Adapter With 44 Pin To 40 Pin Ide

I just wanted to know if there was a adapter or cable that can go from 44pin ide to 40pin ide? Because i bought a 1gb ide flash module and the motherboard is going on got a regular ide adapter on it.

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6 Pin To 8 Pin Power Adapter

Got my new sapphire hd4890 2gb yesterday, and low and behold, the thing has a 6 pin and an 8 pin input, but no adapter. I knew i should have ordered an adapter

I wish to *** these companies would include the necessary adapters, especially if it's a brand new product.

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Installing A 4 Pin Case Fan Into A 3 Pin Motherboard Connector

Installing a 4 pin variable speed case fan onto a 3 pin motherboard connector. ? I have a 4 speed 120mm variable speed case fan. I would liek to install this in my tower, but my motherboard is only a 3 pin connector. My understanding is that i can put the 4 pin connector on the 3 pin, and it will work, just not as variable speed. I have been told that the 4th pin is basically the controller for the variable speed, and that just the 3 pins will just have the fan on at full speed all the time. This is fine, i just want it to function. My related questions would be, which hole in the 4 pin connector do i leave empty? When i power on the computer, should the fan start immediately, or do i have to wait for the case to heat up some? My power supply has 4 pin cords for peripherals, but they are female (molex i think) and so is the cord from the fan. Is there some kind of adaptor i can purchase?

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Xfx Does Not Support 2 3 Pin To 6 Pin Adapters

Says so in the manual yet they provided 2 of them with the 5850 i bought? Should i not be using them? My temp psu only has one 6 pin pci-e lead so i was going to use the provided adapter as a second pci-e connector until my new psu arrives (currently on rma with corsair).

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An 8-pin Pci-e Adapter

So i got a 9800gx2 with 2 power connections and i didn't have an 8 pin adapter. I tried looking online to see if using 2x 6 pin connectors would be fine, but i couldn't find much. Finally i tried making an 8-pin adapter and it works perfectly!

Source: how to make 8-pin pci-e connector

First, take an old atx connector (or similar) and cut off two pins from the end using a dremel. Cut the wires of the two pin connector down and strip them:

Now, instead of wiring these extra two pins directly to my power supply, i decided to wire it up to a spare adapter i had to avoid canabalizing my power pc & cooling 510. You could wire directly to your power supply, but you would end up making permament modifications (explained later). I ended up using a 2x 4 pin molex to 6 pin pci-e adapter i had laying around. Strip each of the black wires (ground) somewhere in the middle. Solder the wires from the two pin connector to the exposed wires you just stripped. Note: i said solder, but you can get away with electrical tape; however, thatís the lazy way, which is more apt to fail. Then, just cover the solder points with electrical tape and tape the two pin connector to the 6 pin pci-e connector and voila! Your new 8 pin pci-e adapter is finished! It would be a good idea to test fit your new plug before attaching the two connectors together. Lastly, everyone wants to know, "does it work?"

Heck yes it works! And it fits like a glove.

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Using 8 Pin Adapter With 9800gx2

Picking up a 9800gx2 on the cheap but no 8 pin adapter came with it. Ugh. Psu does not have an 8 pin so i was thinking about adapters. Fry's has these two adapters for sale. Molex to 4 pin and then 4 pin to 8 pin. Would that be enough to power my gx2 or am i just ***?

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20 Pin Psu In A 24 Pin Motherboard

What happens when you use a 20 pin psu instead of a 24? Ive got an asus k8v-vm which use's a 24 connection. Ive tried using my hiper type r which has 20/24 pins but it doesn't work. However when i use my unbranded 20 pin psu it work's up to the point of the cd drive, which won't open when the ide cable is connected. When the ide cable isn't connected the cd drive works. Do you think the lose of power to my cd drive is due to using a 20 pin psu in a 24 pin motherboard?

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Molex To 8-pin Pci-e Adapter

So i need one 6-pin and one 8-pin pci-e connector for a folding machine but the power supply i want to use only has one 6-pin. I was looking on ebay for an adapter and found this one:

Looks like it would be exactly what i need except for the picture shows it has the 5v lines connected to the pci-e side somewhere? All of the similar adapters on ebay seem to do this too. People have bought them and left positive feedback. *** Is going on?

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4 Pin - Pci-x Power Adapter

Can't believe my psu nor my video card came with one of these adapters, now i have more wait time. Does it matter whether you get the 2x 4-pin -> pci-x adapter, or the 1x 4pin -> adapter is sufficient?

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6 Pin Video Card Power Cord Adapter

Has room to attach two 4 pin molex power cables, can it run on just one or should both be attached. ?

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4-pin Male Pci-e To Female Molex Adapter

4-pin male pci-e to female molex adapter are they made? I searched pretty thoroughly and couldn't find anything. I only ask because i'm looking to mod one of my game systems and don't feel like soldering onto the motherboard.

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Male 25 Pin Dvi To Male 29 Pin Dvi Adapters Or Cable ?

I can't find this, male 25 pin dvi to male 29 pin dvi adapters or cable i need for my lcd to my video card to use the digital display on it. Can anybody tell me where i may get this please?

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Repairing Ps2 Pin

I have a ps2 with a white pin broken trying to do the knife swap trick. So ive got another one off a mate, does not work so i can use it for parts. Have opened it up, but cannot find a way to remove the white pin. Can anyone guide me with this? Preferably with a visual aid - if you can edit and post back this photo:

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How Many Kinds Of 168 Pin Sdrams Are There ?

I got a ram that looks like a 168-pin ram. Except the ram chips are horizontal instead of vertical, there are 4 of them on each side. I was told it is a 256mb ram but it doesn't seem like it. And the holes on the chip (which is supposed to match the ones on the mother board) are off by a few millimeters. Can anyone identify this ram?

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A Pin Broke Off Of Sata Drive

Before i go into a bit of detail, i already believed i am hosed on this, which sucks because i only had this drive in use for the time it took to make a clone of the drive it was going to replace. I bought a hitachi 1tb drive awhile back, had some rl issues creep up and the drive got lost in my junk and eventually forgotten about. Just this weekend i found it and thought hey i should use this in my desktop. So i opened the desktop, unplugged my 3rd hd into the hitachi so i could format and then clone my old d: drive and then went to bed. Next day after work i tried to swap out these drives but i must of banged the hitachi too hard and broke off the plastic guide on the data cable. I was able to with the broken piece in the cable get it to go back in, yay! When moving the case back it fell out again. Alright, i will just put it back and get some tape to hold it there. Well, the one pin on the end broke right off. That's the long winded version. The tiny pin is lost somewhere, can't see it. I have no soldering skills of any sort. As mentioned i'm probably screwed but it's worth a shot to ask if anybody else had a good solution. Just *** me off that something the size of my pinky fingernail broke and it's now all useless.

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8 Pin Pci Express Pinout

What is the difference between a pci-e 8 pin connector and the 6 pin? I am looking at getting the cosair hx 520w psu and want to know if it will be compatible with my motherboard. The only reference to what mother board i have is p4m890-8237.

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Power Supply That Has Two 20-pin Connectors

I'm looking to replace a power supply on a magma chassis that is used to supply power to 7 hd cards for a pro tools system. The current power supply is just loud as crap and i need something quiet. The current model is made by channel well technology, 400 watts, and the model number is psg400p-89. The difficulty i'm having is finding a power supply that has two 20-pin connectors on it. The power supply uses two of these connectors to power the main board. I noticed a splitter on ebay that takes one 20-pin connector and splits it into two, but i don't know that this would give me the right amount of power, would it? I'd probably rather have something that had separate connections running straight from the unit. I also want it to be quiet, since that's the whole point of me doing this in the first place.

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4 Pin Connection In Power Supply

What is that 4 pin connection in a power supply for? Not the one for the hard drives, but the one that is square

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4-pin Cpu Power Connector Mismatch

I'm looking at building a computer with a ocz ocz500mxsp psu and an asus m4a78 plus motherboard. I've spent the night trying to make sure all my components will work together, but i noticed this and am not sure if it will work. It's been a while since i've built one, and i looked in the faqs but they were horribly outdated.

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6 Pin Pci-e To Sata Connector Adapters

I am trying to put my 8800gt into my brothers computer. It fits in the pci-e slot perfectly, but his power supply unit doesn't have the 6 pin pci-e , and all it has is sata connectors. Do they make a adapter for 6pin pci-e to sata connectors? If so can you give me a link?

(To clear , the sata connector im talking about are the thin typically black ones)

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Pci Card W/ 10-pin Usb Header

I have purchased an internal card reader to be installed in a 3. 5" bay (this). However, i do not have a 10-pin usb header on my motherboard. I've been searching around google for a pci card or something similar which has such a header (and, perhaps, some rear usb inputs). I have found pci cards with rear usb inputs and one internal usb-a (female) connection, but it is not a 10-pin male header as i need. My question can be answered in one of two ways:

1) is there a pci card which has a 10-pin internal usb header (male)?

2) can i convert the 10-pin female connector on the card reader to a usb male connector and connect it to the pci card i've found which has an internal usb female connector?

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Internal Usb 10 Pin Extension / Extenders

Looking for a usb 10 pin extender i believe they called. I have a mod where i have a 4 port usb slot bracket in the top of my case and need to extend the cable to the internal headers. Anyone know where i can get the extension?

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8 Pin Pci Express Power Connector

Anyone know where i can get a 6-pin pci express to 8-pin pci express 2 adapter cable from. I have the though power 750w cable management psu but as i brought this a while ago it did not include an 8pin pci-e cable as it does now. So i was wondering does anyone know where i can get one from the uk. Also do i really need it as i intend to get a 3870x2 card?

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Broke Lga 1156 Cpu Pin

I got a new motherboard, h55m-ud2h and i-core3 cpu. This processor is lga-1156 type, which means the pins are not on the cpu, but on the motherboard. They are really tiny, flexible, and i broke one of them, so it's separated. Is there any possibility i can fix it in home environment with some basic tools and experience?

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Connecting 4 Pin Molex Fan To Controller

Well i bought a 120mm fan that has a male and a female molex connector: Nz/computers/components/cooling-fans/auction-290600186.htm

I then bought a 2 channel fan controller: Nz/computers/components/cooling-fans/auction-291043742.htm

Then i find out that i cant control the fan because it only has molex connectors, so i buy this: Nz/browse/listing.aspx?Id=290170444

When i hook this up it doesn't work? The fan doesn't turn on no led's nothing. Why doesn't my fan get power through the pin connection? How do i hook this up to my fan controller?

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Difference Between 4/8 Pin And Sata Power Connectors?

For a hard drive, what is the difference between 4/8 pin power connectors and the sata power connectors? Do i need to use both in order to power my hard drive correctly? I noticed that there is an 8-pin power slot, but i also know that the long sata slot on the far left is also a power slot, and i was just wondering the difference between the two.

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Front Usb And Firewire - Pin Connection To Motherboard

Well i have an antec case and it said in the book i should have a 8 pin which is the usb and a 6 pin which is the firewire. Well i have a 10 pin and a 7 pin and am confused. How did you guys connect it to the motherboard?

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Plug In 24 Pin Power Connector To Motherboard Without Anything Installed In It

What happens if you plug in the 24 pin power connector to the motherboard without anything installed in it? I want to know what happens if you connect the power to the motherboard and nothing else is installed just the motherboard itself. Will it turn on or will it just wont work.

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Connect Power To Hard Drive With 7 Pin Connector

The hard drive in my desktop took a nosedive. A friend gave me an hp tower with a bad motherboard. The data and power sockets on the hard drive have the flat blade type connectors. So i swapped out the power supplies too. My tower has a gigabyte motherboard. Now, i can connect everything except for the power to the hard drive. It has a flat ribbon connector that goes from the flat power socket to a small 7 pin connector. My gigabyte doesn't have the 7 pin. How can i power the drive? Is there an adapter made for this kind of connection or am i just out of luck?

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4 Pin Cpu Power Connector - Motherboard / Psu Problem

Motherboard / psu problem 4pin cpu power connector. I have a 750tx from corsair and the m4a79xtd evo by asus however the motherboard's processor power connector is a 4 pin and my power supply (as expensive as it was) only comes with an 8 pin connector (and no it isn't split into two) what are my options aside from buying a new power supply? (Or a new motherboard?)

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