Code 43 With A Single 4870x2

Even after doing a clean windows install i still get this error, i have tried using catalyst 9. 6 and 9. 7, i still get the error. What should i do?

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4870x2 Driver Crash

I am having driver problem with this card, again. Due to a sleep crash from vista, both of my oses (vista32 and vista64) refuse to boot. I can get into safe mode no problem, but whenever i tries to boot it normally it either goes into bsod or black with mouse right after windows loading bar. I have no idea how exactly does 1 crash effected both of my oses which are located on different drives. I am typing this on a fresh install of win7 64 rc, which doesn't seem to have any problem with display driver yet. Any idea how to fix this problem and make my vista last 1 more month?

P. S. According the safe mode, the crash is caused by display driver failure. But ati uninstall refuse to load under safe mode.could i use driver sweeper and wipe the ati files that way so vista could use it's "in house" temporary driver to get normal mode working?

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4870x2 Driver Question

Greetings. I'm still running driver v8. 12. Are there any worthy updates. I was just gonna leave well enough alone because of the big hassle to upgrade. The last time i upgraded i lost everything and had to re-install my os because the gpu driver cleaner i used took out more than my video card drivers apparently. Never again. I'm just gonna install a new version over the old one and take my chances. Saphire is my card.

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Frames Per Second With Prototype Using 4870x2

Am very interested in this game but would like to see some card and chart comparisons. Are there any places that have these types of stats anywhere. I would like to know how good this game is at scaling and to see fps with other cards.

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Crossfire With Radeon Hd 4870x2

Im going to buy a ati radeon 4850 and wanting to crossfire it with 4870x2. Which should i put as my main vid card (putting it on top?) Or does it matter?

Do u just stick each of them in a pcie slot and they are good to go?
Do i update their drivers separately?

I might go with a nvidia 280. Should i buy another one to crossfire them? (If even possible with nvidia or diff term for it. )

Edit: also, what kind of power supply wattage would i need for this setup to work? And do i have to get some crazy heatsink/fan for this to last?

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4870x2 Resolution Problem ( 1280x800 )

I have a 30" screen, and 4870x2 card and the resolution is stuck at 1280x800. I've tried everything i can possibly think of including using powerstrip to force the resolution. I put a 3870 card in the same machine and same monitor and it works fine at 2560x1600. I went through every option in the ccc with no luck. Without the ati driver installed, the windows driver will let me do the 1920x1200 or whatever it is, but then when i install ati driver it locks it at 1280x800. Any attempts to make the resolution higher only result in making it span the desktop around. Abit ix38 board, diamond 4870x2 card
Vista 64 (although i booted it into windows xp and it has the same issue)

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Monitor Refreshing On Sapphire 4870x2

Since i purchased the 4870x2 i have been having a problem with it once i open up world of warcraft (i have not tested other games as this is the only real game i play). I play wow @ 1920x1200 with everything @ max settings. The refresh rate comes up @ blank but the options are 60 and 75. My monitor is a dell 2407fwp

http://accessories. Us.

The problem i am having is while wow is loading (i can be tabbed in or tabbed out to the desktop) my screen will constantly (the time is very random it can go minutes at a time without happening and then it can happen 3 times in a minute) flash black like the monitor lost its video signal it will then reset and come back. This can last a couple of seconds but always comes back, the problem is this has become rather annoying. Does anyone have any type of suggestion to fix this problem?

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4870x2 And 9.6 Catalyst And Crysis - Bsod

I get a bsod on the contact level during the plane cutscene. First time it happened when the camera flew by the first engine, the second right after jumping out of the plane. I get an error related to atikmdag.sys. Running win7 rc1, 4870x2 factory oced to 800/1000, win7 beta drives 9. 6 from ati website

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4870x2 Dual Monitor Sound Problem

I connected 26lcd monitor and 42plasma tv, on my 4870 x2. Now what i'm trying to do is on lcd play games and use plasma download stuff(check downland, etc). Thing is when i play games , moves, etc. I can hear sound on my plasma but not on my headphones. Now what i want is to hear sound on headphones not tv ( i hope i'm explaining this right). Does anyone know how to fix this. Sound card is x-fi xtremegamer.

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Ati 4870x2 Driver Update For Windows 7

I'm using the windows 7 release candidate and i have the amd catylist 9. 9 drivers installed. Windows update notified me yesterday that there was a new driver from amd for the ati 4870x2, and it is 18megs. Should i grab this or just continue using the 9. 9 drivers? Or both?

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Windows 7 Shows 4870x2 Having Only 1gb Of Ram

I have cat 9. 10 driver for windows 7 pro for my diamond 4870-x2 video card. Win 7 system info shows only 1gb of ram on-board. Gpuz also shows only 1gb. Any ideas why?

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4870x2 And 1080p Monitor - Games Issue

So i've been having this problem for a while now in a few games, notably far cry 2 and world in conflict. I'll start the game, and i get a ton of interlacing and the game looks like garbage.going into the in-game settings and trying to force it to 60hz refresh rate does nothing; it still displays in 1080i. With fc2 i used to be able to fix it by restarting the game and re-applying 60hz settings, but world in conflict won't cooperate at all. Spore used to give me issues, but at least that game told me exactly what was going on; sometimes it would default to 1920x1080@30hz and simply setting it to 1920x1080@60hz would fix the issue every time. Mercenaries 2 and fallout 3 had one or two small occurrences of this issue, but it was as easily fixed as it was in spore and happened far less often. This happens both with an without vsync. I'm pretty much out of ideas on how to fix this. I have everything set properly in ccc, and the in-game settings usually give me the same garbage; it'll say the refresh rate is set to 60hz but it'll really be 30 or whatever number feels like. Has anyone had this problem and managed to figure it out?

The computer and monitor in question are in my signature. I'm currently using a dvi cable to connect the pc and monitor, and this has happened since more or less day 1 with the 4870x2 (bought it as soon as it launched) using more or less every driver iteration released since then (currently using 9. 2). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Single Beep On One Boot

Alright. I was playing around in the bios and i selected a fsb setting of 166 and rebooted. Blank screen, no boot. Nothing. So, as in previous instances of this i cleared the cmos by the jumper on my soltek sl-75frn2 and held the insert key as i powered on. Nothing. No go. The cd-rom reads, but doesn't do anything else. The hdd light comes on for about 20 seconds and disapears. I heard a single beep on one boot, that is all. I have unseated the memory and videocard independently to see if i would get a beep but there were no such instances.

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4 Monitors On A Single 5870

I'm looking to eyefinity 4 monitors (3 would be 1 group and extended on the fourth). My monitors don't have display ports, and so from what i read i would have to buy active adapters for the last two monitors. If i just buy another 5870 would i be able to use the dvi on the second card?

It seems it would be better to go ahead and get another card instead of spending 200$ on adapters. Is there something i'm missing or is this the only way?

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How To Tell If Ram Is Single Sided ?

My problem is i got a new epox mobo with my new athlon 64. The mobo is on the nforce chipset which i can only have one double sided stick of ram and the other stick has to be single sided. Or to get 3 gigs on there they all have to be single sided. I just ordered a geil ultra series value 1 gig stick pc-3200, cas lat is 3 8-4-4. So my question is i'm lookin for a single sided stick 1 gig pc 3200 to go with it (not sure if the geil is single sided i sent ten million emails to companies that make decent ram don't get replies half the time or they say yeah we have some single sided ram but they never give me the model no. Or anything even when i mail them back. ) So is there anyway to tell if its single sided on the net? Or can anyone recommend a single sided 1 gig stick of pc 3200?

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Pci Single Board Computer

Does anyone know of any single board computers that can be used in pc pci or pci-x slot and either run its own instance of windows or linux or function as an added cpu in addition to the motherboard cpu?

I know most of these things are meant for specialized pci backplanes for industrial computers. I'm looking for something along the lines of the old sunpci cards. There were similar products for macs way back, starting with the 68k radius rockets and followed by amd and pentium boards that went in ppc systems. I'm looking for something p3 or newer just to play around with. And not looking for something that is going to require specialized programming to use.

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Raid 5 Along With A Single Hard Drive

Is it possible to have vista on a single hard drive, and a raid5 system (3 hdds) on the same sata controller? If so, how do i set one up?

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500gb Single Platter Drive

I know that hitachi, wd and samsung have 500gb platters in there bigger drives but does anyone offer a 500gb drive with a single platter yet?

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Single Ssd Drive To Raid 0

I got an extra 60gb vertex ssd for christmas. I am wanting to put them in raid 0 configuration. The issue is i already have a 60gb vertex ssd as my main os drive. Is there an easy way to migrate from a single ssd to raid 0 configuration without having to do a complete reinstall?

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Fastest Single Hard Drive

I have a 1tb caviar black, and i'm happy with the speed, but (believe it or not) i'm running out of space between os and storage of stuff. So i'd like to get another hard drive to run just my os with programs and keep this one for storage. Whats the fastest 7200rpm drive out there? (Raptors are too expensive, and ssd's are waay too expensive).

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A Single 5870 Enough For A 30 Inch Monitor ?

About to order my new rig to coincide with the release of windows 7, i got most of what i want in there already figured out:

Phenom ii x4 965 (the 955 is only 20 bucks cheaper)
Msi 790fx-gd70
4 gb ocz black edition 8-8-8-24 1600
2 640gb wd caviar black in raid 0
Sapphire radeon hd 5870
Lian li x1000
Corsair tx850w
Samsun 305t 30 inch monitor @ 2560x1600
Prolimatech megahalems

I plan on playing games at max settings crysis/crysis warhead included. I am worried that at that resolution 1 5870 will not cut it and i am already over my budget by a solid 300$ to afford the second graphic card would have to wait for the end of next november probably. If i wait till november i might as well see what the new nvidia cards look like and just buy this thing post xmas (might get a better deal!). So the way i see it i can do one of two things, buy it now or buy an xbox 360 to tide me over till january and buy the best computer i can afford then! I refuse to pay 3300$ for a computer and not bbe blown away by the performance!

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Single And Multiple Rails @ Psu

How it work?
What is the main different?
Any 1 can help me with links or something?
Why single rail 36a @12v better for server than
11a @12v1; 21a@12v2 & 12a@12v3?

Whay many people find dual rail for their pc?

So single rail better for server & multiple rails better for pc?

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Dual Xeon Vs Single Amd

I currently have a computer with an amd 2500 xp processor at 2ghz. I have the opportunity to buy 2 xeon processors with 512 kb caches, running 2. 2ghz. From a gaming aspect, is this a good idea? The amd runs fairly well, but i've noticed my bottleneck is most definitely my processor *1 gb ram and a e-vga 6600vid card*. I can get this xeons for fairly cheap, but i'm wondering whether i am better off saving up for an amd 3400 or something like that. Also, since i currently have an agp motherboard, i take it i would have to upgrade to an pci mobo at least, correct?

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Connect 2 Video Inputs In Single Pc

How to connect 2 or more video inputs in a single pc? I have once tried to connect 2 tv tuner cards in a single pc to do some vj activities. But none of the cards were able to work properly even though i have installed the drivers properly, whereas it works fine when i connected them 1 at a time. How can i use 2 or more video inputs like webcam, tv tuners, etc. At the same time?

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Is Having A Single Core Processor A Problem?

I asked a question a few days ago if getting this toshiba satellite laptop is good. I also posted this other toshiba t235d-s1345rd laptop i was thinking about. (I will post links in the details as y!A! Fails as doesn't post my original questions with the links)

The only person who answered said the first laptop is bad as it is a single core processor and it'd be real hard for me to use it. They said most programs need dual-core processors to run. And, the 2nd choice while having a dual core, it is an amd, which will degrade. = Bad. They gave alot of good information, but i don't want to automatically discount either laptop because of only 1 person. Especially because the prices are very good and it seems to have good features. Btw they mentioned i should get this hp laptop instead. I think i can assume a single- core processor= runs slower than dual core. But for the first laptop (and the second actually) there are loads of good reviews, saying it's absolutely great! I don't know what to think.

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Beep Code

Whenever i turn on my computer, it makes this long beep noise and i am guessing somethings wrong with it. The thing is, everything seems to work fine. >_>;; i tried to "decode" the beep code, but i must be quite stupid, because i can't seem to match with the right one. My motherboard is: ga-965p-ds3. The beep codes listed on its manual are:
1 short: system boots successfully
2 short: cmos setting error
1 long 1 short: dram or m/b error
1 long 2 short: monitor or display card error
1 long 3 short: keyboard error
1 long 9 short: bios rom error
Continuous long beeps: dram error
Continuous short beeps: power error

I have recorded the beep noise with my mp3 player and the sound has been slightly distorted(?), But it didn't change much from the actual sound.

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Hp F4400 Code 43

Hp f4400 series will not run on windows 7? It runs fine on xp, but on win 7 i get this message, and i have repeatedly installed driver software to no avail (it is the correct driver for my os).code 43: windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. I have checked and it still works on xp.

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Put Ddr And Sdram On A Single Motherboard

Is it possible to put on two different types of ram like ddr and sdram on a single motherboard ?

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Raid 5 Performance Versus Single Drive

Assuming we have a decent hardware raid controller from areca/3ware. Is the read/write speed in a raid5 setup with 4 or 8 drives is always faster than single drive?

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Raid-0 Current Drives Or Faster Single ?

Been a long time since i've added new hardware to my machine (long for me anyway). Have been getting my modding fix with the car for the past year or so. Anyway, i am looking on upgrading the hd portion of the computer. Current drives are listed in sig, consisting of two wd 320gb (single platter) drives and a wd 500gb. I am debating on either putting the two current wd320gb drives in a raid-0 config, which i prefer, assuming they will be the fastest option. The other choice would be to go with something like a larger single drive such as a samsung f3. For the two drives in raid-0, i am in need of a good cheap hardware controller, which is a piece of hardware i really don't have much knowledge about. So i am stuck at either finding a cheap hardware controller or if the cost it to great then jumping to a single larger drive. What are your thoughts/opinions? Can anyone recommend a controller making these two drives worth staying with?

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