along with pata. As i want to copy my data on sata hdd. Before this should i install os on sata.

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Computer Does Not Boot, But Is Getting Power

Yesterday my wife called me to tell me that the computer wasn't working. These are the events as she described them. She brought the computer out of hibernation and the monitor gave her a message telling her that it was not receiving a signal. She turned off the computer and rebooted. She was able to log in, saw the desktop and then the computer shut off. At that point, she smelled something burning (awesome) so she just turned everything off. When i came home i was not able to get a response pushing the power button, so i unplugged the power cord from the unit, waited and plugged it back in. As soon as i plugged it back in, i heard the motherboard fan come on. The amber light on the front of the tower came on to indicate that the unit was receiving power. I was not able to power the cpu on however by pressing the power button, nor did the power-on light come on. I opened the unit to see if my limited hardware knowledge could spot anything obvious burnt or unplugged. I couldn't find anything obvious. Even today, when i plug in the power cord, the motherboard fan comes on right away. What's going on here? This is beyond my scope of knowledge.

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My Computer Wont Boot

I have a problem in my computer. I open my computer but it does not show any response. The cpu fan is working but still no response. Pls, anyone can help me this problem?

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Computer Wont Boot

Been running for about 9 months or better then yesterday we had a power outage while i was away and came back to my computer being off. Hit the power and it wont boot up. No beep no bios screen. There is power as all the fans power up and the lights on front of my pc come on but then it doesn't do anything else. I've switched out both sticks of ram thinking one may have gone bad(these are my only two sticks so both could have gone bad i guess). I changed video cards and reset the motherboard and still nothing.could it be the power supply? I haven't thought to pull it out but it sounds like the fan on it is making noise. Would it still power up the lights/fans but not have enough juice to boot the whole system? The cpu has been at stock volts but oc'ed to 2. 7/2. 8 it's whole life of 9 months, would hate to think it's gone bad.

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Computer Turns On, But Does Not Boot

I tried crossfire'ing two hd4890s earlier, but was unable to have it start (would not even power up. Would light up for a split second). I figured that my powersupply wasn't good enough, so i called it quits and removed the second video card out. When i tried to boot it afterwards, the computer would turn on (but nothing showed up on the monitor). (The video card had 3 lit led lights, and the fan was going at 100%) apparently this is the video card's own post procedure and the leds should've gone out if everything was okay and the fan would've lowered. I figured that there was something wrong with my video card, so i replaced the 4890 with a geforce 7900 i had lying around. I experienced the same problem (the computer would power on, but i was unable to get any video). To be sure, i brought my 4890 to see whether it was my video card and it worked fine on his computer. I then though that something went wrong with the power supply after we tried to crossfire it (seeing that it couldn't boot up with two of the cards in). My friend brought hist 620w power supply over today, and after installing it, i encountered the same problem. Although it doesn't rule out that my powersupply is the problem (i didn't test my psu in his computer) i guess it isn't likely that power supply is the problem. We tested the ram on his computer, and it worked fine as well. I dismantled my computer, and put it back together but still a no go. I bought a case speaker today (to hear any post beeps) but i was unable to hear any (which indicates that either it doesn't post, or that the speaker is broken or incorrectly placed). I tried booting without ram or a video card to force the post beeps. I've cleared bios (through the jumpers) and through taking out the cmos battery but still nothing. Edit: i removed all non-essential devices that i didn't need (cd drives, fans, hard drive) throughout the testing. Reseated ram, video card multiple times. Tried using one stick of ram. My thoughts is that the problem is the motherboard (with the cpu unlikely being the culprit, but this is just a weak assumption). Any thoughts? Is it time to rma the motherboard?

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Computer Wont Boot Up

Today my computer just suddenly closed itself. Now when i try to boot it up the power light just flashes and the cpu fan takes a few spins, then it just shuts down again. What could be the cause for this'?

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Computer Locks Up During Boot

My computer locks up when i boot it up right before the window welcome screen or during it. The only way i can boot up the computer is if i tap f8 and hit last known good configuration. This has been going on for more than a week. I tried to do a repair installation but this did not help. Does anyone have any ideas what i can try to do and can i keep booting the computer this way indefinitely (last known configuration).

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Computer Locks Up And Refuses To Boot

Sometimes i managed to boot the computer but mostly not. I don't even come to the post screen. I've tried to trouble shoot, i also tried with replacing the graphic card, how ever it didn't do any difference. All the fans and harddrives seems to get started (i get a green power light and red hdd light) on the front of where the start button is which seem to indicate something is starting) and cpu starts (i've checked inside) but the monitor refused to start and i don't think the windows started to load either. I have found a way to start the computer and that is to turn everything off, also the monitor, do a clear c-mos and then and then re-boot, then it starts. The motherboard doesn't give any bios beeps when trying to boot at all, it just goes black. But when i manage to start it it stays on and i have no problems ones it have started. When i get money in some 2 months i'll try to replace the power supply and if that doesn't work, the specifications:

Amd64 3000+ cpu
A asus k8v-x mo-bo
Ati radeon 128mb graphics
256mb ddr400

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Computer Powers Up, Doesnt Boot Up

I came home from worked fine. I turned if off. Shut down normally. I come in and turn it on a few hours later and you can hear the fans come on, the light on the front comes on for about 2 seconds then does off and thats it. - Doesnt beep on start up
- Monitor doesnt come on
- Cd drive doesnt spin or even open when i press button
- Holding the on/off button in doesnt turn it off
- Reset button doesnt reset

Its like the rest of the computer isnt getting any power? But im no genius at all. It has to be turned off at wall and does same thing when tried again.

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