Hp Pavilion Tx1000

I got a hp pavilion tx 1000 is it a good laptop ?

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Hp Pavillion Tx1000 Wireless Issue

A friend of mine has an hp pavillion tx1000 notebook and the wireless adapter has vanished. I tried a number of things-reinstalling drivers, flashing the bios, reseting the card-all to no avail. Of course, it is out of warranty and hp wants to charge an obscene amount of money just for phone support. I had this issue on another hp laptop, which was a known problem, and they replaced the motherboard for free. About the only thing i have not tried is an external usb wireless card. Any thoughts?

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Upgrade Hp Pavilion A700y

Hp pavilion a700y
Microsoft windows xp home edition
Intel(r) pentium 4 2. 8ghz
512 mb ddr/pc2700 (1 dimm)
80 gb 7200 rpm ultra dma hard drive
128mb geforce fx5700 le (pci)

These are me specs for my computer. I got it back in november so its fairly new. I was just wondering if i could upgrade the ram on this computer to 1gb.considering i do play a lot of games, people have said i should have 1gb of ram. Anyone know if its worth it? (If mine even works).

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Hp Pavilion Ze4400 Upgrade

I'm clueless and can't seem to find the information i need to see if i can upgrade my processor/mobo in my laptop. I currently have an hp pavilion ze4400. Athlon xp-m 2200, all i can find out about the mobo is that it's 'socket a' type. Can i just buy a sempron and replace it, or what? What would be the best way to go without having to get all new everything?

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Hp Pavilion Dv1000 Slow

I have an hp pavilion dv1000, which i'm currently running in safe mode to be able to use. A few days ago, i drove to school, in the car it fell off the chair and onto the floor, but it was in a laptop case. I went to school, used it for a few hours, it worked totally fine. Shut it down, and went home. Later when i turned it on, it logged into windows, and became extremely slow. It wouldn't load everything in the taskbar. When you click start, and it takes about 10-15min just to open the start menu. I don't know if this is a hardware problem or software problem, but i know my warranty won't fix a software problem. I just backed up all my files as i am considering reformatting it to see what happens. I use it in safe mode and it is also fine. So could it just be a corrupted file or something? I ran my virus software in safemode also and nothing came up.

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Hp Pavilion A320n Upgrade

I have a hp pavilion a320n (athlon xp 2800+2. 08 ghz) i got a few years ago. I am in the process of accumulating components for a new computer (already upgraded drives, video card) which will hopefully culminate in a athlon x2 4400 sometime this fall. I am now looking at ram as my a320n is lagging with only 512mb (2x256) 2700 ddr which takes up both available slots. I am on a tight budget so i want to maximize an upgrade to get use out of it now and later. As far as i can tell my a320n only operates at 333 mhz so buying 400 mhz might actually decrease performance or not work at all? Which of the following would be my best option for performance for my a320n now, and my new machine in six months:

1) buy 2gb of 2700 ram for my a320n now and then use it in my new machine. How much of a performance issue will this be in my new machine? I hate to drop almost $500 on a processor and then use sub-par ram. 2) buy 2gb of 3200. Will i even be able to use this in my a320n?

3) buy a gig of 2700 ram for my a320n then a gig of 3200 for my new machine later. If i do this can i use both the 3200 and 2700 at the same time (in the new machine)?

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Overclocking Hp Pavilion 8180

Can someone tell me can i overclock it? It is a hp pavilion 8180 and any info on where i can learn to overclock it my self .

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Hp Pavilion Dv6t Laptop

Im going to buy a laptop and i was wondering how good of a computer the pavilion dv6t is? I was going to use it for school work, media and a little gaming, but was also wondering about quality of hp itself within the last few years. It has an i5 processor, ill get 1g graphics card, 6gb ram, 15. 6 inch screen, 4. 5 hours battery life and weighs 5. 5 lbs for $900.

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Hp Pavilion A1010n Issue

My retarded hp pavilion a1010n xp, after successful recovery it will go to the windows xp screen with the? Progress bar, then the screen goes blank! What is the cause of this issue? I need this computer to be back up and running!

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Hp Pavilion Dv4 Freezes

My hp pavilion dv4 freezes for hours. Any solutions? The pc freezes when i using programs like google chrome etc. It stays like that for long hours and till i pull out the battery in annoyance.

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Hp Pavilion 4 Has A Backlit Keyboard ?

I went out and got me a hp pavilion dv4 notebook and i want to know if this model of hp laptop has a backlit keyboard and if it does how do you activate it.

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Overclocking Hp Pavilion A1630n

Is it possible to overclock a hp a1630n? Just want to know if it's possible and how would be the best way to go about it.

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Hp Pavilion A804n Shuts Off

Hp pavilion a804n shutting off and turning back on only for a few seconds. I have an hp a804n and it was working good for a long time, until recently it decided to take a crash. Everything is working, as i know of, and all the fans are working. It'll come on for about 2 minutes and goes to the xp loading menu, and then shuts off. When i attempt to turn it back on, it comes on for a mere 5 seconds, if that. There are no viruses on the computer.

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Screenshot On Hp Pavilion Laptop

How do you screenshot on an hp pavilion laptop computer? So i have an hp pavilion laptop and i have the [prt sc] key, but that key has something else labled on it as well which saids [home]. The part where it saids [home] is ubove the [prt sc] so it looks like this;

[Prt sc]

My computer looks like this;

So my problem is that when i try to press the [fn] key and then press the [prt sc] it doesn't work because home is labeled first. Is there another way i could do a screenshot?

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Webcam For Hp Pavilion Dv6000

I'm just totally lost on how to take pictures and stuff on it. How do you upload the pictures from there. How do you find them on your documents. Is there any customizations you can do while taking pictures like (ex. Black and white, things like you can do on mac) does anyone know a link for like everything about the web cam?

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Hp Pavilion A230n Crashing

I turned it off one night and the next morning when i tried to turn it on it keeps crashing before startup and reboots and continues over and over. The way it happens is i click "start windows normally and then i get a blue screen that flashes so quickly i can't read it, and then the computer restarts. I can get the blue screen to stay by hitting f8 repeatedly as the computer boots up, then selecting "disable automatic restart on system failure" from the menu. I tried starting the computer in safe mode and debugging mode but it just restarts. What can be the problem?

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Hp Pavilion Black Screen

I was recently giving a hp pavilion by my brother when he moved out of the house and he told me if i could get it running it was mine to keep. Apparently it crashed on him and he thinks the hard drive is messed up. The operating system is windows vista i know that. When i boot up the computer everything is normal until i get past the loading screen and it just gives me a black screen, i tried putting in the system recovery cd to wipe everything clean from the hard drive, but i boot it up get the black screen which after several minutes changes to a blue screen, then after several more minutes changes to a the system recovery screen. From there i tell it to restore to factory qualities then it freezes at 0%. Any suggestions as to what im doing wrong?

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Hp Pavilion Tx1215nr Notebook Drivers For Xp

Have a hp pavilion tx1215nr notebook pc that came with vista on it, put xp on it to speed it up a bit and now cant find any drivers for it. There all for vista not xp on the hp website.

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Hp Pavilion M7657c Motherboard Replacement

I am looking for some recommendations for a good replacement motherboard for a hp pavilion m7657c desktop computer i have. It must have on-board video graphics and under 150us, could be any of the top brand names. And if it's possible if you are able to determine if it would fit into the same original casing that would be great also.

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Graphics Card For Hp Pavilion A1747c

I have a hp pavilion a1747c and i want to get a better graphics card. Sapphire 100296hdmi radeon hd 4670 1gb 128-bit ddr3 pci express 2. 0 x16 hdcp ready crossfire supported video card. But it says i need a 400w psu to run it. I know that my psu is 300w, so it probably can't run it. Problem is, i'm kind of on a budget, so i really don't want to spend more than 50 dollars on a psu (if possible).could anyone recommend me a good psu that can run this card, that will be compatible with my hp pavilion model?

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Hp Pavilion A424x Memory Upgrade

My friend wants to upgrade the memory on his hp pavilion a424x and someone told him he needs to get ecc registered memory, rather than unbuffered. Is this true?

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Hp Pavilion Ze5300 Cpu Upgrade

I have an hp pavilion ze5300 laptop. Cpu-z says i am running a pentium 4 northwood i have 512 kb of l2 cache and my fsb bus speed is 139. 2 mhz and the bus speed is 531. 6 mhz, and it is socket 478. What can i upgrade to? Here is my cpuid http://valid.

Btw, i am doing this for more speed and a cooler processor. I idle at 47c and when i play galciv2 for about 5 mins i get a blue screen and my computer crashes. It does this at about 60c. Also, the processor is a low voltage pentium 4, not the mobile version. I also changed out the infineon memory with 2 512mb all components, just some more info.

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Hp Pavilion Vf52 For Dvd Playback

Can a hp pavilion vf52 play dvds? The hp vf52 is a 15-inch lcd monitor. Answer:-

Of course you can use it to view dvd playback if it's connected to a computer that has a dvd drive in it. Blu-ray discs is a totally different story though. The vf52 is not hdcp compliant, so you will not be able to view high-definition blu-ray disc playback on it. (High definition blu-ray playback requires an hdcp compliant video card and an hdcp compliant monitor or hdtv).

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Hp Pavilion Dv600 Ram Upgrade

Hp pavilion dv600 ram upgrade. My son is trying to find the right type of ram to upgrade his computer from two 512mb ram, 2rx16, pc2-53008-555-12-ao. A tag on the existing ram states: replace with hp spare 43474-001, 7f0714. The computer has a pn# ez829av and runs windows xp prof.

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Hp Pavilion Computer Speakers Are Not Working

Hp pavilion computer speakers are not working, the speakers im using have the name harman/kardon on the front, the lights are lit and everything is plugged in and the volume is up on the speakers and the computer, what could be the problem?!

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Hp Pavilion Dv200 Charger Problem

My uncle gave me the hp pavilion dv2000 laptop in 2009, he used it before he gave it to me. Everything worked fine until now. I have no idea what's going on but my charger wouldn't work. I was having problems with charging my laptop and i thought asking in yahoo answers would help. I try to plug in the charger end to my laptop and it does not start charging. Before, i had to move the cord and re-shape it and try not to let the 'curve' develop because somehow whenever the cord is curved, it doesn't connect at all. So, i want some assistance from you guys. What is your suggestion to fix this? Do i have to send my laptop and charger back to hp? Does it cost a lot?

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Hp Pavilion Zv5000 Windows 7 Compatibility

Can i get windows7 hp pavilion zv5000?


Sure, i don't see why not. Not sure as to exactly what you're asking, but if you're asking if you can put windows 7 onto an hp pavillion zv5000, i'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a problem. There is a windows site that you can go to that will let you test to see if your computer is compatible. http://bit. Ly/2popc

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Hp Pavilion A730n Sound Problem

How do you get sound for your hp pavilion a730n windows xp? I need sound on my hp pavilion a730n. I have windows xp pro. I'v been looking every where for the sound download. So could anyone help me get sound on my pc. And i don't want to pay for anything.

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Hp Pavilion Dv6000 Not Connecting To Internet

Hp pavilion dv6000 not connecting to internet. When i try to connect to the internet on my laptop, the icon says "the dependency service or group failed to start" and then when i click diagnose, it says that windows can not resolve the problem. How can i get my laptop to connect to the internet?

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Hp Pavilion Dv4 Notebook Driver

Where can i download drivers for hp laptop? I have hewlett packard, model:hp pavilion dv4 notebook pc

Processor: amd turion(tm) x2 dual-core mobile rm-75

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