Thunderbird, Firefox, And Other Programs Sometimes Freezes

I'm not very good with hardware - but here it is:

1) a few months ago my desktop computer fan was giving me problems, making 'motor' like loud noises as if it were hitting some other hardware. I sent it to my service centre and they changed the fan and all was fine. 2) meanwhile i moved over my work to my laptopl, . But used my desktop every once in a while. Now my laptop has gone bust (!) And i have moved over my work to my desktop and using it more often. However, there has been an issue which i noticed since it came back from the service centre. Some programs 'freeze' or 'hang' randomly for a few seconds and come back to life after. I mainly use thunderbird and firefox. And these softwares are hanging once in a while. My desktop has been on all day, and this is what has happened:

* Initially i thought this was a software problem. I couldnt figure it out. So i decided to start fresh. We reinstalled windows (on my c: partition). * However, that didn't help. In fact, i've been downloading avg and spybot and firefox and thunderbird, and installed a few other applications like my dvd writer software. Now, this 'hanging' problem is happening too regularly. I'm using firefox for example, and as i am typing this post, my firefox froze twice. For about 5 seconds each time. I am now using notepad to finish typing this message before i pasted it back in to the devshed box and post this out. Basically, this 'freezing' problem is happening much more regularly making the computer unusable (or at least firefox and thunderbird). I've tried using photoshop and it froze too, some time back (i haven't worked on photoshop in the past day but i'm pretty sure this is nothing to do with software. Especially since i reinstalled windows). Therefore, it should be a hardware problem. Does anyone have any recommendations on where i could start? Could this be a memory problem? Or possibly the new fan?

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Issue With Keyboard When Using Firefox

Only when using firefox does my home key and end key act as the tab key. It works fine in ie8 and chrome. Any ideas?

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Video Lag In Firefox

Just as the post says, i try watching stuff, e.g. Youtube, and the video lags away from the sound. I press pause, the video then stops and then a second later the sound. Any patches or fixes out there. A link will do. Just don't understand why is only does it in firefox. Other videos that are on my hdd have no lag.

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Disable Toolbar In Firefox

How to make hp search bar go away? I just got a new hp laptop and everytime i open firefox, i have this hp bar at the top, which bothers me. Is there some way to make it go away?

Answer:- follow the following steps:

1. Tools
2. Addons
3. Extensions
4. Uninstall the tool bar. If that doesn't work, try this:

1. View
2. Toolbars
3. Uncheck the toolbar

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Connect To Internet Other Than Firefox

I'm having a few connection problems at the moment. In general, i can't connect to the internet using any programs on my computer other than firefox. An example of a message i've gotten is "could not connect to server. If your internet connection is up your server might be down".

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Firefox Untrusted Connection

What to do when firefox says "untrusted connection" on Im on firefox, my facebook has worked before , and a few minutes ago for the first time, i saw this message: "this connection is untrusted, you have asked firefox to connect, securely to login., but we can't confirm that your connection is secure. Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified. If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue. " Ive tried logging in like 5 times, and this always keeps popping up!

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Missing Files Download Through Firefox

Yesterday i download the firefox browser and some images into my pc, but i can not find the file or pics. Also whatever i download or save, i can not find it, and it did not ask me where do i like to save it the files. Please tell me how to find download save files in my pc.

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Streaming Video Lag In Firefox

Ive been trying to fix this problem with streaming video. Like in youtube, when i try to play some video, the sound and audio would not play in sync. How do i check what plugins i have installed for playing streaming videos in firefox, and which one is the best plugins as well?

My computer is running on edgy, amd 3200+, 768 ram, nvidia geforce 5200.

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Firefox Crashes & Pc Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Issue:- firefox is crashing or closing unexpectedly

Description:- everything will seem fine & then we may or may not get a message - ff is closing, do you want to save your tabs? Computer will then completely shut down all other programs & turn off. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to this. I have updated windows, hardware, software, run latest ff. Ran ck dsk too. Crash id(s):-

Troubleshooting information [+]
Firefox version

3. 6
Operating system

Windows xp
User agent

Mozilla/5. 0 (windows; u; windows nt 5. 1; en-us; rv:1. 9. 2) gecko/20100115 firefox/3. 6 gtb6 (.net clr 3. 5. 30729)

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Transfer Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

How do i transfer my mozilla firefox bookmarks from one computer to another? I just bought a new computer, and downloaded my favorite browser, mozilla firefox. My main computer is still set up and connected to the internet. Is there an easy way to transfer all of my bookmarks from the browser in the old computer to the browser in the new computer? I was thinking of visiting each web page, pasting the links into a word document, and mailing it to myself, but that just seems tedious. Is there an easier way?

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Flash Player Installation For Firefox

I first went to adobe's website to install flash player but instead it installs adobe download manager (dlm) which really seems to be useless. I've tried going back to youtube to see if i can actually watch a video but it says i need flash player also. They all end up taking me to here: http://get. but then it won't install automatically and it says there are missing plugins, but then fails to find any for me. An important thing to note is i already had flash player installed before this mess. Youtube i think was just trying to get me to update flash player but now i've uninstalled the original flash player and have tried to reinstall it since then. Adobe download manager is the only thing that i've been able to reinstall so far. What is going on? Since when is flash player this hard to install? Are there any suggestions on what to do?

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Why Does Firefox Re-emulate The Qwerty Keyboard Layout ?

I rearranged the keys on my laptop to dvorak with the exception of u, f, j and h (because j and f have backwards sockets). Then i set windows to use the dvorak layout. Excellent! It works. Now let's go browse the internet. Wt? Firefox uses the qwerty layout? Everything else in windows uses the layout windows specifies (which is dvorak). In short: firefox seems to emulate a qwerty keyboard rather than relying on windows for the keyboard layout. This is absolute retardation. Why isn't there a firefox plug-in that forces firefox to comply with windows' layout settings?

Edit :: never mind, this is retarded. Windows' layout feature is broken. The qwerty layout is used when i type in games, remote desktop, etc. Windows keyboard software emulation sucks. (Underline x100000000)

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Flv ( Flash Video ) Lag On Firefox

Youtube video or any flv (flash video) are not fluid on firefox. They were not on firefox 3. 0, neither on 3. 5 . What's causing that problem ? Firefox is so badly coded ?

Basically, i love firefox for the great addons community that enable us to customize it any way we want to. But having to use ietab every time i want to peacefully watch in a non-choppy way some flash video is boring. I'd like to rely on only one browser to do all my activities. If any solution exist, i'm listening to you. (And it should be set by default on ff) by the way, if i start firefox and watch right after a flash video, it seems to be fluid, however, after 10 mins, if i try to watch another video (or the same) it will be choppy)

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Connection Problem - Internet Explorer & Firefox Doesn't Work

My laptop is about 2 years old now and about a few weeks ago firefox stopped working but i stilled had explorer so i was ok but now both of them both don't work. It says its a connection problem but i've able to go onto aim and yahoo message ( both have been download on to my laptop ) and im also able to go onto tunes store. Which both need internet access to get into which i have so why doesn't my internet explorer and firefox work ?

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Cant Install Programs From Cd

I am having a problem i cant install programs/games from a cd i have a dvd rom in my comp but when i go to my computers it says that i have a cd rom so i went to device manager and check it says i have a cd writer which yes i do but where it is supose to say i have a dvd rom it says i have an image simulation scsi cdrom device. Can some one help me get my dvd rom workin and when i try it install programs/games it says i get an error called "crc" error and i cant seem to find out what it is so please help.

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What Programs Should I Remove?

Am cleaning up the disk. I want more space on my computer and i don't know what programs i should remove because i don't want to remove any of the programs i do need and there so many programs that i don't know about. So i am going to list the programs and you guys tell me which ones to remove, so. Here they are:
Adobe air
Adobe flash player 10 plugin
Adobe reader 9. 2
Anytv pro trial 4. 51
Apple application support
Apple mobile device support
Apple software update
Divx player
Divx plus directshow filters
Divx plus web player
Itunes (i don't know, but i think i might need itunes to download music)
Java(tm) 6 update 17
Microsoft .net framework 2. 0 service pack 2
Microsoft .net framework 3. 0 service pack 2
Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1
Microsoft internalized domain names mitigation apis
Microsoft national language support downlevel apis
Microsoft security essentials
Microsoft silverlight
Microsoft sql server 2005 compact edition [enu]
Microsoft sync framework runtime native v1. 0 (x. 86)
Microsoft sync framework services native v1. 0 (x. 86)
Microsoft visual c+ 2005 redistributable

Microsoft visual c+ 2008 atl update kb973924- x86 9. 0. 30729. 4148

Microsoft visual c+ 2008 redistributable- x86 9. 0. 21022

Microsoft visual c+ 2008 redistributable - 86 9. 0. 30729. 17
Ojosoft total video converter
Realtek ac'97 audio
S3 s3display
S3 s3gamma2
Tuneup utilities 2008
Unichrome igp driver & utilities
Vexcastplayer 2. 0
Via platform device manager
Via rhine-family fast-ethernet adapter
Windows xp service pack 3

Sorry for the long list, but i don't download programs a lot so i don't know how these programs were installed onto my computer. I think its my sister who had done it cause she uses my computer too. If you could take your time telling me what programs to remove and what to keep. It would be appreciated.

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Hardware Monitoring Programs

Can anyone recommend any good programs that constantly monitor your cpu readings, such as cpu temp, system temp, 12, 5, 3. 3, and core voltages, etc. ? For those that know, a program that works like msi's pc alert (except one that is compatible with all mobos) would be great.

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Certain Programs Lock My Computer

Some programs lock my computer up. I am not sure if it's hardware, or software based. My computer literally locking up, forcing a hard reboot. Programs like skype, crysis warhead (regular crysis runs fine), fallout 3 with an update higher than 1. 4. I also have problems with gta iv, the new red faction, and various other programs, not all being games. If anyone can help me, that would be fantastic. Specs:

Radeon 3850 (512mb)
Wd blue 640 gig (sata)
6 gigs of generic ram ddr2 800
Pentium e5200 wolfdale 45nm 1. 124v
Ocz 700watt stealth extreme
Motherboard is a "gateway fmcp7am nforce 730i rev. B1"
Bios: "american megatrends inc - r01-a0 - 10/31/2008"
Vista home premium x64

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Open Programs On External Hd

What happens if person tries open programs that are on external usb 2 hd. I assume if you can do this probably create temp file / folder somewhere. If did creat temp on new hd person would have to assume these temp would be completely deleted(hope)

Here is deal. I use win xp pro i started having issues with corrupt files or something do with os. One of biggest issues - i could no longer adjust resolution on dell 24" monitor and i tried everything included hours / hours talk with tech people. Dell – ibm - nvidia

I tried clone this c:/ drive 500gb sata to another sata 500gb drive but it will not boot up, all programs and files are there on new cloned drive. I bought new 500gb sata drive and did system recovery with two disk that came with ibm 6223 machine. No problem took 2+ hours but ended up perfect set up win xp pro and i have installed couple programs and very satisfied. Now question how get programs and files from original hd to new hd ? I have researched and after much looking into other people problems doing this i don't have much faith in any programs they have for doing this. Suggestions appreciated. Original hd has os and boots up ok. What will happen if i hook up original hd by way of external usb 2 then try opening program(s) that are on external drive? I would like avoid if possible mess up newly installed hd that is working very well. I would like to get programs from original hd to new hd and save time it takes install 15 + programs and settings.

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Graphics Benchmarking Programs

Good graphics benchmarking programs. I know of future-mark, and its predecessors, but what else is there? I like looking at the insane rendering.

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Usb Password Programs

Im looking for something that can make my usb thumb-drive require a password to open up anything on it. I would prefer that the programs didn't have to be installed on the computer b/c i plug it into all my personal pcs and laptops and don't really want to install little programs on them. If anyone has any suggestions.

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Error Of Programs Shutting Down

Alright, i just got a new mother board and processor i slapped them in and now every three and a half seconds i have some sort of error of programs shutting down. I guess that in one day alone internet explorer has had an error at least 30 times. My computer has restarted it self 52 times and all the same error according to windows. Device driver error.counter strike closes down 1 second into the game. Umm, everything else randomly has an error. Since these new parts i have formatted 5 times. I would just like to know if anyone has any idea on how to fix this other than me taking it to a computer professional. It is really getting on my never. My computer has restarted 5 times since the writing of this message and my internet explorer has crashed 4 times. Im typing this in an extreme hurry so bear with me. Oh yeah and on this restart it set my display setting to look like crap a bunch of speckles and dots every where. I would really appreciate the help.

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Programs Crashing To Desktop

I've been attempting to help a friend of mine with some computer problems, but one of them has really stumped me. He's got an alienware aurora. About 1. 5 years old. 3. 2 g p4
512 mb (unknown) ram
Nvidia geforce fx 5200

Those are all the specs i know off the top of my head, i'll have to find him and get them if any other specs would be helpful (ram type for example). Anyways, the problem is that certain games and programs don't load properly. The normal screen will pop up, warcraft for example goes to the "play warcraft iii" screen, when play is selected, it crashes to desktop. There is no error message, and when i check the eventvwr. Msc there is no log of it. Just crashes. Here are the games that/programs that this happens to. Chronicles of riddick
Warcraft iii
Diablo ii
Ad-aware (6 and se)

Now, other games still work. Cs:s and hl2 for example. As well as starcraft still work. I've updated his video card drivers. And made sure everything was clean with hijack-this. I've heard talk of ram possibly being a problem. Any way to test this? Something called memtest i think. Anyways, what do i look for if it's faulty ram?

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Cannot Get Into Add / Remove Programs

This nasty popup found its way onto my computer and has locked me out of internet explorer. I also cannot get into my add/remove programs to see if i could remove it. It send non stop popups that my computer is infected and my system has been hijacked. Etc. I just ran a virus scan on it and it took care of some things, not this bad boy.

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Programs To Recover Partitions

I have previous issues with windows (yet again) it required me to format my hard drive. I have a 40gb(hd1) disk for windows and programs and a 120gb(hd2) disk for my pics , music etc. When i tried to re-install windows i absent mindlessly deleted the partition on hd2 but i realized and quit the windows installer, thinking that it wouldn't save the changes, but it did. So i have since installed windows and now my hard disk is there but there is no partition on it, so i tried to put one on by when i try to access the disk it asks me to format the partition. I don't want to format because i have data on it that i want to save. How can i get my data back. Is there programs i can get to recover partitions?

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Uninstalling Unnecessary Programs

On my computer, concerning uninstalling any all unnecessary programs, how do i know which ones i need? And which ones i don't? Half of the programs i've never heard of, except for "yahoo messenger". How can i find out what each program is & what it does?

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Programs Cannot Connect To Internet

This problem has started ever since i tried upgrading my messenger to 10. Since it said it was blocked by a firewall (even though it's listed as an exception) i had to go to the messenger support page and download the actual file instead of the installer. Now my anti-virus program won't update, i can't connect to messenger, and i still can't use the messenger installers. I have done multiple scans and it is not a virus, and i have even gone so far as to disable the windows firewall, and my av firewall to no avail. What is going on?

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Defining Multi Tasking Programs

I'm currently in the midst of a quad vs duo core battle with myself, and i think that particular issue comes down to "are you multi-tasking or not?" Due to the fact that quad-cores are known to reliably handle many programs more efficiently. The question i have is "when exactly am i switching over from non-multi-tasking to multi-tasking?"

As an example, i'm using a opteron 165 dual core atm. Good cpu, had it maybe a year or so now, getting a little old. Normally when i'm on my computer i'm running:

Two instances of firefox with 5-10 tabs each. (Research and play xd)


Videogame (wow, fallout3, etc, etc) at 1920x1200 with as high settings as i can get considering my current graphics card (8800gt)

At times i'll also be watching a movie (either having the sound play as i play my video game or tabbing in and out of said game). I also (occasionally) render apopyhsis fractals, but when i do this i basically have to stop whatever else i'm doing on the computer. (This would benefit more from the quad if my knowledge is correct)

Does the above use constitute "multi-tasking"? Would it change things if i had two monitors instead of 1 and had those things going on both screens (no alt tabbing for the movie!)?

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What Programs To Test Hard Drives ?

I have three new wd oem hard-drives, and wanted to know, what programs i can use to test them out? To test of bad sectors, write errors, seek errors, and any anything else needed.

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Data Recovery Programs / Options

Basically i rent a dedicated server from a data center and my cheap self never got the weekly/daily backup plan and one of the hard drives may have gone bad/corrupted. So they are going to load a new primary and set the old primary as a secondary to see if i can possibly recover any of the data. The server is running centos5; are there any remote type data recovery programs that can be used in a case like this? I was also told that if that fails to work out, they'll send me the physical hard drive and i can do data recovery that way. I have never done any kind of data recovery on a hard drive before, so what am i getting into? Can i not send the hard drive to some place that will recover the data for me, put it on another hard drive/dvds/other media and send the information back to me?

If this were you, what would you do?

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