How To Install Pci Serial Port Card ?

My pci serial port cards were fried by a lightening strike.couldn't buy the same combo (1 x 3 port card and 1 x 1 port card) so i installed two 2nd hand cards - 1 x 2 port card and 1 x 1 card and decided to used the onboard serial port to make up for the other lost port. Windows 2k detected the cards and tried to install them.couldn't find any drivers on the c drive or installation disk. Dial up is a total nightmare for this machine. I can't find any detailed tutorials or step by step info on how to install a pci serial port card. Do you need to obtain and install drivers (can't seem to located them as negligable info on card itself) or aren't they needed and instead you cancel any automatic attempt to install new device and just go to another area of the computer and configure that?

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Install A Pci Card To A Pci Express Slot

Can i put(install) a pci card to a pci express slot ?

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Pci Card To Usb Port

Is it possible to attach pci card to usb port, of course with some kind of adapter or something like that?

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4 Port Pci Raid Card Recommendations

I need a 4 port raid card that supports raid 5 support. It is going in a mini-itx board. If you can find a mini-itx mobo with a pci-e slot and want to recommend that then please go ahead. Speed is not really a concern. So far about the only thing i can come up with is the highpoint 1740

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Lacie Esata Pci Card Install Problem

I just brought a lacie 2 port esata pci card for my pc and i cant even get to the xp login window. Not even the bios set up utility i can't access. Unless i remove the card, everything start up normal. When the card is in place i see a raid set up utility window if i hit ctrl r during start up. But i cant do anything, because it doesn't see any drives. Even said something like the bios is deactivated? It goes by so quickly. I just wanted to use the esata port for my lacie 750gb drive to transfer data back and forth to the pc. I thought this was going to be an easy to install card, but it's not the case. Stupis is and stupid does i guess. I was wondering if my mobo can even support an external hd with esata port? I thought if i brought a pci card it would. Mobo specs: asus a8v deluxe: which has 5 pci ports running at 32-bit/33mhz. I did notice on the package the minimum system requirements is 32bits 66mhz 2. 3 compliant interface.could this be my problem?

What other option do i have to for my esata lacie drive which has a esata output option. I am tried of using the fw 400 port.

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Geforce 5700le Pci Video Card Install Problem

It just came and i tried to install it but it seems like its an agp. If i take a picture of the video card, do you think you could tell if its a pci or agp? If its an agp i'm going to be really *** because then i have to pay for shipping to ship back to because they can't read. By the way, here is the order:

Someone please help. Its the same as this video card. So why wont it work on my computer!

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Any Way To Use Serial Port In Safe Mode ?

I have an older ibm (thinkpad 500?) Using windows 2000 that crashes randomly. I only use this computer to run an automatic key machine in my truck that uses the serial com port. The computer runs fine in safe mode, but i can't link it to the key machine because the serial port is disabled in safe mode. Is there any way to enable the serial com port in safe mode?

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Serial / Com Port Device Managing

Ok i have an old old ibm thinkpad laptop that has one physical serial port. I have a program that uses the serial port but the program says it is in use. Now in device manager under com ports in the adavanced port settings there is a list of com port numbers listing 1 through 256. This is where i get lost. If i have one physical serial port then why is there a list of 256? Can i share this one port with whatever is using it currently and how? I just want to disable whatever is using this com1 port and use it just for this program. But if i cant then i need to share it somehow. Ive messed with the list of com ports changing them to higher numbers but when i go to chose that particular com port in the program it says that one is in use.

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Serial Port Usb Conversion

I have a microsoft sidewinder ffb pro joystick but it is the older serial port version, it way seem a little pointless to do this but is there such a thing as a serial to usb converter? If so how much are they and will i need to download any later drivers to support the joystick under this port?

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Serial Port Communication Issue

I have two identical mb's both using xp pro w/sp2
They are the foxconn n570sm2aa. With two different serial devices (a fta receiver and a rf signal level meter) i have to first disable the serial port, then re-enable it to be able to communicate with either device. If i don't, i get a error message. My previous mb had a nforce2 chipset and used 2k. I had no issue with two different fta receivers using the serial port. With another piece of test equipment, there is a different problem. The software locks up after 5 seconds after hitting the 'start' button to try to connect with the device (after the s/w is opened). I believe this is aseparate issue since the disable/enable doesn't help. (There was no issue with the previous mb and o/s. )

Any ideas about why i have to disable, then re-enable the port everytime?
Btw; no conflicts in dm and it is the stock windows driver that is loaded.

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Connect Computer To Tv Through Serial Port A/v Cable

How will be the performance if we connect computer to tv through serial port a/v cable?


Probably pretty bad. Both rs-232 and composite video are antiquated and considered legacy standards for computers. You don't say exactly what you're doing, but try to avoid using those deprecated connections if possible.

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Using The Pci-e X16 Port On A G45 Board For Raid Controller

Will the x16 slot actually run at x16 (or at least x4) when i plug a non-video device into it and still use on-board video? Specifically, can i plug an areca 1220 or the supermicro 8-port into this:

And have it run full speed?

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How To Install Raid Drivers Without New Install Or Controller Card ?

I need to install the raid drivers for my motherboard (p5k deluxe - ich9r). Is there a way to install it without reinstalling xp or having to buy a separate sata controller like it's mentioned in this?

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Areca Arc-1300ix-16 Sas Hba Pci-e 4x 16 Port Non-raid Controller

So i recieved a little package from the delivery faries today. Was really looking forward to getting my hands on this card as i have no need for hardware raid, but i do like high port densities. As it does not have any hardware raid functionality, it's cost less than 1/3 for a similar card with raid functionality. Chubby. Card came with 4 minisas -> sata breakout cables, low profile slot, manual, and driver disk. The cables are ~ 32inches long with around 10inches of cable after the "split", so should be more than long enough to get anywhere in any case. I'll be installing the card shortly (just in the middle of a huge copy on my whs) and will report back as to how well it's working. Product page / tech specs

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Connect Pci Express 2.1 Graphics Card To Pci Express 2.0 Motherboard

Can i connect a pci express 2. 1 graphics card to a pci express 2. 0 motherboard? If not, then what is the cheapest pci express 2. 1 ddr2 and intel core e8500 compatible motherboard?

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Pci.sys Corrupted, When Install Drivers

I just built my new system, installed windows and everything seemed fine, then i tried installing the boards drivers and the system crashed, then when i restarted the pc, it couldn't start windows sayin, system32/driver/pci.sys was corrupted or damaged. I tred fixing the system and i wasn't able to, so i formated the disc, and installed windows again, and that happens again and again. Pci.sys gets corrupted again, i updated the bios and tried installing the boards drivers one by one and downloading them from the web site of the manufacturer, and when i was installing the first one "motherboard_driver_chipset_intel_inf_965.exe" same thing happened. Also im not very sure, but i think in one of my many attempts i installed the gpu drivers first than the board drivers and same thing happened. Now after restarting the pc a million times and having done nothing to really repair the file, the pc started again, and even though it was very slow, at the beginning, after some more reboots it seems to be ok now and i was able to install al the boards and gpu drivers except the motherboard_driver_chipset_intel_inf_965.exe one. Thing is im sure my oc wont be stable for long, and this seems to be a hardware problem, but i don't have an idea of how to identify what is really happening, so i would really appreciate if you could give it a good thought and give me a solution.

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Dual Monitor Using Integrated Video Card And Pci Card

I have an integrated video card as well as a pci card. Would i be able to set up dual monitors using those two ports? Or would i have to buy a multi-monitor card/another pci card?

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Pci Card Help

I talked my brother into upgrading his hp. He does photography and needs to make it faster and stuff. So he also wanted a 2. 0 usb card. We got this one off newegg for 20 or so. i installed it fine but it wont run at 2. 0. In the device manager list the univeral serial bus (usb) controller has an error. When i try to install the drivers with it i get this error at the end of the installation:

The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary file. This may be because the inf was written for windows 95 or your hardware vendor. The device is suppsoed to be compatable with almost all os's win98/se, win me, win 2000, win xp. But the damn cd wouldnt even start to read in his computer. I opened it up on mine and transfered the files to his via a usb drive. If i can find an installation file or driver for the universal serial bus (usb) controller i can fix it. But i cant seem to hunt one down. Now his computer hasnt been updated in a long time (probably why theres probs).

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Pci Expansion Card

I was wondering if there was such a thing a a pci expansion card? I researched a bit on google but couldn't really find much. And if there is such a thing, where could i get one for really cheap or free? I recently acquired a wireless pci adapter for free and now i found i don't have any pci slots left and i need more. I would post this in the buy/sell/trade forum, but of course you need at least 50 posts to post there. If anybody has an expansion card that i could have for free, maybe we could discuss a transaction somewhere else.

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Sata Pci Card

I have an old p4 1. 6 ghz/1 gb ram/80 gb hdd machine that runs as a web/file server from home now. I'm running fc5 in it and recently felt the need of adding more harddrive to it. I'm willing to buy a sata drive just to give it a shot. My mobo doesn't support sata and will need a pci sata card. Any recommendations on which would be a cheap reliable card to go for?

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16 Port Raid Card

I am currently in the process of making my new file server and i need some suggestions on a 16 port raid card that can do raid 6 and is pcie. I am planning on using seagate 1. 5tb drives because i can get a good deal on them. It doesn't need to be super fast, but i would like it cheapish but i need reliable as i don't want approx 21tb of drive space to disappear on me. Its mostly for media, backup of vms, documents and general file-server stuff.

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How To Create A Pci Card Interface ?

I am interested to make a pci card interface on my own for my project. I would be happy if you get me information on it. I want to study it throughly. I will be greatful to you for any little help that you could give.

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Move Pci Card To A Different Slot

I want to move my hauppauge pvr 250 to a different slot, will i have to reinstall the software to see it?

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Pci Boot Pc Diagnostic Card

I am looking for a diagnostic card that will show whats wrong with the computer thru beep codes, any help would be great, just link me up.

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Pci Firefire Card Problems

I purchased a 3-port 6-pin firewire card today to help a friend transfer their videos and then edit them. The camcorder has a dv-out, so i got the appropriate cable and installed the fw card. When i booted up the computer, i didn't receive any sort of 'your hardware has been successfully installed' message, but i don't know if it does that for pci devices less complex than video cards. So, i plugged in the fw cable to the computer and then to the camcorder, and put the camcorder into 'player' mode. At this point, isn't an autorun supposed to appear? I don't get anything at all, and windows movie maker (for example - i'll be using premiere pro) doesn't show any signs of 'seeing' it either. So there must be something wrong here. I've tried restarting, and i've tried a different slot. I can't see an ieee 1394 listing anywhere in the device manager, though, where would it be listed?

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Graphics Card With Pci Express 2.0

I am looking into building my own computer. I have found the mobo and video card i like, but i'm not sure how well they will work together. (Sorry for no links, but this is my first post)gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l lga 775 intel p35evga 512-p3-n801-ar geforce 8800gt 512mb 256-bit gddr3 pci express 2. 0 x16
The video card uses pci express x16 2. 0, while the motherboard does not. I know pci express 2. 0 is backwards compatible and the video card will work, but i am concerned about wasted performance. Will this video card compute faster than it can send data, and, if so, what will be the approximate performance loss? I would upgrade the mobo, but they are more expensive than i would like to pay.

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Pci-e X16 Video Card

I'm looking for a pci-e x 16 video card which is the best bang for the buck. I'm just looking for a video card to use until the nvidia dx10 cards drop in price or until the ati ones come out. I was looking at the 7900gs, the 7900gto, and the x1950xt. Which card would u recommend

I play games at the resolution 1024 x 768, the games which i play are fear, ut 2004, doom3, battle field 2142.

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Installing Pci Parallel Card

I purchased a moschip pci parallel card to connect my scanport sq4830 scanner to the now computer i built. I put the vista driver on the computer but when i try to locate the scanner with with the swiss knife software i get the message " no host adapter found" what should i try to fix the problem?

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What Is The Good 8-port Sata Card ?

Since freebsd 7-stable has pretty good zfs support at this point, i'm probably going to migrate to it and dump my areca. I need sata ports though. I thought super-micro had some pci-e sata cards, but i remember hearing lots of random problems with some of them. Which one is good?

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4 Port Raid5 / Raid6 Card

I'm looking to use 4 hitach 2tb hard drives in either raid 5/6. Which card will best serve this purpose? I'm going to use the array strictly as a file server/media server.

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