Hardware Lagging

My computer is lagging with windows 2000 pro and so i installed windows xp pro and then reformatted and i seem to be still lagging when i go to certain websites like, hardocp, broadbandreports, dslextreme, and etc. And also when i play video's it plays for like 1 min and then it lags and computer crashes so i will have to restart. And i have just notice that maybe its my video card that is making my computer lagging!?

My video card is a nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 and i do not know where i can update my driver. My current driver is 5. 1. 2001. 0 and i went to the nvidia website and found 71. 89_win2kxp_english and try installing it and it said, "the nvidia setup program could not lcoated any drivers taht are compatile with your current hardware. Setup will not exit. " And then i cannot istall the driver!

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Overclock Lagging

My athlon xp 2500 is at 2200mhz and my cosair xms pc2700 ram is at 400mhz and my computer seems ot be a little slower than stock speeds, but all benchmarks show it to be much faster than stock! I'm i just crazy or can this really happen?

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Mouse Lagging / Jumping

I owe a mx 5500 revolution kb set and i began to experience the mouse lagging/jumping, it wouldnt be fluid at all. I could hold the mouse firm and gently move it and see that it was jumping some. So i got another mouse, a mx 1100 and it does the same thing. Now whats weird is that if i reboot, and so forth, neither does it for awhile, but then starts. My pc is on my desk, along with my phone, usb hub and a external hdd enclosure. The phone is on the left side of the mouse, but the mouse is on the right, next to the case.could there be some kind of interference making the mouse do this? The usb receiver for the mouse is connected to the back of the pc.

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Computer Lagging / Freezing

What i am experiencing is that from time to time, mainly just under normal surfing conditions or low load conditions, the entire pc stops responding for 1-10 seconds. Just before it starts to respond again, i hear a little click from the tower (mozart tx case) and everything is working again just fine. I am currently running an x2 6000+, 4gb ram, two 1tb drives, one 160gb, one 500gb, 8800gtx, 650w corsair ps, on a gigabyte board (forget the exact model) with the cpu and gpu under water. All stock speeds, not oc'd at all. Also i have my os on the 160gb along with most of my programs with the two tb drives as media storage and the 500gb as a backup drive. I check my temps, and everything is within range, cpu around 35-40c and gpu around 40-45c. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? It's more of an annoyance rather than a problem, but i would like to understand what is causing it.

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Cable Internet Lagging On Xbox Live

Ok so last night my internet was very crappy, so i called my cable company and after playing with a bad lag, on my video games, i was in a middle of a game when i called and i figured u know i should probably call teach support so i did. And well come to find out the guy has never heard of a laggy connection problem/ dropping out connection, so i got on there website and did a speed test- download speed: 7805 kbps (975. 6 kb/sec transfer rate)

Upload speed: 576 kbps (72 kb/sec transfer rate)

So after a bit of time thinking about it i went and resetted the modem itself and i am stil having problems connected to people online? I don't understand how it managed to get so messed up and i know its not the router its brand new (linksys e3000) high performance wireless n router, i bought a bout a week ago and every has been fine until i started lagging last night i know its not my router and i told the guy on the phone about it and i am wondering if i should just take the modem to the service center/ payment center ? And see if they can replace it ? I do not know what to do at this point cause i can get on the internet with my laptop just fine its just really slow

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Mx 700 Mouse Skipping, Lagging, And Clicks Do Not Register

I have an logitech mx700 mouse, had it about 2. 5 years now i think and i've never had problems w/ it til recently. Sometimes it'll start skipping, like lagging, and sometimes clicks don't register, and sometimes they'll drag even if i've let off the button. It doesn't say its low on batteries cuz i charge it everynight, any ideas on what it might be?

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How To Make Hardware To Install Automatically Without "found New Hardware Wizard"?

I am on xp professional. If i change my mouse or my keyboard for usb one, windows won't automatically install driver for these simple devices. It will ask my help to make the installation (i just need to click on "next"). I would like windows to instal alone this kind of stuff without prompting with "found new hardware wizard". Any help would be appreciated.

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What Hardware Is Ok To Use With Other Hardware?

Does anyone know of a resource that tells what hardware is ok to use with other hardware? It seems that every time i build a computer, one or two pieces of hardware don't like another piece of hardware and bad things start to happen. I even had linux totally crash on me on one of my machines thanks to a conflict with my sound card.

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What Do You Do With Old Hardware?

I have a few boxes worth of spare cables, old harddrives, cpus, a videocard and unused heatsinks. What do you guys do with them? Is it safe to just toss 'em out into the trash or do they have to be disposed differently?

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Hardware For 3d Rendering

I need to either upgrade or build a few machines here at work for 3ds max work. I'm not familiar with the hardware requirements for this sort of thing so i'm hoping for some general recommendations. After searching around here for a while, it seems that the general consensus is that fast and multi core cpu's are more important than a fast video card. Two of our machines have geforce 5200's in them. Should i upgrade those? They all have 1gb of ram.

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Hardware Problem

I have been trying to install windowsxp on a computer. It gets to the point of install after the first reboot and says cant copy some files. (Retry, ignore, stop) that nagging problem. Usually gets 52% percent done. I then tried a linux boot cd which started the gui install and stopped at the error it could not mount vfs i have tried many things to get this computer working. Mb - sy-kt400 dragon ultra (platinum)
Mem - 512 ddr 266mhz pc2100 (tried in all 3 slots)
Hd - maxtor 122gig (also tried a 1. 6 and 2. 5g hds
Vdeo - radeon 9200 128mb ddr
Cd - 48x burner generic

I have also tried the i386 trick by copying everything from the cd to the hd and try the install from there with no luck. The bios is updated, currently set to fail safe settings. I have tried other settings as well. I think its hardware because linux wouldnt even work.

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Inherited Hardware

It's a gateway box, piii/700, 128mb pc100, win me, no agp or ethernet, i'm no expert on windows-type machines. What sort of graphics card would it take? What useful software can it run?

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Hardware Interrupts

I'm having a problem with my hard drive. Actually, i've noticed that my hard is getting slow and hdd life shows that it has 52% of health and performance, but it's not only that. The process explorer shows that hardware interrupts are wasting all the cpu and only after i start to use my hd (copying, burning dvds, etc. )

Can anyone explain to me what is wrong with these interrupts. I know how it works, but why it's wasting my cpu?

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Hardware Refurbishing

I am from argentina and work in a computer enterprise that import and sell in the local market. We are interested now in refurbish some parts like optics, motherboards and memories and we are looking for specific instrumental for this matter. I think that maybe some peope can help me with any suggestion for this project.

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Hardware To Play Cs:s

I recently upgraded to a 30" lcd with a resolution of 2560x1600. I used to play cs:s with a 1920x1200 monitor, and it was smooth. However, ever since i upgraded, the game is way too laggy to play. I figure its either cpu or video card. Can anyone advice on which cpu or video card i should get in order to play cs:s with a 2560x1600 monitor? I can even upgrade the whole unit if i have to. My pc is as followed:

Intel pee 840 3. 2ghz
Winfast nvidia 8800gt 512mb

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Found New Hardware - Not

My laptop has developed a new weird thing: every time i turn it on and it boots up, the "found new hardware" wizard automatically opens. (There is no new hardware installed!) It keeps telling me that it has detected an "hid compliant consumer control device. " If i go through the wizard, it detects an "hid new user input data filter (kb 911895)" and tries to download and install the driver for it from the microsoft website. In the middle of all this, it stops with a fatal error - "can't install - fatal error during installation. "

Despite this, my computer seems to be working fine - i hit the "cancel" button and go about my business. I even went into the device manager, found the "hid compliant consumer control device" and found that it is working properly. I actually have no idea exactly what a hid blah blah blah is, but having the wizard pop up every time i turn on my computer is beginning to bug me. Any suggestions?

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Where To Get Pc Hardware In The Ny (new York)?

So, i'm coming to new york city, ny, usa for a week and i would like to know any good/cheap/huge pc hardware stores in the center of the city. Please, post website addresses.

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Compatibility Of Hardware

Well i am an average computer user, but the one i don't know is compatibility with hardware, could someone explain to me the compatibility system? Like why some processors won't work with certain motherboards, etc.

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Hardware Update Gone Wrong

I bought some new hardware for my pc but for some reason it went wrong, i got a new graphics card for my pc, when i installed it it slowed down the whole machine and when i tryed to do anything that used a lot of resources the screen would blind on and off repeatedly. A day later the screen wouldnt even turn on (well connect to the pc) i tryed putting the old one back in but in still wouldnt connect to the screen.

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Locating Hardware Information In Pc

I was just wondering where to look to find out exactly what motherboard and what type of memory my computer is using. I looked under device manager, but it doesn't have an specific names or specs. I didn't see any "memory" or "motherboard" catagory either. There is mention under system devices, but the only thing thats listed is driver details, etc nothing of any relevance. Do i have to literally open the case and read the label to see? Or is there some place else to look?

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Installing Hardware Into A Laptop

Im wanting to upgrade my laptop. But i am not sure on the ram types, the type of internal harddrive or soundcard to buy for it. Im sure there different from the tower pc's hence the laptops are way smaller right? Im use to upgrading my tower pc and im not sure about doing a laptop so i wanted to get more information before i do so. I recently bought a laptop on ebay it looked cool and was at low price at the time its a toshiba satellite 2405 s221 model. Running windows xphome.

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Hardware Diagnostic Tool

Trying to find out if anyone knows of a good hardware diagnostic tool so that i can *hopefully* find what piece of hardware may be bad.

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Recycling Computer Hardware

I am in charge of i. T in my office and one of the questions that has been raised is whether our existing i. T hardware has any value. I have been asked whether there are organisations & companies out there who purchase older systems/"left-overs".

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Is It Possible That Hardware Come With Built In Drivers ?

Is that possible that hardwares come with built in drivers. Or softwares. I mean, my friend told me that every hardware( e, g sound card, vga) has a rom thing, which tell windows what type of hardware is that. My question is that, is tha possible that manufacturers will also include it driver in rom, so when ever we insert any hardware in comp, windows just not only detect it, but also install its driver from rom(permenent memory). And if user want they can upgrade it from internet, another question, is that possible people can write those drivers on rom by there self. Or from hardware shops.

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Hardware Monitoring Programs

Can anyone recommend any good programs that constantly monitor your cpu readings, such as cpu temp, system temp, 12, 5, 3. 3, and core voltages, etc. ? For those that know, a program that works like msi's pc alert (except one that is compatible with all mobos) would be great.

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Hardware For A Dc/dns/ad Server

New office move coming, going to be doing a a dc/ad and a dns server, i was thinking the route of a single server running 3 vm's on it one for each item above. The office will have about 15 users at most with domain accounts, there will be about 10 servers, so i assume the hardware need shouldn't be super powered or anything?

I was considering raid 6 for the redundancy. Is it a good idea to run a dc or ad on a virtual machine? Or should it be on it's own seperate server?

Do you think a back up dc would be needed? Run a a 2nd dc in a vm as backup?

All of the above should run fine in a vm environment i assume?

Should i go with server 2008, or 2003, i have heard 2003 will be eol soon.

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Old Hardware To Whs Setup

I recently upgraded to a core 2 duo system and i was thinking of using my old setup as a windows home server. Will this setup be adequate for a whs build? I plan to have 6 to 10 hard drives (including boot drive). I will be backing up 3 windows computers and streaming video to just one. The motherboard has 2 sata 150 ports i plan on using for the boot drive. I was thinking of using the raid 1 feature of the motherboard to mirror the os drive. Will this hamper the server at all? For the raid 1 i have two 320 gig hard drives but they are two different brands. Will that matter for mirroring?

I currently have a promise tx4 pci card to use to start and adding one of these and one of these when i need to expand the drive space. My old hardware:

Athlon xp-m 2400+
Abit nf7-s v2
1 gig ram
Antec true 550w power supply

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New Hardware Sound Keeps Playing

I am running windows vista ultimate x64 w/ an sli config. When i boot my machine and the vista startup sound plays i then hear the "new hardware connected" noise from the os. I get no notifications about new devices being installed. This is the same noise you get when you shut your printer off and on (or any device for that matter) with your pc running in vista/win 7. Any idea how i can find out what is connecting at startup? I have owned this machine with the same hardware config for almost 24 month.

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Buying Hardware In Japan

I am in the navy and i am stationed in yokosuka, japan. I want to build a system, but not sure where i can buy the parts locally. If anyone lives here and knows where to buy let me know please. If not, does anyone know which stores ship fpo?

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Physx On Ati Hardware

I haven't tried it yet, but for those that like testing various things, here's the link to the drivers/sdk to run physx on ati. Yes it's in early development, but seems to be targeting a lot of the ati cards, not just the newest ones. Scroll to the bottom to see available downloads as it currently doesn't work with the normal publicly released drivers.

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