Mouse Pointer Freeze Intermittently

Well, i just finished my new build and it seems the only issue i have now is that my mouse pointer will freeze intermittently. I cannot go more than 30 seconds without my mouse pointer stopping dead in its tracks for between 3-10 seconds at a time. During this time, my keyboard still functions, applications/games are still running normally, and i am still able to tab around/enter data in various fields without issue. With the help of process explorer, i've deduced that my system is infect not hanging, nor is the mouse freezing up as a result of cpu utilization/poling activity. It's a clean install of vista home premium x64, evga classified 760, latest whql drivers off, and the mouse is a wireless logitech g7. - The mouse works fine when used on my laptop (not a connection/battery issue)
- I've tried it with and without logitech's setpoint utility installed. - I've utilized every usb port with no change in behavior. - I've tried changing the vista theme from aero to classic to basic. - I have not tried a wired mouse as of yet (will later today)

Anyone have any ideas or something else to try?

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Mouse Pointer Moving Around By Itself

I have a dell laptop with win xp. Recently i've had a problem with my mouse pointer becoming possessed and moving around by itself. If i use a regular mouse, i have no control over the pointer when it acts up like this. If i use the glidepad, i have some control, but it still moves around while i'm trying to control it. I've tried updating the driver, and i did a windows update. Rebooting seems to help temporarily, but not always and it's very sporadic. It's driving me crazy, anyone experience this or have any ideas how to fix it?

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Mouse Pointer ( Cursor ) Not Responding

My friend is having a problem with his mouse not working. He is able to move the mouse cursor around but then it doesn't respond when clicking on an icon, taskbar, or anything. Can anyone help diagnose the problem we are are having?

He is running windows xp 32bit and his comp is really old (his mouse still uses the track ball and is not via usb port) and i think his pc has some other problems of it's own that could be related to this, but i don't know.

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Mouse Cursor ( Pointer ) Veers Off The Screen

I am using a dell latitude laptop, wih an external wired mouse. This laptop also has something called a synaptic touchpad, plus a ball in the center of the keyboard, with two buttons (right and left clicks). The os is windows 2000, and i use ms office 2003. The problem is at times, say usually when i have been using the laptop for 20+ minutes or so, the mouse indicator (pointer) on the screen suddenly "comes alive" and veers off to the right, left, top or bottom - and off the visible screen. At times like this, using the external mouse does not bring the pointer back. I literally struggle (no jokes!) With the ball to bring the mouse back into focus, and click on the links i need, or i use keyboard commands. This problem is really compounded when there are multiple windows open, the windows either start replicating, resizing or closing. Mostly this is so infuriating that i shut the system down. I use the power off button since because of all the activity on the screen, i am not even able to shut down. When i start up again, things are back to normal, well at least for sometime! Any suggestions?

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Logitech Optical Mouse Pointer Hesitates Or Goes Ballistic

If i move it slowly enough it performs properly but any rapid movement and it acts pretty much the same way a roller mouse would act if the rollers and/or ball needed to be cleaned, the pointer hesitates or goes ballistic. Iíve checked the optics and the surface on which it is used to make sure they are clean but it has no effect. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?

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Mouse Pad Bad Surface - Pointer Darts And Jiggles

My mouse is a logitech mx500 connected via usb with unmodified bandwidth. I'd like to know what everyone is using as a surface, because maybe that's why my optical sensor senses darting, miniscule movement when there is none. I've tried everything from the original foam-and-cloth pad to the smooth plastic with grainy background to a polished wood surface to heavy drawing paper with no luck. That's why i figured it was the sensor itself. Does anybody who really knows optical sensors know what the best surface, color- and texture-wise, as well as whether a uniform or vastly differing pattern is best?

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Mouse Intermittently Freezes During Gameplay

Here's what's going on, this system was running perfectly fine for about a year, then out of nowhere, the mouse would stop responding randomly while playing games. The rest of the system was fine. I could type, open applications and do everything with the keyboard while the mouse was locked up. I started by wiping the drive with windows clean, and installed just my drivers, wow and cs:s since those were the two games i was playing at the time. When that didn't work, i tried swapping out the usb keyboard and mouse for ps/2 keyboard and mouse, but the problem persisted. After a while of putting up with it, i noticed the northbridge chipset (nf4) fan was varying in speed. I replaced it with a thermaltake cooler with no luck. While i tried different things, i noticed that sometimes when my machine booted and listed the irqs for onboard devices, it would show usb with an irq, but most of the time it would show ' na ' for usb controllers. Then i gave up and picked up a cheapy ecs board with the same onboard periferals (nf4). I thought my problems were over and i started an rma for the board. Then while i was playing, the mouse locked up again and i could still use the keyboard and the system was responsive just like before. I borrowed a 7950gt from my roommate and tried that in the machine, but that didn't fix it. I noticed it wasn't that bad this time though. Trying to think of what it is that is different, i opened winamp and started listening to music. Almost instantly it got 10 times worse. That's it! So i pulled the x-fi sound card and fired up wow. I played for about an hour and a half when i started noticing it again. Only this time it wasn't nearly as bad. But i'm out of ideas. The os has no trouble booting, and had no trouble installing xp again. I let memtest86+ run overnight and it came up with zero errors. With that i ruled out cpu and memory. The only two things left in my machine are the psu and the hard drives. The drives are fairly old, but i'm hoping someone here has some advice that i could take before replacing the psu and hard specifications:

Asus a8n-sli deluxe
Amd x2 4400+
Antec 600w psu
Seagate 120g sata i
Maxtor 120g sata i
2x1gb ocz dual channel ddr400
Creative x-fi
Saitek backlit keyboard
Logitech mx revolution

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Optical Mouse Pointer Doesn't Stop By Edge Of The Screen Display

I just bought a new microsoft wireless / optical mouse ver 2. 0a. I liked it a lot over my previous a4tech mouse. The problem is that when i move it to the full left side of the screen the pointer doesn't stop by the edge of the screen display, it disappears. It seem that the mouse is sensing a wider display on the left side only. Moving it to the top, bottom and right side it stops by the edge exactly. Does the mouse have a hardware defect?

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Keyboard / Mouse Freeze On Xp

The mouse always works until you try to type something, and then the keyboard and mouse quit working. The computer itself is not frozen. Sometimes the computer has to be restarted 5+ times to get it to work right. Do you think it is an issue with the keyboard, or the ps/2 ports? I could not find a virus. It has a cheap lite-on keyboard and roswill mouse.

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Mouse Suddenly Freeze

It's been almost a week that i'm having this weird problem. All of a sudden, i can't get *any* mouse to work. It seems to work fine when i boot up, but it's just a matter of time till it stops responding!

The first time the problem showed up with my regular ps2 mouse. I was browsing some site and the mouse suddenly froze. After a while it comes back, the cursor goes berserk for a few seconds, and from then on no response. It just wouldn't work. The whole system seemed to work fine though. I restarted, and the mouse was dead right from the start. Luckily enough, i remembered i had another one somewhere, a newer usb optical mouse. (Ms intellimouse optical with a cable) so, i swap mice using usb this time, boot up, the mouse works fine for a couple of minutes and suddenly "dies on me" too! The red light under the mouse disappears too. If i restart, sometimes it will work (but -again- only for a minute or two) but usually it doesn't even flash its light as it's supposed to do when it's being initialized. If i shut down and switch on, it always works in the start, but it's just a matter of time till it stops responding again. The problem is very weird because it happens with 2 different mice on two different kinds of ports (ps2 and usb), so this leaves no room for the chance that either one of the ports, or any of the mice, is broken! Other devices work great on the very same usb ports where the mouse hangs!

Sometimes when it stops working i get a notification from windows that a usb device has malfunctioned and is no more recognisable. No matter what, the mouse disappears from the hardware list. Of course i've tried uninstalling the mouse and let the windows reinstall it, and updated the drivers but it's no good. The problem persists. I've also noticed that it stops working only if you're moving it around. If you don't touch it at all, it seems ok. The red light works, it will point, it will click. But after a short while it dies again - as if some buffer overruns or something. Furthermore, if you were holding down one of its buttons when it hangs, windows is tricked into believing it's still down, and won't even allow certain keyboard keys to work too! I hate this when it happens!

I wrote a dos-based program that calls the actual hardware interrupt to access the mouse directly, it seems to initialize successfully, displays the pointer but it's dead again as usual. However it's not in real dos environment, (it's only xp's console mode dos) so i don't know if this is actually mapped to the windows driver instead. Sorry if this was long, but i'm really frustrated; i can hardly use my computer. I've tried virtually *everything*. I want to avoid a format because the problem looks so weird, that i'm not quite sure if it's going to help. I found a few threads describing similar problems, but no solution was found in any of them. My hardware is an intel p4 at 2. 4ghz on an asus p4pe m/b, running xp pro sp2, 512mb ddr in one bank. I've never had any hardware conflicts whatsoever and i haven't installed any new hardware lately. Doublechecked for viruses/spyware etc, nothing suspicious. All i can think of is my power supply box (350w, got it a month ago) but mice generally require minimum power, i don't see how it could be an issue. I also downloaded a freeware program that monitors voltages/temperatures and stuff, and it all looks perfectly regular. No weird spikes in the graphs when the mouse hangs or anything. Anyone got any idea?

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Xoxide Mouse Cause Computer Freeze

My mouse wont work. Its that glowing one from xoxide, and every time i plug it in my computer freezes. Same thing with my backlit keyboard, the backlite function freezes anything. I know the products are ok because ive used them on my older hp computer. Im thinking it could be my motherboard, because it has some problems with onboard sensors already. Anyone know if i can fix it? Or is it completely non-motherboard related?

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Mouse And Keyboard Freeze When Windows Xp Starts Up

Sometimes when windows xp professional starts up on my computer, the mouse will not work properly. It is just frozen at the welcome screen. However, i can still use the keyboard to login. The mouse is a ps/2 mouse. After windows finishes login in and shows the desktop, the mouse is still frozen. Sometimes the mouse will function properly on the welcome screen. However when my computer enters standby mode the mouse and keyboard are both usually frozen when i try to bring the computer out of standby mode and the computer is unresponsive. I think this has also happened after a few minutes of not using the computer while the computer was running.

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When Playing Games My Mouse And Keyboard Freeze

When playing games my mouse and keybord freeze up like i cant stop running or shooting my gun on css. Any ideas?

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Mouse Cursor Makes My Computer Freeze

My computer is almost brand new, and quite the powerhouse, but for some reason, using the mouse will make the computer freeze up no blue screen of death, no error messages, it just dies and dosen't respond to anything. I can't ctrl+alt+del at all, and even pinging this machine from another (business intranet) results in lost packets (100% loss everytime. )

The solutions i have tried are numerous. First i thought if i changed drivers, nothing. New mouse, went from a ps/2 mechanical mouse to a usb optical mouse, complete with new drivers, no change still. Irq settings, seem ok, but i didn't look too deeply into that. Dma channels, seem ok. So, if this was some simple issue like a bad ps/2 port, i can understand, but using the keyboard to navigate my whole machine is getting a little annoying. Any suggestions from anyone?

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Mouse Freeze While Playing Video Games

I have a microsoft optical wheel mouse and it just started to freeze on me and while playing video games it only moves up or down not enabling you to move sideways. After 10 seconds or so it goes back to normal. My os is win xp. I have been using this mouse for 2 years with no problem till now. When the mouse freezes my pc, i have to reboot . The bottom of the mouse is not red , which means the optical light is not working. I also get an error in windows which says usb device not working or something of that nature. I tried to use the ps/2 converter and still the mouse locks up. Also when the mouse locks up i get a ringing sound in windows.

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze - Must Unplug Computer

Nearly everyday my iq504 will suddenly just freeze up. The mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive as well as the touchscreen. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The only choice i have is to unplug the computer (basically crashing eveything i may have had open at the time) and then restarting it up. Sometimes this happens while i am in the middle of using internet explorer, sometimes using microsoft money, sometimes using ms-outlook, etc. I have also had instances where everything was fine, i get up to get a soda, come back and i am frozen up. I wasn't even touching the computer and only left it for a couple minutes and this happens. Is this happening to me uniquely or do others here experience this as well. If so, has anyone found a solution? I've already downloaded the latest drivers from the hp website. I don't know what else to try at this point.

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze When Playing Games

I have got a problem with my mouse and my keyboard. When i press both of them at the same time (and i always do this because most of the time i am playing crappy games like wow counter strike etc you know you cant play without pressing both your keyboard and your mouse ) they freeze i cant do nothing for 1-2-3 sec and the pc starts beeping (tititi pipipi the sound u know). Ive changed 3 keyboards 3 mouse bought new etc updated drivers all such things even reinstalled windows. The problem is still there. 4-5 months ago i had the same problem i added 1gb ram to my pc and the problem was gone but here it is again. I have tried with both wireless and non wireless keyboards mouse.

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Pc Freeze And Doesn't Respond To Keyboard Or Mouse

I have a problem with a p4 1. 7ghz pc. When win xp starts after about 5 mins the computer freezes. It does not respond to either keyboard or mouse. I suspected that it had some kind of virus and it was about time this system needed a format and a re installation of xp. Booting from the xp cd and starting setup the same thing happens after 5mins. It freezes again. Im suspecting its an hdd problem. There are no beeps during the post either. Any suggestions?

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Pc Screen Freeze And Mouse / Keyboard Don't Respond At All

My computer freezes after about an hour or sometimes earlier after bootup, im not sure but i think it is my ram. Ive got 2 rams, 256 n 512mb ddr ram, when i boot up it says approx 490mb ram, this is cz 32mb is for onboard graphics, so i think my 256mb ram is at faulty, however when i use only the 512mb ram it still freezes after an hour or so, my pc screen jst freezes, the mouse / keyboard dont respond at all.

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Wireless Remote / Pointer Device

Need a wireless device to control power point. They said "a remote", but don't they just need something with 2 buttons on it, to forward frame and backwards frame in powerpoint? They also said if it included a "laser" so they could point at things on the projection screen that would be nice.

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Pc Shutting Down Intermittently

Reading some other posts from willhub" the symptoms sound similar to mine, apart from the fact that my computer will shutdown at various stages;

Whilst playing a game
Normal desktop usage or idle
Even before xp is loaded

I tested the memory from a bootable disk - got to 20% and then the system powered off. Interesting thing is this only started about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The system for no reason just started turning itself off and when attempting to power back on nothing happens!
I thought it was a ventilation problem so installed thermaltake fan/temp controller to see. All temperatures were fine but still kept shutting down.

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Pc Freezing / Crashing Intermittently

This is a relatively new build. I'm trying to diagnose the issue but i am finding it more and more difficult to pin-point what the problem is. The pc freezes/crashes during gameplay of several titles and will even lock-up after sitting idle for several minutes/hours. I have enough experience with hardware to diagnose these kinds of issues, but this one seems to be eluding me. I assumed i was either having temperature, memory or video card driver issues as these have all lead to similar problems in the past, however, all of the above has been tested and seem to be normal. The cpu is running up to 70c in some cases during full load, but as this is one of the higher-end prescotts the temperature seems nominal. I have other prescotts that run this high. I have tested the memory, several times, with several different mem-test applications, all of which show no errors. I have tried using several different drivers for the video card, and again, not one thing is fixing the problem. I think in my frustration i may be overlooking something minscule that is the cause of the problem. Anyone with a similar experience or with any advice feel free to give some suggestions.

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Usb Works Intermittently

Got a dell presion tower and some devices work in the usb ports and some do not. Some memory sticks work fine but others give me a usb error in device mgr. Same as some external hard drives. It does show that some devices are connected but the indication in device manager says that drivers are not loaded with the yellow exclaimation point. The device then does not work. Some work fine though is strange.could it have something to do with service pack 3 with xp pro?

Is there some setting in the bios that i need to tweak?

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Computer Freezing Intermittently

The screen will freeze up for about 5 seconds intermittently. I reformatted thinking maybe there were some corrupted files, and it's still freezing up. I can't install anything without the computer freezing up throughout the install. Is the hard drive failing?

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Intermittently Computer Freezing

Temps are fine. The screen will freeze up for about 5 seconds intermittently. I reformatted thinking maybe there were some corrupted files, and it's still freezing up. I can't install anything without the computer freezing up throughout the install. Update: i tried to reformat windows again, and now on 2 different tries it locks up during the installation of windows. Is the hard drive going bad? What could it be?

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Computer Pauses Intermittently

I'm having a pc problem that i was hoping someone could give me some insight on. My machine pauses for 2-3 seconds intermittently. I seem to notice it more when i'm playing a game, but it does happen when i'm just surfing the internet. The sound loops, the mouse freezes, everything stops for a few seconds then when it recovers the mouse and sound jumps to where it should be. I've got a 500w p. S. So i don't think it's that.could it be the hyperthreading? I haven't tried disabling that. I'm at work right now so i don't have access to my machine, but if anyone has any ideas i'll make a list and try them when i get home.

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Intermittently Computer Pause

My computer is pausing every couple of minutes sometimes more sometimes less for about 2 seconds. It hangs the mouse or pauses a song or video when this happens. It all started when i went to ie7 then went back to ie6 (had to replace some files on the system for logging in. I do not recommend back tracking like that). I have since gone back to ie7 and run all sorts of spyware and antivirus scans to no avail.

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Error Unable To Handle Null Pointer Dereference At Virtual Address

I just put together a new system and am trying to install slack 10 which ive done several times with no problems like these. I get segmentation fault errors. Ive gotten " unable to handle null pointer dereference at virtual address "
Ive gotten " unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 85d3lc8 "

I get these during install at varying times, no pattern to the errors. I have formatted and have partitions set. I have set the bios to fail safes.

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Usb 2.0 Ports Works Intermittently / Temporarily

I have installed a usb card into a pci slot and it works fine. The card came complete with a ribbon cable and front usb ports all duly connected but these ports seem to work only intermittently and then only as usb 1. I have removed the card and reseated it but to no avail. I am running windows xp sp2 with athlon xp 1900 & 512mb ram. Can anyone suggest what is wrong?

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Website Play Music Stalls Intermittently

I have a dell computer, running windows xp, when i play music off the website, my music stalls intermittently and sometimes starts playing again, any ideas?

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