Raid Controller That Supports Sata2 And Ncq ?

Does anyone know of raid controller that supports native sata2 and ncq? With the wide availability of sata hdd that supports ncq, i've only found very few choices for the raid controller. One that looks interesting is areca/tekram arc-1120: Tw/raidcrdx.html

I've read some good reviews of this card on and forum. Have you ever used this card on production server? How does this card perform?

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Should Ncq Be Enabled For Drives In Raid ?

I was in a discussion with someone that insisted that ncq should be disabled on drives that are in a raid since the controller card knows the situation better and can do the ncq itself. They cited as proof the fact that enterprise drives have ncq disabled. I'm fairly confused about the subject myself now, as i can't seem to find any concrete info online so i'm asking here in hopes that more experienced folks can answer. 1) as far as i can tell and from searching, ncq is a function that requires both the drive and controller to have it enabled (along with the corresponding driver support on the os side); is this true or not?

2) are enterprise drives shipped with ncq disabled and what would be the reasoning behind doing so? Compatibility perhaps?

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Raid - Os That Supports Extended Volumes

I'm trying to build a file server and settle on a os. I have a 3ware 9650se-16 port controller currently connected to four 2tb wd enterprise drives. I'm nowhere near the capacity that the new file server will offer and want to put off purchasing drives until i need them (the drives will inevitably become cheaper, etc), so i would like to add drives one or two at a time. I played around with opensolaris because it's free and the benefits of zfs intrigued me, but it doesn't seem that you can easily add drives. I first configured three drives in a raid5 and opensolaris recognized it perfectly fine. I then added another drive and migrated the raid5 to use all four drives. After the procedure was done (it took 3 days), i was able to see the physical size of the raid volume was bigger, but the useable size was still the same as before adding the fourth drive. I think regular solaris has an autoexpand feature, but it's not implemented in opensolaris. Anyway, i was wondering if anyone out there has any "been there, done that" in terms of starting off a hardware raid volume with a small number of drives and add new drives over time and was able to use the new space.

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Hardware Raid Card That Supports Seagate 1.5tb Disks

I have an adaptec 31605 which i've been using close to a year now. I just bought sixteen seagate 1. 5tb disks to upgrade my array, and the bloody card won't work with them. The card sees them fine, but if you try to create an array under windows you get an error about the free space not being a multiple of 64kb. Under the raid bios, you can create and build the array, but when you try to format it, windows chugs doggedly away for almost 24 hours then tells you the operation couldn't complete because the sector count was less than expected. I've talked to seagate and flashed all the disks to the fixed firmware, and the adaptec card is running the newest firmware and software, but still no dice. Sooo. Awesome, yeah. Adaptec support didn't seem terribly interested, either. Most frustratingly, there was nothing to indicate or even hint they wouldn't work beforehand, but i'm lumbered with them now. If i wait around for adaptec to release a fix (and that's assuming they ever actually do), the diska will lose a lot of value in the meantime given the way hard drive pricing plummets, so i figure the best thing to do is sell off the adaptec and upgrade to something that will actually work now. I'm having trouble finding such a thing, though, as "seagate 1. 5tb support" is not a spec manufacturers bother to brag about, but i assume there are plenty of end users that've tried these drives with their various cards at home, thus bringing me to my question:

What 16 (or more) port hardware raid cards work happily with seagate 1. 5tb drives?

(Bonus question: are any of them available in australia? )

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Raid 5 Controller, 8 Port

It seems like i have to buy something like areca arc-1220 to have good performance, and better reliability than something like one of the 8 port rocket raids, this is unfortunate as they are considerably more expensive. I want to build something reliable though that will last a long time hopefully with very few problems. Any other suggestions welcomed. The purpose of this is to build a storage device/ server to sit on my small network. Thinking of something like asus p5ql/775/p43, intel celeron wolfdale 2. 5g, and 2g of ram. My first question is that in the specs for the controller i mentioned, along with many others, they specify server 2003, but not 2008, will it work with this os? And, this one mentions that it works with vista, does that mean that most of them don't?

I haven't decided what would be best os to put on it, not sure if i need to have server os, i figured i could just setup vista or win7(if supported) and setup shares on that, but want to know if server os would be better. It's just a couple computers on it now, it might expand to 1 or 2 more, idk, but essentially just needs to be a large storage capacity nas type deal. Also, if using a hardware type controller like this one, what is it dependant on exactly, like for example if something happens to the card, am i screwed, or if i replace with identical card will the array still be intact? The same for mobo, and could it be switched to a different motherboard by just moving the array with the card? The os would be on individual drive.

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Moving Raid 0 Drives From 1 Controller To Next

I'm upgrading from msi k9a platinum to asus crosshair iii and believe it will work but i want to know if something is done wrong by just listing the raid 0 array when i load the new computer. Because of the difference in sata raid controllers.

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Hardware Raid Controller For 8 Drives

I have 8 1tb drives. I want to set them up in a raid 5 array, but my motherboard doesn't support that many. So, i need to get a raid controller, unless i want to use windows-applied software raid. But i really can't afford something incredibly expensive.

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An Error Occurred(0) On Raid Controller

I have an evga x58 motherboard and have two wd caviar blacks set up in raid 0 as my boot drive, running windows 7 rc. They're connected to the intel 1ch10r raid controller. So i'm booting up and getting "an error occurred(0)" on one of the drives on the boot-up status screen. Man, i just love these obscure and totally unhelpful error messages. So an error occurred; that's nice. What the *** do i do about it?

After some searching, i found intel matrix storage manager software available for download on intel's site. There's supposed to be an option in the software to check the drives and "mark as normal. " There is a version of storage manager that supports vista 64, so i figure maybe it's good for win7 also. However, when i start to install it, i get a warning screen that says that after installing its drivers, they cannot be un-installed. Well, isn't that special. What if those drivers it installs are not what i need, and totally bork my system?

So here i sit, paralyzed as to what action to take next. I frickin' hate technology sometimes. Anybody know what to do about this particular problem?

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Driver For Syba Raid Controller

I bought a raid controller a while back from newegg and either have misplaced the driver disk or didn't get one in the first place. (Been too long ago to remember). Regardless, due to spyware even god could not fix i have rebuilt my system from scratch. Everything has been reinstalled other than this card. The only info i have on it is that it was made by syba (their webpage is sh!T), and something about "medley"? It's a pci card if that matters. I am looking for a site that either has a driver specifically for this card, or even a generic one that will run it.

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Motherboard Raid Controller To External Drives

I have the evga x58 sli motherboard (first edition, not the classified le) and i'm running windows 7. The motherboard and os may not be necessary to answer this question. I know that you can configure the motherboard raid controller for multiple internal hard drives, but i was wondering if you could use the mobo raid controller with multiple external drives. I was thinking evga x58 sli connected to two wd 1tb my book external drives? Yes, western digital sells a dual-drive raid product but i was under the impression that the "raid controller" would be software only, and thus inferior to a hardware controller?

Any help for a raid newbie?

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Promise Fasttrak Tx2650 Raid Controller Drivers

I have a promise fasttrak tx2650 raid controller hooked up to two sas hard drives, and i'm trying to install windows 7. Promise doesn't have win7 drivers on their site, so i'm wondering if there's a workaround someone might know about? Is it possible to modify the vista drivers to work with win7?

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Amcc 9650se Windows 7 Raid Controller Drivers

I have searched the internet quite a bit, and will continue to do so, for the windows 7 drivers (if there are any) for the amcc 3ware 9650se raid controller. I checked their website, and unless i am an idiot i did not find anything there. Does anyone know for sure if there are or are not drivers for windows 7 for this raid controller yet?

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Using The Pci-e X16 Port On A G45 Board For Raid Controller

Will the x16 slot actually run at x16 (or at least x4) when i plug a non-video device into it and still use on-board video? Specifically, can i plug an areca 1220 or the supermicro 8-port into this:

And have it run full speed?

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Intel Ich8r / Ich9r / Ich10r / Do / Pch Sata Raid Controller

I have an hp pavilion p6110f. In device manager i find the controller under storage controllers. Support for hp says there is not raid or controller on this pc. So i am not sure what this is. Is it a raid controller and what can i do with it. I would like to experiment with raid 0 and 1 but can't find any info on how to use it.

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Areca Arc-1300ix-16 Sas Hba Pci-e 4x 16 Port Non-raid Controller

So i recieved a little package from the delivery faries today. Was really looking forward to getting my hands on this card as i have no need for hardware raid, but i do like high port densities. As it does not have any hardware raid functionality, it's cost less than 1/3 for a similar card with raid functionality. Chubby. Card came with 4 minisas -> sata breakout cables, low profile slot, manual, and driver disk. The cables are ~ 32inches long with around 10inches of cable after the "split", so should be more than long enough to get anywhere in any case. I'll be installing the card shortly (just in the middle of a huge copy on my whs) and will report back as to how well it's working. Product page / tech specs

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How To Install Raid Drivers Without New Install Or Controller Card ?

I need to install the raid drivers for my motherboard (p5k deluxe - ich9r). Is there a way to install it without reinstalling xp or having to buy a separate sata controller like it's mentioned in this?

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Sata2 Transfer Time

Does one need some sort of sata2 drive to take advantage of it? Or do existing sata drives recieve the transfer rate boost as well? Furthermore, is it even necessary? Do even the 10, 000 sata drives have a low enough seek time that requires a quicker transfer time?

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Bios For 939 Dual Sata2

Bios for 939 dual sata2, where can i find a bios update for this mobo, i installed one previously but i had to system restore, wouldn't boot up, and can you give me the instructions to installing it?

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Sata Support With Ncq And Port Multiplier

Does anyone know if esata is supposed to work out of the box with ncq and a port multiplier? I'm thinking of buying:-

(Putting 5 wd black 1tb drives in)

To use with several vmware workstation virtual machines at once. The concurrent disk access should be pretty heavy so ncq is going to be very important. If not that box, then any other suggestions on esata enclosures that might support it?

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Do Wd Black 1tb Drives Support Ncq ?

Do wd black 1tb drives support ncq? Just wondering, i cant find anything on the wd site or elsewhere.

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Does Xp Home Supports Dual Core ?

Does it? I heard that it will only run as a single core, what a waste.

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Motherboard With Usb 3.0 And Supports Intel I7

Usb 3. 0 motherboard supports intel i7? I want to buy a new pc but i don't know which motherboard should i buy? It must have usb 3. 0 and supports intel i7, i don't want it to be over 350$ !

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Monitor Supports Higher Than Max Resolution

My monitor supports a max res of 1280x1024 but i went into the advanced timing section and managed 1500x1100 and it looks just fine is it safe to run the monitor like this or will it cause issues?

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Upgrade Motherboard For Lga775 That Supports Ddr3

Want to upgrade my motherboard for a lga775 that supports ddr3. I have intel core two duo e6550 and i am looking for motherboard the supports my professor but i want a upgrade on my ram from ddr2 to ddr3 i know there is a motherboard out there but i cant find it also maybe should i upgrade to core quad.

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Pci Video Card Supports Pixel Shader 2.0

I need a video card which supports pixel shader 2. 0. But my pc has only pci slots. Where can i find this kind of video cards?

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Msi Motherboard Supports Athlon 3500+ Processor

I am having msi k8t neo2 ms-6702e atx mainboard. It supports socket 939 model processor. And my processor is athlon 64 3500+ processor (socket 939). If suppose my motherboard fails at a later stage. I want to buy a mobo which suits both athlon 64 3500+ and any other better processor like athlon 64 fx series. So in this page.

K9a2 platinum and k9n sli platinum model mobos are there and if you click them and see the details. They specify :- supports athlon 64 cpu: 3500+, 3800+

So does it support 3500+ socket 939 or am2 socket? Because in amd website

I can see 2 types of sockets 939 as well as am2, but msi doesn't mention which one and it says generally 3500+

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Adding 3rd Hard Drive But Motherboard Supports 2 Sata Channels

I order a replacement seagate 80g hardrive to replace my primary "c" drive that appeared to be on the verge of quitting (bad sounds coming from the hard drive). Well, the drive appears to be working just fine - without the ominous sounds. Now i have an extra hard drive. My mother board supports 2 sata channels and both are full with 80g hard drives. The primary & secondary ide slots are occupied with a cdrom & a dvdrw. Is there a way i can add this extra hard drive to the system?

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Msi K9n Sli Supports Athlon 3500+ Socket 939 Processor ?

The mobo in the above link specifies. Supports athlon 64 cpu: 3500+, 3800+

So does it support 3500+ socket 939 or am2 socket? Because in amd website

I can see 2 types of sockets 939 as well as am2, but msi doesn't mention which one and it says generally athlon 64 cpu: 3500+

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Hardware Raid Vs Software Raid / Redhat Enterprise Linux

I am about to spend $10, 000+ on some new ibm server equipment. I am trying to decide if i should use the hardware raid controller or the software raid controller built into redhat enterprise linux. Any suggestions?

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Do I Need Raid Enabled Drives For Software / Firmware Raid ?

First off, i am completely aware of the fact that you need a re drive with tler enabled for correct hardware raid. My question though is tler needed for software (windows and linux) or firmware (onboard or fakeraid) raid setups? Will these implementations drop a hdd if it spends too much time correcting a read/write error?

In a single drive scenario, the drive will attempt to read/write the same sector for up to 60 seconds and then remap it if possible. In a hardware raid scenario, the controller will tell the failed drive to remap to a new sector with data from a good redundant drive (raid 0 not apply here). My second question is if indeed you do need a tler enabled drive because the controller will drop the hdd, then what will handle read/write errors? Will these software/firmware raid controllers do the same error recovery?

If there is no error recovery, it would seem that software/firmware raid are just bad news. This is esp true for firmware raid which would seem to have all the downsides of the other controller types and none of the benefits. Third question deals with ssds. Are there only certain ones qualified for raid and 24x7 usage? I have not seen a distinction like i have with hdds. Also, are these going to work properly in a raid 5, as the controller will want to try and fix any errors like they are hdds, yet the ssds have very good internal error correction.

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