Game Freezes

I had a virus and had to reinstall windows. Everything is wroking fine now except any 3d game i play. Sometimes i can join a game and play for 2 minutes or so, and others i can't even pick a team yet and the game freezes and makes the sound loop and my moniter status light goes from green to orange. I have windows updated, directx 9. 0c, and the latest ati graphic drivers. Is the card over heating? It doesn't feel hot and never has before. Is my offbrand cheap aspire x-alien generic psu crapping out on me? Should i try older versions of dx or gfx drivers?

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Pc Freezes When Play Ut2004 Game

I did a clean install of xp32, installed and updated all the drivers fine, avoided installing the swe ide driver for the nvidia chipset, and the comp is running smooth. Whenever the pc reaches 100% cpu usage, it takes a while to drop down, and the pc gets super laggy. The main problem happens when i try to play ut2004, w/ all the settings cranked up. The main menu loads fine, but after about 30 seconds, everything gets laggy. The mouse even lags like ***. If i don't exit out, the pc freezes. I remember when i first upgraded my comp to this setup, i played ut all the way cranked up just fine. Also hl2 all the way. I don't know what happened since then that caused this problem. I defragged my hdd, ran antivirus. I tried testing both sticks of my 512 ram, that's not the problem. I tried switching around the psu cables so there's nothing else attached to the wires that's attached to my gfx cables. I tried using forceware coolbits2 to make the 2d and 3d clockspeeds the same. The only thing i didn't try yet was changing my psu. My 400w antec is 20 pin, but my mobo takes 24 pin. But i plugged in the 4pin ez-plug on my mobo, which is what users of 20pin psu have to do.

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Battlefield 2 Game Stops And Screen Freezes

This only started yesterday but my battlefield 2 game litterly "stops" while playing while everything else keeps going. Like my screen freezes but when i'm frozen i can be killed or i crash while flying/driving. Now i've repatched the game but i'm might reinstall it if it persists. Possible causes:

- A widescreen patch i tried out (made no difference so i uninstalled it)
- Ram, i recently put in an extra 2gb's of kingston ddr2 667 ram (i now have 4gb's of ram)

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Total Loss Of Control - Computer Freezes When Play Game

I just recieved a new computer and it seems to do normal things like desktop work or internet browsing fine, but if i try to play a game, it locks up. I do not over clock anything. When it does this, there is a total loss of control, the sound goes into a loop, and the only thing i can do is a hard shutdown. It did this with everquest2 within the first 10 to 15 mins. I lowered all the graphics way down, and it then happened while zoning my character in. The computer came with age of empires 3, so i tried that. It lets me play for maybe 20 minutes and then would do it. Now, it will not even get past the intro movie. I installed the drivers for an amd dual core processor on a 32 bit windows system from amd and this did not help. I reduced the power management settings to the minimal settings per amd's website. I did all the windows updates it would give me, i upgraded dot net to 2. 0. I upgraded directx to the newest version 9c. I ran the dxdiag and it didnt show any issues. I ran a memory test using the windows program and it did 2 passes with no errors. The video cards were set for crossfire mode when i recieved it. I have tried to install the most recent radeon driver for xp multimedia edition with no luck. Right now i have set it back to the driver that came with the cards, which says it is 8. 24. I tried one of the omega drivers too, and it had no effect (was 6. 7 i believe). I tried updating the sound driver because the sound was looping during the freeze, and that didnt help so i installed an audigy gamer card and disabled the onboard sound. This gave me the same result so i uninstalled it. I called the tech support and he said it sounded like a video or hard drive issue and wanted me to try one card at a time, moving them to different pci-e slots and seeing if it would happen then. I tried each card alone in each slot and age of empires would go for about 20 mins and then freeze. (One of the pci-e slots looks slightly warped, but even if i dont have a video card in there, it still freezes, and i was also able to play agoe of empires for 20 mins with a card in that slot) i have tried playing with the side cover off and a fan going as well to see if it was heat related. The cards seem to hover in the 45-51 specifications:

Gamer fire 1600 (from ibuypower)
450 watt power supply
Athlon 64 x2-3800+ [am2] oem
A cm aquagate mini 80 mm liquid cooler
System board is ecs ka3 mvp crossfire-3200
Video cards are [pci-e}sapphire x 1600xt 256mb
Western digital 250 gb js [8m sata-2]
Os is windows xp media ctr 2005
It has 2 [ddr2-800]corsair 512mb pc6400
Sony dw-120 dvdrw

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Game Getting Stuck

I just formated my pc and reinstalled everything. Now when i started to play deus ex on multiplayer, it started to lag. If i start running i would stop suddenly and could see a couple of frames pass by and then return to normal for like 4 seconds. The same cycle goes over and over again. I have a cable internet connection and ping is also like 124 in the game. Moreover, my computer and graphics cards for far better than what the game requires.

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Pc Shuts Off When Access A Game

Every time i access a game my pc shuts off or sometimes the monitor only shuts off and i can hear some noises from the game. I searched and searched in the internet how to fix this problem but many came up with replacing your v card so i did, but in fact my new v card "radeon 9550" works fine but after 2 hours the monitor again shuts off unexpected the symptoms again showed up. Until i installed a speed fan and discovered my pc is heating up to temp:60c even if there is no active application, and in fact i have 2 fans blowing towards the cpu and i removed the cpu skin. But the problem persists.

When i played "warrock" with my new v card it turned out well but after a few minutes the monitor again shuts off and i heard sounds of that game i pressed ctrl+alt+del luckily the monitor again starts back up because warrock has been ended using task manager the same thing happens with my old v card. After a few minutes i executed again warrock and opened the speed fan(application)it went temp:70c after that it gone busted and i tried to view the task manager under the performance tab i saw 100% cpu usage.guyz i was wondering what made the heat so intense even if i had only a single application running and last week even i accessed the internet chatting with yahoo and executed warrock at the same time it turned out well and no signs of computer failure and back then it is my old v card.

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Reguarding Performance In A Game

Anyway, was wondering how i would do performance wise with an athlon64 3700+ san diego, dfi lanparty sli-dr mb, and geforce 6800gt running at 1600x1200 in battlefield 2. (High detail, aa, af)

On my current computer, im having a hard time turning details up at all at 1280x1024, but then again, my comp isnt that great. And also, has anyone played the fear beta? I tried it out last night but i have to run at 640x480 (lol!) Just to get rid of the constant skipping. This game has to be a lot more graphic intensive than battlefield. Anyone know what i could push the settings to with my future build (mentioned before)?

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Game Server Advice

I want to build a game server for cod 4 for my clan the other leader is hsoting a cs server and i would like to make a build to host cod4 and i have a ok internet ocnnection cable internet to host it on and i would like it to atleast run 15-20 players off of it (if possible) i was thinking maybe i need to most of my money into ram and cpu i would like it to not be alot 500 dollars or 450 will be fine if i can go that cheap for a game server.

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Aa/af Settings - Drivers Or In-game?

I usually force aa and af settings through my drivers and never really bother with the in-game settings for those. Recently however i read that using the in-game settings is recommended as they're usually more optimized, resulting faster performance and even looking better than the driver settings at times. I was wondering if that's truly the case.

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Is One Game Windowed On Each Monitor Possible ?

I frequently play eve-online with 2 accounts running, one on each monitor without issue. There is a way to select between 2 display adapters in game settings (even though i only have one gfx card). My monitors are 1920x1200 and a smaller one which is 1440x900. I normally play at 1680x1050 on the bigger one and 1360x768 on the smaller one. I'm trying to get eve on one monitor and hon on the other but, when i drag hon to my second monitor eve becomes very choppy. It's fine if i leave them both on the same monitor. Is there a way to have each game on a separate monitor?

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Blue Screens On Every Other Game

This problem has just started happening a couple days ago. When ever i play a game, about 10-30 min into that game i get either a crash to desktop or a blue screen. I mostly get blue screens though. I haven't changed anything in my system. But for some reason when i play a game like dawn of war 2 i can play for 1h+ with out blue screening or crashing. Every other game crashes for me. Do you think my card is dieing?

Pc specs:

Intel qx9450 @ 3. 4ghz
4gb corsair dominators
Biostar t-power motherboard i45
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
150gb raptor hard drive

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What To Upgrade First To Game At 2560x1600 ?

I just purchased a 3007wfp-hc which i'm in love with. However, i now need to game at 2560x1600 whenever possible. Since i just got that monitor i don't really have the spare cash to do a full out upgrade. I would like opinions on what would be the more valuable upgrade to me in terms of gaming performance. I could go core i7 920/mobo/6gb ram or i could start with my video card, something like a gtx 285 or possibly even a 295. What would get me the most performance right now? I'm currently playing l4d, cod4 and 5, fallout 3, farcry 2 and wow. My specs are in sig. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Flickering Screen In Game

I initially posted this in the gaming forum but that ended up being the wrong spot. I recently tried loading up knights of the old republic to pass the long nights with my new baby but have been getting a flickering in the game. It happens in the menus and the game, but not during the cut scene videos. Video card is an old, agp, radeon x1950 pro, and the rest of the machine is standard, older stuff - a64 3200. I'm pretty sure i've played the game on this card before but the os is new since i last played it; upgraded xp to win 7 rc. I've tried switching to different resolutions and refresh rates, v-sync on and off, changing the various dvi settings in the catalyst control center; nothing has made any difference. Any ideas would be super.

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Random Reboot During A Game

Random reboot after playing a game for about 1-2 minutes (in case you were wondering, the games were cs:source and the matrix online). Here is when this started. I've mentioned before, but i have one stick of kingston 512 pc3200 and another stick of mushkin 512 pc2100. I understand that the pc2100 slows my pc3200 down, so i decided to take it out and allow the pc3200 to run at its full potential. During the boot-up process, i decided to pay a visit to my bios. My fastwrite option was enabled, so i disabled it. Saved the changes and rebooted the computer. This is when the random reboots began to occur. Nothing would happen unless i was playing a game. So i put the stick of ram back in there, enabled the fastwrite option again, and now its back to normal. However, the games are a lot choppier than they were before. Specs:

Amd athlonxp 3200+
Asus a7n8x-e deluxe nvidia nforce2 chipset (bios may be outdated)
Ram = see above
Ati radeon 9800 pro (256mb)

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Use Ps2 Controller On Pc Game

Is it a way to hook my ps2 using an usb wire (like the kind that you get from an sharkport) to the computer for i can use my ps2 controller on a pc game?

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Game Minecraft Free

Where can i get minecraft free?

Answer:- the full version of minecraft is not free and will probably never be free. If you do want a free copy than you would have to pirate the game. Since this is illegal i would strongly not advise it. Buy the game, it's worth it.

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Game Controller With A Track Ball

Everyone knows that the best way to control fps's is with a mouse and keyboard. A d-pad or joystick just doesnt cut it. So when playing on a console the experience just isnt the same, lets face it. So why does a controller not exist with a little track ball on it so that it can be used in fps's?

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Mouse Lag In Warcraft 3 Game

Wondering if theres a way to fix mouse lag in warcraft 3 game. It feels pretty floaty. I was able to somehow fix it before with nhancer by changing the prerender limit to 0, but it doesn't seem to be working now. Any other way of fixing it?

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Online Multiplayer Game - Slow Pc

When playing my favorite online multiplayer game, i notice that everyone on my team runs faster than me. They also seem to have an advantage in combat against me. I find it strange because i have a more powerful machine. I also have a blazingly fast online connection. It's not a skill issue either as i am one of the better players in this game (no one lives forever 2). It *** me off to no end. I have done just about every tweak i can think of to no avail.

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Stuttering Problem While Playing A Game

Out of the blue, i started having this stuttering problem while i was playing a game. It never happened before, so i closed the game thinking that it was the program, but now its even windows that has been acting this way. My mouse seems to skip across the screen and my music is stuttering. I ran virus/adware scans even registry mechanic to see if they might fix it. Nothing. I decided to restart my pc, and noticed the windows loading screen taking about 4-8 minutes to finish loading. It seems to stutter when applications are being opened or loading content. I have a feeling it might be either my ram or hd that is the problem.

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Computer Locked Up While Playing A Game

My computer locked up while playing a game. When i rebooted the machine it went to the screen that gives you the option to boot in safe mode, but locked up on this screen as well. I rebooted again and my monitor will not come out of safe mode. As it stands. My rig turns on like normal with no beeps, all fans, lights, drives etc are working properly. Rig will not post and monitor will not come out of safe mode. Monitor is working properly with another computer and i tested the internal speaker by taking out the ram and booting, which produced beeps. Any ideas?

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Fast Drive For Game Storage

I'm getting tired of shuffling game folders around in order to free up space. My games are installed to the ssd and then moved to whichever hd has space available when i'm mostly finished with it. I'd like to grab a larger and faster drive than the old raptor and avoid having games installed on my media/backup drive. I currently have about 160gb of games installed. What's my best bang for the buck? A 640gb black for $75? A 1tb black for $120? Something else?

Here's the current setup:

80gb intel ssd: os & frequently played games
74gb raptor: games
500gb wd caviar blue: backups, media & games

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Fit A Window Game To Take The Whole Screen

I wanted to ask, since counter-strike 1. 6 disables other monitors in a multi monitor environment, i wanted to know if there is a program, that i can make a game "maximize" on the main screen, so it wont be in full-screen mode, and in windowed mode it'll be taking over the entire screen.

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How Does Core I3/5 Affect The Hardware Game ?

Basically, someone school me on the hardware game. With the advent of the core i3/5 stuff and i hiatus from "fapping" to newegg for half a year, i'm sort of lost. With decent and affordable p55/h55 boards between $150-$200 usd and an equal rise in memory prices (a quick glance at newegg says the price of ddr2 and ddr3 has increased evenly, ~$100 for 4gb) along with the unwavering price of c2d items (e8400 is still at $160 usd, same price as six months ago). For current owners of lower end c2dc2q, what is the sense of upgrading to higher end c2d/c2q items if core i5 is just as affordable? Theoretically, for gaming performance, owners of lower end c2d/c2q, doesn't it make sense to go am2+/am3 (namely, callisto ($99 usd), deneb, etc. ) As a hold over?

As the c2d/c2q series is phased out, what core i3/5 counterparts are supposed to be their "replacements"? I guess what i'm saying is i don't understand amd's place or the new core series' place in the scheme of things. For the sake of argument, what if you have a e4400 rig and you want to upgrade or replace. Where do you go from there? Feel free to chime in with comments, facts, opinions. School me.

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Radeon Hd 4870 Redefine The Way You Game

I have a sapphire 4890 vapor-x. After installing the latest cat 9. 6 (and then today the 9. 7) when i open ccc, i see under the welcome option it says:-

"Radeon hd 4870 redefine the way you game"

Is this an error or do they simply not have a banner for the 4890?

I just want to make sure i have the right driver installed. I thought maybe i installed the drivers for a 4870 because coincidently, when i try to register with ati, when it asks me what card i own, it only lets me pick sapphire's 4850, 4870, or 4870x2, there is no option to register my 4890.

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Game Port To Usb Converter

After looking though some past joystick posts, i believe this is the correct forum for my question, sorry if i get it wrong; new to these boards. The problem:
I have an old (windows 98 era) microsoft sidewinder 3d pro joystick. My system does not have a gameport(sound is onboard motherboard). I have a gameport-to-usb adapter that was lent to me(unknown: manufacturer, driver requirements, system requirements). There is a new device under sound, video, and game contollers in the device manager that wasn't there before. I'm dead positive its the adapter. Its called unknown device( properties tab: no drivers installed, details tab: device instance id is rootmedia

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Game Dvd Burning Programs

Ok i got a lg dvd burner for christmas. Thing is i can burn music/data even movies, but i can not for the life of me burn a backup of my dvd games eg:bf 2142/bf2

I've tried nero/dvdfab platinum/power2go4/dvd shrink
For decryption i've used dvd43/anydvd

It'll burn them (i right click and click explore and check all the folders. Everything seems to be there, but nothing). But when i put them in my dvd drive to play i get the message "insert bf2142 disc into drive and restart. Is there any programs that anyone uses that will burn dvd games.

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Cannot Run Game Without Intel Indeo 4

I cant run this game without intel indeo 4? I was trying to play a very old game that i have on my windows 7 computer. Im trying to play drivers education 98/99 and when i start the game it says you need intel indeo 4 where can i get this?

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Play Windows 95 Game On Vista

It there any way i can get my theme park game for windows 95 working on my laptop that is windows vista? I love this game, and want to play on it again but when i click on the file to start the game it says this system does not support full screen mode. Is there anything i can do?

Answer:- a lot of programs from 95/98 won't work, even with compatibility for the relevant os enabled. In those cases pretty much the only answer is to use a program called dosbox, dos box emulates a dos environment, its a free open source program. It's guaranteed to work for any game or program that will no longer work on nt based windows and above:

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Soldier Front Game Issue

I play an online game called soldier front. I've been playing it since around 2008 and my ping always ranged from 70 - 90. Just yesterday, i upgraded from windows xp to windows 7 ultimate and when i played the game, my ping ranged from 108 - 130. I am not sure if it is because my computer is too slow to run windows 7 or exactly what happened?

Also, i had windows vista around a month ago and the ping was just like on xp. I am pretty sure vista requires a much better system than windows 7 does. My computer's specifications:

Operating system: windows 7 ultimate 64-bit (6. 1, build 7600)

System model: macbookpro4, 1

Processor: intel core 2 duo cpu t9300 @2. 50ghz (2cpus), ~2. 5ghz

Memory: 2048mb
Name: nividia geforce 8600m gt
Approx. Total memory: 1258mb

I bought this laptop late 2008 from bestbuy in new york. It is a great machine, almost every game i played on it worked just fine. I am running windows through boot camp, by the way, which is so much better than a virtual machine as you get full capabilities.

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