Hp L7580 Printer Copy Page Get Two Black Lines Down Page

I have a hp l7580 all in one printer. When ever i copy a page i get two black lines down the page. Why? Can't seem to get rid of the problem. I calibrated the line feed and cleaned the print head to no avail.

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Hp Color Laserjet 4700 - Black Fades On Side Of Page

Just replaced the black toner on my hp color laserjet 4700 and the black fades on one side of the page on every print. I need a quick solution or trick if any one has one.

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Hp Printer Prints Last Page First

My hp printer prints the last page first. How can i print the first page first instead?

Answer:- check your printer options for "collate". It may be set to print in reverse page order

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Officejet Printer Only Prints One Page

My officejet printer only prints one page then says that printer disconnected. ? After says disconnected it prints a part print in large font . The only way to be able to use printer again is to turn pc off .

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Hp Deskjet F2480 Printer Dots On Page

I have a hp f2480 deskjet printer and when i try to print something, small dots appear all over the page. What to do to solve the problem?

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Turn Off Lexmark Printer Page Test

How do you turn off lexmark printer page test ? Page set up and ink check, its driving me nuts brand new ink and every time i want to use the printer its making me do page test and ink check so it is eating all my ink where in the setting's can i turn this off. ? Is inkjet printer/scanner.

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Lexmark S300 Printer Does Not Scan Whole Page

I have a lexmark s300 series printer, and whenever i try to scan, it doesn't scan the whole page! Even if it is set at 100%! This is so irritating, because i'm trying to scan my homework to my teacher, but it zooms in and and cuts off the ends of the paper!

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Lexmark Printer Print Extra Blank Page

Why does our lexmark e250dn print an extra blank page? We have undated the drivers from the lexmark website (universal drivers 1. 6. 1) and unchecked the separator page settings.

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Hp Printer Prints Test Page Automatically After Each Print Job

Hp printer 5850 prints a test print automatically after each print command is executed!? I have hp5850 deskjet printer that worked without any problems till i recently changed the black cartridge. It prints without any prompts a "test page" with heavy bars each time after a normal file is printed.could some one please help fix this annoying and paper/ ink wasting phenomenon? I checked the various tabs under "print properties" for any unusual settings. Didn't notice any unusual settings.

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Hp C3100 Printer Prints Test Page Every Time I Turn It On

My hp 3100 printer has started to print a test page everytime i turn it on before it was only cartridge replacement. There is nothing in the printer preferences to stop the test print.

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Hp Psc 1510 Printer Keeps Printing Diagnostic Page Every Time

Hp psc 1510 printer - changed b&w cartridge. Keeps printing diagnostic page every time printer is turned on. ? I tried the suggestion at the below but it didn't work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It is an original hp cartridge - no knock off.

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How To Make Hp Photosmart Printer To Stop Printing Test Page ?

How do i get my hp photosmart c3100 printer to stop printing a test sheet every time i replace the ink? Is it necessary to print a test page? If so, why does it waste so much ink, especially why so much of the other cartridge?

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Hp Psc 1510 Printer Always Prints Test Page Before Printing Document

Hp psc 1510 printer always prints the test page before printing required document. How to prevent this?

Answer:- go in the toolbox and uncheck where it says to print a test page on startup. I believe that is in the service menu.

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Invalid Page Fault ( Windows 98 )

Earlier this week, one of my customers called me up, complaining about their modem not working properly. From what i was told, the computer was on and running when there was a blackout. They didn't think to unplug it before the power came back on, but it was plugged into a surge protector. What i'm thinking is that the modem got hit by a brownout or something of the sorts, but i'm not for certain. All i know is that it is toast and will not even detect a carrier. I reccomended replacing the modem, which was agreed on by the customer, and all was well. While i was working on the computer, i noticed i kept getting a lot of the good ol' "invalid page fault" errors. I just attributed them to the fact that the computer was running on the same windows 98 install that it had last year, so i ignored it and reccomended a total format and reinstall. The customer asked if they could get by without it, and i told them they would be able to for a while, but they would start seeing a lot more of these errors as time went on. They opted to pass on the format/reinstall, so i collected my payment and left. The following day, the customer called me up and was complaining about a lot more of these errors, and i just reminded them of what i told them the previous day. They asked if i could go ahead and do the reinstall, and i told them "yes". I got the computer from them, got it home, and backed up all of their data. I then swapped their hard drive with one of mine, just to be certain that i didn't lose anything, and i reinstalled windows 98 for them.

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Page File On A Flash Card

Would running my page file on an sd card be better than running it on my hd?

However if i move it to my sd card the max page file can be is 2gb, not only that but that would mean no readyboost when i'm in vista. I'm confused as it may help or hurt me.

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Hp 5150 Keeps Printing A Test Page

My hp 5150 keeps printing a test page every time i print. ? For example, i'll print a 3 page report, then a 4th page will come out being the test page. I tried reinstalling drivers, same thing, how do i remedy this?

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Kernel Stack Page Error

Kernel stack page error on dell vista. So i have a laptop windows dell inspiron 1525, and ten minutes after i log in to my user, a blue screen comes up with kernel_stack_page_error + restarts? Whats the easiest way to solve this problem?

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On Click Mouse Highlight / Select Everything On A Page

I seriously have no idea what's been going on. My mouse seems to have become possessed today as it's doing some funky things. I have the mx duo keyboard and mouse combo and have owned them for less than a year. Problems that i are having with it are primarily with its responses. Sometimes when i click on certain links the poitner turns into a "wrong or no sign" (basically a circle with a line through it). Other times when i click only once on a page or on desktop and try to scroll down it begins to highlight everything. It's as though the mouse is lagging. I don't think it's any of my applications. The only thing i have recently changed about my setup is my monitor, but everything else has been fine up until now. Does anyone know if gel padded mouse pads can wear enough to the point that the mouse doesn't read correctly? Anyone have any suggestions?

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History, Tools, Bookmarks Are Gone From Internet Page

I open my internet page and i realize that the file, history, tools, bookmarks, etc. Are gone. How do i get them? Its like on top of the www.Something my sister said she was playing around and it disappear, so how do i get it back.

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Lexmark 4200 Prints Blank Page

Whats wrong with my lexmark 4200 series printer? I bought some refill ink for my printer and i put it in the old cartridge, but now its not printing at all. When i select print, it prints but a blank page comes out. I tried troubleshooting and all but it didn't work.

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Hp Psc 750 Scanner Align Page

How do align the page to scanner on the hp psc 750?

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Printing Problem - Small Dots Over Page

I have a hp f2480 deskjet printer and when i try to print something, small dots appear all over the page. What to do to solve the problem?

Answer:- open the part where the cartridges are stored and using a soft cloth, clean the surrounding surface and also the thin metal on which the cartridge is held on for support.

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Hp Photosmart C4480 Alignment Page Not Detected

I have a fully set up c4480 all-in-one that, upon being powered on, always asks for a 'print test page' option. To continue i have to hit 'ok' (i can't arrow down automatically to 'scan my alignment page' ). After printing it (seemingly successfully, it appears brightly colored, not fuzzy, etc. ) I put it down on the scanner bed as indicated (i have also tried different orientations as this process has continued to fail). It always comes back after trying to scan with the same message: 'alignment page not detected' this is incredibly frustrating. I've wasted paper, and not to mention hp ink which i bought recently. It is very expensive.

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Run Without A Page File, Notice Speed Boost

I just wanted to do some general testing to see what the difference is. I have 1gb of ddr400 ram, so i figured that i can run without a page file. I did some tests in sisoft sandra, ran some quake iii tests, just to see? I even ran some tests with about 30 programs and about 30 instances of ie open loading different pages. The benchmarks where exactly the same +/- 2%. The onlything i notice is that i notice a speed in my startup and overall windows is more responsive. (Not like it was sluggish before) but i can notice a difference in somethings that load. Any thoughts?

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Computer Restarts As It Attempts To Open Up Windows Page

My computer won't start up. It started shortly after we reset internet explorer and/or after we shut down to have our power turned off for about 5 minutes. Both happened before the problem started. When starting computer, it takes me to page asking how i want to start: safe mode; last working time; or start normally. I've tried all the options with none of them working. It always restarts as it attempts to open up windows page. One time i was able to "catch" the warning message and it mentioned an unmountable_boot_volume error. How can i get my computer up and running without having to call someone and pay the big bucks.

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Esata Thumb Drive For Page File/temp

I have been meaning to ask this for probably a year now and i always see to forget it. Is it viable to set your page file/temp in windows to a esata thumb drive to increase performance and not require the hard drive to move read/write heads around just for stuff like this? If it is an option, why don't more people do it?

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Hp Scanner Doesn't Scan Entire Page

What do you do if an hp scanner doesn't scan the entire page? Of an 8 by 11 piece of paper. Answer:-
Go to properties and see if the default paper size is set to 8x11. It might have been changed to smaller size. The fault could also lie in the scanner program. See if the scan size is set to the correct size.

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Screen Freezes When Load Browser Page With Flash Movie

When i load a browser page that has flash movie, or if i load up guild wars, then the computer will completely lockup, the screen freezes, mouse/keyboard dont work, hard drive light is one solid color, and it remains like that forever, until i turn it off and back on. The weird thing is when i hit the reset button it actually wont make the screen freeze go away i hear/see the cd drives doing the power reset, but the frozen image still remains on the screen!

But when i power off and power on, it boots up again. Sometimes it will freeze again right away, other times it will happen after say 10+ hours of use. Anyone know what could be causing this? Mem test reported 0 errors. Prime95 wasnt crashing either. I'm thinking maybe its the video card?

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Hp Photosmart Will Print In Black Ink But Won't Copy In Black Ink

Hp photosmart c7180 will print in black ink but won't copy in black ink? I was copying some work yesterday and then the printer just would not copy in black ink, when copying in colour it copies all the colour but not black. But it will still print in black ink? I've reinstalled the driver but it still has the same problem. Any recommendations?

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Black Lines While Gaming

I have an nvidia geforce 7800gt and an hp mx70 monitor. I just recently encountered this problem where when there's heavy action in the game, black lines kind of flash in and out while playing. Not really so much to cause me not to be able to see anything, but enough to be a nuisance. Also, occasionally my display will kind of flicker and lines will come across the screen when there isn't anything intense happening.

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