Install All Versions Of Firmware Or Just Most Recent ?

Is is necessary to install all versions of firmware, or just the most recent? If it matters, i have a d-link wbr2310 wireless g router, and there are five revisions from 1. 1 to 1. 5

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Radeon 9550 Card Different Versions

I'm buying a new video card to support my new lcd monitor which runs at 1900x1200 (it's the dell 2405fpw). I don't play games, so i'm just looking for a cheap card that will display 2d images and video files ok. I think the ati radeon 9550 would be a good choice; it's only about 40. I'd considered the 9250, but apparently the 9550 is better, and they're almost the same price. (Any other suggestions would be welcome!)

My problem is, when i look at the online stores, there seems to be several different versions of the same card, all for the same price, but with totally different packaging. For example, the "club 3d" version, the "gigabyte" version, the "connect3d" version. I just don't understand why there are all these different versions. Are these all unofficial bootleg copies? Or are they all legit ati cards with slightly different features? If so, which one would be best for me?

All i really want is something that can display 2d images/apps clearly and quickly at 19200x1200 via a dvi cable. Oh, and i need one without a fan because i'm building a silent system. Can anyone help? Which one should i buy?

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What Is Firmware ?

What is firmware regarding dvd writers? Does it means driver update?

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Firmware On Usb

Some usb dongles when set up initially store information from the installation - am i correct?

I know this from a bluetooth dongle that i needed on an old computer, (because it didn't have integral bluetooth like most modern computers). I had to install something called blue soleil and it actually burnt into the dongle. Evidently once the dongle had been used in the initial setup, that was it, there was no going back - you could uninstall anything from the dongle. Whatever was on the dongle was there permanently, so no room for error or manoevre. I am hoping things have moved on from those days! I have a audio/video grabber dongle that plugs into the usb. I suspect it also has software installed on it from the initial setup with the cd but i am not sure and i am certainly no expert, so i haven't a clue how to check. I have been trying to uninstall the driver software from my computer so that i can start from afresh and install everything again because of other problems. I have been attempting this without the usb device in place and so far it keeps coming up with errors and i'm wondering if it has anything to do with the dongle. The instructions stipulate that initial installation should be carried out without the device in place. How can i check to see if there is any software on the device and how can i fully uninstall all the associated software so that i can start afresh?

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Upgrade Hdd Firmware

I've got a seagate 750gb 7200. 10 with 3. Aae firmware at work. Due to numerous crashes with our media sharing raid, someone suggested we upgrade our firmware on the drives. Is this even possible? I've never heard of that before and can't find any way of doing it based on seagate's site and poking around on the net.

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Lg R200 Laptop Firmware

I use an lg r200 dual display laptop notebook. It has an auxilery display(dual) that has windows slideshow on it so that i can access laptop information without having to turn on the laptop. Unfortunately, recently it stopped displaying windows sideshow but instead it started displaying some firmware settings. I tried going through the settings to see if i could get windows sideshow displaying again. I accidentally deleted the firmware completely and now all that displays is the basic bios for the system. I don't have firmware. I missed out that driver cd too. I don't have a firmware to install. Please send me the firmware software that required to install and make windows slide show(dual display device) to function. It as second display at the lid. I have contacted lg many times but fed up with there response.

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Linksys Wrt54gs Firmware Issue

I had sent my router back in for a warranty repair in august of last year. During that time i purchased a second router to use until i got this one back. When i did get it back it sat around for a couple of months as i didn't have a use for it initially. I find now as i'm attempting to use it that it still does not work! The power led does not stop blinking and i am unable to connect to the router. According to the manual this could be due to corrupt firmware and suggests that i upgrade it. As i said before, i cannot get into the router to do this though. It is not giving out an ip address. I am sure that the product is no longer under warranty. Is there any chance of repairing this item or is it time to just throw it away. A trend that is becoming troublesome with my linksys products.

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Linksys Wrt54g Firmware Upgrade

When upgrading a linksys wrt54g's firmware via the web interface, is it necessary to power cycle the router after the upgrade, or does it automatically reboot without user intervention?

Note: this is in hardware because it concerns the actual piece of hardware rather than the networking/security aspects of it.

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Wrt54gs Firmware Upgrade Failed

So i was trying to upgrade my firmware for my wrt54gs /w speedboosters but i keep getting the firmware upgrade failed error. Anyone have any idea what might cause it?

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Lite On Sosw-852s Firmware Upgrade

I believe my drive needs a firmware update to be able to burn on 16x dvd media. It's a lite-on sosw-852s, but is also know as a relabeled sony drive. Liteon doesn't seem to have any new firmware for this drive on its website? Am i missing something or is there any other way i can use my 16x dvds in this drive?

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Linksys Wpc11 Version 3 Firmware Issue

I previously had a linksys wpc11 (version 3) working perfectly well under a win2k system. I briefly switched it out to use in another laptop running winxp. After installing, winxp "upgraded" the firmware for the card. Now the card won't work in the win2k system anymore. For that matter, it won't work in any system that isn't running winxp. Now, the simple solution would be to re-flash the card with the original firmware; except that it isn't available for download. I called/chatted/emailed linksys regarding the issue and they insist that: a) what i said isn't possible and b) no they will not give me the firmware. I've tested this in multiple systems and am certain that what i say is correct. Anyone else experience this problem? Any possible solutions?

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Firmware For Kenwood 72x Cd Rom Drive

I need the last firmware for the 72x kenwood drive model ucr-421, firmware v226 i think. The kenwood site that is supposed to have it is down forever, and i can't find it anywere. There is a "update" for the 72x drive on (i think that's the addy) but the pcloader program that does the flashing won't run.

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Flash Hd Firmware On Dell Precision M6400

Downloaded a firmware flasher from dell and it runs this command when booted from a cd

@Echo off

Sf -m casey -f de17. Lod -x -s -b -v -z

However it only manages to update one of the drives in my raid, the one on port 4 does not get the firmware flash, any idea why ?

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Open Source Firmware For Wired Routers

I was interested in putting an open-source firmware into my router, but it seems all the major projects like openwrt and dd-wrt are for wireless routers whereas my router is wired-only. Does anyone know of an open source firmware for wired routers, or if these other projects can do wired-only? My router is a linkskey lkr-604.

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Super Talent 64gb Ultradrive With Vertex Firmware

I have a supertalent 64gb ultradrive me coming in the mail tomorrow and i saw in a thread in hotdeals for the drive i'm getting there was a new firmware for ocz vertex and agility ssds which increased performance by quite a bit, actually a lot more than the new supertalent one does. Supertalent has a new firmware as well but it didn't look quite as good as the ocz one. The link for the ocz firmware is:


It even has a comment in it welcoming the hardocp hotdeals members so i assume that's why they are there. The supertalent is based on the vertex with the same controller from what i understand and i would like to use that particular one if possible. I couldn't find anything on that forum that said whether it would work or not or how to implement it and i don't want to try and risk bricking my drive if that's even possible. Does anyone know if this is possible and how i would go about it? Would it be the normal procedure as the supertalent fw upgrade? I googled it but didn't find anything. This will be my first ssd and i'm very excited about it and very much wanting this to work. If anyone could help me get it going i would be so grateful.

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Crossfire Xfx 5850 - Flashed To Msi Firmware

Okay, so i just got the second xfx 5850 in my rig, but am waiting on the new psu to power the second card (should be here this week). The original card is already flashed to the msi bios sot hat i could use afterburner. The question is, can i still oc both cards, after they are in crossfire, or will the utility only see the primary card?

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Corsair Releases Ssd Firmware With Trim Support

Corsair gets its trim on

When it comes to the growing solid state drive (ssd) market, support from trim appears to be one of the features most requested by enthusiasts. Trim support allows ssds to stay close to their "factory fresh" performance state even after days or months of vigorous reads/writes. Intel released a trim update for its x25-m g2 ssds only to have to take it down due to corruption issues. After a month on the sidelines, intel got back in the game with a more hardened firmware update. Now, it's corsair's turn to jump on the trim bandwagon. The company just announced that its latest firmware update (revision vbm19c1q) adds trim support of its performance series p64, p128 and p256 ssds in windows 7.corsair notes that it worked with samsung and select end-users to strenuously test a beta version of the firmware before providing a final version to regular customers. In fact, corsair even takes a few jabs at intel's botched firmware updates in its press release. "This new firmware release for corsair's performance series ssds adds support for the trim performance-maintenance command in microsoft windows 7, further enhancing what are already some of the fastest and most respected ssds on the market, " said jim carlton, corsair's vp of marketing. "While other ssd manufacturers have rushed out bug-ridden firmware and update tools, sometimes with disastrous consequences for end-users, corsair refused to jump on the bandwagon. We took the time to rigorously test and qualify our tools, ensuring that our users will have the best experience possible. "

Owners of corsair's performance ssds can download the newest firmware from the corsair support forum. Be warned that the flashing process will erase all data on the drive.

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D-link Dwl-g510 Wireless Card Firmware

I have this issue where my wireless connection keeps randomly disconnecting. I moved into my brothers old room since he has now moved out. He had wireless in his room on his mac and never had a problem. Now i am up here and keep getting random disconnects. I have a d-link dwl-g510. I went to best buy and the guy told me to get firmware for my card since i didn't feel like paying $80 for a signal booster. The d-link website didn't have anything about firmware on the page for this card and i don't really know where else to look (google has not been good to me).

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How To Install Raid Drivers Without New Install Or Controller Card ?

I need to install the raid drivers for my motherboard (p5k deluxe - ich9r). Is there a way to install it without reinstalling xp or having to buy a separate sata controller like it's mentioned in this?

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My Book Pro 500gb Dead After Failed Firmware Upgrade

My my book pro 500gb was acting up earlier today. Not showing up in explorer/showing as unformatted. Chkdsk detected, and tried to fix errors it found, but then the process died due to "unknown errors" or the likes. I ran active@ partition recovery, and it showed the file system as intact, but detected bad sectors at the very end of the disk. Windows disk management showed the disk as not having a file system, just as a blank 500gb disk. So, i downloaded the firmware upgrade utility from the manufacturers homepage, and gave it a go (yes, i guess this was pretty stupid). Anyhow, the firmware upgrade seemed to be working, but then it failed in mid-upgrade (i think it was during the "erasing flash" procedure. Now the drive is dead. It does not spin up when plugged in as it used to. When using the firewire to connect it, the computer does not respond at all. When using the usb 2. 0 to connect the drive, it tries to install as an "blank oxford usb device". In my program files folder, i have a new dir, "oxford semiconductorfirmware upgrade", so i guess the my book uses it to upgrade the firmware. I would be eternally grateful if any of you gurus would help me get the drive back online! Been traveling europe for a month, got home yesterday, and all the pictures are on that drive. + Thousands of other photos, which may or may not be backed up!

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Pioneer Dvr-104 Dvd-rw Drive Firmware Problem

I have a pioneer dvr-104 dvd-rw drive. I'm trying to update the firmware on the drive. I got the firmware directly from pioneers website. I've checked to make sure i have the right firmware for this drive at least 20 times. The problem is when i try to do the firmware upgrade it says "available target is not found. " So i tried booting from a boot disk into dos and doing it from there. Same thing. I've tried everything i can possibly think of. The dvd-rw drive is set as master, the dvd-rom is set as slave.

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Hp Laserjet Printer Power Cycle Massage And Firmware Error

Hp laserjet 1007 printer powercycle massage and firmware error ? What is the solution?

Answer:- there are 3 step to repair firmware error. If you got firmware error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. I think your computer is already very dangerous, and you should fix it immediately. There are many ways to fix firmware error, according to my experience, i think the following method is very good, you can go and try it. I hope it can help you:

- Download a firmware error repair tool, install this error repair tool. - Click the repair all button. It will scan you pc for free. - Then click the repair all button again and your done! Enjoy it. Here are the url of firmware error repair tool:

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Do I Need Raid Enabled Drives For Software / Firmware Raid ?

First off, i am completely aware of the fact that you need a re drive with tler enabled for correct hardware raid. My question though is tler needed for software (windows and linux) or firmware (onboard or fakeraid) raid setups? Will these implementations drop a hdd if it spends too much time correcting a read/write error?

In a single drive scenario, the drive will attempt to read/write the same sector for up to 60 seconds and then remap it if possible. In a hardware raid scenario, the controller will tell the failed drive to remap to a new sector with data from a good redundant drive (raid 0 not apply here). My second question is if indeed you do need a tler enabled drive because the controller will drop the hdd, then what will handle read/write errors? Will these software/firmware raid controllers do the same error recovery?

If there is no error recovery, it would seem that software/firmware raid are just bad news. This is esp true for firmware raid which would seem to have all the downsides of the other controller types and none of the benefits. Third question deals with ssds. Are there only certain ones qualified for raid and 24x7 usage? I have not seen a distinction like i have with hdds. Also, are these going to work properly in a raid 5, as the controller will want to try and fix any errors like they are hdds, yet the ssds have very good internal error correction.

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Heatsink Install

So i just installed my first heatsink, the infinity, applying the thermal grease was a pain, and i'm not sure i did it correctly. I put a little on the cpu, then used a clean razor to spread it the best i could. It looked like i was scrapping some off in the process, so i put a little more on till i got a semi-even load across the plate. Then i did the same thing for the heatsink, mainly concentrating on the areas where it was going to come in contact with the cpu. (I cleaned it first with some rubbing alcohol and q-tips) but i'm not sure if i tightened down the infinity enough / too much. The motherboard seems to be bending a little. So how / when am in going to be able to tell if i did it correctly? Am i just going to have to wait till i boot up (assuming it boots) and see if the temp is in a reasonable range?

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Cant Install Programs From Cd

I am having a problem i cant install programs/games from a cd i have a dvd rom in my comp but when i go to my computers it says that i have a cd rom so i went to device manager and check it says i have a cd writer which yes i do but where it is supose to say i have a dvd rom it says i have an image simulation scsi cdrom device. Can some one help me get my dvd rom workin and when i try it install programs/games it says i get an error called "crc" error and i cant seem to find out what it is so please help.

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How To Install Hp Printer ?

I have win xp on my computer. Can anyone tell me how do i install hp printer on my computer?

Answer:- plug the hp network printer into your network hub or router using an ethernet cable. Depending on the hp model and your router, you may also be able to use a usb. - Install the hp printer setup cd into your computer's optical drive and follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers and utilities. - Click on "start, " "control panel, " "hardware & sound" and "printers. "

- Click "add a printer" and select "add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer. "

- Follow the instructions to add a printer wizard on-screen instructions to complete the hp network printer setup. - You can also try the hp network printer install wizard (see resources for link). - Test the printer connection by printing a test page. Click on "start, " "control panel, " "hardware and sound" and "printers. " Right-click on the network printer and click "properties. " In the "general" tab, click "print test page. "

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Cannot Install Hp Laserjet 5p

Can't install hp laserjet 5p, os is windows xp, im using a parallel port to usb adapter to make the connection? I recently acquired a hp laserjet 5p with a new toner cartridge. I know its works cause i turn it on a print a specifications page if you press the blue button on the front. The page comes out quite fast and looks impeccable. When i connect the printer to my laptop the via the "parallel port to usb adapter" windows installs a printer support. It does not recognize that it is a laserjet printer or even install a new printer at all. I have tried to install the printer via the control panel by plug and play (windows does not even see a printer to install) and have manually tried telling windows what it is connected to and it still will not send anything to the printer. Please help, i really need a printer and hate going to the library to print off homework.

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How Do I Install A Ram?

Answer:- it all depends on your computer and whether it is a laptop or desktop pc, if it is a laptop i would suggest you visit a tech shop as they usually do it. Oh and before i forget make sure your ram modules (ram stick) are compatible with your computer and check the ram limit, this can be done by a quick google search, now if you have a desktop here is what you do:

1. Turn off the computer and unplug it from everything. 2. Open your computer case. There is often a latch on the back of the computer that has a screw in it, so you may need a screwdriver (probably phillips). Some new computer have a latch on the top (dells). It will be easier to install the ram if you computer is on a solid surface on its side, with the motherboard facing up toward you. 3. Ensure that you do not have static built up on your body. Static can damage computer internals. Do not wear a wool sweater, do not drag your feet on carpet, and do not rub a balloon on your head unless it's absolutely necessary. If necessary, you can purchase a small wrist band that can connect to a ground to prevent static discharge. 4. Once you have the case open and are free of static, you need to locate the ram slots on your motherboard. Most of the motherboards in computers have 2 or 4 ram memory slots. Most ram slots are located on the top of the motherboard, on the right-hand side. You should see something in the computer that is similar to what you purchased. 5. If you have an extra empty slot, put the new ram in that one. If there is only one slot available, push the clamps open to release the chip. The clamps are on the side and are typically white. Push them toward the sides of the computer. There is one clamp on each end of the ram chip. Remove old memory. Hold ram by the ends, and do not touch the chips or metal connectors. The old memory may be kept or sold. 6. Look at any instructions that came with the new ram. There may be something specific about the ram that you need to know. 7. Look at the new memory and survey the motherboard memory slots. The ram ports should have a notch in each memory slot. Hold the ram chip carefully by the ends or plastic parts. Do not touch the metal or chips. Line up the notch on the motherboard with the notch on the new memory. 8. Press gently but firmly until the clamps close completely. You may need to push the clamps in toward the chip, but do so very gently. If the chip does not fit, do not force it. Try putting it in the other way. 9. (Optional)remove dust from the computer, if it's dusty, using a bottle of compressed air. These are available at any office supply store. Do not blow air too closely at the computer. While you have the computer open, now is a good time to do this. 10. Close the computer and reattach all of the cords to the computer, including the screen and power cord. Turn on the screen and turn the computer on. The computer should present a screen that shows a message about detecting new memory and the amount of the new memory. The size displayed may not be exactly how much you purchased. Operating systems calculate memory differently and some computers dedicate a certain amount of ram to specific functions (e.g. , Video), decreasing the amount available. For example, you may have purchased 1 gigabyte of ram. The operating system may only display 0. 99 gigabytes. 11. If your computer runs faster, it worked! Ram will help with opening and closing programs. You should notice that programs start faster now. If not, there may be a problem with the ram or you have too much ram. 12. As a last check, check the system settings to make sure the ram is okay. (In windows, press and hold the windows button and press the break/pause button on the upper-right of the keyboard. The ram amount should appear in the lower part of the menu. ) The system settings will probably say less than the amount you installed, e.g. , 0. 99 g for 1 g of ram. And you are done!

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Cannot Install Xp On Sata Hdd

I am new to sata hdd, and am not completely sure how the work. I am trying to us a sata hdd as my master hdd but continually get an error when trying to install xp that the startup program cannot gain access to the disk. My question is twofold:

1) how do i get xp to install
2) can sata hdd work as a standalone hdd, or do they have to be configured as raid.

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How Can I Salvage Xp Home Install ?

I have this emachine computer i'm working on for someone. I was installing a new video card in it, something i've done a million times before. When i turned the computer back on, it used the new vid card just fine, posted, then nothing. The bios all of a sudden sees no drives whatsoever. I removed the card, tried re-seating ram, cards, etc. Same thing. I'm thinking i might have bent some capacitor or something. The computer posts at first, but upon reboot does not with no screen activity. If i reset the bios with the mobo jumper and reboot the computer, it posts, but again acts totally dead after reboot. In no case am i getting any hard drive detection or activity. I also tried switching ide cables and power supply cables but no dice there either. The mobo is basically fried. The person i'm fixing this computer for isn't mad at all though, he wanted a new computer anyway. The problem i'm having is i need to swap out the hard drive from the broken computer into the new computer he'll be buying. This is a computer being used in a business and the old it consultant they had was a mess. We can't find cds and software, so i'm basically stuck, i need to run the old drive in the new computer. The old computer was running windows xp home. If it was xp pro, then i could do a repair install, but xp home does not have this option does it? At least i don't think it did the last time i checked. The other problem is that the old computer didn't come with an xp home cd, just a recovery cd, which will not run on anything but that emachine computer. So my dilemna is, how can i get the old drive that has a working install of windows xp home to boot up and run on a new computer, without any xp cds? Is there some utility out there that i can boot from, burn to a cd, that will get xp home to re-detect all devices at boot up? Right now when i try to boot the drive on another computer, a 1yr. Old hp, windows crashes before the loading screen even comes up, no matter which safe mode or normal option i try after pressing the f8 key at boot up.

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