No Power To Dell Laptop

My daughter has a dell inspiron 2600 laptop. She used it and everything was fine, but she let it set for a couple of weeks and when she went to use it again, there was no power. The power cord is plugged in, but no lights and nothing happens when you push the power button. I put a different battery and power cord on, that i know is good and still nothing happens. It is just as if the battery is dead and it is not hooked up to ac at all. What could have caused this problem, and what can be done about it?

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Dell D600 Laptop Cannot Power On

I am not quite sure what happened to my laptop, it's a dell d600, it stopped suddenly and i cannot power it on, i changed battery and nothing, all i can see is the light on ( the little circle on button) but nothing on the screen at all, i thought it's the hd but again i am not sure, i will try to test it may be but i was told that it's not the hd cos if the hd fails then i will have at least a msg on the screen, but with my case it's not turning on at all, it's hardware stuff but i don't know how to locate.

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Dell Xps Laptop Won't Power On

Well i powered my laptop down while heading out fo town for christmas and when i came back the laptop refused to power back on; no flashing lights, fans spinning or any other signs of life. The adapter shows a green light when plugged into the wall and shows a green light still when plugged into the laptop, but nothing happens when teh power button is pressed. The battery has been dead for some time (about a year) and i just never bothered to get a new one since i use it mostly as a desktop pc anyways. Any suggestions?

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Dell Xps M140 Laptop Power Adapter Issue

I have a dell xps m140 (about 3. 5 years old) that has been having power issues. The jack was loose and the computer wouldn't recognize the power adapter, which led to the unfortunate circumstance of the battery being unable to charge and thus requiring constant power. From what i read on the webz this isn't really at all uncommon w/ the dells, and the most apparent problem was the dc power jack. So i went ahead and replaced that and although now at least the plug is a secure fit and thus i don't have to worry about it coming loose all the time. It still won't recognize or charge the battery. This is still the stock dell power adapter. I'm now thinking maybe the power adapter or battery being the issue, but both really seem rather strange for the symptoms (i am greeted upon post by a message indicating the power adapter is not recognized). Any similar experiences or ideas?

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Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Power Light Wont Turn On

My dell inspiron 1545 laptop power light won't turn on however the laptop is on and working fine. ? My laptop purchased a little more than a month ago was working great until today. The power indicator has stopped working and can't help but think something must be wrong because it just shut off and never came back on. Ive tried restarting it, taking the battery out and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any solutions?

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Convert Power Supply Of Laptop Into Power Supply For Pc

Is it possible to convert the power supply of a laptop in to a power supply for a pc? The reason i am asking this is because i have a motherboard, processor and some ram but no power supply and on the other hand i have an old laptop (circa1996) power supply.

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Laptop Power Surge

We had a bad storm and a very close lightning strike over the weekend which took out my laptop. It's a gateway m305crv. I had it plugged in and turned on at the time of the surge. And now it won't power on. So i'll walk you through exactly what it's doing, and what i have done:

Right after it happened, the laptop wouldn't power on. Here's what happens:

If i plug the power supply into the laptop and put my ear down close to the jack, i can hear a high-pitched whine. Then if i hit the power button, the power light flashes very, very briefly, and turns back off. The whining noise coming from the jack stops, and it won't turn on again unless i unplug the power supply and plug it back in. Nothing else happens. The screen doesn't try to come on, the fan doesn't spin up, nothing. This behavior appears to be the same regardless of what components are plugged in at the time - it does this whether or not the the cpu, video card (which is integrated so i have no option), hard disk and a stick of ram are plugged in - and it does this even if everything, including the cpu, are removed at the time. If i put the battery in and connect the power supply, the charge light comes on and the battery gets warm. However, if i remove the power supply and run off the battery i get the same result; if i leave the battery in and the power supply connected and i try to power it on, same result. I've taken it completely apart, popped the motherboard out, and gone over every square inch on both sides of the board with a flashlight and a magnifying glass, and i can't find any damage anywhere - no visibility damaged chips, scorch marks, anything. That being said, i'm not an electrician, and so there's probably something that my untrained eye is missing. I've also tested it using a different power supply that i know to be good, which wasn't plugged in during the storm, and which i know to work with this laptop. Same result. I've also tried taking out the battery, unplugging the power supply, holding the power button down for thirty seconds (i've read you should try for as long as five minutes, but i don't know how long the caps take to discharge), plugging the power supply back in, and trying to power it on - same result. Oh, and i've tested both power supplies on multiple outlets. So at this point i'm assuming that something is damaged on the motherboard, and that the laptop is probably just hosed. However -

Does anyone know, from the behavior i described, what in particular seems to be going on/what on the board is likely causing the problem? I have a soldering iron and time; if there's a way to locate the damaged part and replace it, that would rock. Alternatively, if anyone knows of anything else i could try that might work, i'd love to hear about it.

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Laptop Power Button Not Responding

My laptop is a clevo d900t. I know that it's receiving power and working because i can use the cd player (it can play cds without booting the computer and obviously needs to access the motherboard etc, to do this). However when i press the power button to actually boot it, nothing at all happens, not even lights or fans. I have even tried pushing the contact underneath it manually. I figure the circuit board with the power button on it has somehow broken but i want to make sure before i spend money replacing it. Is there anything else that could cause this? Also is there any way to force it to power on without using the button?

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Laptop Won't Take Power At All

Ok, this is a huge spilled on a laptop, it still worked. I cleaned up the inside, with alochol, let it dry out for a couple hours. Now it won't get power at all. When its plugged in the power light won't acknowledge that its taking power to the battery. Normally i'd say the mobo is friend, but this is a dear friends computer, and i really want to get it working. The laptop needs 19v, but i tested it with a meter, an its only getting 15, i tried another one that gives 19v, and its not working still. Its an ibm thinkpad, so i was hoping there might be some special trick to making it work again.

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Power On Password - Laptop Hp Nc6320

My kid was playing with my laptop, experimenting and doing stuff on my laptop when i was away. He entered setup and set power on password so that the laptop asks for a power on password when i switch on power. I searched the net and got solutions like removing cmos/rtc battery overnight. I tried this and it failed to work. If anyone knows of any other way of erasing/overwriting/recovering the password that was set, please do assist. I am on a dilemna because i need to use it as soon as possible, but i cant afford to consult expensive technical laptop servicing guys in town.

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Laptop Dc Power Jack Broken

My compaq hp laptop hasn't been charging. I thought there was a problem with the charger but i found out the hole (dc power jack pinout) where i plug my charger into on my laptop is broken. It wiggles around. Has anyone ever dealt with this problem? How do i fix it? Should i get someone else to fix it. Is it safe to unscrew the bottom of my laptop to look at it? Or will that mess it up?

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Laptop Power Adapter Got Cut Off

I accidentally ripped of part of my hp pavilion dv2000 power adapter from the skinny part. Like the part where you insert it into the computer. The base part has some small silver cords coming out, and the part that came of doesn't have anything coming out of it. Do i have to replace it or can i fix it by myself? I thought maybe if i cut a part of the ripped off cord i could attach the wires from there to the ones coming out of the adapter box. Is that possible?

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Hp G70 Laptop Power On Problem

I was using my laptop earlier and i put it in sleep mode before i left and then when i came back the power was off so i figured the battery died. I plugged it in to charge and pressed the power button, but the laptop will not turn on. My laptop shows the battery is charging so i'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the battery. Other than the light to show it's charging no other lights are on. When i press the power button to turn it on absolutely nothing happens. I've tried taking the battery out and turning on the laptop with just the charger hooked in, but nothing happens. Anyone have any idea what's wrong?

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Power Supply For Dell E520

Can anyone recommend me a good power supply for the dell e520. I'm looking to upgrade my video card to nvidia geforce 7 series, so i guess something around 400w with be sufficient? I'm a total new when it comes to power supplies so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Which Processor Is Faster And Use Less Battery Power On Laptop ?

Which processor will be faster and use less battery power on a laptop. An intel core i3 or i5? I am buying an hp dv6t laptop. I am not sure whether i should get it with the standard intel core i3 or the intel core i5 processor. Which processor will have better performance and use less battery power?

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Power Supply Adapter To Use Asus Laptop In Uk

What do i need to buy so i can use my asus laptop in the uk? I am a uk citizen visiting my finance in the usa, we bought an asus ul50v laptop whilst here as i intend on moving here permanently. I have to go back to the uk for a little while and i wish to take my laptop with me, what can i use to convert the wattage or what power supply adapter can i buy?

I previously asked this question here and it has remained unanswered for 3 days so by power adapter is it the 'entire assembly including the ac adapter', or just the cord leading up to the ac adapter with the correct end?

If i need to buy a whole new assembly would this work with my laptop: http://amzn. To/f6gwht

If not where would i find somewhere that does sell what i need?

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Dell Studio Laptop - The Battery Is Not Recognized By Dell

My dell studio laptop says "the battery is not recognized by dell" and will not charge. ? Can you help me and tell me if there is something wrong with this brand of laptop or is it just a problem with my laptop. If so is there any way to fix it? Also: the charger i am using currently is not the one that came with the laptop, it is a universal charger. But the original charger does not work either.

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Dell Inspiron E1505 Power Cord

A family friend gave us a dell insprion e1505 laptop that was lacking a power cord. Can we use the power cord for a dell insprion 9400 to charge it/use it? We plugged it into the wall and the green light showed up like it was charging, but we aren't sure if it's the right wattage.

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Flashing Laptop Monitor When Unplugging Power Cable

I have an acer travelmate 3260. I have only had the computer for about two months so the battery is still relatively new. When i unplug my power cable the monitor flashes (black screen black screen very fast) but when its plugged in its fine. I have tried setting the battery usage to to maximum battery life (i.e. Lcd functions at min) but the same problem occurs, i have also tried leaving it flashing (about 5 minutes) nothing changes. Im pretty sure its a battery problem but hopefully you guys have a solution or some tests i could run to find one.

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Laptop Bag For 17 Inch Dell Laptop

Where can i find a laptop bag to fit my 17 inch dell laptop? Ive been searching everywhere and on tons of websites but i cant find any bags that will fit and actually look decent.

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Dell Optiplex 980 Power Supply 500w

I've got an dell optiplex 980 that i would like to install a better video card into. I have a quad dvi ati card to install. The video card requires 2 6-pin pcix power connectors, so i need a larger power supply. No big deal right? Well the dell motherboard has some 24-pin power connector that is about 25% smaller than a standard atx power connector. Dell calls it a 'micro power connector'. Is this just some proprietary bs? Or is there some new standard for motherboard power? Anyone seen an adapter to get a regular atx ps in there?

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Dell Inspiron B130 Power Jack Replace

How do i remove the back of dell inspiron b130 in order to repair the power jack?

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Repair Power Jack On Dell Inspiron B130

How do i remove back of dell inspiron b130 in order to repair the power jack?

Answer:- check the following link for service manual for removing the motherboard of a b130. Which is what you need to do to replace the power jack: http://support.

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Dell Optiplex 745 Power Supply Upgrade

I need to upgrade the measly 280w powr supply of the dell optiplex 745 desktop(not tower). Do i have any options. Dell has special power supplies.

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Dell Optiplex Flashing Yellow Power Button

My dell optiplex 745 has a flashing yellow power button and wont start up? On the power supply if i reset the fan runs but no video and there is still a flashing yellow power button.

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Dell Inspiron Mini V10 Won't Power On

My dell inspiron mini v10 wont power on. I got this laptop as a gift for christmas, and today, it was working fine until i disconnected my external mouse. Then when i plugged the mouse back it, the screen went black. I tried removing the battery and everything, but the screen won't turn on. The power light is even on and it's connected to the ac adapter.

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Dell Dimension E310 Power Button Light Blinks

I had to manually reboot my computer last night, and it would not turn back on. The power button blinks a yellowish reddish light and nothing appears to be running. I took the main power supply from the back off, let it sit and then put it back in, however, the same thing occurred. The #'s 1, 2, 3, 4 both appear green and the little light that looks like a battery also flashes a yellowish red light. Any ideas what the problem might be? And how i may be able to fix it.

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Dell Inspiron Goes Into Power Saving Mode Every Time When Start

My vista dell inspiron desktop goes into power saving mode everytime i start it!? My desktop screen says entering power save mode when i turn it on! This has happened a few times! I tried un plugging things and cleaning the dust out. But nothing works! I am able to get into safe mode (which is what im on now) but when i click start windows normally it goes into power save mode. If there is something wrong with the video care please tell me where that is!

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Dell Printer 960 Won't Turn On After Power Outage

After a power outage my dell printer 960 won't turn on. I have surge protector and my computer still works!?

Answer:- it is completely possible that the surge protector is bad. Try unplugging the printer for about 45 minutes first so that any internal power/surge protection electronics can reset if designed with any, then plug your printer into a known working wall outlet and see what happens. If it works, then the printer either reset itself or the surge protector is bad. If it doesn't work, then you could have blown a fuse within the printer, or fried the electronics. It would then need to be serviced by a technician or replaced. Like the other answerer said, surge protectors don't always work.

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Which Laptop Is Better Hp Or Dell ?

Which laptop is better dell or hp?

Answer:- they both suck- hp consistently ranks last in customer satisfaction and laptop reliability, and dell just got in big trouble over knowingly selling faulty computers. Between the two, i'd say dell is better- they're at least a bit more reliable and i can't stand hps trackpads. Hp has basically turned to selling cheap apple knockoffs. If you can afford it, you're better off getting a mac and installing windows on it. Or get an asus or a toshiba.

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