Hook Xbox To Computer With Lan Connection

Can i hook my xbox to my computer like a lan connection and connect to xbox live? I have a network card in my computer and was wondering if i could hook it to my xbox to get xbox live working. How would i go about doing so?

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Use Computer To Get Wireless Connection For Xbox

Can i use my computer to get a wireless connection for my xbox? I was wondering if i could plug an ethernet cable into my computer on one end and my xbox on the other to get a wireless connection since i don't have a plug nearby.

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Hook Xbox To Wireless Laptop Via A Ethernet Cable

Is it possible to hook my xbox to my wireless laptop via a ethernet cable and access xbox live via my wireless internet connection on my laptop?

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Hook Up Connection From Tv To Laptop

Is it possible to hook up a connection from my tv to laptop to play movies from my laptop to tv? I have windows media center, what kind of cable or connection would i need to play the movies or internet tv from my laptop on my tv?

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Two Computer Lan With Crossover Cable

Im trying to set up a lan between me and my friends computer so that we can play games. So what ive done so far is connect them with the cable, then i went to the connection properties and on my computer:

Set the ip to 192. 168. 1. 1
Subnet mask to 255. 255. 255. 0
Default gateway to 192. 168. 1. 1
Preferred dns to 192. 168. 1. 1

And all the same on the other computer, except i set the ip to 192. 169. 1. 20, ive read that thats all i need to do besides plug the cables in on xp. Well its not working and it keeps saying "a network cable is unplugged" i dont know why its saying that, it is plugged in. Anyone know whats wrong?

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Connect Computer To Tv - Hook Up Pc To Tv

I have been dl a lot of movies lately, and i was wondering what the easiest way would be to somehow hook my computer up, to the tv that is in my living room, so not everybody that watns to watch a movie, has to cramp around my computers and watch a movie, and instead be in the big room and watch it. I believe there are wireless devices like this, or is it just audio?

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Hook Up Receiver To Computer

I built a computer that has a core2quad on a gigabyte ep45-ud3p mother board. I have a pioneer vsx-d412 that has surround sound hooked up, i get sound for it on my cable tv, dvd player, am/fm stereo. Is it possible to get sound from that when gaming or playing music. Or do i have to use seperate speakers hooked up to the motherboards audio?

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Cables To Hook Dell Computer To Tv

What cables do i need to hook my dell computer up to my tv? I have a dell inspiron 1501, what type of cables do i need to hook up to tv please be specific as i have to write down exact name when looking for product.

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Setting Up A Two Computer Lan To Play Multiplayer Games

I want to connect two computers to each other so i can play multilayer games with friends, without worrying about pk'ers, crackers, and idiots. I went to best buy and got a cat6 cable, thinking all i needed to do is plug the two computers together and start playing. I was wrong. I went back to best buy and then they told me that i needed a "crossover cable" because the kind of cord i got needed a hub and another cable. So i traded my cable for a crossover one. I then came home with the notion that all i needed was to plug the two computers together and to know each other's ips to play. Again, i was wrong. After struggling for hours on end in the network connections and calling around for people who might know, we (me and my friend) wasted the whole weekend when we could've been death matching in a halo, half-life 2, and postal 2 binge of all binges. I come to you for a very simple, very short step-by-step instruction in the connecting two computers with one crossover cable. I'm talking so short that i could print the entire thing on one piece of paper. Thrice.

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Hook Up Usb 2.0 On Computer Which Doesn't Have 2.0

I have something that hooks up to my usb and is 2. 0. However, my computer doesn't have 2. 0. Is there anything i can do or can i replace the usb ports or something. If so, could you please post a website on how.

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Headphone - Hook Up Ps3 To Computer Monitor Via Hdmi

The situation is i've recently decided to hook up my ps3 to my computer monitor via hdmi, and i'm wondering how to best deal with the sound. As far as i see it, i have (possibly) two options here, at least that would accomplish what i desire. I'm hooked up to my pc at the moment via a pair of headphones, and i desire to still be able to receive my pc audio through these even while using the ps3. I was curious, however, if it is possible to receive output from both the ps3 (via the monitor's audio-out) and the pc at the same time (by using a splitter to plug the headphones into both my pc's sound card and the monitor's audio-out), or would that not function?

The other option i was thinking about was connecting my ps3's audio via optical to my pc's sound card, and hoping i'd be able to hear the audio from both the pc and ps3 that way. But i'm uncertain, too, if that would work, since i'm not sure if i'd have to switch between the pc and optical-in for sound or not. Would this possibility work, or no. ?

If neither is doable, i could always pick up some speakers and hook them up to my monitor's audio-out, but i'm curious first to see if i can get the sound from both ps3/monitor and my pc going to the same pair of headphones somehow (and simultaneously). =>

Edit: to mention hardware, or at least all that i think should matter, my sound card is unfortunately the original x-fi xtremegamer. Which means to use the second option (if it is possible), i'd need to use an optical adapter, i realize.

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Xbox 360 Connection Laggy

I have a wireless connection from my xbox to my router. The router and modem both work fine, because they're pretty new, and all other computers in the house work fine on the internet. However, my xbox connection is extremely laggy. I can connect to xbox live when i turn my xbox on, after waiting about 10 seconds. When i test my xbl connection, its says xbox live is up and running. When i play games, i have a one bar connection, (even though when i test my connection, i have full bars) and move around in 40 foot increments (basically, i lag extremely hard). When i try a wired connection, it seems to fix the problem, but i want to be able to have a wireless connection, so i don't have to feed an ethernet cable through the house. When i bring my xbox and my adapter to friends houses, it works fine. At my house, i have the proper xbox ports open, and nat is open. There is usually only one other computer in the house online when i'm online with the xbox, but when i get on by myself, it still doesn't work. Also, most times when i turn my xbox on, my xbox doesn't recognize that my adapter is plugged in, so i have to replug it in. If you are somehow able to answer my problem, i am not only impressed, but you will get best answer, if it is a solution. Oh, also, i have tried restarting my modem and router. Doesn't help at all.

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Xbox Live Connection Problem

Ive been having xbox live connection problems. Every time i would play at night (around 10-11) i would get a lot of lag, making it hard to play. It happened every nigt, sometimes even disconnecting me from xbox live. This would only happen at night tho. I could play fine during the day. But now, its happening during the day as well. It gets really annoying an i have to get off every time. I run a connection test everytime but it says everything is ok. Imma see if i can call the internet provider today. Any idea of what it could be?

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Xbox 360 Connection To Monitor With Speakers

My monitor is a hp w2448hc hdmi, i am using an xbox360 elite, the current cable i am using to go to my monitor is a hdmi to hdmi cable which makes the picture show up on my monitor and play audio through my monitors speakers. Now the problem is i want to play the sound through my speakers. They are an old brand of harman/kardon. They only have a green connection audio jack input thing. I plug that into my monitor and they will not work. How am i able to get these speakers to work through my monitor so i don't have to listen to my crappy audio from my monitor, but listen to the better quality from my speakers. What cables will i need, or is it simply something i am doing wrong?

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Use Laptop For Xbox Live - Network Connection Settings

How do i use my laptop for xbox live and what do i make the network connection settings?!?

Make sure you laptop is connected to a wireless network and is getting an internet connection, then take an ethernet wire and connect it from your laptop ethernet port to your xbox ethernet port and bridge the connection of the wireless network to the wired one from control panel>network connections, just drag the mouse highlighting both connections then right click and then click on "bridge connections".

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Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers Connection Problem

I recently turn on my xbox 360 console and it was running fine before this but everytime i turn on y xbox 360 & my wireless controller my controller does not sync into player one, or two (because my fianc©e also plays) and we've tried pressing the sync button on the xbox console and also the controllers and it will not sync, my batteries are perfectly fine (fully charged).

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Does Xbox Wireless Network Adapter Make Connection Better ?

Does the xbox wireless network adapter make your connection better? Like my current connection? It takes 5 minutes to get into a modern warfare 2 game. Will buying a wireless network adapter make it better?

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Hookup Xbox 360 Inside 18 Wheeler With Live Connection

How do you hook a xbox 360 up inside a 18-wheeler and have xbox live connection? I don't recommend attempting to connect an xbox 360 to xbox live in an 18-wheeler. Theoretically, it could be possible to connect an xbox to the internet using 3g technology (3g router + 3g data plan), though the connection speeds would likely be too slow and unreliable for online gaming.

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Usb Drive To Play Downloaded Movies On Xbox Via Usb Connection

Could i use a one terabyte usb drive to play downloaded movies on my xbox via a usb connection? I've used my 320 gb external drive on my xbox 360. I don't know if 1tb drives work, you can try. Edit: make sure the drive is fat32, the xbox cannot read ntfs (ironically).

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Xbox Live Connection Have 4 Bars But When Play Wow I Have 3 Bars

When i play wow i have 1 to 3 bars, but when i test xbox live connection i have 4 bars? The connection bar in game refers to the strength of your connection to the host. If you have a poor connection to other players, try finding a session with a better host.

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Can Xbox 360 Connected To Router Interfere With Other Router Connection

Can an xbox360 connected to a router interfere with another person's router connection? The netgear router is in my room and my xbox360 is connected to it with a wired ethernet connection. My father is convinced that the xbox360 is the reason that he frequently doesn't have a connection, or it's very slow, and has to unplug the router for 60 seconds. I don't think that makes sense, especially since he'll have problems when i haven't even used the system all day. Also, his connection has gotten worse since he traded in our linksys router for this netgear. Can my xbox360 be interfering with his router connection, or is it the router?

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Xbox Or Ps3 Through Computer Audio

Anyone have any stories to share or wisdom to impart regarding console-to-computer hookups, either xbox360 or playstation3?

My intention here is to avoid having to get an av receiver or an external audio decoder. I'd like to plug it into my computer monitor and speakers (without having to plug/unplug anything every time i want to use either console or computer). It looks possible to do hdmi > dvi cable from console to lcd monitor directly for digital 1080 resolution display (monitor has dual dvi inputs so that i can keep the computer hooked up at same time). For audio i was considering optical toslink from console into my htomega sound card (which has optical toslink in and out ports), which is currently running analog out to the speakers.

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Computer Monitor With Xbox 360

I'm looking into buying a new monitor that i can play my xbox 360 on because i do not have the money for a brand new tv. I found a 19" flat panel viewsonic for 430$. I believe it has 1280 x 1024 resolution. Is there any specifics i should look for before buying it? 360 games run at 720p and 1080 dpi. Can i connect it with vga box? Or do i need a monitor/tv with video connections? Is viewsonic a reliable brand? Anyone with experience playing a vg system on a monitor, your comments would be appreciated.

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Connect Xbox 360 To Computer With Hdmi

Can i connect my xbox 360 into the back of my computer tower with hdmi-hdmi? I have a hdmi-hdmi cable, but my monitor doesn't have a hdmi port. Can i plug my 360 into the back of my computer tower instead to play the xbox 360 on my monitor?

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Xbox Wont Connect To Xbox Live

Why won't my xbox connect to xbox live? Ok i've tried routers and the two i've tried, no matter if it's wireless or wired won't connect to xbox live. Any which way i try it always stops at obtaining the ip address. I've tried looking through the router settings but i don't know what the problem is.

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How To Get Xbox Live On My Xbox 360?

So ive been researching on how to get xbox live on my xbox 360 so i can play against other players all over on my 360, and what ive heard is i need a ethernet cord and i need to hook it up to my modem and the back of my xbox 360 and then go on my xbox 360 and create a xbox live account and go through all that and get a gold pass instead of silver and after i pay with my credit card for it it should be all hooked up, please tell me if this isright or not, and if not, please tell me what i need to do.

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One Way Lan Card

Is there exist any lan card which only sends data but does not receive any data? I have no idea. Please let me know.

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Lan Problems

I am trying to make a home network and have encountered 1 major problem, my 1st pc will detect a connection to my modem via my lan as does my 2nd pc, the both also detect my digibox via lan, but neither pc will detect each other, im very confused about it all, can someone please help as i really need this network to work.

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Connection To Use 2 Computer Monitors On One Computer

What is the name for a connection that lets me use 2 computer monitors on one computer? So basically what is the name for a connection that shares 2 monitors for the same computer and shows the same things, etc

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Lan Port Not Working

After crunching for 48hours straight on my dfi x58 i installed vista sp1 and reboot and now my lan port has vanished. It doesnt show up anywhere in device manager or any version of everest. I tried to reinstall the driver and it doesnt find the lan port at all. I rolled system restore back to 2 days ago and its still not found. It was just working this morning so ***?

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