Monitor Light Just Blinks With No Picture

I'm having computer problems. It all started when i switched cases. I put together the comp to the best of my knowledge and double checked. I turned it on and everything seemed to power up nicely, but the monitor light just blinked with no picture. I checked the mouse and keyboard and they weren't lit up. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Hard Drive Light Blinks Every 2-3 Seconds

I was sitting across the room and noticed my hard drive light was blinking every 3 seconds. It's a stedy, every 3 seconds. It doesn't seem to be doing anything major, just lights up. Does it allways mean the drive is being accessed if the light blinks? Why would the drive be doing this?

I usally shut it off if i'm not going to use it, but started to leave it on. I am not usally sitting across the room not useing it, so i don't know if this just started or has been doing it for a long time.

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Dell Dimension E310 Power Button Light Blinks

I had to manually reboot my computer last night, and it would not turn back on. The power button blinks a yellowish reddish light and nothing appears to be running. I took the main power supply from the back off, let it sit and then put it back in, however, the same thing occurred. The #'s 1, 2, 3, 4 both appear green and the little light that looks like a battery also flashes a yellowish red light. Any ideas what the problem might be? And how i may be able to fix it.

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Hp Deskjet F4280 Wont Scan And Power Light Blinks

My hp deskjet f4280 wont scan and power light just blinks when scan button is pressed? I use a macbook with snow leopard and when i want to scan something the light on the power button just blinks quickly and then stops after about 15 seconds. Something used to pop up on the screen and it would begin scanning but it doesn't do that anymore. I reinstalled the driver and updates and still does not work. It used to work but don't remember if it worked since i updated from leopard to snow leopard. Inside the hp software it does not even recognize the scanner. Has this happened to anyone and how did you fix it?

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No Picture On The Monitor

I have an ibm netvista 6579-pdg with nvidia tnt2 16mb graphics, 256mb ram, 866mhz pentium 3, 30gb hard disk. And when i switch my pc on, just the lights on the actual pc turn on, i get no picture on the monitor which i can confirm does in fact work. It has the two lights (power and processing light) on forever, i left it like this overnight and it was the same when i got up in the morning. The bios does not even initialize, its just a blank screen when i turn the computer on. If you have any ideas to what the problem is then please let me know.

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Fuzzy Monitor Picture

My monitor on the sides seems to be a bit fuzzy. The text that and icons. I don't notice it so much when playing games though. So i am wondering if theres a setting i could change my monitor too or if its time to get a new one? I would say this monitor is about 3-4 years old. Model realsync pf77.

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Monitor Picture Flickers Into Nothingness

Out of the blue, one of my lcd optiquest 17 inchers suddenly kind of "died". When i turn it on with the button on the front, a picture comes through and shows, but only for about 2 seconds. Bad cable? Bad power supply? What could it be from?

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Monitor Light Keeps Flashing

We have purchased a new hp tower today (ex - display), which we have plugged into the monitor, keyboard etc. The monitor light keeps flashing and nothing is coming up on the screen. It works perfectly well if i plug my laptop and old tower into the monitor. There is power going to the tower and it is all plugged in properly. What could the problem be?

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Monitor Goes Black With The Power Light On

Here my prob i got a xerox 900p monitor so every time i start up my comp the monitor works fine but in about one hour or around that the screen just goes black but the power light is still on so i turn the power off and back on and only for about 5 secs it works and suddenly goes black again. So if i turn it off and wait it out for about another hour and turn it on again ot works for another hour until it goes black again. I have tried a different monitor it worked fine so i guess its something with this monitor for sure but what it can be i have no idea so if someone has a clue what this might be please tell me.

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Monitor Green Light Blinking

My computer monitor wont come on and the green light is blinking. I connected it to my laptop and nothing?

Unless your laptop isn't configured to output the video on the vga/dvi ports and if you have already tried the monitor on a known-good (working) desktop computer, then the monitor is probably already busted.

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Hp Photosmart C3180 On/off Button Blinks

I am trying to scan a photo onto my computer, but when i press the "scan" button , the on/off button. Just starts to blink! Nothing happens! Can someone tell me why?

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Hp Officejet V40 Green Led Blinks

We have hp officejet v40 all in one printer its green led continuously blinks, it shows only initializing in lcd display, i have checked cartridges, back door, carriage path, film strip but nothing happens, plz share your knowledge to fix the problem.

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No Picture Only Sound

I have a problem with either my graphics card(novatech 7600gt) or my dvd drive (samsung) as i cant get any picture at all not on the monitor or my lcd tv i just get a blank screen and audio but also none of the windows hidef samples i downloaded work however some video of me and the wife on holiday dose play wich is in my documents/my video, i've had a look around my system and although ive built a few pc's i still concider myself a novice but this has got me stumpped.

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No Picture On Screen

I haven't made any changes to my hardware, it is as below. Recently when i boot-up i don't get a picture on screen, even though the pc is running - the d bracket 2 on the back of the pc shows the top right led as green, and the other 3 are red. I have checked on the msi site and it says the following for this combo of lights:

Memory detection test - testing on-board memory size. The d-led will hang if the memory module is damaged or not installed properly. I have fiddled with the memory and it seems to be installed properly - is there anything else i should check? I cant afford to upgrade just yet, need to wait maybe at least another 5 or 6 months - anyone have any clues as to what i can do to check for other issues?

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Scan Ultrasound Picture

Can you scan an ultrasound picture into the computer without destroying it?

Answer:- yes you can do it, we did it with my wifes ultrasound pics and they didn't get damaged. Just use a regular scanner and you should be fine.

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How To Enlarge Picture After Scan ?

If i scan a picture on my hp photosmart scanner, how do i enlarge the picture? I want to scan some pics to put up on my facebook- when i try to post them they come up tiny. I use hp photosmart scanner and hp photosmart premier for editing. Anyone know how i can blow up the pics to normal size?

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How To Download A Picture From Scanner?

Answer:- each printer, combination printer, scanner, etc has a software program which allows you to work with the hardware items functions. It would be nice if you provided additional details when asking a technical question because this helps others properly answer and give you the correct information. With information such as the os version and the manufacturer of your hardware and the version, we can actually provide links to information such as a user manual or web instructions. Each printer, or all-in-one unit, which often has a printer, scanner, copier, and sometimes a fax, or a simple scanner or copier hooked up alone, there will be a software program that should have been installed on the system when the hardware was installed. A disk should have been included which contained the drivers and software. If you got this hardware used you may not have gotten the disk. If this is the case you can access what you need from the manufacturers website. Browse to the support section, then to drivers and downloads, enter the hardware type and/or model number, and a page will appear with available downloads. Be sure you get the correct package either for a 32 or 64 bit os. It should provide a drop down menu, or a way to ensure you access the correct package. Download it to your system and then follow the instructions to install drivers and the software program. Once it is installed or if it already is on your system, there will be an entry in your all programs list, or even an icon on your desktop if you choose that option or if it came with your system. The program is usually called something like hp solution center, or dell, compaq, etc. Locate the folder with the hardware manufacturer name and then if unsure just open programs in that folder until you locate the appropriate one. It won't be difficult at all. There are a couple of things you should know before you begin. Every software program which works with attached hardware has preferences or settings. As you wish to scan an item to your system you will want to know where the location is that the file will be stored to, and/or change it to a folder of your choice. It doesn't do any good to scan if you don't know where to locate it after finished. Also, you can often set a setting which automatically opens the storage folder after the scan is complete. Usually, the default settings are perfectly good for basic scanning, but you do want to know which folder to find it in later. So, before you actually perform the scan open the scan settings and make sure of the location the file will be saved to. This is simple, just look for a button or drop down menu which provides the settings or options for scanning. Then, with the software program still open, place the item in the scanner, click the scan button, ensure it is displayed on the screen correctly, make adjustments as needed, then click the scan button to initiate the process. When scanning a photo you may need to adjust the image on the screen to rid it of white space around the edges. You can use the mouse to drag the edges in either from the inner sides, or from the inner corner. Just practice with the features and options until you figure it out. It truly is not difficult and if you make a mistake you can simply delete that image and start over. Don't worry about getting it perfect the first time, just concentrate on learning the interface and setting up your preferred options.

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Shaky Picture At High Resolution

Just purchased nec accusync 900 which is 19" crt monitor supports res greater than 1600*1200 and freq up to 75 hz. My pc is new & pretty good i'd say. I set my monitor to 1600*1200 with 75 hz, but i get shaky picture. I updated from plug&play monitor driver to nec as900 driver & video card is newest (88. Something). Why am i having this problem?

Ok i just upped it to 75 hz and now no shake. When i wake my pc from screen saver theres a shake. When i reboot sometimes i get a shake. How do i lock the settings?

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Lexmark 1400 Scan Picture

How do you scan a picture with lexmark 1400? I trying to scan a pic and stuff i need help how do u do it?

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Dell 946 Scan A Picture

How do i get my dell 946 to pick up my computer on the downloading applications list to scan a picture?


You install the software that came with the printer to your computer. The computer recognizes the printer, not the other way around.

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Upload Picture From Lg Phone To Facebook

Help?!? How can i upload a picture from my lg phone straight to facebook? I'm trying to figure out how i can upload a picture of me taken on my phone to facebook?

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Hp Photosmart C4700 Picture Scan

How to scan a picture using an hp photosmart c4700 series all in one printer? I have an hp photosmart all in one c4700 series printer and i added it as a printer on my dell laptop and it works very well as printing and copying wise but doesn't scan how do i do it

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Scan Picture And Send Via Email

I have an hp photosmart c4780 printer scanner and would like to send a picture of a ship to my friend via e-mail. As i am a novice, please can you tell me how to do this in very simple language.

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Hp Pavilion Dv6700 - Take Picture With Webcam

I have an hp pavilion entertainment pc dv6700. Is there a way take picture with my webcam like on mac computer? I want to be able to change the color, background, and cool stuff like that.

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Hp Photosmart C4280 Scan Picture

How do i scan a picture on an hp photosmart c4280 printer? I own an hp photosmart c4280 all-in-one printer. According to it, it is a printer/scanner/copier. I was wondering how i can scan a picture on the printer and then transfer the scanned picture to my computer.

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Wireless Picture Frame 10+ Inch Range

Can anyone point out a digital picture frame, say in the 10+ inch range that actually works, when feeding the stream from a pc wirelessly? I have a kodak w1020, and it is terrible, and other reviewers have confirmed it, it just doesn't work wirelessly.

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Hp Psc 750 Scanner - How To Scan Picture ?

How do i scan a picture into my computer i have a hp 750 psc printer scanner all in one? I am trying to get my pictures to scan into my computer but it will not work. Answer:-
Did you get a cd rom with the scanner and did you install the software on it onto your computer? If so make sure the scanner is connected to the computer (usually usb cable) and switch it on - you should see an icon appear with a green arrow on it. Now go to start > select the hp scanner from the start menu - click on it. A window opens with 'hp solution center' at the top of it. Place photos on scanner, face down on glass in nearest corner and close lid. Press scan picture in the 'hp solution centre' window. Press ok or scan again. The pics will be found in a folder called 'my scans' in 'my documents'.

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Hp Printer Not Printing Picture In Microsoft Word

Hp printer not printing gray scale picture in microsoft word. I have this picture that i wish to print in microsoft word in black and white but it was not clear in black and white so i tried gray scale and the picture hardly printed. It is barely visible. I tried printing a word document in black to check if it is my ink's problem but it came out perfectly bright. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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Hp Deskjet F4180 - Scan Picture Into Computer

I have a hp deskjet f4180 all in one [ printer, scanner, copier] i want to scan a picture into my computer , help? I imagine you have installed the scanning software hopefully. Just go in your start menu and start go in the hp folder. Select hp control center and under the file menu, select scan from there. Put the document face down on the glass and select scan. It will give you a preview . Go in the scanner setup and set it to scan at 300 dpi. That's it. Select scan and it will bring the image on your screen.

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Scan Picture / Image Into Text / Document

I bought a samsung printer but it scans docs in picture form. How can the formatting be changed to document?

You can't. All scanners work that way. Some scanners come with software that will take a scan and convert it to a document file. These softwares are called "ocr" (optical character recognition). If you have installed microsoft office tools, then you can use program utility called "microsoft office document imaging" which will convert image to document. There are also commercial softwares that will do the same thing. Usually the resulting document has a lot of mistakes.

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