Cpu Wont Start Up, Buzzing Noise

I have an emachines t2792 cpu. It has an 2. 7ghz intel celeron processor, 256mb ram, and an 80gb hard drive. It is just under 2 years old. All of a sudden, the cpu will not power up. There is a low buzzing noise and no lights that come on or even flicker. It is plugged into a surge protector. Is there anything i can test on my own? I'm trying to avoid hefty diagnostic fees.

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Buzzing Noise In Forte Headphone Only During 3d Audio

For the first time since getting my forte a couple of months ago i went to play some games with 3d audio using headphones connected to the rear headphone output. I followed the headphone setup instructions here. My headphones are shure e4g iems (like e4c but black. Specs say 29ohms. Forte drivers 1. 1, vista x64 sp1. The noise floor was imperceptible in vista aero. I'm playing the original f. E. A. R. At the moment. Immediately after launching while in the menus i could hear a digital sounding buzzing. When entering the game it changed in pitch and character wildly. My last save was somewhere fairly quiet, while standing in one place and looking around the tone was changing in pitch and character, following my movements. If i didn't move the mouse/view, it stayed constant. Cpu, gpu and hdd activity do not influence the sound (unlike what i've heard from laptops and cheap onboards). These observations lead me to believe the noise is originating from the 3d sound mapping somehow, and isn't simply rfi. I have never heard any sounds of this type with my speakers (klipsch promedia 5. 1)

I wasn't sure if the old technology in fear might be using alchemy and somehow be an issue. I fired up crysis:warhead and it was there too, although quieter and hard to detect with the increased ambient sound in the jungle scene (shore leave, i think). It was definitely present in the menu but will come and go depending on what effects are being used. I tried turning off cmss-3d and it didn't seem to change anything. I should also probably mention that with these iems i'm only setting my volume at about 6% and it is plenty loud enough. People with other cans may have this problem but simply not be able to hear it with higher output needs and/or the lack of the isolating nature of the iems. I haven't done an exceptional amount of troubleshooting but i wanted to see if this is something people have experienced in certain conditions, if its settings, or if its rma time (hoping not, just for the inconvenience factor).

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Psu Makes Loud Buzzing Noise

I got a new gtx280 today, i have installed it and booted up. Installed its drivers and reset the computer. Everything runs fine until i run a game; my psu makes a loud buzzing noise. I don't know why this is happening.

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Dell Monitor Microphone Buzzing Noise

How do you fix a dell monitor microphone with a buzzing noise? My monitor has a microphone installed into it. Every time that i use the mic, my voice is heard, but an annoying buzzing accompanies my voice. If anyone knows how to fix my buzzing problem, please help me out by telling me how to fix it.

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Power Supply Makes A Buzzing Noise And Wont Turn On

I was watching a movie and paused it to go get something to eat. When i came back i pressed space (my media player uses space for pause/play) almost simultaneously as i pressed the spacebar the computer shutoff. I waited a few seconds and attempted to turn it back on, but no go. When i press the power button a short 1 second buzzing sound comes from the power supply and doesn't power on. The motherboard light does turn on, im not sure what the light is but it is always on as long as the computer is plugged into the wall. As far as build up problems and signs, my computer was/has been running fine for over 3 years now. My motherboard is actually fairly new, i sent back my old one for a replacement a little over 14 months ago. I haven't got the time to check the voltage coming from the psu, but can i really if it wont power on? Also, considering that the onboard light on the motherboard comes on can this be a indication of a bad motherboard? Or other faulty hardware? Or does this sound more like a psu problem? My computer has ran flawlessly with no crashes or lockups. Until now apparently. My specs are:
Motherboard: asus a5prd1-v
Memory - 1gb (single module) ddr
Hard drive: western digital 160gb sata
Cdrom: sony dvd-rw x16
Video: ati radeon x800xl
Power supply: 350w codegen

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Making High Pitched Buzzing Noise

Why on earth is my 1525 inspiron dell laptop making a high pitched buzzing noise coming from my computer? This happens when ever my computers on, but the sound becomes louder and more audio able when i plug it in.

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Monitor Is Buzzing

Ok, i took the monitor case off, but i don't know which part is causing the buzzing? Any tips? Or anyone know of any parts that cause buzzing? It happens every time i turn on my computer.

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Pc Shutdown - Buzzing Noises

Recently my computer has been randomly shutting itself down. Immidiatly after the shutdown a loud buzzing/beeping noise occurs from the front of the pc. My computer is custom made from the internet, and so i dont know who to contact. The part making the noise is a small black circular object, about the size of a 10c piece. Its connected to my motherboard by a black/red wire. I believe the wire goes next to the wires for my on/off, reset, and on & working lights. I replaced my hard drive as my university technician told me my hd was seizing, however that isnt the problem. Any ideas suggestions to my problem? Or could someone tell me what this noisey black thing is! And how can i fix it!

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Dell Webcam Recording Buzzing Sound

Problems with feedback when recording with my dell webcam. When i try to record videos with my dell webcam i keep getting horrible feedback on the videos. A sort of buzzing sound. Does anyone know why this is? The software i use is from a dell inspiron 15 laptop and is using dell webcam center.

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Slight Buzzing / Static In Front Panel Headphone Jack

I'm trying to figure out where i can start troubleshooting a slight buzzing/static noise that i'm hearing from headphones when plugged into the front panel jack on my case. Just for comparison - the speakers don't exhibit the same buzzing sound using the speaker out on the actual card itself - only from the front panel output. My instinct is the front panel cable or maybe grounding? While it isn't a super big deal it's annoying when i hear the buzz when the scene is supposed to be quiet. Any suggestions? I'm not exactly sure if the cable itself can be replaced as it's wired to the front panel of case. A bit of background on the hardware:

Antec p183 case
Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4p motherboard
Amd phenomii x3 720 cpu
Asus xonar essence stx sound card

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Uninstall Cpu Drivers When Installing New Cpu ?

Do i need to uninstall the cpus ''drivers'' in the control panel? Or just switch it with out doing anything?. Switching to a q6600 soon from my intel c2d e4400 2. 0ghz.

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Intel Cpu Or Amd Cpu For Notebook ?

I am looking for laptop now, i am trying to save some money, and i found out the amd turion cpu is cheaper than intel's, does anyone know what's the different? Which one is better? And which one save more power?

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Grinding Noise

It seems i might have compatibility issues. I think the video card i bought is messing up my computer. I put it in with the original card (because i needed to delete the drivers) and my screen resoloution was smaller from startup, my computer froze, and 2/3 times the monitor won't bother coming on with anything else. The card is radeon hd 3650. Mobo is alhena5

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Metallic Chirping Noise From Pc

It sounds like a metallic chirping. It does it every so often.

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Noise When I Move My Mouse

I just upgraded my computer. Got new case/psu, cpu, mobo, ram, hd, currently using windows vista ultimate 64bit. Whenever i move my mouse my computer makes weird static noise. Its not coming from speaker, its coming directly from desktop. I thought it was motherboard(had asus 780v board) so swapped to a 780gxe board(asrock) but its making same noise. I tried unplugging my hard-drive while in windows but noise didn't stop. It start to make noise when booted to windows. No noise in bios. Is this mean my power supply? Or is it normal? Only thing i could think of is power supply but its weird that i'm getting this noise when booted to windows.system:-

X2 7750 kuma
Ocz 4gig 1066 mem
Antec 380 earth watt power supply.

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Headset Screeching Noise

I have a logitceh headset that i got from my friend and a sound blaster audigy se. I know my card supports microphone so. I plug in the microphone into the microphone jack, and i here my speakers click and start making a fuzzy noise, but no sound. I checked all the settings in the control panel>sounds and audio devices. See i only want the mic off of the headset, not the headphones because they are uncomfortable. So when i plugged the head phones in to, it they made a loud screeching noise. I know the headset works as well.

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High Pitched Squealing Noise

My motherboard is an asrock p4vm890 and is "supposed" to be able to run at an 200mhz bus speed. It's a socket 478 motherboard and is compatible with williamette, northwood & prescott up to 3. 4ghz. The motherboard is based around an via northbridge: via® p4m890 & southbridge: via® vt8237r plus, but that's another story . So anyway, i decided to swap out my old p4 2. 8ghz, 533mhz bus processor for an old p4 3. 2ghz, 800mhz bus processor. I also replaced my 2 sticks of 512mb ddr333 with 2 sticks of 1024mb ddr400 memory. Sound simple so far? Well it should be. After installing that lot and switching my computer on, i was greeted by an high pitched "squealing noise". Not pleasent by any means. I went straight to the bios and noticed that while my processor was recognised as an 200mhz bus, the memory was set to 166mhz (or ddr333). Ubuntu could boot fine and there were no stability issues except for some reason the inbuilt nic would not work correctly. It would not obtain an ip address and the minute i clicked on networkmanager the computer would freeze. I thought i might have been sold the wrong memory so i went back to the shop and replaced those two sticks with some more ddr400 memory of a different brand. However the exact same thing happened! At this point i realised it would be very unlikely (or unlucky?) To have been sold two more sticks of the incorrent memory twice. In the bios i forced the memory speed from the "auto" setting to ddr400. I rebooted my computer but the high pitched squeel remained. Ubuntu launched and again everything fine except the nic. I decided to go back into the bios and i slowly underclocked my processor (but leaving the memory set as ddr400), from 200mhz bus, down to 195mhz and finally to 193mhz where it is at now. At 193mhz the squeeling goes away and the nic functions correctly. The memory clearly is ddr400 because my computer would not run stable at 193mhz if it wasn't

I have even flashed my bios to the latest version but this solved nothing. So this leaves me puzzled! If my motherboard can support a 200mhz bus and the processor and memory run over 200mhz, what on earth is the problem! Why can i only achieve 193mhz? Can i blame this on via ?

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High Pitch Noise / Screech

I just recently noticed that my old comp will make these high pitch sounds for like 3 seconds. Dunno where it is coming from (somewhere in the case i think ) but i have the sides of the case off so maybe that is why i can hear them? I hear it like once a day at most.

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Electrical Noise / Squeal, Is This Normal ?

When playing 3d games (especially when "calculating shadows" in trackmania) or even minimizing/maximizing windows, i can hear a noise/squeal coming from the pc. On closer inspection it seems to come from both the graphics card and the psu. It's not very loud (as in quiet) but noticable. So the question, is this normal?

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Pc Making High Pitched Noise

Theres a really anoying high pitched noise coming from my pc, i think its from my psu, i recently got a new case and psu exactly the same as my old one, and my old one didnt make this type of noise!

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Hard Drive Making Noise

One of my hard drives (a samsung 160gb sata) started to make a constant noise, like if something got stuck in a fan, and it keeps getting louder the more time the pc is running. I have disconnected the drive for now, what should i do with it, its not under warranty any more.

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High Pitch / Whining Noise

So, it worked fine for a couple days and i even overclocked the 7750 for a bit and it was running fine. So i shut it off, when to families house for christmas and when i got back i noticed it was making a god awful noise. Very high pitched, but not very audible. Still enough that gave me a headache

Now, it only happens when vista loads up about half way through the scroll bar thing. In the bios or the first half of loading vista, it doesn't do it but it. Also, it is only there at idle. If i put a load on the cpu it goes away instantly

I've tried it with cool and quite both enabled and disabled and neither helped. It's not the 260gtx because i took it out and it was still there, and it's not the hard drive (i thought it was originally) so if anybody has any ideas, im all ears.

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X-fi Notebook Card Noise Problem

I'm getting noise/static through my headphone jack on my asus w90. It's barely audible for the most part, but an annoyance; seems to come and go as i switch through different graphics (probably from my gpus). Would a x-fi expresscard eliminate this noise?

I know the x-fi expresscards are a waste (no hardware acceleration, not much better than onboard, one more piece of crap on your notebook etc. ), But if it solves my noise problem it would be worth it for me.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones (circumaural)

So i've got a pair of sennheiser 515's and i love them. Perfect comfort no problem wearing them for long gaming sessions. Being open air they breathe well and never get the "hot ear" problem like with on-ear phones. However i was in best buy and tried out the bose qc 15 noise canceling phones. The noise cancellation feature was fantastic. However i am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination - are there other noise canceling phones i should try out before buying? I do occasionally travel and the senns don't travel so well. Over at the egg i found

Anyone here have experience with them?

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Noise Canceling Headphones For Under $125

I'm looking to pick up my first set of quality noise canceling headphones for work and travel. I've narrowed it down to a few selections. My goals are to beat out the sony mdr-nc7s i'll be taking back to best buy this weekend which utterly suck at noise cancellation imo. I really was expecting more and when the audio is off and you just want a bit of quiet time there's this annoying whine/buzz instead. I'm not looking for anything high end like the bose 2 or 3 series or the dr dre set. I'm trying to keep cost under $100, but i'll go as high as $125 if it's really necessary. Right now i'm leaning towards the pxc 250 or 300. Just looking for other inputs and to see if there's something else totally kickass in this price range i may have missed.

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Noise Coming From Headset Microphone

I use a voice chat program called mumble for gaming with my team fortress 2 clan. It shows me the amount of noise generated by my microphone and it seems to be a lot. Is it because of my sound-card or my headset? I have a steel series 5hv2 headset if you're wondering and i'm using on-board sound. Would getting a new sound-card help?

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Noise Canceling Microphone And 5.1 Headphones

I keep having people say they can hear my speakers so i was looking for a noise canceling computer mic but also wanted to use the mini jack on my sound card and not usb. I have found a few no name ones but was looking for one from a name brand. I was also looking into getting a pair of 5. 1 headphones and like the turtle beach tbs-2114 earforce hpa2 but i still want the mic to be noise canceling. If anyone has a suggestion i would appreciate it.

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Hp Computer Loud Noise / Sounds

I have a hp computer that started making a loud racing noise. The noise comes and goes, it sounds like a jet. ? The noise also changes or revs up and down. After a couple of min. The computer shuts off. Now it says there is a start up problem and says windows cannot fix the problem over the internet. I blew the dust out and checked the fan and it turns free. Any ideas what might be wrong?

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Best Price / Performance For Noise Cancelling Headphones ?

I have the distinct impression that i'm making myself deaf playing my ipod mini's headphones loud enough to hear over the city busses i ride often. I'd like to buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll hopefully let me get the same signal-noise ratio without ruining my hearing. I've used a friend's bose quietcomfort 2 cans, and they were excellent, but they also cost far more than i can really afford. Another friend has a sony set, but i don't remember them being so good, but that was a number of years ago. What brand/model do you guys reccomend for that kind of portable use? I'd like to stay under $200, if at all possible.

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Hard Drive Make Clicking Noise

I was on the internet last night and all of the sudden my computer froze and i started to hear a clicking noise coming from my computer i thought it might be the fan. I looked inside and everything appeared ok. When i restarted my computer it said that there was an error loading no operating system found on any devices. I put in my xp cd and ran setup but it tells my there is no hard drive connected to my computer. Please do not tell me my hard drive crashed i lost everything. Why would it make a clicking noise i have never heard of that. Any help would be greatful.

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