Connecting Windows Xp Computer To Existing Wifi Connection

I have a relatively old windows xp tower computer. The pc itself is a dell dimension 3000 and i have a verizon wifi connection in my house. This computer, however, doesn't detect my connection, even though there is a card with two short plastic antennas in the back. It's in range, though.

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Gateway Connection When Connecting On Wifi

Randomly appearing gateway connection when connecting on wifi. I've never had this happen before. I was connecting to wifi, which i'm one of the bad people i guess, using someone's internet freely, but when i went to connect, on the network connections screen, there was a new "part" to it, away from my connection that said "gateway connection". I've never seen this before, and i'm guessing it was in the way of my connection, because my computer would tell me i'm connected, but when i went to my browser, it wasn't connecting. Also, now my connection says that it's connected, shared, and fire-walled. I've known it's fire walled, and i can't seem to get the right exception for it, when i go the exceptions part but that doesn't seem to cause a hassle like the gateway thing is. I'm wondering why randomly it was saying that i'm sharing my connection when it hasn't said that before, and also why this random gateway connection is appearing.

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No Internet Connection On Connecting To Wifi

I got a macbook pro a few days ago and am having trouble connecting to my wifi at home. Right now i am connected to my neighbors. It is very slow, and frustrating. I have 2wire if that makes a difference. My wifi does show up on my computer, and i can connect to, but there is "no internet connection". I know i typed in the password right. Does anybody know what's going on, and how i can fix this?

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Computer Is Not Connecting To Wifi

Ok i have a desktop computer in my room with the modem in here. I have another computer in my brothers room that he uses the wifi off of its a desktop also. So the other day i find out my brother was on my computer so i set up a password on my account. He tells me today he cannot connect to the wifi because it say limited access or something but he can see that it has 5 bars of connection he just cant use it. Now that i think about it i remember my computer asking me about make files private so it must have made my internet not be useable for him what can i do to fix this problem?

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Windows Vista Router Disconnects Wifi Connection

When using asus laptop it can connect wireless router (sky adsl) without issue, if the desktop which uses the same router disconnects it disconnects the wireless function from the laptop. Even rebooting both router and laptop fails to correct the problem. I suspect this is an ip address issue.

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Establish Wifi Connection On Computer

What do you need to establish a wifi connection on a computer? I already have a wireless broadband router, is there anything else?

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Repartition Existing Drives In Windows Server 2003

I am trying to find a tool to partition a drive in a w2003 server. I have found 2 so far but they want like $499 for them. I have a new dedicated server and they want to charge an arm and a leg to partition it if they do it b/c it was not originally on the initial work order. I just need to split the drive in to 2 drives. Typically this is very simple with like parttion magic or similar, but none of these appear to support w2003 server, just w2k, and xp. Does anyone know of a partitioning tool that is cost effective that will partition an existing drive on a w2003 server? I have remote/root access to these servers so if i can find a tool i can do this myself. Any ideas?

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Network Address Problem Connecting To Existing Wireless Network

Network address problem connecting new laptop to existing wireless network. Using a netgear dg834g router as the access point for 2 different pc's, which are not networked with each other, but both connect fine to the wireless network. Just got a new inspiron 6000. It recognizes the network and connects, but gives me an ip of , limited connectivity etc. Also no default gateway, or dns and wins server addresses. I know it should be giving me an ip of or something, i just can't figure out why it doesn't.

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Connecting Sata Hdd With Existing Pata Hdd

How to connect a sata hdd with existing pata hdd ? I has bought a 320gb sata hdd. I already have 40gb pata hdd with xp os. I want to know how to connect sata along with pata. As i want to copy my data on sata hdd. Before this should i install os on sata.

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Connecting Canon Zr830 To Computer With Windows 7

Trouble connecting my cannon zr830 to my computer with windows 7. I am using a firewall cable but when i use movie maker (that comes with windows 7) it does not show the camcorder from which i am supposed to extract the video from.

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Connecting Two Computers Via Wifi

I need to connect two computers (later on more comps) via wifi to play counter strike amd stuff like that. How can i do that? Currently the comps are connecting via same wifi network(hotspot). Can that be of any use?

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Connecting Ipod Touch To Wifi

I have a wireless modem. I have the key and password. I turn on wifi on the itouch, i see my network, even though i turned off the lock on it the lock still appears next to it. I connect to it and it asks me for the password. I type in the password. It says, "unable to join the network. "

So how do i fix this? What is dhcp, bootip, static?

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Ps3 Connecting With Wifi Printers

Is ps3 connecting with wifi printers? I am going to buy wifi printer and i need to know if ps3 connecting to wifi printers?

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Trouble Connecting To Wifi Network

I have an imac with the airport application on it, which is connected to the internet by a cable modem, not wifi. I set up my airport application and internet sharing stuff, but when i try to connect to network on my windows 7 (toshiba) laptop, it doesn't work and it says windows was unable to connect. I cant make it work and i was wondering if i have to adjust something on my laptop? Everything on my i mac seems to be in place.

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Connecting To Wifi Network On Ohio State Campus

How do i connect to the wifi network on ohio state's campus? I just got a laptop and would like to connect to osu's wifi network but when i attempted the first time, it was asking for a log in name and password and all the jazz. Any suggestions or answers?

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How To Know If Somebody Is Using My Wifi Connection ?

Ok i was using somebodies wifi connection for the last 3 weeks, then all of a sudden they set up a password. Is it possible to see on a wifi box if people are using your wifi connection?

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Wifi Connection Very Weak

We share a wifi connection but its very weak? We live on a static home park and have access to the sites router, the problem we have is that the signal is weak and sometimes we cant connect to router. Without connecting a wifi booster to the router is there a product or an antenna that i can connect to my pc that can capture a weak signal or an antenna that will capture a signal from a router that is a little to far away to give me a reasonable signal to prevent connection drop out.

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Problem With Nintendo Ds Wifi Connection

Problems with nintendo ds wifi connection? We had to have the internet guy come over and fix our router, so we asked him about switching it to wep so i can get internet on my nintendo ds, and he said that wep isn't even broadcasted anymore. He said that i have to go onto the nintendo website and upgrade my nintendo ds to wpa, but i can't figure out how to do it. How can i do this?

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Forgot Password To Wifi Connection

I forgot my password to my wifi connection. Okay, so i lost my password to my wifi connection. I know that you can change it by typing in the ip address to the web browser and then go to the security tab and change it. But whenever i type in my ip address it asks me for a username and password. People tell me that by default it is admin/admin. But that's not working. Is there anything else i can do besides resetting the router?

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Acer Laptop To Wifi Connection Problem

My boyfriend is working out of town. He bought a new acer laptop. It worked fine with wifi in the hotel and then he moved to his new place which includes wifi. He has been able to connect with no problems until today after work. He has made sure his wireless is turned on. He reset all the options to default. He tried rebooting the router twice. The other people in the house are still able to connect. He has rebooted his computer may times. He is ready to throw the computer in the river. Please help if you can. He is using windows 7.

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Kodak Printer Wifi Connection With Mac

How do i get my kodak printer to establish a wi-fi connection with my mac? I have a kodak esp-7 printer with wi-fi connectivity and have installed the printer software on my macbook pro laptop using the installation cd provided. I have made numerous attempts to print various documents but have achieved nothing. I have gone into the printer menu through the screen options on it and input the settings for wi-fi capability, also inputting the settings required through the mac's 'system preferences' menu under 'print and fax', changing different options with each attempt at printing always telling me on the mac screen to check my printer connections because it cannot be found!

I have looked under 'network' and 'sharing' folders in system preferences also, to see what could be changed there but have rendered the same result. Why can't my mac and printer make a wi-fi connection? I've had success through use with a usb cable but moving to a recent change of address now sees my print functions differently and have achieved success for my partner on her (windows) laptop, which takes advantage of the wi-fi facility.

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3g Wifi Hotspot Via Cell Phone Connection Problem

I have a 3g wifi hotspot via my cell phone. My computer shows it connecting, but not to internet explorer? I get the error message 'internet explorer cannot open'.

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Barnes N Noble Nook E Reader, Wifi Connection

I have a computer running on broadband. If i get a barnes n noble nook e reader, i need wifi connection. How? Do i go about doing that just for the e reader? Is it through my cable company or my cell phone company?

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Turning Off Wifi Modem After Using Affects Connection Speed ?

Does by not turning off your wi-fi modem after using it affects your internet connection speed? My wi-fi speed was the fastest the first two months i installed it, but now, it's so slow i can't even watch youtube.could it be because my habit of not turning off the modem? Or could it be because of the *** isp? I'm not from the united states, so i'd appreciate it if you don't ask about the isp i'm subscribing to. And i'd really appreciate your suggestions!

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Ipod Wont Connect To Wifi - No Internet Connection

Ipod all the sudden wont connect to wifi at home. My ipod was working fine last night but when i woke up this morning and tried to get it to connect to my linksys wifi, the wifi name came up linksys not my name. It says its connected but when i try to get online it says "no internet connection". Why all the sudden did the name linksys come up and not my name? How do i change it and get it to connect?

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Laptop With Wireless Usb Doesn't Connect To Wifi Connection

Why doesn't my laptop with a wireless usb drive connect to my wifi connection? Since my laptop doesn't have a wireless card, i got a wireless usb for it. The problem is that when it tries to find connections, mine doesn't show up. Even when i place my laptop next to my router, it still wont pick it up. At times it does show up, claims to have a low connection, and tries to connect but it then disappears again and doesn't connect after all. What should i do in this situation? Nothings wrong with the usb and it is compatible with my wifi so whats wrong?

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Wireless Connection Connecting And Disconnecting

A few months a go i upgraded my pc from xp to windows 7, my pc never seems to like windows 7 so after a few months i have gone back to xp. My problem is since going back to xp my computer is connecting and disconnecting from the wireless network every few seconds. My wireless dongle is working perfect in every one elses pc and one of those is on xp. And every one else is connected wirelessly with no problem either. I ant go back to windows 7 as i no longer have the disc, so could my settings be wrong.

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Connecting At&t Router With Different Internet Connection

I need help with connecting at&t router with a different internet connection? I canceled at&t for a new internet called dsl extreme but i still have the at&t router, 2wire666. I also have the dsl extreme modem but i don't know how to start a wireless connection. I have a laptop i want to set for wireless connection but when i tried to set it up, it doesn't pick up the connection. It works straight from the dsl exteme modem, the earthnet cable but it doesn't work as wireless. Can anyone give me some tips on what to do?

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Connecting Laptops Wireless Connection To Desktop For Wired Internet

How to connect your laptop's wireless connection to your desktop for wired internet? Ok so my laptop has wireless internet, i just set up a desktop but the modem is on the other side of the house, i already have my laptop and my desktop connected with an ethernet cable, what do i do next? I am using windows xp: home addition on both computers. A quick how to or step by step instruction here would be awesome if possible.

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Connecting Windows 7 Laptop To Xp Using Ethernet Cable

How do i connect my windows 7 laptop to my windows xp laptop using an ethernet cable? I have a sony vaio vgn nw225f and an old ibm thinkpad that originally had windows 98 on it. I upgraded to xp and this computer does not have wireless capabilities. Can i take an ethernet cable from my laptop and plug them into the other one to get an internet connection on my ibm?

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