No Scanner Connected

Why does printer and computer both say no scanner connected? I have new usb cable. Answer:-

Is this a multifunction printer? I assume so, since you say the printer indicated no scanner connected. Disconnect the printer and delete it completely from the system. Reboot, and then re-install it from the install disk. Don't connect anything until the instructions tell you to do so. That should take care of the problem.

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Hp Officejet 5610 Scanner Not Connected

My scanner says its not connected and to refresh to trouble shoot. But it prints and copies fine. I have used the scanner before so i know it works but i don't know why it isnt working now. I have a hp officejet 5610 all-in-one printer if that helps.

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Scan With Scanner Connected To Mac Os X With Windows Computer

Is it possible to scan with a scanner/printer connected to a mac os x with windows computers? I have the hp officejet 6500 scanner/printer. This printer/scanner is connected to my imac. I am able to scan and print with this imac. And i am able to print only over my network. I am able to print with any windows computer in my house using bonjour. When i open bonjour on the windows computers, it sees the printer connected to the imac. And when i print with the windows computers, it sends the document or whatever were printing to the imac connected to the printer/scanner. But the only thing is, i want to scan the same way. If i go to system preferences on the imac and go to print & fax and then i click my scanner/printer and the box is checked that says "share printer over network" and then when i click scan at the top, i see a button that says, open scanner, and another box that is checked that says, "share scanner over network. " Is it possible to share my scanner the same way as i share my printer?

I also have this apple product called time capsule. And i haven't used the print over network feature with that. Can i scan over the network using the tc?

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Hp Laserjet 4250 Scanner - Usb Cable Is Not Connected

My hp 4250 copier scanner will copy but when i try to scan it tells me the usb cable is not connected?

Answer:- it sounds to me that you missing some software? Try to reinstall your software for it and don't forget to uninstall before reinstall! And never install with the usb cable inserted! Plug it in when the software installation ask you to! Or if software don't ask? After the installation is comp let and computer is restarted!

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What If Someone Connected To Your Router ?

What can someone do if they are connected to ur router? If someone has managed to connect to ur router because u don't have a password or something. What can someone do if they connect to it and how do they do it?

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2 Scanners Connected To Pc

Can i safely have 2 scanners connected to my pc ? One is an hp one is brothers. Answer:- it would be unwise to do so. Having them connected is not a problem as i myself use a dedicated film scanner and a flatbed scanner but i never ever have them both switched on at the same time. Scanners by default are the most volatile of accessories and the possibility of preference conflicts from running two together is precarious.

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Connected Laptop To Tv But Cant See Anything

I connected my laptop to my tv. But cant see anything. I connected my hp laptop to my samsung plasma tv via vga cable. At first you can see it on my tv. But while it continues to load. It sounds like my tv goes to sleep and i cant see anything on my tv anymore. Does anybody know how to fix it?

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Wireless Connected But Not Working

I have 2 laptops. Both are dell. Both are connected to the internet but one works and the other doesn't. I've been trying a lot of stuff to make it work and it doesn't. And the thing is that they both used to work at the same time. Now the first laptop seems to have a problem. Can you help me ?

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Internet Is Connected, But Not Working

Internet is connected, but not working. How do i fix this? Okay so my computer had a virus that pretended to be an anti-virus program by saying that i had tonnes of viruses and prompting me to buy and download something to get rid of it. Whenever i used internet explorer or mozilla to access a site it would not let me and on the page it would say that it was unsafe to do unless i bought and downloaded their program. I found out that if i went to my mozilla browser and selected 'no proxy' in the internet settings that i could browse without being redirected to their fake block website that told me i had to buy their program to be safe and browse. So then i was able to download a program to remove the virus, which worked and i no longer had the virus. The next day or so i was able to browse as per normal without any interruptions just like i was before. However, the next day i used my computer again. Still no sign of the virus but even though i was connected to the internet i could not access anything apart from mozilla again. When i used internet explorer or google chrome it would just say could not be displayed and msn messenger wouldn't connect either. So basically i'm connected to the internet, but nothing is actually working apart from mozilla. I'm not sure if mozilla being the only program working is related to selecting 'no proxy' on internet settings when i had the virus. Note that the virus is gone, and i was able to use msn and such after this but now i cannot again apart from mozilla. Does anyone have an idea of what could have happened and how to fix this?

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How To Know Which Sp You Are Connected To Using Public Wifi ?

When you connect public wifi how can you tell which sp you're connected to? How can you tell which service provider (isp i mean) you're connected to when you do public wifi? For instance, i know starbucks & mcdonalds in the us use at&t. But how about when you're at some other location? Short of asking the workers who the isp is. They probably wouldn't know anyway.

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Laptop Router Not Connected

I just added a wep key to my router, because someone near me was constantly leeching it. Everyone else was able to connect to the newly secured network fine (on ipod touches, and laptops running vista and 7). When i tried to connect to the network on my laptop, it says that it connected, but next to the wireless name, it says in big bold letters "not connected", but the option in the bottom right of the window only allows for disconnecting, because it thinks that it is connected. The other strange thing, is that under network connections, the wireless connection icon also says not connected. If i right click on the icon, the "status" option is greyed out, so i can't click it. And finally, if i try to "repair" the connection, it disables/enables it fine, but says that it was unable to connect to the wireless network, and that the repair failed. I have a feeling that the problem has to do with a service, because my laptop has a tendency to shut off random services, but i have no idea where to start my search of the faulty service. I'm running on windows xp home edition sp3
My wireless adapter is a atheros ar5007eg

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Usb Cable Not Connected

Scanner shows "usb cable not connected" in the window on the printer. I installed a new usb cable, but same note. Answer:-
Two more possibilities: 1. The usb port on the computer side is damaged. Try a different one, go into bios and make sure they are enabled. 2. The usb port on the printer is damaged. Buy a new printer.

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Dual Monitors And Tv Connected From Pc

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to configure my pc to be able to output to dual monitor display and use my tv as a 3rd monitor just for watching movies. I can configure it so it just has dual monitors no problem and can also set it up to be able to display a desktop on my tv but i don't want to have to faff around with changing connections all the time. I have 2 ati 4870 cards each with 2 dvi ports (total of 4 ports). I've also recently purchased a dvi to hdmi connector to be able to connect my tv to my pc. I would like 2 monitors to display my usual dual display for pc work etc, but also have the capabilities to be able to load a movie on my pc (from my hdd) and watch it on my tv. I would like to do this without having to take out any cables in the process too. I don't want the tv to act as a 3rd desktop monitor though and only need to activate it through software if possible.

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Using Printer Connected By Wifi

How do you use your printer connected by wifi? I have just recently connected my printer to my wifi connection but i don't get how to use it now?

Answer:- my printer is wireless as well. What you do is load the disk into your laptop, or whatever your device is, then follow the instructions on there. Mine has me connect with a usb cable. After that, it'll instruct you to connect wirelessly with the network you use. I always have a problem with when i change my network. It has to stay with the same network or else it won't print.

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Laptop Says Connected To Internet But It Is Not

My laptop says connecetd to the internet but it is not. Right now i am on my brothers mac, and it has a perfect internet connection. My laptop is right beside me and it won't connect to the internet. On the bottom (i think it's called a task bar. ) It says the signal connection is "excellent" but i can't connect. It says it is running 54. 0 mbps. I have no idea what that means. I am not a computer whiz so answers simply. Maybe step by step instructions.

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Laptop Crashes When Connected With Tv

Laptop crashes when connected with a tv. I am using a lenovo 3000 n200 laptop with 3gb ram and i am running windows 7 professional. It has a pentium duel-core processor 1. 6ghz. It has an intel x3100 graphics card with 256mb memory. I just purchased a new lcd tv and i decided to try and connect my laptop to it. The tv has an s-video port and so does my laptop. So i used an s-video cable to connect my laptop to my tv and every time i try duel screen or extended desktop, my computer crashes and says that my graphics card has crashed. I'm not sure weather it is a driver issue or a registry issue but if any noe has a solution to it, please let me know.

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Router Connected To Play Wow ?

Why do i have to be router-connected to play wow? At low levels, i was able to play wow on my laptop ( dell inspiron) in my room, without being connected to the router. Now, i can only browse web pages and get as far as the opening screen and enter my info, the insta-disconnect! Is it my internet connection, computer, or what?

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Plasma Tv No Signal When Connected From Laptop

Need help with plasma tv. No signal when connected from laptop to plasma tv. ? I am using a vga cable to connect my laptop to my soyo mt mt syjcp32b1ab plasma tv. When i connect it there is no display.

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Can Turn Off Laptop Monitor When Connected To A Tv ?

If you want to connect your laptop to a tv, can you turn off the laptop monitor? I don't really see the point in connecting it to a tv if you have a laptop monitor in your face - is there any way to turn it off?

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Wireless Printer Will Not Stay Connected

My wireless printer will not stay connected!? Every time i go to print something on my wireless printer it says its not responding. Two days ago i had this problem and i did an update for the printer and it worked but now its having the same problem. There are no other computers connected to it. I know my mom turns off the printer every night could that be the problem? Im sure this is a simple pebcac problem but its important all the same!

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Stay Connected To Internet When Go To Another State

I want to go to another state and i want to take my laptop is there a way i can stay connected to internet. ?


You'll need a service that provides nationwide internet service. At&t, sprint, verizon, and others offer this.

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Use Driver Robot Without Having Connected To Internet

My pc at home displayed "no audio device installed" i dont have internet at home, i downloaded driver robot at the office, can i use it to fix the problem of my pc at home, without having to connect to the internet?

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Internet Is Connected But Not Working In Explorer

My internet is connected but not working in explorer. Answer:-
Meaning other applications are working fine? If it's only explorer, go to your file menu and check if you are not accidentally working offline.

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Hp Photosmart C4200 Usb Not Connected

I have an hp photosmart c4200 all in one (printer, copier, scanner) and whenever i try to scan a photo, the screen reads "usb not connected. " The usb cord is connected in the mac of my computer, and i don't see a place for any additional usb ports. Anyone have a similar problem?

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Internet Connection Works Only With One Pc Connected

I have been able to play my online games fine until a while back now. My internet works fine with only one person connected but once another computer is turned on and connects to our 2wire nobody can do anything. Sometimes google doesn't even load up. Before we were able to have 5 computers work fine together. What can i do?

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Packet Loss When Connected To Router

Okay when i didn't have my router set up and ping tested myself my packet loss was 0%. But once i connected my router, the packet loss went to 88%! I'm sure this is not a coincidence because i removed my router before and it dropped to zero and when i connect my router and set it up, the packet loss goes up to 88% again! How do i fix it? I have a belkin g wireless router model f5d7234-4 v3.

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Computer Connected To Printer But Is Not Printing

My computer is connected to my printer but is not printing?

Do you have it set as your default printer? By following the steps, first go to:
Control panel
Left click the printer icon
Make sure there is a check above your printer
If not, left click the printer icon
Click the word printer
Add a check to set as default printer.

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Printing From Laptop Through Printer Connected To Pc

I am trying to print from my laptop through the printer connected to my pc. I have wireless internet. So far i tried this after searching around in the internet. Both printer and pc are vista and printer is canon. I did "start" then "printers and faxes". Select the printer and right click, click "sharing" then "share this printer" then "ok". Now go to your laptop and click "start", "printers and faxes", on the far left click "add printer", click "next" then "network printer", click "browse", i tried doing this and the printer isnt showing up.

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Itouch Error When Connected To Wifi

Why does my itouch show an invalid error when i am connected to the wifi? I get the network all setup and the status bar says that i'm connected but when i go to safari it either says that it's connecting but it never finalizes or it shows me some sort of error message. This doesn't make sense because it appears that i have a good connection.

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Limited Or No Connectivity When Connected To Web

Why do i always get a limited or no connectivity, when trying to connect to the web on any laptop in my house? Sometimes the message goes away and i get access the internet fine, but sometimes it doesn't. I have got a new router, and still the same problem, does anyone know why this is happening?

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