Raid 5 Performance Versus Single Drive

Assuming we have a decent hardware raid controller from areca/3ware. Is the read/write speed in a raid5 setup with 4 or 8 drives is always faster than single drive?

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Raid 5 Along With A Single Hard Drive

Is it possible to have vista on a single hard drive, and a raid5 system (3 hdds) on the same sata controller? If so, how do i set one up?

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Single Ssd Drive To Raid 0

I got an extra 60gb vertex ssd for christmas. I am wanting to put them in raid 0 configuration. The issue is i already have a 60gb vertex ssd as my main os drive. Is there an easy way to migrate from a single ssd to raid 0 configuration without having to do a complete reinstall?

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Moving From Raid 0 To 1tb Sata Ii Single Drive

When i built my current high performance rig last october, i noticed the raid0 performance kinda sucked. The benchmark score on these old 80gig drives are nowhere near up to par with a new sataii drive. So i just ordered a 1tb western digital wd10eads drive. I plan to ghost the the raid0 to this new drive and then remove the raid setup all together. Anyone done something similar recently? The performance advantages now a days with raid0 is questionable. Storage bandwidth with sata ii more than makes up for any performance gain from striping 2 drives. The idea originally was drop frame free video capturing on a pc. But times have changed. Dv capture need sustained 3. 4mb/s throughput. That is a drop in the bucket now! But in the old days it was hard to achieve on a system with out raid0.

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Raid 0 Hard Drive Performance For Gaming Pc

I was reading that hard drive performance such as raid 0 or even 10k rpm drives make no difference when you are gaming. Is this true? Is it better just to use a single 7, 200 rpm?

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Raid-0 Current Drives Or Faster Single ?

Been a long time since i've added new hardware to my machine (long for me anyway). Have been getting my modding fix with the car for the past year or so. Anyway, i am looking on upgrading the hd portion of the computer. Current drives are listed in sig, consisting of two wd 320gb (single platter) drives and a wd 500gb. I am debating on either putting the two current wd320gb drives in a raid-0 config, which i prefer, assuming they will be the fastest option. The other choice would be to go with something like a larger single drive such as a samsung f3. For the two drives in raid-0, i am in need of a good cheap hardware controller, which is a piece of hardware i really don't have much knowledge about. So i am stuck at either finding a cheap hardware controller or if the cost it to great then jumping to a single larger drive. What are your thoughts/opinions? Can anyone recommend a controller making these two drives worth staying with?

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Single Ssd With Raid 0 Spinning Drives

I a question concerning a raid (stripe) partition. I have 3 drives in my system. A ssd 30gb vertex (that windows 7 is on). A 640 wd blue and a 1tb wd black

What im wanting to do is create a raid array out of those 2 spinning disks just for data storage. Likely 3 partitons, which would be a total of little over 1100gb. After i install win7 on the ssd. I was thinking maybe like 35gb partition for the docs/temp/page file (i moved all temp, and pagefile off the ssd). 400gb partition for games
And remaining 700 and something for videos/music

If i create this all based on the 640gb drive, that should leave 300ish gb unallocated on the 1tb drive. Will i be able to use that unallocated space for acronis secure zone back up area, even though it will not be a raid, or will i just loose all that space all together. I was going to use the intel matrix storage also if that matters.

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Single Intel X-25m Vs Ocz Vertex Drives In Raid 0

I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase a single intel x-25m 80gb gen. 2 drive or two ocz vertex 60gb ssd drives that i'd configure in raid 0. One of the primary selling points of the intel x-25m is it's random read/write speed, which tends to be what your os does most of the time in its daily activities. I know the ocz vertex along with pretty much every other non-intel drive can't compare to the intel in this area. However, i'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of how much random read/write performance of the vertex would improve as a result of a raid 0 configuration. Would it bring it up to speed of a single intel x-25m drive, or would it still not compare. Does raid even help in this area, or does it primarily boost sequential read/writes?

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Battery Drain, 7200 Rpm Drive Versus 5400 Rpm Drive

Battery drain, 7200 rpm drive versus 5400 rpm drive. Just curious as to how much more battery life a 7200rpm drive takes in the average notebook compared to a 5400rpm drive.

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500gb Single Platter Drive

I know that hitachi, wd and samsung have 500gb platters in there bigger drives but does anyone offer a 500gb drive with a single platter yet?

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Fastest Single Hard Drive

I have a 1tb caviar black, and i'm happy with the speed, but (believe it or not) i'm running out of space between os and storage of stuff. So i'd like to get another hard drive to run just my os with programs and keep this one for storage. Whats the fastest 7200rpm drive out there? (Raptors are too expensive, and ssd's are waay too expensive).

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Multiple Drive On Single Sata Port

Can we use multiple drive on single sata port? Is there such a thing as a sata splitter?

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Single Bad Block On Hard Drive

Single bad block on hard drive, my wd 1tb 32mb hard drive has a single bad block on it, at least according to hd tune. The drive is 7 months old, and is my main and only hard drive with vista installed on it. Did disc check, and it still shows up in hd tune.considering this, is one bad block extremely bad? Bad enough to send in the hard drive for a replacement? Or is it something common that most hard drives have and not much of an issue?

I'd really hate to have to reinstall all my stuff and vista. It isn't like ram or a video card which you can pop in and be set with a replacement in a hour. But if this just means the drive will flat out die in a few months, then i'll replace it. Of course, i have backed up most of my important data onto dvds. What do you all recommend?

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Odd Hard Drive Performance

Ok, so i have a 1tb wd black hard drive as storage for misc stuff, like little programs and what not that doesn't require speed. Lately, the drive has seemed very slow response time. For example, i will try to open ventrilo, which is installed on the drive, and it will take about 15 seconds to open. It won't do it all the time, just randomly. Sometimes the drive is very responsive, sometimes the drive isn't. I have disabled all power managent/sleep settings on the hard drives, so they shouldn't be turning off.

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Hard Drive Performance Gain

Im using an older 400gb seagate baracuda in my main rig. Wanted to know if upgrade to a wd black hd give me any noticeable gain in vista. I know vista likes to do alot of hd activity will upgrading help any?

This is the drive i was looking at

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How Important Is Hard Drive Performance ?

How important is a fast hard drive to you? I am thinking in terms of 10, 000rpm vs. 7200rpm, or capacity vs. Speed.

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How Much Of A Performance Loss By Using Usb Hard Drive ?

Ive lost a important connector on my laptop mobo i was thinking of buying a usb hard drive for it, i have seen you can get a 7200rpm hard drive but i think ill get a 5400rpm as the fact that its usb connected will mean that will be the limit of the speed! Am i right? Also how much of a performance loss will i have? I am only using it for running the internet and utorrents!

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What Effect Does Hard Drive On Performance In Game ?

I'm in a situation where i might need to replace my hard drive altogether, and if it comes to the point where i buy a completely new one, i was wondering what effect does hard drive on performance in game? Areas i know of are rpm, cache, and actual size, i just don't know what kind of affect it has on playing games/performance.

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Will A 10,000 Rpm Drive Really Improve Gaming Performance ?

It seems that most people say that it barely improves gaming performance and drives like the velociraptor, arent really worth the extra money. Any ideas?

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Does System Performance Improve With Fast Hard Drive ?

Does system performance inprove with a small gb fast hard drive? I have a samsung f1 750gb i use for my main drive, os and all my stuff, thats quite alot. I have aload of 160 and 80gb drives also, is it worth putting the os on the smaller drives and using the 750 for programs etc?

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Logitech Mx518 Versus Razer Copperhead

I currently have the choice of a razer copperhead mouse, or a logitech mx 518 mouse, either one for $25 (used off of a message board). For some reason i'm leaning towards the razer, but everybody is telling me the mx518 is the best mouse to get. Opinions?

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Western Digital Mybook Essential Drive Performance And Speed

Can you guys do me a favor? Or at least those of you with a western digital mybook essential external storage drive. And windows 7 64 bit operating system. Move a very large folder of files from your mybook drive to your c: desktop or similar location and then tell me while it is transferring what speed of transfer rate you are getting ?

I am only getting usually 13 to 14 mb/second transfer rates and it takes forever to transfer 80 gigs or more from one location to another. And this is happening on a brand new hp pavilliaion intel i7 pc with 8 gig of ram. Anyone getting getting much better transfer rates from your mybook essential and if so what kind of system is allowing you to get them?

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Asus Eah 5970 Versus Zotac Geforce Gtx 480

I want to buy a new vcard and i am going back and forth between these two. I need a high performance, top notch card. Please advise me.

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Drive Failure In Raid 5, Now Corrupt C: Drive

I had a hard drive die in my raid 5 configuration. I replaced the drive and rebuilt it. Now when i click on the c: drive it says: "the file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable, please run chkdsk"

From what i am reading, chkdsk is not raid aware which probably won't help with my situation. Can anyone recommend any tools available (paid or otherwise) to try and fix this error?

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How To Tell If A Drive Is Being Used In Raid ?

At work we have a server that was setup before i started working here. My dad claims that it is using raid (whichever one is mirroring, gah, can't remember right now). It has two 160 gb drives. He believes that it was setup by whoever he had set it up to mirror the drives. I am not so sure. The second drive does not show up in the operating system at all. When i go into compmgmt. Msc and the storage management, it looks just like a plain, new, blank drive. Nothing on it, not even a partition. I don't have any experience with raid arrays, so i just need to know if this drive could actually be being used, or am i correct in thinking that it's just a blank drive just sitting there doing nothing? I'm pretty sure it's not being used. But i'd rather ask someone knowledgeable than mess something up. Yes, it's probably a stupid question, but i'm just covering my own ass.

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Different Drive Models In Raid

I scanned for some post concerning this question but would it be bad to raid a few 1tb hard drives that are not the same model? They are all wd brand drives just different models. I would like them in a raid 5 so performance isn't an issue.

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Raid Drive Spin Down

So this is my first time using raid. I created a raid 0 array of 2x1. 5 tb drives and so far so good. I didn't see any big jumps in speed but that wasn't what i was looking for, i just wanted a large continuous drive. Anyway, the only thing that i cant figure out is how to get the drives so spin down. They run 24x7 no matter what. All the other drives that aren't raided in any way spin down via win7's hard drive settings and there are no settings to control that in my sata cards bios. Is there something special to do this for raid arrays?

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Which Hard Drive For Raid ?

I'm looking to add another hard drive and wanted to raid the drives. However, my current drive is discontinued. What is the best 320gb hard drive? Would raid be faster than a single drive of a higher storage space?

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Get Data Off A Raid 1 Drive

I have a raid 1 set up with the onboard via vt6410 ide raid controller of my asus p4p800 deluxe mobo. Sadly, i think the mobo is dead (might be the cpu . Not sure). In any case, i can't access the data on my drives with this pc. The question is, how do i get the data off my drive?

Would it be possible to just plug one of the raid 1 drives into another pc ide port as a slave, and access the data? (My guess is i can't, but want to make sure there's not a really simple solution here. )

If this won't work, can i buy a different raid controller, install it into another computer, plug my two drives into this controller as a slave, have it recognize that the drives are already in a raid 1 configuration, and allow me to remove the data?

Does the raid controller need to be the exact same as the original (this would suck b/c as i mentioned, it was the onboard controller of a long since discontinued mobo). Is there any way to determine which raid controllers would be compatible with my raid 1 drives?

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Pci Usb Versus Onboard Usb

I've always assumed that onboard would have higher performance. But since i have vista, and vista has readyboost, i would like to be sure of this. Being that i have a pci card with internal usb 2. 0 ports, it'd be much more attractive to have the pci card inside my case rather than outside. Thus the relevance of this question. Does anybody know? I've tried the google, but so far i haven't gotten any great results.

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