Pci Express Graphics Card Expansion

Just wondering what a pci express graphics card expansion is for? My motherboard has one (looks just like the other 2 pci express x16, except the expansion is blue). My motherboard says it has:

- Two pci slots
- Two pci express x1 slots
- Three pci express x16 graphics slots
- One pci express x16 graphics expansion slot (electrical x8)

But my motherboard has 7 slots (not 8 as indicated above). So is the one pci express expansion slot included in the three pci express x16 graphics slots? And if so, can i use the expansion slot as the 2nd slot to run sli from? (Dunno what electrical x8 will do). And according to my motherboard's diagram, it shows the 2 pci express x16 graphic slots are for sli. Doesn't mention the expansion one being for sli. So confused, but the reason i'm asking, is if i can use the expansion slot for sli, then it will free up an extra pci slot so i can get a tv capture card.

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Connect Pci Express 2.1 Graphics Card To Pci Express 2.0 Motherboard

Can i connect a pci express 2. 1 graphics card to a pci express 2. 0 motherboard? If not, then what is the cheapest pci express 2. 1 ddr2 and intel core e8500 compatible motherboard?

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Graphics Card With Pci Express 2.0

I am looking into building my own computer. I have found the mobo and video card i like, but i'm not sure how well they will work together. (Sorry for no links, but this is my first post)gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l lga 775 intel p35evga 512-p3-n801-ar geforce 8800gt 512mb 256-bit gddr3 pci express 2. 0 x16
The video card uses pci express x16 2. 0, while the motherboard does not. I know pci express 2. 0 is backwards compatible and the video card will work, but i am concerned about wasted performance. Will this video card compute faster than it can send data, and, if so, what will be the approximate performance loss? I would upgrade the mobo, but they are more expensive than i would like to pay.

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Pci Expansion Card

I was wondering if there was such a thing a a pci expansion card? I researched a bit on google but couldn't really find much. And if there is such a thing, where could i get one for really cheap or free? I recently acquired a wireless pci adapter for free and now i found i don't have any pci slots left and i need more. I would post this in the buy/sell/trade forum, but of course you need at least 50 posts to post there. If anybody has an expansion card that i could have for free, maybe we could discuss a transaction somewhere else.

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Install A Pci Card To A Pci Express Slot

Can i put(install) a pci card to a pci express slot ?

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Alert: Pci Express Card Operating At X1

I have a new dell 8400, when i boot up the screen says:

Alert: pci express card operating at x1

Strike f1 to go to setup
F2 to continue

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Pci Expansion ( Female Pci Slot )

Is there a cable you can buy that on one side it has the input to go into a pci slot and on the other its a female pci slot. Or another words an expansion that i can move around?

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Computer Wont Turn On With A Pci Express Card

So one of my power supplies died recently and i just replaced it. Well the computer wont turn on with a pci express card in it. Ive tried 2 different cards and same thing. Is there something else i could be missing? As soon as i take the pci express card out everything turns on (case fans etc). Put it in it wont power on. Also the motherboard will give out beeps so possibly something else like cpu? My first inclination would be to change the mobo since thats the cheapest component but not sure.

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Inspiron 9400 Pci Express Card Slot

I have a insprion 9400 laptop with an expresscard slot on the side. I talked to dell and they don't make an adapter to go from the express-card to a type ii slot. I want to get singular wireless internet and they only offer a pci card that works with a type ii slot. Does anyone know of a company who would make such an adapter or would it be better off changing the slot out? How difficult would that be?

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Alert Pci Express Card Is Operating In X1 Mode

I have been receiving this error message when playing games, f. E. A. R is the game that causes it most frequently but all games end up crashing my pc. It happens about every 10 minutes of gameplay when playing f. E. A. R, what happens is that the game freezes and then the machine reboots it appears before the windows boot screen displays and asks me to f1 to continue or f2 to enter setup. I have ran 3dmark05 and that runs without causing the pc to crash. I re-installed xp sp2 and loaded all drivers then installed the game and it still happens, so not a software conflict. I have sent the graphics card back to the manufacturer and they tested the card and they think it is ok.configurations:-
Dell dimension 8400
Pentium 4 2. 8 ghz ht
1 gb ram, 4 x 256mb
2 x 80gb sata harddrives
Sound blaster audigy 2
Nvidia 6600 gt graphics card
350w psu

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Radeon X850xt Pci Express Compatibility Between Tv Tuner Card

Ok, at the moment i have a powercolor ati radeon x850xt pci express, and it seems that only catalyst 9. 3 is supported by this card. Let's suppose i buy the powercolor ati tv wonder 650 pci, i woud like to know if there is any compatibility issues between these two cards, because the most recent drivers for the ati tv wonder 650 seem to be numered 9. 4, i have no idea if this means any problems by only being able to use catalyst 9. 3 with my graphics cards or not. Anyone have idea about this?

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Nvidia 9500gt Card Fitting Issue On Dell Pci Express Slot

I just got an nvidia 9500 gt from evga (1 gig, ddr2, pci express 2. 0 x16). I'm trying to install it in my brand new dells inspiron 537's pci express slot. When i align the part of the card that goes into the pci slot and push down, it locks itself fine, but it does not go all the way down. Part of the metal of the slot thing is still sticking up and i can't push it down. Also, when i turn my computer on, the card makes no reaction so it can't be entirely in. Can someone please help me?

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Ati Radeon X700 Pro Pci Express Video Card Installation

I bought an ati radeon x700 pro from ebay and am having problems installing into my brand new gateway gt5056 media center pc. This is a pci express card which requires no power plug. I disabled the onboard video (nvidia 6100 gpu onboard) on the foxconn (oem model to gateway) motherboard in this machine. I cannot disable the onboard through the phoenix-award workstation bios cus when i go into the pci/pcp menu and disable the onboard segment it disables the pci and pci express as well. In other words the bios options do not allow me to disable just 1 of the 3 and enable the pci express. So. Then i boot up and the card is not even recognized by windows. I have even gone so far as to exchange this machine for an exact replacement at circuit city and ordered and installed an xclio 450 watt power supply from newegg and am still having no luck. I need someone with extreme experience i guess for help to work through getting this card to take. The guy i bought it from even works with pcs as a living and seems very knowledgeable by just talking to him and the instructions he gave me. It is a 2005 serial number on the card so if anyone has any knowledge on how ati's warranty works i will use that as my last resort. They shouldn't need a receipt being that the serial number has a 05 right in it. I doubt i have 2 bad motherboards. And just to let you know i am not a novice either but i am not an expert yet, though pretty close so far til i hit this snag. Also the cooling fan on this card does spin and the drivers after i start installing cannot find the hardware for the driver being installed and i am installing the latest catylyst driver.

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Connecting Scanner Having Pci Slot To Pc That Has Only Pci Express

My scanner connects through a pci slot. The desktop pc has only pci express. How to make them work?

Answer:- scanners can only work with usb cable, scsi, and parallel port etc. I thought the color-flex software took care of the scsi dos drivers which is needed for any window applications. Did you lose it?

You need a standard scsi interface card no doubt about this. The adaptec 2930 scsi card and cable is what works for your model. This scsi card will help you scan at top speed. That fits in the pci sloth no problem. Easy to install as well.

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Pci Express To Pci Adapter

Why does this pci express to pci adapter cost so much?

Seems to be only one kind and they all cost $139. 95.

My motherboard has two pci slots and i have two pci cards. Problem is, there seems to not be enough bandwidth (or something) for both to run at the same time. One is a sound card and other is a capture card, when both are actively recording, sound starts to get static/popping/distorted and pc ends up freezing if i keep it going too long. So seems like the only fix would be move one of the cards to different bandwidth lane.

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Pci-e And Pci And Graphics Cards On K8neo4-f

• one pci express x16 slot (supports pci express bus specification v1. 0a compliant)
• one pci express x4 slots (support pci express x2 only)
• one pci express x1 slots (support pci express bus specification v1. 0a compliant)
• four 32-bit v2. 3 master pci bus slots (support 3. 3v/5v pci bus interface). It says. The last point there in the list, is that the normal old kind of pci-slots? i.e. If i buy an old pci-graphics card, that's where i should put it?

If i but another pci-e will it work in the other pci-e slots? i.e 4x and 1x?

I'm also curious. There's not really a need for two graphics cards, is it? I mean, one runs the monitor, and the other one is just taking power?

I'm thinking about buying an old pci graphics card to run my computer while i'm waiting to have the 6600gt fixed. Just curious if there's anything i can do with the old card when i get the 6600gt back, except using it when i'm not playing games and want things quieter.

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Pci Express Slots

You know those small pci-e slots? Not the one for videocards, the small one that is like 1 1/2 inches long. What utilizes those now? I havn't seen anything that can go in it yet.

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Pci Express 1x Devices

Are there any pci express 1x devices in existence yet or are they like usb used to be back in the late '90s, a well-hyped selling point but no real devices in existance at the time?

All the recent pci express motherboards seem to have these little useless slots on them, but if there aren't devices available what goood are they?

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8 Pin Pci Express Pinout

What is the difference between a pci-e 8 pin connector and the 6 pin? I am looking at getting the cosair hx 520w psu and want to know if it will be compatible with my motherboard. The only reference to what mother board i have is p4m890-8237.

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Motherboard With Socket A And Pci Express

Right now i've got an abit nf7-s, with 4/8x agp. Now, i want to upgrade my video card for oblivion when it comes out (right now i've got a radeon 9800pro), but have run into a bit of a snag. I can't seem to find a mother board that is socket a, that also has pci-express. Does a board such as this exist? I looked around newegg and couldn't find anything, and can't really afford to upgrade my cpu and video card at the same time, and there aren't really many cards that i can find that will be an upgrade for me that are still agp. Any help and other suggestions are most welcome.

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Pci Express - Nvidia Or Radeon ?

The pci-xpress video cards are considered to be in the infancy stage and therefore, i am planning to purchase a middle class pci-xpress video card so i can use the board with pci-x slot and can save a few dollars while waiting for the extreme (peak) releases. The following 'middle class' cards are the ones available in our area, and i am interested to know what card would you pick? & If possible why?

Pci xpress - radeon
1. Xpert vision ati radeon x600 pro pci-e 256mb ddr
2. Powercolor ati radeon x600xt pci-e 256mb ddr
3. Asus extreme ax600xt pci-e 128mb vivo
4. Msi ati radeon rx600xt pci-e 128mb ddr
5. Asus extreme ax700 pro pci-e 128mb ddr
6. Asus eax700 pro pci-e 128 mb ddr3 vivo

Pci xpress - nvidia
1. Inno3d geforce 6600 pci-e 256mb ddr
2. Xpert vision geforce 6600gt pci-e 128mb ddr3
3. Asus en6600 pci-e 256mb ddr
4. Msi nx6600gt pci-e 128mb ddr3
5. Asus extreme n6600gt 128mb ddr3

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Socket 478 - Pci Express Mobo

Does anyone know of any socket 478 p4 motherboards with pci express slots available in the usa. I am having trouble trying to find one.

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8 Pin Pci Express Power Connector

Anyone know where i can get a 6-pin pci express to 8-pin pci express 2 adapter cable from. I have the though power 750w cable management psu but as i brought this a while ago it did not include an 8pin pci-e cable as it does now. So i was wondering does anyone know where i can get one from the uk. Also do i really need it as i intend to get a 3870x2 card?

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Pci Express Slot Not Responding To Hardware

I have an optiplex gx620, which has run wonderfully for 2 years with no problems. I upgraded to powercolor's hd 2400 256mb pci express card a few months ago, again with no problems. As i was carefully dinking about in my case yesterday, (with the computer on), i apparently touched something, and the display suddenly gave-out; the touch was as delicate as is imaginable. Thinking i had fried the card, i tried to install the old peg which was working just fine when i made the upgrade, and it didn't work either. I should note that with either of these cards, the computer makes its start-up as usual, as i can tell from the sounds of the boot sequence. There is no other indication that anything is wrong, and that's with the card in, and the monitor plugged-in. I have a lot of experience installing and upgrading hardware, but no real practical experience troubleshooting the motherboard or figuring-out where to look to diagnose a problem like this. I wonder, is the peg slot fried? Why is the computer operating without a problem with this condition? Is there a default setting in bios that took-over and disabled the slot? Is this fixable?

In bios, it doesn't give any indication that there is anything wrong with the slot either. The pci menu shows all of the slots, and the peg is simply labeled empty. Also, if there is no way to fix the slot, can anyone recommend a good pci gaming card for under $200?

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Pci Express On Intel D915pgn Board

I recently bought an intel d915pgn motherboard and cannot use the pci-e x16 on it. I'm trying to use an ati x800 pro card which has tested good on another computer. The motherboard does not give any indication that the card is not working other than the blank monitor; it even boots into windows! I know it does, i hear the xp startup sound! I can only get video from the regular pci ports on this motherboard.

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Pci Express 1x Cards To Add Extra Monitors

So basically here is the scenario i have a triple monitor eyefinity setup with a 5870 using dell 2209wa's and i have 2 spare hannsg 28 inch screens so i am wondering if buying one of these cheap pci-e 1x video cards would allow me to have 1 desktop on the 3 dells and 1 desktop on the 2 hannsg and how would the mouse cursor move between them if its possible?

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Geforce 8600 Gts Pci Express Issue

My xfx geforce 8600 gts graphics card started showing weird symbols and weird colors on my computer screen. When i take it out and turn my computer on with out it, it is perfectly normal. With it the screen is all in different color symbols and letters and its all messed up and jumpy. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

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Pci Express Nvidia Geforce 8400gs Not Working

I have a problem with my geforce 8400gs. Looking for a solution, and came across someone who had exactly the same problem 9 months ago. So similar that i've cut and pasted that question:

"I turned my computer off one night and when i turned it on in the morning my screen said no signal. So i turned my screen and computer off and back on again. This didn't work so i checked the connections. This didn't work either. So i plugged the monitor into the on-board vga on my motherboard and this worked. I've removed the card and put it back in again. I've tried installing drivers and searching for it in the device manger. Nothing has worked. Anyone ideas will be grateful"

At the time the advice was that the card was probably gone, and to replace it. I've had my card tested, and it definitely hasn't gone. I wondered if anyone had any other solutions?

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His Hightech Radeon Hd 2600 Pro 512mb Pci Express X16

His hightech radeon hd 2600pro 512mb pci express x16 takes up 2 dvi ports and is a pci x16, does that mean i would need 2 pcix16 ports on my mobo or can i use one pcix16 and one pcix4? Or am i completely wrong?

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Working With Pci Express X16 Slot On Asus P5q Pro Turbo Board

How do i make my other pci express x16 slot to work on an asus p5q pro turbo board? I am attempting to move my bulky graphics card from the lower slot on my motherboard to the slot toward the middle for better airflow, and my computer will not boot with it in this slot. The bios freezes when i first start the computer and will not allow access to anything, but when the card is in the lower slot the computer runs fine except for overheating. I pulled the battery out of the motherboard and let it reset and that didnt fix anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

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