Hp Deskjet F4400 Deleting Printing

I have an hp deskjet f4400 series i got the week before last. In the part where it lists the document name, status (of the printing papers), owners pages submitted, etc. , Under the status it says "deleting - printing" and i try to cancel it but nothing happens, i need to print another paper but it wont go through because of the first one. What can i do to make that go away?

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Hp Deskjet F4400 Not Printing

Every thing is hooked up and ready to use. The scanner works, the fax works, i can even make copies, its just, my printers not working. If i can scan onto my computer then that means that the device must be installed properly. I've already re-installed the device twice. I ever brought it back and got a new one. I just cant print! Printer type - hp deskjet f4400 series. I have a research project due, and everything is saved onto my computer, but it doesn't matter if i cant print it out for presentation.

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Hp Deskjet F4400 Not Working

I bought an hp deskjet 4400 printer, scanner etc. Great features, great price - but it doesn't work. Using microsoft 7, half the time i click on "print", in any application, nothing happens. Four times out of five when something does happen, the paper feed whirls for a while, then stops, and - nothing happens. Is this what i can expect for something that cost less than $100? What is a reliable printer?

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Hp Deskjet F4400 Printer Software Cd Into More Computers

I have a hp deskjet f4400 series printer, will the software cd download into more than one computer? I have 2 computers that both need to be able to print things, can i download the cd software into both of them and have them both print to the same printer?

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Hp Deskjet 5400 Not Printing

I have my hp deskjet 5400 series for over thee years now. It printed well until yesterday. Today when i try to print a document, the document's first line alone is printing but very lightly. Before a message appeared saying the printer is jammed but i did not find any paper in it, thought i did find an ink spillage. It says the ink is still 3/4 filled. Does anyone know what may cause this to happen?

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Hp Deskjet F4280 Printing Problem

My hp deskjet f4280 will print something just a little and then stop i have to click cancel to get the paper out. I ran the hp print diagnostic utility and it said nothing was wrong. All the cords are connected. Whats the problem? How can i fix this?

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Hp Deskjet D4300 Printing Problem

My hp deskjet d4300 printer wont print anything. I've been having problems with this printer for a while, but sometimes it prints, and sometimes it doesn't. Lately, it hasn't been printing at all. And usually when this happens, we just turn it off, and then turn it back on, but that doesn't work. So then we shut the computer down, and the printer, and then turn them both back on, and it still doesn't work. Then, we took the plugs out from the back of the printer, left them out for a few seconds, and then plugged it back in, and it still doesn't work. I just bought a new ink cartridge and everything, it just doesn't want to print. I have no idea what else to do.

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Hp Deskjet F2280 Is Not Printing Black Ink

My hp deskjet f2280 isn't printing black ink; its a new cartridge? So i have a hp printer. I got a new black cartridge, and the ink is full and working, but the thing is it isn't printing black ink. Only colored. If i try to do a test sheet, the writing which was meant to be black comes out dark blue. Anybody know how i can get the black ink to print? I need to use my printer pretty soon.

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Hp Deskjet F4280 Printing Colored Pictures In Dark Shades

Our hp f4280 3 in 1 printer is printing colored pictures in dark shades, what is wrong? I just started to print out photos of my graduation using our printer hp f4280 3 in 1, but the result is in shades of dark, at first i thought it was just the photo paper, so i test a plain paper but same thing happened. The soft copy of the picture is really bright and clear but the printout is so dark. Anyways i just notice this problem cause i only print text before and this is just the 1st time i use this printer to print photos.

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Hp F4400 Code 43

Hp f4400 series will not run on windows 7? It runs fine on xp, but on win 7 i get this message, and i have repeatedly installed driver software to no avail (it is the correct driver for my os).code 43: windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. I have checked and it still works on xp.

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Error Deleting Folder

I have the icon of a full recycling bin, however there is nothing in it and when i try and empty it i get the error of "cannot remove specified file or folder. Make sure you specified the correct path and file name. " This folder existed on several drives at one point as i've been reorganizing but has been deleted for good and can not be found on any partition. Does anyone know what i can do to correct this? I'm running a multiple hard drive(4) ntfx xp system so i am not sure which partition this is coming off of as well. Checkdisk didn't pick anything up. Any suggestions?

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Trouble Deleting Program

I currently have a program on my computer that seems like it doesn't want to be deleted. I cannot find any of the files for this particular program, and when i go to control panel and click add/delete programs, and try to delete the program, it says there is an error and it won't delete. Any ideas how i can get it off of my computer because i would like to reinstall it onto my harddrive.

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Help Deleting Sound Card Driver

I'm using duraband speakers and they suck. All i'm getting is static. So i looked online and one person said:

"Same problem for me. I just uninstalled my current sound card thru device manager and turned the speakers on and back off and then told device manager to rescan and it reinstalled my sound card. And then i turned the speakers back on. ! Voila sound!"

So i tried going o device manger -> sound, video and game controllers

But the only thing under there is:

Audio codecs -(properties lead to)- genral, drivers, details

Audio codecs -(properties lead to)-genral , properties, details

Audio codecs-(properties lead to)-genral, drivers, details

Legacy audio drivers-(propeties lead to)- genral, propeties, details

Legacy video capture devices-(propeties lead to)- genral, propeties, details

Media control devices-(propeties lead to)- genral, propeties, details

Video codecs-(propeties lead to)-genral, propeties, details

Which one should i delete? And if it helps i'm using windows xp i know its not that great but whatever. Also this compute wont let me delete when i go to the drivers tab and says i can't update or rollback. And i trie troubleshooting but it dosn't work. And for some reason this computer doesn't have a mixer.

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Is It Safe To Sell Sony Psp After Deleting Personal Info ?

Is it safe to sell your sony psp after deleting you personal info(form log ins, credit card # , etc. )? Or can your log ins and credit card # on the browser be recovered?

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Getting Youtube Account Back After Deleting Google Account

How do i get my youtube account back after deleting a google account connected to it? I think you can't it happened whit me in a game connect to my old facebook when i deleted the facebook, the game account was deleted to.

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Printer Keeps Printing

My printer keeps printing without command when its on.

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Hp Printer Keeps Printing

Hp printer problem - keeps printing when i don't want it to. I have an hp vivera printer and whenever i turn it on it automatically prints out an ink sample sheet. (Where whenever you put in a new ink cartridge it prints out a "tester" paper). The thing is, i haven't even put in a new ink cartridge, it's just doing it on it's own whenever it's turned on. How can i stop this from happening?

P. S i've tried the steps on the "ink tester sheet" and it doesn't work, it still keeps on doing it.

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Sublimation Printing

I am thinking of starting a little venture printing custom mugs. I have seen the sublimation printing press for sale on ebay, obviously you need special transfer paper. Is there any other kit you need apart from a standard inkjet printer? Is it straight forward?

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Hp Printer Not Printing

I have a hp desktop d2660, that continues to have problems. There seems to be a problem with the communication between the printer and the computer. The computer detects the printer, and everything is connected properly, but nothing would print. I have noticed a pattern though. If i were to uninstall the drivers and re-install again, it prints just fine. Then i would restart the computer, and try printing again, i would hear it start up then stop and the power button light would start blinking, and an "error-printing" status would pop up in my notification bar. The printer is connected to the computer through a usb, and it is connected correctly, including the power cord. I have installed the drivers also.

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Printing Wirelessly

Downstairs on the our desktop we have a canon printer installed. I'm trying to print wirelessly from my laptop but its not working. On the desktop, i right click on the printer (under it it says that its ready) and select properties, and i enabled sharing. So i tried to add the printer wirelessly from my laptop but my laptop is saying there aren't any printers available. So then i tried clicking "add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer" and i typed in the computer name and the printer name, and then it says "windows cannot connect to the printer. The server print spooler is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the server machine. "

What does that mean?

Ive also tried running cmd as an administrator and running "stop network spool" and "start network spool" but i'm still getting the same message from my laptop

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Copying Cd And Printing Labels

If i want to copy hundreds of cds and printing labels on it, what is the best way or hardware. Is there anybody to advise.

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Printer That Does Clothes Printing

Is there like a well known printer/brand e.g. Hp, epson, samsung etc that does clothes printing?


Most printing on clothing is done using via silk screen which is a form of manual printing. None on of your at home inkjet printers can print on fabric - none. You need a digital textile printer to print on clothes.

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Hp J6450 Printing On Cardstock

I am having trouble printing on card stock on a hp 6450, what setting should i be using? I could not find the specifications on that printer for paper type compatibility, but depending on the card stock you're using, it may be too much for that printer to handle. If you have the user's manual, check it for the paper specifications to see if it will work or not.

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Hp L7580 Printing Problem

Hp l7580 printing problem, i've sent documents to the printer and it receives them but it doesn't print. When i check the printer icon in the control panel it shows up as error. The ink levels are high enough and we've tried resetting it already (as in turning it off and then on again) what do we do?

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Hp Officejet 4500 Not Printing

I just got a new printer just bought it ( hp officejet 4500 ) and it is not printing. Its only copying, the printer is on papers and everything is good two new inks how come it wont print what to do?

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Lexmark Printer Not Printing

So when ever i want to print something my laptop says stuff like the printer cannot communicate with the computer. Try these solution

- Ensure the printer is powered on
- Disconnect and reconnect the printer's power cable
- Disconnect and reconnect the usb or network cable
- Check your firewall settings to ensure printer communications is not blocked
- Restart your computer

And then it says windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. But apparently my dad can print stuff from his laptop without any troubles and i cant. So what should i do? I have a lexmark printer and a laptop, i went on devices and printers and it says my printers offline. But when i click it to un check mark it; it just doesn't change.

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Hp Photosmart Printing Nothing On Paper

I have an hp photosmart copier and its not printing. It puts the paper through as if its printing but there is nothing on the paper. Any ideas what's wrong with it please?

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Error Printing With Hp 4250

I have two printers connected to the same computer: a rena envelope imager iii and a hp laserjet 4250. Both use a normal printer cable to connect to the computer so they are connected through a belkin data switch. To change between printers i turn the knob on the data switch and also change the default printer in control panel -> printers. The computer uses xp. Usually this works fine but occasionally when trying to print to the laserjet when i try to print something from ie or word nothing prints. Instead in the printer on the taskbar in the bottom right corner with the pending job(s) listed with the status as "error printing". This is usually cleared up by restarting the computer and printer, but i'd like to prevent this problem entirely. Any suggestions?

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Printer Printing So Small

Why is my printer printing so small?

Answer:- i'm guessing you're printing stuff from e-mail or the internet. This is a common problem that is associated with the monitor screen resolution and has nothing to do with the printer, it's setup or software. If you're using a specific software program, then you need to adjust your font size accordingly to print larger. Otherwise read the following. The following is for use with internet explorer 7, but may be the same or similar for other versions or web browsers. One way is to go to your menu bar at the top of your web browser, click on "file" then "print preview". At the top of the window there should be a small window with "shrink to fit" in it. Click the arrow on that box for a drop down list and choose something, like 90% (there is a custom option at the bottom of the list if you need to set something unique in between what's listed to set it to something that works best) and see how it changes the print size of what is to be printed out and choose the one that looks and works best for you without cutting off text somewhere. This will make it larger when printed out. Another way that usually works to make the print larger when printing internet stuff & emails is by changing the print view size on the screen to a larger size in your web browser (this is separate from your other setting you've already setup). Go to the menu bar at the top (i.e. Internet explorer), click on "view, " then "text size" then select a size like "larger" or "largest" (something higher than what you're currently set to. )

Sometimes adjusting the current window's magnification (lower right corner of screen or ctrl button + scroll wheel on mouse) can have an affect on print size. The only other method is to copy & paste the text into a text editing software like word and adjust the text size there. If you're using a text program, then you simply adjust the size of the text to a 12 or 14 point, or larger, font size (adjust depending on the font and size you need) and that should do the trick.

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Printing Cuts Off On Bottom And Right

Why is the window display on all of my printing preferences so large that it cuts off on the bottom and right? I am running windows xp sp3 - i've been running it for several months now, and this problem just spontaneously developed last week. http://i60.



As you can see, the options inside the window are sized up, making much of the content of the window go beyond the bottom and right sides of the non-resizeable window - sometimes making options completely unavailable. It's not even /all/ windows though - only the ones specifically tied to the driver. If you go to say, color management, http://i60.

Then it works just fine. But the problem isn't just isolated to the one driver. Several other printers display the same way:


While others don't:


So as far as i can tell it's some kind of display error either for my video card or for windows itself, and it only manifests for very specific printer drivers. In case it helps, i have an nvidia geforce 7050 / nforce 610i card/driver. I'm in the middle of trying to update that driver, which is a bit old - if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime, i'm all ears.

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