Error: This Device Could Not Start ( Code 10 )

I have 895mb of ram on my system now, but i started with 1gb? Anyways, i kept getting blue screens and they told me to use a new video adapter. I got a new video card and it reccomends 1gb of ram. It has a vga adapter that you have to connect your monitor to for it to work. I went into device manager and it said "this device could not start (code 10). " Then after some lagg, the computer froze. Is this a ram problem? And if it is, can i just buy one stick of 2gb ram instead of adding 1gb to the current 895mb? I have windows vista home basic 32-bit. Int pent 4 proc. 3. 0ghz. I went into system setup when it booted, and changed the primary video card to pci-e, which is what the new video card runs on. The video card is the radeon hd 3650 1gb ddr2. This is like my 3rd topic, i know. Bare with me, i keep running into like 2 different problems every day.

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This Device Cannot Start (code 10)

My samsung cdrw is generating the error: "this device cannot start. (Code 10)". I went to device manager to see why the drive is not listed on burning apps recorder lists. Device status box in properties is where i found the error. Is the drive done? Or is this some kind of setting adjustment i need to make.

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Device Will Not Start (code 10)

Ok, concerning all that i found elsewhere in reference to external hard drives and the "device will not start (code 10)" message, i am going to take a leap here and assume that it may have crossed paths on this forum also. Believe me when i say that i tried every piece of advice i came across and none of it has worked. Yes, i changed usb slots, i removed the drivers from the registry physically and rebooting my win xp made no difference whatsoever. Does anyone have the solution to this problem?

I'm tempted to switch from usb to firewire but not so sure it wouldn't end up in the same spot and still leave my 200gb of info totally out of reach. I'm looking for a solution that leaves my external hd intact and functional unless there simply is no cure for this problem. I am looking for expert advice from the experts for i am not one.

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Sata Drives - Device Cannot Start - Code 10

I have just reinstalled windows xp pro after being totally frustrated with vista ultimate 64. Install went fine with one exception. None of my sata drive are working, except drive c: which is where the os is installed. I have 6 external usb drives and 1 firewire and 1 esata drive, with 4 internal sata drives. The internal and the esata drives show as generic drives in device manager and give device cannot start code 10 in properties. I have service pack 3 installed and these are all used drives which functioned properly last time i had xp installed. I have installed the chipset. Inf for my intel board, tried using tweakui to select and deselect the drives. No luck. Getting to beating my head on the wall now syndrome . Anyone help with this dilema please. Drives are not raid configured and set to emulate ide in the bios. The highlighted drives are the sata ones that wont start. The maxtor is a sata drive too . And it works. Its the primary system drive.

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Cannot Find The Hardware Device ( Code 41 )

I am unable to open drive d which is my internal cd reader, i have had a look in device manager which shows windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41),

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Keyboard Error: ( Code 41 )

Yesterday someone came out and connected my computer to my home network. After they left and i got back to my computer, i found that my keyboard didn’t work. I found that in the device manage my keyboard's icon had an exclamation point next to it, and when i clicked on it it said:"windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)". I assumed there was something wrong with my ps2 port, so i went out and bought a usb keyboard. No luck. So far i have tried: removing the driver and reinstalling it, removing the driver, unplugging the keyboard, plugging it in and installing the driver, removing the driver in safe mode (which i can access by the way; the keyboard stops working when the computer starts up. ), Trying different keyboards, and even removing sp2 (that solved someone on a different forum's problems), and nothings worked so far. I've also tried system restore, but i don’t know for sure if it restored my computer to a time earlier than when it was messed with. The person who connected me to the network is on vacation now, so i cant really contact them. I've scoured the internet (using the onscreen keyboard), and can't find anything helpful, also i forgot to mention that the buttons on the top of the keyboard work. (Buttons specific to the keyboard like media, favorites, volume etc).

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Error Installing Nic - Code 35

My friend has a asus m3a79-t deluxe, he's trying to install a wireless card. The drivers install fine and everything is hunky dory except for this error:

Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or bios update. (Code 35)

His bios is fully up to date. It just doesn't make any sense to me. The only possible solutions are "update the bios" which he has done. So what the *** is going on? Thanks in advance

Oh. He has vista ultimate 64 bit, 8gb of ram, phenom ii 940 (i think), nothing's overclocked.

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Wii Error Code 52130

I keep trying to connect my wii to the router, but i can't seem to get it working anymore. I get error code 52130 i think it was. The thing i am not sure about is that i am using a wireless card with a laptop, and plugging that into the "internet" port on the router. I am wondering if i would also need at least 1 computer on the port though because i don't think the router can have an ip address without it having a computer to connect to first. However, i have done it before, and i'm not sure how. I also have a modem, but no other internet to my home.

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Error Code 8e5e05f6 On Msn

I keep getting the error code 8e5e05f6 but only to my email, not to anyone else. I tried this bellow but when i go to delete the files all thats there is 'programs' and cant find them. Is this correct or should i try something else?

2. B. Ii. For windows vista

¢Click start and then click explore to open windows explorer. On the organize menu, click folder and search options. Click the view tab. In the advanced settings list, select show hidden files and folders under hidden files and folders. Clear the hide extensions for known file types check box. Click ok to close the folder options window. **¢Delete the contacts cache folder. To do so, right-click start, and then click explore to open the windows explorer window. In the windows explorer window, locate the folders below and delete all the files and folders inside them. C:users your windows logon name contacts your messenger e-mail address

C:users your windows logon name appdatalocalmicrosoftwindows live contacts your messenger e-mail address

Note: windows logon name is the logon name that you use to sign in to windows. Your messenger email address is the address that you use to sign in to messenger.

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Error Code 2000 0142

Two days ago, i was using my laptop, a dell inspiron 1420, then all of a sudden, all my programs just stopped working. I was still able to move the cursor so i tried to shut down the computer. I tried clicking the shut down button a number of times but nothing happened so i shut it down manually. When i tried to turn it on, it said "error loading operating system". I then tried to run diagnostics to see what's wrong then i got the error code 2000-0142 during the self check test. I found out that this is a hard drive problem so i tried booting from the windows vista cd but it still didn't work. I then put the hard drive into an enclosure to try to repair it but when i plugged it into another computer, only the second partition of the drive showed up, which is the 10gb "recovery" partition. I tried browsing the partition and it seemed to be working well. I went to disk management to see what happened to the remaining 150gb partition and it said "eisa configuration". I tried right-clicking on the partition but the only thing that appears is "help". I then tried to format the drive just to see if it will allow me to but it always gets an error. Is there a way to retrieve my important files from the other partition?

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Keyboard Error: ( Code 39 ) On Windows Vista

I just popped vista back onto my computer (32-bit) to use, having heard of improved support for it. However, my keyboard shows up as "standard 101/102-key or microsoft natural ps/2 keyboard", and has "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" in the status box. Location states it as "plugged into keyboard port". The funny thing is, it worked fine the first few boot-ups, and now the keyboard does nothing in windows but works fine all the way up to the loading-bar splash screen when windows begins to load (after post and all that). I'm convinced this is some sort of driver issue or conflict, but i've tried reinstalling the default driver and enabling/disabling the keyboard, without any result. Does anyone know what to do? I don't want to just reinstall vista again, because this could easily recur since i have no idea what even caused it .

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Keyboard Error: ( Code 39 ) Driver May Be Corrupted

I recently bought some more ram for my comp, replacing the default 125 mb with 2 512 mb cards. I then turn on my wonderfully fast comp to find the keyboard no longer works. I had unplugged everything while putting in the new memory, so i figure that the plug in the comp is crapped out. When i look at all the hardware things, i find the keyboard, open the info, and under device status it says "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" so anyway, i figure the keyboard port is messed up. I go out to the trusty bestbuy, and buy a nice new usb keyboard (plugs into the usb not the keyboard port on the pc) i plug it in and run the installation, everything is okay. Then i try to type - nothing. The other buttons work on the keyboard, like the sleep button and the calculator (because we all know its too hard to hit the start button haha) the same problem comes up. I really need help figuring out how to get this freaking keyboard working.

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Messenger Not Working - Error Code 81000306

I recently bought a new desktop pc, to replace a laptop that is constantly overheating. Until i buy a wireless dongle, i'm having to bridge the internet connection between the desktop and my old laptop to connect to my wireless hub. Everything works fine, however when i try to sign into messenger it gives me an error code (81000306)

I believe this is something to do with my bridged connection.

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Drive Diagnostics Error Code Biohd-8

Ok it starts up and the compaq screen comes up fine, then windows is loading files then it says some wizard is trying to fix a problem turns out it cant fix it i tried restoring it to a few weeks back it didn't work, i ran all the tests here's what it says ; testing hard drive diagnostics error code biohd-8 a smart test failed on the drive. Testing boot path error code biohd-5

Root cause found no os files found on disk

Repair action ; partition table repair error code ox490

Also if i restore the computer to its factory condition will it work and whats the story with it when i do that will i have to re install windows or what.

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Hp Photosmart Printer Error Code 0x18a0001

How can i reset my hp 7288 photosmart printer with error code 0x18a0001 ink system failure? If any body who have any software or any other technique let me know.

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Error Code 0xc004f063 When Activate Windows Vista

Error code 0xc004f063

This is totally bs out of nowhere my vista home basic expired. It's a legit version. The thing is that i don't have my legit window disk with me right now, will get it first thing tomorrow. In the mean time i want to ask

If i can still use the old key that i bought before to reactivate?

If i install another os, like xp, will i be able to transfer all files and program (i don't mind losing my all stuff but i real need endnote x2 to work perfectly-it has all my mom's phd works. )

Also anyone have any temporary solution so that i can transfer files to another computer? Tried the c: thing in browser but that only gain me access but can't use anything.

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Asus A8n-e Boot Problem (beep Error Code)

I've been running xp on a asus a8n-e motherboard for a good while without any problems. The other day i replaced my hiper type r 580w psu with a corsair hx 520w, and now the pc won't boot and beeps 1 long followed by 3 short. I've stripped it down to bare essentials (motherboard, vc, memory and cpu) but i get the same problem. The problem also persist when i reconnect the hiper psu. 1. Reseating everything. 2. Using any possible combination of memory stick(s) and slots. 3. Resetting the cmos. The rest of the pc is as per sig, with the exception for vista which will be installed when (if!?) I can sort this.

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Error In Winxp, Black Screen On Restart - Code ( 4128 )

Today something strange happen. I couldnt close some of the programs like ie so i was forced to use the task manager but that didnt do anything either so i had to shut down from the power switch. When the pc rebooted all there was, a black screen and nothing else. It said the follwoing

Tkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded, error code is 4128

I shut down moce more and this time it promt me to insert my recovery cd which i did and again i got an error: windows could not be load becuase the following file is missing or corrupt:

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Dell Error Code 0142 - Hard Drive Faulty

Dell error code 0142 (2000-0142) hard drive faulty - how much will it cost to get this fixed? I ran diagnostics on my computer after it froze on the first screen when you switch the computer on (dell xps 430 vista (32 bit)) and i got the error code 2000-0142. From my search on the forums this says your hard drive is faulty and needs fixing. How much will this cost to get fixed? I'm thinking of taking it to the tech guys at pc world.

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Hard Disk Error At Start Up

When i start my computer it goes throught bios then through the raid thing that started happing not long ago but its been working with that. I dont have raid but it gives me a screen and says press tab for raid. But after that it says hard disk error press controll alt delete to restart. I do. Same thing happens again. I go to bios reload defaults. Nothing. Reset cmos. Nothing. I did however last night rearange my bios settings but it was working fine. I raised a few volteges, not that much but it was fine last night and now its reset to default. What do i do?!?!?!

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Hdd Error When Start Up Computer

If i have a hdd error when i start up my computer build for the first time can i just buy a windows xp disc and reformat it?

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Error: Windows Could Not Start Because The Following File Is Missing Or Corrupt

I have windows xp, however it wont load and says:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt;
Windows/system32/config/system. File

It says i can repair this file by starting windows set up using the original setup cd rom select r at first screen, i cannot find original disc, so i have bought a new one, but it will not load.

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Error: Lsass.exe Failed To Load - Windows Xp Start Up Problem

I got xp start up problem, when boot up the computer and after the xp splash screen i get an error reading "lsass.exe failed to load, could not find the file dnsapi.dll, reinstallation of this will fix problem"

What do i do? I tried a repair with the windows installation cd but it says i don't have any hard drives installed! Also tried to copy this dnsapi.dll file from a dos boot but it couldn't find the c:! If my computer says it can't find hd, but it's getting past the xp splash screen, i'm so perplexed.

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I/o Device Error - Maxtor Diamondmax

I have had my diamondmax 10 200gb sata for about a year now and its been a very good buy. However recently it stoopped working and i get an i/o device error message when i try to open it. The computer also runs slow and i have had to disable the device to continue using it. I cannot scan the disk for errors or defrag it or anything really. I have a lot of important data on there and cant afford to spend ££££ getting it back. Does anyone know what this error is and how to fix it? If not what is the best software to use to recovery the data.

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Usb Pen Drive I/o Device Error

I've had an iomega 256mb pen drive for about 18 months now, and whenever i try to access it in my computer it says: the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error. I can't format the drive either. This happens on all of the 3 computers i've tried it on. I'm not worried about getting the data on it back, i've got backups of it. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?

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Error: Unable To Enumerate Usb Device On Port 6

I recently bought two ps/2 to usb converter adaptors from ebay, and they're not working with our keyboard (logitech access keyboard), mouse (old logitech ball mouse with only two buttons), or the laptop (toshiba with 512mb ram, about 2ghz speed, two usb ports). The laptop is running windows xp pro. We've tried scanning for new hardware, and we tried booting the computer with both plugged in. Neither responds at all. The only signs of life are the num lock and function lock lights on the keyboard (they toggle like they're supposed to. But the caps lock and scroll lock do not). Any ideas to get these working?

I've also tried them with my 3 year old acer laptop (1gb ram, about 2ghz cpu, more than enough usb ports). This one's running ubuntu 9. 04. Similar (non)results. But with the keyboard plugged in, if i mash the keys, every so often xp will give a error message (printed to the first virtual terminal) like this:

[33237. 360137] hub 1-0:1. 0: unable to enumerate usb device on port 6

The digits in the square brackets change every time. And sometimes it says this:-

[Numbers. Numbers] hub 1-0:1. 0: connect-debounce failed, port 6 disabled

But i really only bought these to work with the windows xp laptop.

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Error 692: There Was A Hardware Device Failure In The Modem

I just built a computer (in my sig). I loaded xp and tried to connect to the internet. I'm using an old modem from an emachines that was just working a couple weeks ago. I get an error that reads. Error 692: there was a hardware device failure in the modem [or other connecting device]

Does anyone know what i can do to fix this problem?

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A Parity Error Was Detected On Device Scsi Nvgts

What does that mean, and why do i keep getting it every hour in my eventlog? I've had it goin for quite a while according to my event viewer. I know that most nv* files are usually for nvidia stuff, so i updated my vid card drivers, but it still does it every hour.

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Usb Flash Crashes With Device Not Recognized Error

My trusty 8gb trancend pico keychain usb drive died today as i was backing it up, oh the irony. I didn't loose anything i don't have stashed in other places, but it i am wondering if i can try and grab whatever is there and not corrupt with some software? Most of the free-ware and trial stuff i have tried doesn't work unless the drive is assigned a drive letter, but it's not recognized by either of my systems now, is this a wasted effort or is there something free that will mount it and get what is readable?

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Error - Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device

I had a few problems getting pc to run (namely, i somehow lost the jumper for the bios pins on the motherboard. Because i had no jumper, it kept running in recovery mode. Took me a while to figure out, too). I don't know if it matters, but i popped out the battery as some instructions stated. I waited ten minutes and then placed the battery back, positive side up, which is what i remembered it being before i removed it. I only did that because i was at a loss at what else could be done to get the system running. Now, the system boots up fine and recognizes all devices, except. The problem is that after the post, an error pops up. "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device"

I had made a floppy that had the upgraded bios on it and had stuck it in the system before powering it up. I know the floppy works, because it worked on another system. I tried installing windows xp without the upgraded bios to see if it would work, and it did. I suppose that means that the cd drive works, but i have no way to tell if the floppy drive does. From what i can see in the [f2] bios setup utility, it is recognized. I don't see why the floppy drive wouldn't work. After all, it's just a floppy drive, with power & connection to mobo. The boot order is floppy, hard drive, cd-rom. And no matter what i do, the computer keeps throwing the error at me.

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