Half Of Screen Appears When Connect Macbook To Tv Screen

When i connect my macbook pro 2. 66 nvidia geforce 9600m gt to lgtv screen via mini displayport to vga cable i get half of the screen appears, i tried to play around with the options but nothing works. It seems like the 9400m graphic card reads the tv not the 9600m.

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Nothing Appears On Screen

So my friend dropped off a rig from around 2005 that he said died and he wasn't about to fix. After this thread working out the 20 to 24 pin power issue, flogge so nicely mailed me a 20-24 pin adapter. I plugged it in and pressed the power button. After some beeps (the kind that you might hear on a perfectly functional system), everything received power and i heard some hard drive activity. The problem was that nothing appeared on screen. A little too comfortable with this system already, i opened the case while it was on and put some pressure on my 6600gt. Nothing. So i turn it off, take out the card, and carefully reset it. Reset being a relative term, as his back panel has been more or less mutilated, and i had to bend away the metal dividers to get it to seat in the first place. The second time, it seemed as though all the pins were in the pci-e slot, but still nothing on screen. I turned it off and tried pushing in the card a little more, and this is when i freaked out. Stupidly, i was putting pressure on the heatsink, and i felt the thermal contact break. In a hurry i got a pair of pliers and took off the heatsink, i hadn't crushed the die. When i get home i'm going to reset the heatsink with some arctic silver, i really hope i haven't ruined my faithful 66gt. In any case, or i should say, in any other case, i think this hardware would work. My current plan is to run the mobo next to the case like a testbed, to see if i can push the video card in all the way. I also need to acquire a pci video card to see if the slot is dead. I also have the feeling that i should look up beep codes for this mobo, but they really do sound pretty normal. What does [h] think about this situation?

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Keyboard Stops Working After Win Xp Logon Screen Appears

Ok i got a brand new pc, everything is straight out of the box. Its a celeron 2. 8 on an asus p4r800 motherboard. I install winxp pro and load some standard programs(winzip, msn, norton etc). It was all good for a while but now when i boot up my ps/2 keyboard doesnt work. It boots up and i can get into bios and caps is on etc but once that logon screen appears it just dies. If i restart the pc the keyboard starts working again on next login, but then when i restart its back to playing up until i restart again!. I have tried different keyboards but same result. Its just a standard keyboard, no extra buttons.

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Connect Macbook Screen To Pc Using Mini Dvi To Vga Adapter

My macbook (2007) screen broke; i was wondering if i can use a mini dvi to vga adapter to connect it to my pc? I don't know if i can just plug a mini dvi to vga adapter in to my computers and connect my macbook to my pc monitor and assume the macbook screen will just show up on the pc monitor. I really need to get some files off my mac!

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Display Macbook Onto Flat Screen Tv

What do i need in order to display my macbook internet connection onto my living room flat screen tv?

Which macbook you have? If you have one of the silver-and-black macbooks, it has a minidisplayport. You will need a minidisplayport-to-dvi adapter and a dvi-to-hdmi cable to connect your macbook to a flat-screen hdtv. If you have one of the all-white or all-black macbooks, it has a minidvi port. You will need a minidvi-to-dvi adapter and a dvi-to-hdmi cable. So find out which macbook you got.

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What Is Wrong With Macbook Pro Screen?

Lately i noticed my macbook pro lcd screen was flickering, at first it would only flicker at low brightness level and then it got progressively worse and would figure intermittently at any brightness level. Then i turned on my macbook pro and it booted to a black screen. I tried plugging the macbook pro into an external display and that worked! Yet my macbook pro screen was still black.

Then a few days ago as i plugged in the external display as my black screen mbp booted up it miraculously came on so it seems the mini-display port to hdmi connection wakes up the macbook pro screen. Sometimes the screen would actually go through a normal boot up and work fine and other times it would boot up to a black screen. I have noticed though since the black screen issue it the backlight no longer flickers. I ran an apple hardware test and nothing came up in the results.

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Macbook Magnified Screen Problem

My cat must have stepped on a combination of keys that im unfamiliar with, for when i open the computer the screen is magnified times alot, whereas the pointer will take the whole screen. Sometimes also, theres the pointer on the screen and another one over it giving the feeling that its being projected perhaps? (I dunno if that made sense- i had a similar problem when connecting the mac to my tv and the screen mag would return to normal once i disconnected the cable from the mac)i cant seem to change or rest the resolution, ive tried ctrl cmd shift -, ctrl cmd down arrow, all of them and nothing works. Further, as soon as i can navigate the huge pointer to the change user thing and log on as another user, the resolution and screen size etc is perfectly fine! Its limited to that one user account, which is the most important one.

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Computer Displays Post Screen Then Went To Black Screen

My computer has been running sluggish for about two days now. Was searching the web the other day and computer just came to a halt and froze. So i rebooted the computer and then it wouldn't start up. It displays the post screen but after that it went to a black screen with a white bar at the bottom of the screen. Looked like a progress bar. Rebooted again but same thing. Popped in the os disc and tried a check desk and fdisk and it came up with some errors. Got to stage 4 of 5 on them and then stopped at 50% for hours. So today i started it up again and it finally booted to the windows logo and then finally to desktop. Took around 30mins to do so. Hard drive light indicator is always on for the most part and takes forever to load applications. Okay, i guess my question is this about to be a hard drive failure? Never had one so clueless of what it is but would think it would have something to do with the hard drive. Also before it froze the other day, applications started being really slow. For example it took 10mins just for the save file dialog box to pop up to save a file.

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If Disconnect Laptop Screen, Will External Screen Still Work ?

If i disconnect my laptop's screen, will an external screen still work? I have an acer aspire5315 laptop. What i am doing is i am putting it into a custom case that will not fit the built-on screen. The laptop does have a vga output (so i can connect it to another monitor, or hdtv. ) So, if i disconnect the laptop screen completely from the motherboard, will an external one connected via vga still work?

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Connect Laptop Screen To Tv

All i am wanting to do is present my movies thats on my laptop, on my tv for my family to enjoy with me! Please help. I have a usb to rca cable that i just bought offline. I have windows 7 and my laptop has the projector thing where i can duplicate, extend, or projector only picture. I don't know if i have to have some certain kind of software for it to work or something, but i know i just need help, and soon so we can have family night!

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How To Connect Computer Screen To Tv ?

How to connect computer screen to tv? My dad wants to know how to connect live streaming video from the computer desktop to the tv for "bigger screen" purposes. Is there a certain cable we need to buy? We dont have a laptop. How do you do this?

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Connect Pc Screen With Laptop

Can i make my laptop's screen off and connect to the pc screen? I want to use my laptop as a tower. Also i want to have a separate keyboard and mouse.

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How Do I Connect Laptop To Tv Screen?

How do i connect my laptop to my tv screen? I bought a dynex vga display cable and plugged it into the rgb? Plug into the tv. What do i need to set up on my computer? The salesman at best buy said all i need to do is plug it in. Anyone have some suggestions for me?

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How To Connect Pc Screen To Dvd?

I've asked this before but think i need a little more detail in my question. Basically, i want to connect a dvd player to a pc screen. I want to do this because my computer dvd player doesn't work, and neither does my tv screen, so it seems like a logical way to overcome this and save some space along the way. The dvd player, as far as i'm aware has a standard dvd to tv connection as well as what i believe are called rca connection sockets: little red, white and yellow chaps, and an orange one with pcm/dts/mpeg coaxial written around it. Whatever this means. The pc monitor is quite old: it has a standard pc to screen connection plus a dvi-1 cable hanging loose with nine pins, nine pins, one pin. Help would be greatly appreciated, i'm not good when it comes to electronics, as you can probably tell. Oh and i live in the uk, don't know if this makes a difference at all.

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Connect A Second Monitor Now Screen Is Blue

I plugged in a second monitor to my gtx 280 and easily had both running. After a single restart both monitors no longer boot up with a good visual to the desktop. It's a unintelligible mess of purple and blue that is indescribable. I've disconnected one. Tried both separately. I've booted to safe mode which i am in now and reloaded the latest drivers. I've run windows vista repair and nothing there. I've set the resolution to rock bottom to see if a cross compatibility issue occurred(where the smaller monitor picked up as the main and couldn't compute. The major issue is that the computer is actually "locking" up on me. In a couple instances the computer screamed at me as if the video card was not plugged in yet this happened after going through the vista boot sequence and loading to desktop where it freezes up. Someone throw me something to try because i'm out of ideas at the moment. Fyi: i also just got a g15 keyboard and a razor mamba mouse but both were perfectly fine and involved multiple reboots with these devices operating before i had done the second monitor.

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Connect Computer To Television Screen

I would like to connect my computer, to my television screen? I have a toshiba satellite laptop, and it has a s-video port

While my television also has several s-video ports. What sorts of cables will be needed?

& Proper names for the cables would be appreciated because i need to research how much (canadian) they would cost.

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Connect Computer To Laptop Screen

My home computer's not working i think it's the screen monitor. Can i somehow connect it to my laptop screen?

Answer:- no - laptops don't have the right "video-in". Perhaps you could borrow a monitor from a friend. (Lots of folks have extra monitors around. ) Does your monitor have any on-screen menus to access various adjustments? For a simple test, try to activate the on-screen menu. If that doesn't come up at all, that will confirm that the monitor is dead.

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Itunes Said It Cant Connect To Itouch, Nothing On Screen

Recently i had been downloading a youtube file through an application i downloaded on my itouch. I did that for the first time, but then it went snap and then the only thing on screen was connect to itunes, no matter what i did, the screen did not change, i did not have itunes downloaded on my computer, so i downloaded it and connected my itouch to the computer, the itunes said it cant connect to my itouch as it has a password, it says unlock the itouch but there is nothing on screen but connect to itunes. What should i do to bring my itouch back to life?

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Connect A Desktop Computer To Laptop Screen

Is there a way using some kind of cable to connect a desktop to a laptop's screen (without physically opening or breaking anything).

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Connect Xbox To Flat Screen Monitor

How do you connect an old xbox to a flat screen monitor? I have the regular x-box and was wondering if i could hook it up to my computer monitor which is hp and flat screen.

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Connect Emachine Desktop To Flat Screen Tv

How do i connect my emachine desktop to my flat screen tv? I am connecting the cable from the emachine's tower to the vga port behind the tv, but am getting an error on the tv saying that it is not a supported format. How do i fix this problem? If you need more information let me know.

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Connect Cell Phone Screen To Computer

Is there any way to connect a cell phone screen to a computer screen? I have a samsung rant and i just wanted to know if there was anyway to be able to see my phone screen on a computer screen. I know that you can extend a computer screen to a tv screen so i was just wondering if there was the same thing for phones.

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Connect Hdtv To Computer Screen Shuts Off

When i connect my hdtv to my computer, the screen shuts off (but not the tv) and nothing happens. What to do? The red light in the corner of my tv then starts flashing but slowly. I just bought a new graphics card and 4 gbs of ram. It all worked fine before but now it does this, any help?

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Cable To Connect Netbook To Big Screen Tv

What type cable can i use to connect my acer aspire one netbook to big screen tv?

Answer:- it depends on the t. V. I believe your netbook has a vga port so you should be able to use that, most t. Vs have a vga port. If your tv only has a dvi port you could get a vga to dvi adapter. Cables, click on vga or dvi depending on what you decide to use: http://bit. Ly/7ca4yw

Vga to dvi: http://bit. Ly/cdtsjx

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Connect Ibm Thinkpad T2o To Tv Screen

My ibm thinkpad has an s-video output. When i connect an s-video lead to the laptop and to my tv i do not receive a picture on the tv screen. I have the correct av input selected on the tv. Do i have to set anything up on the pc to tell it to output to s-video?

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Connect Camera To Computer To See Recording On Screen

Is there anyway i can connect my camera to my computer to see myself recording on the comp. Screen?Comp? I just got a canon sd1400is and i was wondering if this was possible!

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Connect Laptop With Shattered Screen To External Monitor

Since my entire monitor is totally unreadable, does anybody know any shortcuts or any keystrokes or combinations to display my data on the desktop monitor manually? It can be as complicated as for example, : start key, tab, up up up up down down. I just need some method of displaying the content of my laptop with the shattered screen to the external monitor.

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Laptop Screen Wont Turn Off, After Connect With External Monitor

My laptop screen won't turn off, after i connect with an external monitor. Windows 7? Just installed windows 7, and now when i connect to the external monitor, my laptop screen won't tune off. I tried adding or detecting another screen with no success.

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Pc Goes To Xp Load Screen Then Into Blue Screen

I have a laptop that when it boots it goes to the xp load screen for about 2 seconds and then a blue screen of love. I ran a linux boot disk to try to trouble shoot it but we couldn't get it to see the drive. I bought a sata 2. 5 drive enclosure and hooked it up to my other computer with the laptop drive in it and it can't see it. The drive gets warm but thats all. I pulled my other laptop drive out and put it into the drive enclosure and it worked fine. What can i do? What options do i have to see if this is still a good drive? Does this mean the drive is dead? Do i need to load drivers? Can i force mount it? Any thoughts?

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Screen Goes Black After Splash Screen

I recently installed latest nvidia graphics drivers on my computer and now whenever i boot the screen goes to black after the windows loading screen. I can boot into safe mode and the device manager has the correct version listed. Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers a couple times now and tried reseting the card but still goes to a black screen. Intel e6750
Abit ip35 pro
Nvidia 9800 gtx

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