Compaq Presario Won't Turn On Fix

I recently acquired a second hand presario 1200 (model 12xl300) from a frustrated owner who could no longer get it to turn on, just had the green light when the power pack was plugged in. After completely disassembling the computer and removing and inspecting the mother board, it was evident the problem was the power jack attachment to the board. In a previous thread, a poster had described this point as a cold solder joint and had temporarily fixed it by re soldering. The problem is that it's more like a no solder joint. The circuit board area that should receive solder to mate to the rear lug on the jack is covered with the green protective coating to prevent solder adhering. The only exposure is the edge of the hole which only allows a few thousandths of an inch exposure to solder. The jack is then straining against this minute connection every time the power supply is plugged in. As the joint fails, less and less power is able to be transmitted through it until none can be. The fix i made was to use a dental pick the chip off the coating to the bare copper around the lug. This is pretty delicate work and the copper can be easily damaged. Then i re soldered, again delicate work since direct heat to the board can delaminate it. Next i put a drop of super glue between the jack body and the board to try to eliminate any flexing when the power is plugged in. The computer works flawlessly now. In my opinion, this is decidedly a manufacturing defect that should have been caught by inspection of the boards prior to assembly, or certainly after the solder process as very little solder was adhering to the joint. These boards are manufactured in large batches, and there must be many that have failed in warranty or are in the process of failing. Again, in my opinion, it's inconceivable that hp/compaq is unaware of this defect.

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Compaq Presario V5000 Will Not Turn On

My wife has a compaq presario v5000 running windows xp home. It will not turn on. Here is the sequence of events as relayed to me: my granddaughter (age 6) was playing on the computer; she tried to download a game; the norton anti-virus popped on with a warning; she went ahead and tried to download it anyway; it did not load but a virus may have downloaded; when my wife tried to the computer back on, it turned on for a minute or so then shut itself off and would not turn back on;

I have tried to restart it with both the power cord and the battery, battery alone, and power alone, nothing! If i could get it back on, i could reset a restore point, or even reload the whole system. Do you know if there is a reset button or some other way to get it turned on?

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Compaq Presario 2100 Turn Off Issue

I have a compaq presario 2100 notebook win xp profesional , the turn of system don't function, in the panel control /batteries, ther is not option to set up this item, turn off, the machine only turn off when the baterries are empty.

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Restore Compaq Presario

How do i restore my compaq presario? I have a compaq presario v6000 laptop how do i restore it to factory conditions it is very slow i want speed up so how do i restore to factory condition just like the first time i turned i the os is vista home premium.

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Compaq Presario Processor Compatibility

What processor can add to my compaq presario? Im slowly learning about upgrading my computer since i upgraded to windows 7 and added an extra 1tb hard drive which is nearly full my computer is running far to slow so im going to add 3 extra gb of ram. I want to be able to open multiple programs at the same time and to be able to search through my files quick which seems to be taking ages. I've also been told i need to buy a processor which i don't really understand the models? Do i need a new one?

I got this info from crucial if this helps:

Maximum memory capacity: 4096mb

Currently installed memory: 1gb

Available memory slots: 2

Total memory slots: 4

Dual channel support: yes

Cpu manufacturer: authenticamd

Cpu family: amd athlon(tm) 64 processor 3500+ model 15, stepping 2

Cpu speed: 2200 mhz

Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs of modules.

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Compaq Presario V2000 Will Not Boot

Compaq presario v2000 will not boot, for example i press the power button and everything lights up and everything except screen then everything goes dead but the power button would stay glowing and if you leave it there for a while it would heat up and fan would run but still nothing happening.

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Compaq Presario 1500 Keeps Turning Off

Laptop keeps turning off, i think it could be overheating, any ideas, i've tried a different power supply. Its a compaq presario 1500. Any thoughts?

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Compaq Presario F700 Turns Off

I have a presario f700 compaq hp laptop. When i push the button to turn it on, the blue light comes on for a slight second and then it quickly turns off. My laptop will not turn on at all! Is this because of the battery, maybe a bad wire, or a horrible virus? Getting it fixed in a shop is just too much.

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Compaq Presario Sr 1420 Uk Memory Upgrade

I'm buying an extra 1gb of ram to add onto my current 512mb but i've met some very tricky problems, since my current 512mb is a pc3200 ddr400 cl3 made by hynix and the recommended ram from both crucial and kingston for my compaq presario sr 1420 uk is a differing pc2700 ddr333 cl2. 5 model. Should i go with the recommendations of the so-called "professionals" and mix different latencies and speeds, or should i simply buy 1gb of matching pc3200 ddr400 cl3 memory ? The problem is i donít know what will happen in each scenario: will my old ddr400 cl3 speed up to ddr333 cl2. 5 if i choose to go with crucialís recommendations to match the new memory (vice/versa) or will both simply fail to work?

Or should i play it safe and buy memory of matching specifications knowing that it should work, but loosing the potential to fully upgrade to faster memory in the future, since if i replace memory in the future, one will still be a cl3 whereas if i buy a cl2. 5 now, when i upgrade memory in the future both will be at cl2. 5 ?

Is there a faster combination out of the two or will the ddr400 cl3 and the ddr333 cl2. 5 perform equally as well in the end? Also, should i be concerned with the different pcxxxx figures ? All iíve heard is that it refers to the motherboards clock speed but i still haven't a clue about how that will affect the memory that i should buy. My friend told me something about dual-channel memory so does that apply to me too? Which do you think i should buy?

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Compaq Presario V3618tu Memory Upgrade

How do i know if my compaq presario v3618tu motherboard supports 800mhz ddr2 or ddr3? I own a compaq presario v3816tu. I am currently using 2x 512mb 667mhz ddr2's, and i would like to upgrade my memory since i'm running windows 7. I do not know if i can use 800mhz ddr2's or 667/800mhz ddr3's. I used cpu-z and it said that my motherboard is wistron 30cd, but provided no further info. I googled it, but found no info. Found wistron's website, still no luck. 1. ) Where can i find the specs for my motherboard? If i do find it, will i know if my motherboard supports 800mhz or ddr3? If not, where will i find answers to my questions regarding 800mhz memory modules and ddr3's?

Also, my laptop is a few years old, it was built around 2008. It only has an intel core 2 duo processor running at 1. 5ghz, and i really feel the crunch when running multiple applications. Since core 2 quad was released around jan 2008 and my laptop was built around that time, i am hoping it has support for core 2 quad processors. 2. ) How do i know which processors are compatible with my motherboard when the manufacturer's website itself does not contain info?

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Compaq Presario Cq40 Keyboard Not Working

Compaq presario cq40 keyboard not working. It just works for the login password even the touchpad isn't working, im just using the on screen keyboard.

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Compaq Presario C700 Randomly Shuts Down

At first it would get only to the user screen. When you clicked to log on, it would load and load and load but never go to desktop. No matter how long it sat loading (we waited two days before deciding it was pointless) we reverted it back to factory condition. Now it'll get to the desktop and you can start a program (say, notepad) but five minutes or so after it's been on, it'll just completely shut down. It's not the power-cord, as i've already experimented with buying a new one. However, i think there could possibly be a problem with the battery. Anyone know what's wrong/how to fix this issue?

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Compaq Presario 5000 Black Screen

How do i fix my compaq presario 5000 series? It got a very bad virus and it shut down and wont do anything when i turn it on. It will come up with a black screen that says compaq in big red letters. I don't have the recovery disks. And i cant make them either. The computer came out in 2001 so i cant get any recovery disks. And ive tried pushing the f11 button when it turns on. I tried pressing it just once. Nothing happened. Then i turned it off then back on and tried pressing it repeatedly. Nothing again. Did the same thing but pressed f10 a menu came up but nothing that would help. Then i tried all of the other buttons and the only one i got any thing out of was when i for some reason pressed the esc button and this other menu came up. That had a choice of three things something about the computer itself (pressed on it (nothing)) then about the floppy disk drive and nothing happened. And also something else there was this other thing the last choice. But it was to long to remember the name. But it did anything either. Ive also tried using other compaq recovery disks but it either said an error of some type or that these disks couldnt be used on this system. I was wondering if there was any way of fixing it myself with out having to go to a pc repair place. I would if that was the last option.

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Compaq Presario Sr5450f Recovery Discs

I have a compaq presario sr5450f which was bought with windows vista home premium service pack 1 preinstalled on it. But one day it crashed and i had to shut it down. I then turn it back on and it just shows the presario startup screen and just stays there and never loads into windows. I turned it off and on again and again and still it never loads into windows. And it was only after this happened i realized i don't have the recovery discs because you had to make them in windows itself. I couldn't find anywhere to buy the recovery discs online, not even at the compaq website. So i eventually erased the entire disc and actually put ubuntu linux on it for the time being and all the hardware works fine although i'm not as impressed with the video card performance plus i want to use windows software and games and i really just prefer windows. Now i want to know if i can install a fresh copy of either windows vista or windows 7 that i could buy at the store and have all the hardware detected and working(like video card, sound, etc) on a compaq presario sr5450f? I want everything to work properly because this was a pc bought at a store like best buy.

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Compaq Presario Sr1320nx Screen Blank

I opened up my computer to clean it out with a can of compressed air, then i closed it up and connected my screen. I hear the computer turn on, and the green light comes on too, but the screen doesn't want to connect to the computer, it just stays blank. I tried two different monitors and neither worked.

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Compaq Presario C700 Ram Upgrade

I have compaq presario c700 series laptop, model series is kb114pa, can u tell me how much ram can i extend. ?

Answer:- u can probably run at least 3 gb of ram, possibly 4 gb (2 2gb ddr sticks). I have seen some c700 laptops with 3 gb of ram (1 2 gb stick plus 1 1gb stick). Assuming your operating system is still vista premium 32bit, it will only recognize 3 gb of ram, you need a 64bit os to recognize more than 3, in windows' case at least. I do believe c700 comes with 64bit cpu's though.

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Compaq Presario Laptop Overheats And Turns Off

My dad's compaq presario c700 overheats and turns off, even with the laptop cooler on. Any suggestions? A few minutes ago, my dad's compaq presario c700 laptop has been overheating and turning off lately, but the cooler's connected and running every time. What do you guys/gals think the issue might be? I have a fan running at the side it overheats at with another laptop cooler underneath (broken) to prevent the laptop to turn off again. The following things i made sure are as follows:

1. The vents aren't blocked
2. There is space between the bottom and a soft surface (the bed for example)

My dad had this laptop for almost 3 years now and it's a big pain the butt: 1. The wifi adapter was defective (e.g. No connections), 2. The screen went bad, 3. The issue right now, a. K. A. Overheating and powering off, and 4. The screen is about to go bad again. Probably bad wiring.

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Compaq Presario Cq62 Webcam Problem

Ok, i want to be able to chat with some friends of mine with the webcam. The only one that i see available on my laptop is the youcam program. I updated it and everything, but everytime i open it up, it says "no video device is connected. " I am pretty sure my laptop has a webcam, but i don't know how to activate it in order for youcam to recognize it. Any suggestions?

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Compaq Presario V5000 Keyboard / Touchpad Problem

I recently bought a compaq presario v5000 of a friend, the problem with the laptop is, sometimes the touch pad wont work correctly, it moves very erratically or not at all and somtimes the keyboard will completely scramble so all the buttons still work but for example the caps lock key would be the letter "f" and the letter "f" will be return , and other times both the keyboard and touch pad will work completely fine. I thought it could be a bios problem so i updated to the latest version and still the problem remains, i have been searching on google and can't seem to find any info on the problem, has anyone heard of this problem and if so, is there a fix for it? I have taken the laptop apart and made sure that the keyboard and touch pad are connected correctly.

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How Do I Remove Fdd And Cdrw From Compaq Presario 5000 ?

Not sure how to remove this. I need to put it into another computer and have no idea how to take them out.

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Compaq Presario 2700us Shuts Down After Ten Minutes

My compaq presario 2700us laptop shuts down cold after about ten or fifteen minutes. Other times it boots partially and then shuts down cold. I have reinstalled all the compaq "quick restore" software but stiil shuts down.could this be defective ram or what?

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Compaq Laptop Presario V2000 Motherboard Replace

My presario v2000 stop working. Tried a few things/checks, but it still doesn't do more than a 1 second blink when i push the start-button. I think it is the motherboard and want to replace it with a secondhand one, but it is hard to get the motherboard i have. There are to types of motherboards for the v2000 (394253 and 394252). I have the 53, but like i said, it is hard to get this secondhand. The 52 is easier to get and i was wondering or someone could tell me or it is possible to replace a 53 with a 52?

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Compaq Presario Cq60-215dx Webcam Not Working

I have a compaq persario cq60-215dx i am trying to run my a4tech cam it says the cam is running but no image? I am just trying to get my webcam to work and i have no idea what to do, i am running on win7.

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Compaq Presario Sr1403wm Graphic Card Upgrade

I am currently using compaq presario sr1403wm, ive been using this pc for over 8 years and i only play 1 game and its called muonline, my question is can i put a great graphics card into my pc that will work perfectly with my pc? And if i can, whats the best one i can get and where can i get it at?

http://h10025. Www1.

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Compaq Presario A900 Wireless Connection Issue

Compaq presario a900 wireless connection issues. My wireless show that it is connected to my home router and when i am @ a wireless location but my internet browser will not connect.

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Compaq Presario 5000 Video Card Upgrade

Im looking for +a new video card since i think that's the problem whenever i play any games the screen freezes up for 15 secs every minute or so. Here are my comp specs:

Compaq presario 5000 series dsdt
Intel pentium 4 processor 1. 7ghz
512mb syncdram total system memory
64mb nvidia geforce2 mx

What can my computer handle and what is price range?

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Compaq Presario Cq62-209wm Webcam Will Not Work

Compaq presario cq62-209wm webcam will not work, i know i have a webcam or at least i think. The computer came with some webcam software. So i am under the assumption that i have an integrated webcam. How do i turn it on?

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Wiping The Hard Drive Of A Compaq Presario 1655 Laptop

One of my co-workers sons is going to college this fall and he was given an old laptop.comp presario 1655 is the type. I was wondering if i can just format c: the harddrive and then install windows after that is done. Or do you need a special compaq disc to "activate" the laptop before you put the software on it. When he was given the laptop, it had no manuals or discs with it so i am hesitant to erase the os and programs it has on it, if there is an issue with doing a complete wipe of the system.

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Compaq Presario C700 Keyboard Keys Don't Work After Restart

My compaq presario c700 has recently developed an annoying fault. If the laptop shuts down when not used, when you restart it, the keyboard often (but not always) has many keys that don't work. It is the same keys each time that don't work. No combination of shift, fn, alt, control, windows, or alt seem to help. The computer will still function normally if i used the "on-screen keyboard" or if i plug in a usb external keyboard. After using the "on-screen keyboard" or the usb keyboard for about 5 or 10 minutes, the internal keyboard then works again. It only fails on a restart. It never fails once the machine is going. Any suggestions? This is a stock standard machine with vista.

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Using 'middle Click' Option On Compaq Presario Laptop

How do i use the 'middle click' option on my compaq presario cq60 laptop? I'm downloading a game on my computer and it says that the middle click option will be needed. Does anyone know how to activate it? Or is it already on my computer? If not, please tell me how to make it like that.

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