Monitor Lights Up Orange And Displays Nothing

When i turn the monitor on it says no signal, but when i plug it into the radeon 9600 the button just lights up orange and displays nothing.

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Monitor Displays Signal Cable Disconnected

My monitor displays signal cable disconnected what shall i do?

Have you tried plugging in your monitor to a different system unit? If by doing this solves your problem, then i would assume a graphics card problem, or maybe a contact problem of it to the main board. Then, you can try cleaning the graphic card contact. If this didn't work, you probably have a faulty card. Or you may try plugging in a known good monitor to your system unit? If after doing so resolves the problem, then the problem is on the monitor. Signal cables of monitors are the common cause of it, you may try moving the cable while connected to your pc. Replace the cable if possible.

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Orange Screen Of Death

Alright, i was typing madly along like i do every day, and the screen on my laptop went 100% orange. After 10 seconds of staring and blinking, i rebooted it and it's fine. Has anyone ever seen this? What happened?

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Usb And Unknown Orange Connector

I have questions regarding my usb2. 0 connectors and this strange orange connector coming from my front intake fan. I think that this orange connector is a connector that goes to the chassis header right? The other 2 fans dont have this connector. Now the two usb 2. 0 cables, i know where they go, but i dont know which row they go on, whether its top or bottom. I assume top, because both cables have 1 row of 5 pins, and as u can see from the picture, the header has a bottom row of 4 pins, and a top row of 5 pins. Which row do i connect the cable to?

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Hp Printer Orange Light Flashing

Ive just changed the color ink cartridge on my printer but when i try to print i have an orange light flashing next to what looks like a page icon with a teardrop on it. The page number selection has what looks like a reverse e. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried taking out the cartridge and putting it back in and switching on/off but it comes up the same.

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Black Screen Cpu Light Orange

Problem: screen goes black. The power light is orange on the monitor. Checking the cpu/tower - the on/off button is orange. Moving the mouse - pressing keys - does nothing. To turn the computer off, i pressed and held the on/off button. On starting the computer back up - everything seemed to be fine. I then started running virus scans (ie: norton, ms antispyware and many others). During one of the scans - while i was away, the computer again "turned off". It happened again when running quickbooks - however, i had just entered data - and turned away - ie - sadly - not watching if anything was happening. Dell support was interesting. While the computer is out of warranty - i was not expecting the following: the dell rep hung up on me! I guess it was because i questioned removing the coin-battery as a solution. Was ok with "reseating" the hard drive cables - but why the battery?

Sadly, i've been at this computer for 30 minutes now, and it has not turned off. (Sadly?)

If you have any ideas, let me know. Oh yes: i tried different power cords, plugged into a different ups plug.

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Hp Deskjet 940c Orange Light Flashing

My black ink ran low on my hp deskjet 940c and i kept printing with it, then it stopped printing, so i installed new b/w and color cartridges, but the orange light above the ink icon keeps flashing, and it won't print, keeps saying my black ink is low or something. I've tried turning it on and off, restarting the computer w/ xp, etc. I need to print by fri. A. M.

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Gateway Power Button Goes Orange When Attempting To Start

I know this has probably been posed several times before, but my power button goes orange when attempting to start the computer. I assumed it was some sort of power problem, so i went along with some troubleshooting techniques. I will list some of the things that i have done in efforts to find the problem. *** I got a new, working power supply. No effect

*** I attempted to start the computer, with nothing connected, except for the cpu, power, power button, and monitor (graphics card is built in). No effect

*** I got a new battery for the motherboard to eliminate that as part of the problem. No effect

My next thought is that there was some sort of power sure in the graphics that would be causing this, but i lack another graphics card to test it out. (Which i wouldn't think a problem with the graphics, would route back to the power switch light).

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Dell 1320c Printer Error Blinking Orange

My dell 1320c printer has an orange blinking error. It has an orange paper jam and "!" Symbol blinking. I checked for paper jams but none to be found. Really cant figure out what the problems can be. I was told to try cleaning the printer heads at one point so i did, no difference in the outcome.

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Pc Lights Turn On For A Second But Then Go Off

Computer doesnt switch on. When i turn the power on the green led on the motherboard lights up and stays lit. But when i press the power switch the fans and lights turn on for a second but then go off again and nothing works. I thought it was a motherboard problem so i tried a new motherboard. Same problem. So then i thought must be cpu. Tried a new cpu. Same problem . Then i tried a new power supply. Same problem!

The case and power supply are brand new, they were being used in a differant pc for about a week . Then everything just switched off while it was on and it hasnt been able to switch on since.

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On Power On, Motherboard Two Lights Came On

I just finished building a computer today, specs are posted below. I am about 98% sure that everything is hooked up correctly. I plugged the power supply in and the mother board has two little lights in the corner of it that come on, other than that it does absolutely nothing. When i press the power button nothing happens at all. I thought it might have been a bad psu but i jump started it with a paper clip and everything came on. Please if anyone has any suggestions let me know. Processor: intel core 2 quad q6600

Video card: evga 768-p2-n831-ar geforce 8800gtx 768mb 384-bit gddr3 pci express x16 hdcp video card

Hard drive: western digital caviar se16 wd3200aaks 320gb 7200 rpm 16mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s hard drive - oem

Memory: corsair (xms series) corsair xms2 2gb (2 x 1gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) dual channel kit desktop memory - retail

Motherboard: evga 122-ck-nf68-a1 lga 775 nvidia nforce 680i sli atx intel motherboard - retail

Case: antec nine hundred black steel atx mid tower computer case - retail

Power supply: ocz gamexstream ocz700gxssli atx12v 700w power supply 100 - 240 v - retail - 119. 99

Optical drive: lite-on black 20x dvd+r 8x dvd+rw 8x dvd+r dl 20x dvd-r 6x dvd-rw 8x dvd-r dl 12x dvd-ram 16x dvd-rom 48x cd-r 32x cd-rw 48x cd-rom ide burner with lightscribe

Monitor: acer al2416wbsd silver 24" 5ms dvi widescreen lcd monitor 400 cd/m2 1000:1

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Keyboard Lights Off, But The Pc Fan Is Still Running

System specs:

Piii 750mhz
Abit be6-ii motherboard
3 hhd's
Matrox video card
Sb audigy sound card
3com ethernet card
Promise hd controller card
512mb pc133 ram

I normally run my pc 24/7, this ones been going good for about 2 years now with no problems. The other day i come home and move the mouse to get the monitor out of standby but nothing happens. Then i notice there is no power to the mouse or keyboard (lights were off) but the pc fans and stuff are still running. So i reboot thinking it just froze, everything boots up as normal but after a few mins the monitor goes into stand-by mode, and the power to the mouse and keyboard turn off. But the pc remains powered (at least the fans do). From then on this happens every time i use it. Randomly it just switches off. So, i make sure i didnt have any weird power seetings set, then i view the system logs and see that an acpi (advanced configuration and power interface) error occurs at the time this happens. So i disable acpi in both windows and in the bios, and try again. Still the same thing happens, only now no error is logged. I also tried looking for any info on this error but couldnt find any that related to my problem. (Most of them were problems with brand new motherboards, but i've been using mine for quite some time now)

Now, after having this happen over and over, some other strage things happen. I would try and power on the pc and the fans and hdd's would start up, then you would hear them loose power or speed, then gain it again like the power flow to them were being fluxuated, until they finally stopped for good. The monitor would also not even come out of stand by mode during this. So i unplugged everything besides 1 hd and 1 fan and after a few tries the system was able to boot up. Sometimes it'll start to boot then just run out of jucie, sometimes it'll make it into windows then freeze with glitches all over the screen, and sometimes it'll boot all the way up then shut down randomly. Now the weird thing is, i have not made any hardware or software changes lately. Nor have i ever had probems with freezing before. I'm currently in the middle of a big web design project for a client so i havnt had time to install anything new on my system or change any settings or anything because i've been busy doing that. Also, you dont have to be doing anything to make the computer shut down. It could be sitting there doing nothing and it will happen. I've tried booting up with nothing but a video card, ram, and 1 hd installed to see if something was conflicting but no luck. One solution i tried was buying a new power supply becaues i figured mine had failed, but that wasn't the case, then same thing happens with this new more powerful power supply. I'm assuming since this just happend out of the blue (and while i was away) that some piece of hardware like the motherboard has messed up? I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on how to fix this, if it is a piece of hardware that needs to be replaced such as the mobo then thats fine, i just want to know if thats it for sure before i purchse one (which i'd probably buy a new processor and ram for too). I just now tried to boot up the broken pc and the fans came on, but the monitor didnt. Then the hdd started powering up and spinning then started making a high pitched noise like it was struggling to move. ( I also have tried booting from other hdd's, they all do the same). I have had a few friends look at it, and they suggested things that have to do with changing bios settings or flashing it. I've tried a few but none have worked. The only problem with these fixes are that they involve doing something thats changing a wrong setting, but since the settings are all the same since day 1. I dont see how they would just now start causing a problem.

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No Display , No Beebs, Just Fans And Lights

I put the entire system together, power on, the lights, fans etc all come on , but no display and no beeb or anything. Next i remove everything from case, try on mobo box, with notthing accept cpu and hs/f and theres no beebs. (There is nomobo speaker but if i plug in speakers shuddnt it come out of that? If tried with a differnt psu same issue. Im using a amd x4 950 be with a asus m3n78-em.

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Unable To Rotate Displays To Portrait

I wanted to give 3x portrait eyefinity a shot, but ccc won't let me rotate any of my displays (1 2407wfp and 2 2408wfps). The option is grayed out. I'm running the 10. 3 betas. Any ideas?

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Powercolor Hd5770 Monitors - Which Displays First ?

I have a power-color hd5770. I've got two monitors connected to it right now. A dell u2410 on the display-port and a dell g2410 on the hdmi port (using a hdmi to dvi cable) since i don't have a standard dvi cable long enough to reach where my g2410 is. Whenever i power on my pc, the bios splash screen and all the other pre-boot stuff shows up on the g2410 first then after the splash screen, all the other stuff comes up u2410 as well (both screens showing the same thing). Is there any way to get the splash screen and all the other stuff to display on the u2410 first since that's my primary display or is that the only way the hd5770 will do it (display on the hdmi before displaying on the display-port)?

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Random Freeze - Displays Will Turn Themselves On And Off

I am not sure what caused this, but 2 times now the computer has started running very slow and the displays will turn themselves on and off, sometimes showing the mouse, sometimes showing some of the windows, sometimes showing only black screens. I am not sure what is causing it, wondering if you guys had any ideas.

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Fx 5200 Multiple Displays Problem

On my pc at work, i just installed an fx 5200 so i could use two monitors. Card works fine and i downloaded the driver from nvidia's site. Now when i choose the option in the nvidia control panel to create a spanned horizontal desktop, it works, but if i maximize a window it maximizes across both screens! I don't want this. I know at home (where i have three monitors), i actually see three in the windows display settings. I don't see this here. I want it setup so that, yea there are two monitors, but when i expand a window it stays on the current screen. How do i get this working?

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Samsung S5560 Display Lights Not On

I purchased samsung s5560 few days ago when anyone calls me display lights not on until i not press lock key?

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Modem All Lights Are On But Internet Not Working

My laptop is connected to the internet but wont let me onto the internet. I have firefox and wen i click on it to use it, i get a message saying: "server not found". Also, i have a gateway laptop and qwest internet. It is wireless. Also, all the lights are on the modem.

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Any Video Cards Support Toggleable Displays ?

I'm looking to build a new pc sometime in the next few months. No specific time-frame unless starcraft2 goes beta (then it will be asap ) i'd like to be able to hook up the pc to both my monitor and tv. Then through windows (or maybe a hardware switch?) Be able to pick which display i want the video signal to go to. I'm trying to avoid having to physically switch or plug/unplug cables. I've never run a dual-display before so i'm not familiar on how that all works. I guess i'm kinda trying to do a dual-display only i want the full signal sent to one display or the other. Is this possible? My tv and monitor both have vga and hdmi inputs if that matters.

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Connect Macbook Air To Cinema Displays

How to connect macbook air's to new cinema displays?


The new apple led cinema display uses a mini displayport jack. It will not work with computers that only have dvi or vga. Only the newer mini displayport equipped macbook airs will work with the new apple led cinema display. The older microdvi equipped macbook air will not work. The led cinema display comes with a mini displayport cable. If you got the newer mini displayport macbook air, that's all you need to connect the two. So find out which macbook air you got.

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Toshiba A300d Satellite Keypad Lights

My toshiba a300d satellite laptop keypad lights(led near the touchpad, led glows in satellite, and led near woofer)

Is not glowing. Actually in a hurry i switched off the led lights, but now i can't find the options to make it glow. It's not in the user manual too. I asked many of them but none of them can't able to answer it.

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Touchscreen Computer Display Lights Up Then Goes Dark

I have an all in one touchscreen computer. When it boots up the the display lights up then goes dark. The image is still on the display but there is no light so it is almost impossible to see. If i press the soft switch twice the screen lights up momentarily then goes dark again. I changed the video card but still no help.

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Lexmark Printer Displays Right Cartridge Incorrect

Why lexmark printer displays right cartridge incorrect. Its the correct one and printed a week ago with it. Its the color cartridge. It new i've used it for 2 prints but last night is posted that error. I've taken it out and put it back in and nothing. I don't know whats going on with it.

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Multiple Displays Not Working With Nvidia 8800gt

This problem first occurred when my friend came over and we were going to watch a movie on my hard drive on my hdtv. I recently upgraded my video drivers. For the first time, when i went to the nvidia control panel and selected dualview, then i tried all of the other settings (stretch, clone, etc). Nothing happened, no picture on tv. This problem could have been caused by any number of things other than the new drivers, but it is the only thing i remember changing since the last time i used the dual monitor feature. My video card has two dvi ports, one with a vga converter for my crt monitor, and the other with a converter to hdmi, and out to my tv. Well, after uninstalling all my video drivers, and then using a program called driver sweeper to remove any traces of them in the registry or temp files, i reinstalled old video drivers i know for sure have had dual view working before, but i still can't get any picture on the tv, monitor is fine, and the nvidia control panel does detect both displays properly. I thought the port may have gone bad so i tried both the tv and the monitor in each of the two slots by themselves and it all worked, but when i plugged in two at the same time, neither had any picture till i unplugged one of them. I restarted the computer knowing this may be the problem, but even after a fresh boot with both the tv and my monitor plugged into my card, i could not get a picture on the tv, but i do have a picture on my monitor. The nvidia control panel does detect both displays properly. I have tried every resolution and setting on the hdtv, still nothing. So for example, when i plugged in the tv first, and set it as the primary display, the desktop showed up just like it should. I plugged in the monitor, and no picture showed up on it. At this point the tv is still working fine. I wanted to get a picture back on my monitor, and the only way to do that was to unplug the hdmi adapter for the tv from the video card. As soon as i did that, the green light on the monitor came on instantly, and i had a picture on it within seconds. Then, i plugged the tv in again, and there was no picture on it, and there won't be until i unplug the crt monitor. I have tried booting the pc up with both monitors plugged in, after running a session with only one monitor, i have tried hot swapping monitors after booting up with one, or both attached, i have tried rebooting multiple times with both plugged in, its no use. I can't get both to work at the same time. I'm just at a loss. Win xp 32, 8800gt 512, sharp 42" hdtv

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Keyboard Led Lights Started Blinking In Sequence

My keyboard and mouse quit working, and the led lights on the board started blinking in sequence: num-cap-scr and back. I tried another keyboard and the same thing happened. Of course, i can't shut down or type, or anything. Has the port gone bad? Is this a motherboard issue?

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G5 Mouse Lazer And Lights Don't Turn On

Why wont it work when its plugged into 5 of the 6 usb slots i have on my motherboard, its like it doesnt want to give it power, windows recognises it but the lazer and lights dont turn on.

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Computer Won't Boot / No Lights, Beeps Or Anything

No lights, beeps or anythng. I made sure to turn the psu switch on and tried other plugs but it won't even turn on. Specs:

Gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p

Corsair cmpsu-650tx

Amd phenom ii x4 945

G. Skill 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1333 (pc3 10666)


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Computer Won't Boot - Lights Flashing

Got a quick question regarding a computer that won't boot. I was doing some cleaning today and accidentally snagged a cord and pulled my surge protector's plug out of the wall. My computer, which is plugged into the protector, wasn't on at the time. I plugged the surge protector back in and all the leds in my comp started flashing in sync with each other at a steady pace (motherboard light, light by the power button, etc). I tried to boot up but pressing the power button did nothing. The thing that ticks me off is that this happen once before. That time my computer had actually been on when i accidentally stepped on the power switch to the surge protector. The exact same thing with the lights happened. I just can't remember for the life of me how i got it running again. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Dual Displays On Crt And Lcd On One Xfx 6200

I have an nvidia xfx geforce 6200 card as my only display adapter in my hp right now. I also have two screens connected to the same card:

An older 19" crt connected with vga
And a new 23" lcd connected with s-video

I can use either one separately (while both are connected), and both work fine, but i can't use any dual monitor modes; i can't use them at the same time. Why is that?

Does the xfx 6200 not support that sort of functionality, or do i need to change something to get it to work?

Do i need a second video adapter?

I'm guessing i need either a second adapter or a replacement dual-head card. I'm completely new to dual monitors.

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