Connect Sata Hard Disk To Ide Intel 845 Motherboard

I need to connect a sata hard disk to a ide motherboard - intel 845. If it s possible to connect sata to a ide board, what is the reliability of the connection - i meant the age till which the connection may be good. And what about the transfer speeds?

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Connect A Ide To A Sata As Second Hard Drive

Hi, i would like some help with installing a second hard drive to my pc, i partitioned my hard drive to keep documents secure but it's now getting full, so, i would like to install an old ide disk (320gb) to my system as extra backup, my current hard drive is a sata, therefore it does not have the jumper cables to add the slave drive, my cd-rom drive connects through a jumper cable, it has a slave, can i connect the ide to this or it it for an extra cd-rom drive?

Do i have to set the ide as slave?

How would i go about doing all of this?

Anyone know any tutorials on how to connect a ide to a sata system?

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Pata Hdd Vs Sata For Intel D865 Glc Motherboard

What do you think pata hdd vs. Sata hdd for intel d865 glc motherboard? Not having the sata power supply (i.e. Not have the latest power supplies that have the in-built sata connector )

Processor : 3 ghz
Ram : 1 gb ddr pc 3200

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Ide And Sata Hard Drive

So i just installed a 320 gb ide hard drive with a 200 gb sata and plan on making a clean format to both drives. Which drive is better to put my personal files on and which is better to put windows xp pro on. I will be playing lots of games on this computer.

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Ide / Sata Hard Drive

I am currently looking into buying a 120 gb hd. But i see there is ide and sata type hard drives. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the difference between the types is. And, where can i look to find which type i need? I have looked several places, but i have been unsuccessful in finding the answer. All help is greatly appreciated.

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Best Way To Clone A Hard Drive Ide To Sata

I just got a new hard drive and i want to simply clone it without reinstalling anything. I've been out of the loop as i usually just reinstall everything. The reason i'm not doing it this time is i'm going to wait till windows 7 is out, and i hopefully will also have the money to raid ssd's at that time as well. My old hard drive is ide, my new one sata. What's the best free way to go about doing this?

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Adding 3rd Hard Drive But Motherboard Supports 2 Sata Channels

I order a replacement seagate 80g hardrive to replace my primary "c" drive that appeared to be on the verge of quitting (bad sounds coming from the hard drive). Well, the drive appears to be working just fine - without the ominous sounds. Now i have an extra hard drive. My mother board supports 2 sata channels and both are full with 80g hard drives. The primary & secondary ide slots are occupied with a cdrom & a dvdrw. Is there a way i can add this extra hard drive to the system?

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Computer Freezes When I Connect The Hard Disk

I was working on my laptop normally and then the power went off , and then when i tried to turn the laptop back on it got stuck at the part where it loads windows so i rebooted again and same problem so i went to the bios and tried to do a hd diagnosis but it says no hard disk found , i took out the hard disk and put it on usb mobile rack and plugged it on another computer to see whats wrong with it but whenever i plug it in it freezes my computer and when i unplug it then it unfreezes although the computer recognizes the hard disk model and partitions so can somebody help me fix it please or to recover my data

Note: i cant use chkdsk or windows disk management tools as they freeze when i plug my hard disk.

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Connect Hard Drive To Fan Header On Motherboard

My psu doesn't come with molex connectors, so is it ok to connect hard drive to fan header on motherboard? This is what the manual of the case manufacturer stated. I was thinking of using this cable from newegg, rosewill rcw-311 12" /fan power supply cable - retail item#:n82e16812119149

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Dvd Player Stops Working When Connect External Hard Disk

My dvd player stops working when i connect my external barracuda 7200. 12 hard disk?

Answer:- it could be that the drives have finished up with the same drive letter. Go to the control panel, administrative tools, computer management, disk management, you can change the drive letters in there.

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Connect Pata Hard Drive To Sata Controller

I want to connect a pata hard drive to the sata controller in my new computer, what do i have to do to do this?

Just get a pata to sata adapter. Shouldn't be to expensive, just take a look on newegg. It will still only run at pata speeds though.

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Motherboard With 2 Ide Connectors

I'm looking for a motherboard that has 2 ide connectors, as my hard drive is old and can't connect with sata? I have looked and looked for a cheap motherboard that has 2 ide connectors, and i can't find any that are socket am2+ mine decided to die on me after 6 months of use, and so i need a new one, hopefully one that will last a bit longer too. I'm willing to spend up to 60 bucks, maybe more if it is really nice and will last awhile. Please, anyone know of anything motherboards that will work?

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New Motherboard Is Not Detecting Ide Drives

Ive bought a new system with the evga sli 680i 122-ck-nf68 motherboard. The rom drives, psu, and hard drives are older. Psu is a few months old. Hard drive is a few years. I have an ide cable connecting to a hard drive and dvd burner. The hard drive is on the master and set for cable detection. The burner is on the slave and set for cable detection. They both are getting power. When the motherboard boots it scans for ide and sata devices to find nothing. I go into bios to try loading the drives there. No luck. I have switched the ide cable with an old one, no luck. And from what i can tell, none of the pins are bent.

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Use Cd Drive Ide Cable To Connect Hard Drive To Mobo

Well, i'm assembling an old via computer with a 2700+ chip. I have a 40gb ide hard drive i want to connect. Right now, the cd drive is connected to the mobo with an ide cable. This same ide cable also has another female connector on it that would fit into my hard drive ide port. My question is whether i can just hook the drive right into this ide connector already on the cable that's connecting the cd drive to the mobo, or if i need to get a second individual ide cable and then connect the drive to the second ide port on my mobo. It would be much easier if i could just use this one ide cable to connect both to the same mobo port.

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Does Asus M4a87td Evo Motherboard Have Ide Ports ?

Does this motherboard ((asus m4a87td evo amd 870 (socket am3) ddr3 motherboard)) have any ide ports? I have seen pictures of it, but i cant figure out if the blue socket at the bottom (either of them infect) is an ide socket. I need 1 for my optical drive, until i can afford a new one.

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Sata Vs Ide

I understand that using sata is much faster than using an ide. My question is, if i were to use one hard drive for running my os and programs and another just for data, do i have the faster hard drive running my os and programs or holding my data. Would it take more time to find and load a program, or would it take more time to find a file and run it (but the program in most cases like a word document will need to "find" and load up microsoft office anyways). Also, my mobo is not sata compatible. Assuming that i buy an adapter for it (and thereby slowing it down a bit), would i be able to tell the difference in speed between that and just a regular ide 7200 ata drive?

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Sata Hd + Ide Hd

I was actually just wondering if there was any downfall to installing sata hd's and ide hd's? I have a motherboard that supports 6 or so sata hd's and i believe 4 ide hd's. Now, since this is a newer computer for me, i did purchase 2 sata hd's and installed them for use with this motherboard. But, i have about 12 or so ide hd's that are just laying around, which all total about 2 tb's worth of storage. So i would like to install some of these as well. Someone i was talking with at one point, mentioned not to install the ide ones as it would affect performance. So i guess i wanted to see if that was true.

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Ide To Sata Converter

So, i'm going to install as many drives as i can in my machine. Right now since my last upgrade, i have about 10 ide drives just laying around. I came across these ide to sata converters and had a few questions:

1) has anyone here used a converter such as this? If so, any problems?

2) what would be the pros/cons for using one of these?

3) are there any other sites that you would personally recommend for this converter as opposed to what i linked above? I'd rather purchase from a company that others have used than one i haven't heard of. Also, a question, not necessarily regarding this converter:

When a hard drive is connected, but not necessarily being accessed, does it still draw quite a bit of power from the power supply, or is it minimal? In other words, i have a 560w power supply, and wanted to make sure adding the max number of drives wouldn't draw too much on the psu. (Think my max for this motherboard is 6 sata + 4 ide). But then again, i know i have other components that do use quite a bit of power, so may decide to upgrade my psu at some point, but figured i'd at least inquire.

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Ide 2.5/3.5 - Sata 2.5/3.5 To Usb

I'm looking for a ide 2. 5/3. 5 & sata 2. 5/3. 5 to usb adapter for my bench. I've found a bunch of ide 2. 5/3. 5 and sata 3. 5 to usb combo adapters, but they don't seem to include the 2. 5 sata power adapter (4 pin sata). They claim to support 2. 5 sata but i don't see the power cable in the pictures. Does anyone have one of these, or know of one? I'm looking for someone who actually has one and knows for 100% certain it works for all 4 types of drives. I don't care if it's an adapter or docking station (but docking station would be nice.

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Sata And Ide Drives Difference

I've heard about ide drives and sata drives. I don't know what the difference between them is.could someone explain this to me? Is my setup (in sig) capable of sata interface?

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Sata / Ide Drive Installation

My mate gave me his computer to upgrade for him as he wanted to have another hd for storage installed but i'm having a wee bit of trouble to get it installed !

He already has a hd installed with a sata connection and his dvd/dvd-rw drives were installed into ide 1. He bought a hard drive that wasn't sata but ide and i thought it would connect ok so i changed the dvd/dvd-rw drives to ide 2 and installed the hd in ide 1 with the jumper set to 'slave'. Switched the computer back on and it got as far as testing the memory and then nothing, couldn't even access the bios. So, i swapped the ide connections round so the hd was in ide 2 and the dvd drives were back into ide 1, switched the computer back on and it boots up fine but only recognises the sata - no second hard drive, no dvd drive and no dvd-rw drive. I can't figure out what's wrong with it. Its usually the other way around, and that sata isn't being recognised ! Anybody any ideas ?

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Scsi To Ide Or Sata Adapter

I just picked up some computers up last night and i have a couple hard drives are scsi and i wanted to know if there was some kind of a adapter that can go from scsi to ide or sata or not?

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Ide Drives In Sata Only Computer

I've got a couple ide hard drives and i would like to continue using them for storage rather then just letting them sit around unused. However my current computer doesn't have any ide ports or molex power connectors. I've been looking around for items that would allow me to continue use the drives however i'm having trouble finding anything that actually looks reliable. While full speed usage would be nice, i would be happy just so long as i can find a way to use them. So i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to go about this without using poorly designed parts that are more likely to destroy the drives then let me continue using them.

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Sata To Ide Adaptor Problem

This is a dell spx 400 pentium® d processor 820 2. 8ghz, 2mb l2 cache, 800mhz fsb with dual core
Intel® 945p chipset

Purchased a syba serial ata / sata to sbsatad

The bios recognizes a wd 800 hd when it's hooked up. When you exit the bios it gives a "no boot device available" message. If you enter bios setup again and exit with no changes it boots to the sata 0 hd and life is good. The 80 gig wd shows as drive f and is fully functional. If you restart or soft boot it will not get past the no boot device message even going into setup. If , however, you do a shut down or unplug power and restart, the no device message appears and you can enter setup once again and make no changes for another successful boot. Yikes ! No idea what to do. There is no way to stop the raid from looking for what it calls signed drives. Two optical drives take up the one ide controller. Have tried different sata ports with no change. This makes rebooting for installs tedious. The wd 800 only talks to the adapter if it is selected as master as per the scant instructions.

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Ide To Sata Host Controller Card

After getting a lot of help from novax in this section of the forums, i now know what items i need to get my computer to recognize my new hd (which isn't compatible with my old motherboard. Now, i've already ordered the proper data cable and i found an ide to sata host controller card for sale. I know that this is the item i need, however the one i found does not seem to have a piece that plugs into or connects into anything on my motherboard. Below is a picture of the item. If anyone knows how it gets inserted into my motherboard, or if i'm wrong and it gets inserted elsewhere, i would appreciat the help.

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Difference Between A Sata And Ide Dvd Burner

Is there a difference besides the smaller cable between sata and ide dvd burners? Is there any speed difference?

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Usb 2.0 To Sata Ide Cable Does Not Work

I tried to use new branded "r-driver iii" usb 2. 0 to sata ide cable device with laptop hd and desktop hd (i set it to slave) but it did not show me the hd , although i checked disk management. I thought the problem with " r-driver iii ", about another one branded as "ritmo". Still the same problem is going on with both hard disks. Both hard disks are working if i hook them into a computer.

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Sata Hdd With Ide Dvd Rom

I just got a sata hard drive, and im wondering if the dvd rom drive needs to be connected to the hard drive, or just the motherboard? Because when i try to install the os on that computer, the drive does not detect any hard drives.

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Hooking Up Ide Hdd On Sata Port

I already have 1 sata hd on port 1, got a 160gb ide wd hd, had to hooked it up on port 2 using a sata adapter. Got it to work fine. But my question is, should i just leave it there or should i hook it up to a regular ide port?

Nf7-s rev 2
Amd 2400+ m @ 2400mhz
3200 ocz 200x12
Pioneer dvd-rw / hooked to ide 2
Ide 1 has no drive connected to. Wd 80gb sata / port 1
Wd 160gb ide / port 2 (<- should i leave it there or no?)

I will eventually get a hold of another 80gb wd to raid them up. Mean while though, got this dilemma now to deal with.

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Mixing Ide / Sata Raid Drives

At the moment i have two 120 gig hard drives installed and working, and wish to expand my storage capacity. My motherboard has two raid connections as well as the above, can anybody advise if it is possible to run two raid drives in addition to my two ide drives.

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