Hp Photosmart Scanner Not Working

I have a hp photosmart 2610xi all in one printer/scanner/faxer. My scanner will not work. I've only ever successfully managed to scan one thing. The printer is a hand-me-down from my parents, so it's not like i can bring it back to the store and exchange it for something else, or have a warranty on it. I have downloaded the software for this printer 2 times (i'm doing it again now for a third). I've uninstalled, and reinstalled. I've checked my os and i know i'm downloading the right version. Any tips on what to do? I'm at a complete lost what to try next. I'm out of ideas and i really need my scanner to work for an art project i'm doing.

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Help With Scanner Hp Photosmart

Answer:- you are not stating if it works or not. To install, do these steps. Unplug the usb cable from the scanner, power it on, and install your software and let the program tell you when to reconnect the cable. When it ask, re-connect the cable to the scanner and let it complete the installation. Reboot. Windows will find it. Now, go in your start menu and open the program that the scanner installed so you can start scanning. Go in the file menu and select scan but first, . Open the cover and put a page face down to the glass, close the cover, now select scan. The software will start the scan. If you want higher resolution, i suggest to select 200 or 300 dpi for a good scan. For documents, just use 150dpi which is more than adequate.

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Hp C309 Photosmart Scanner Have Ocr ?

Does a hp c309 photo smart scanner have ocr(optical character recognition?


What you are referring to is an ocr program that needs to be install separately. It has nothing to do with the scanner itself. You can get freeocr if you need to open scanned jpeg images and convert them to text. That little ocr software is free, and works better than those you pay for and also, it opens them in microsoft word automatically. Here is the link if you need good ocr software:

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Hp Photosmart C4580 Scanner Problem

I have a hp photosmart c4580 scanner/printer/copier, wireless. The printer works wireless and with my computer but i cannot get it to scan an image and send it to the computer. Does anyone know how i can get it to do this?

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Hp Photosmart C4385 Scanner Is Not Working

Okay, i have a hp photosmart c4385 all-in-one printer-scanner-copier. And the printer and copier work fine but the scanner seems too not be working, it seems so always say "usb or wireless not connected" may anybody help me please? Oh and i'm not very useful in technology.

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Hp Photosmart 3210 Scanner Problem

It's a 3210 all-in-one. When i try to scan, the scanning icon pops up but then the screen freezes, and a message pops up saying "the function cannot be performed because another program already has control of the device. " This is not true however, as i don't have anything plugged in. At all. Also, this has never happened before. I have downloaded all the possible drivers from the hp site, but it's no use since the drivers aren't useful for this issue.

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Hp Photosmart 3310 Scanner Trouble

I can't get my 3310 to scan. I finally, after a couple of years of fighting it and trying different things, got it to print from my laptop over a network. I think the usb burned out on it after a few months but i guess it is to be expected with hp's horrible products. Anyway, when i push the "scan" button, it brings me to a "scan menu" with:

1. Select computer
2. Hp instant share
3. Memory device

I can't select any of these and the default is set on the first one. So, when i push the "ok" button, it brings me to a "no scan options" window and says "refer to device documentation to troubleshoot. Press ok to continue. " If i press ok, it brings me back to the "scan menu". If i just push the "start" button in either "black" or "color", it just beeps at me. I am using windows xp sp3 on my laptop. I can print just fine. I have tried hp's tech support for a chat and i get an error message for a non-existent page for this! I also lost the cd with the drivers and the support center on it so i can't use that. What is there i can do? Any drivers i can install? I don't have this "hpqtra08" as one of my running processes or even in the process menu and hp says i need this one running. Where can i get this from other than the stupid cd? Is there any other options i could change or mess with? I tried to get the firewall to unblock all of the hp processes but that just had the effect of not letting my printer print.

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Hp Photosmart C3150 Scanner Problem

I have a friend's birthday picture to scan. But, whenever i go to hp solution center, and click scan picture it says: an error has occurred when communicating with the scanning device. Or whatever, i tried disconnecting it form the computer, then replugging it, still doesn't work, and tried the same with the printer cords, still doesn't work. And when i click the start scan/reprints button, nothing comes up. Hp photosmart c3150 all-in-one

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Hp Photosmart B209a Scanner Manuals

How can i get a manual on line for hp scanner / printer model b281b, serial gcsk025289?

Check out the following link on manual for hp scanner model b281b, same work as hp photosmart plus all-in-one printer - b209a, read only the scanner section: http://bit. Ly/dldxuu

Reference guide: http://h10032. Www1.
User guide: http://h10032. Www1.

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Hp Photosmart 2570 Scanner Not Working

How do you get a hp photosmart 2570 series scanner to work on your computer?

Make sure it is well installed before going any further. The correct way is to remove the usb cable from the hp and power on the unit. Now, you install the software and you will re-connect the usb back only when the program tells you. Assuming you have done all this. Go in the start menu and go in the hp folder and select "hp solution center". Click on scan pictures and that's it. The light from the scanner will come on. Make sure you put your document face down on the glass first. It will show you a preview of what it is scanning. First, make sure you select 300 dpi in the settings to get a good scan or 600 dpi.

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Hp Photosmart C3180 Scanner Trouble

Every time i try to scan something, i get the following message; sorry, could not scan, an unknown error has occurred. I've tried reinstalling it, getting the right software from the hp site, but nothing has been working! I have a macbook (10. 6. 1) with snow leopard, if this helps.

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Hp Photosmart C4100 Scanner Problem

With scanner drivers set to 1. 0. 0. 4 (but without any "?" Nor "!" Markers beside my hp photosmart c4100 scanner, under imaging devices in device manager) and hp software up and running + connected machine, whenever i try to scan via hp solution center i get error message that is displayed as 1st from top to bottom on the .jpg's url below. The second one is when i try to configure my scanning options, also via hp solution center. I've tried running my scanner via control panel > scanners and cameras, but it says my comp cannot find any scanners nor cameras. Url: http://powerlab. Fsb. Hr/dnovosel/patrik/hp_problem.jpg

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Hp Photosmart C4795 Scanner Colors Issue

My scanner hp photosmart c4795 refuses to show lighter colors. Why does it do this? How can i change it? It like brightens the picture every time i scan it so any light colors don't even show up. I'm supposed to color image for a friend, light gray i colored his sweater with isn't showing up.

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Hp Photosmart C4450 Scanner Wont Scan

Hp photosmart c4450 scanner won't scan onto computer, it says "try scan from computer or see documentation" i scanned it to print it and it worked. Answer:-
What you need to do is power on the hp scanner and remove the usb cable from it. Now, begin a fresh install and you will re-connect the usb only when the program tells you whcih happens when it is halfway through the setup. Let it finish and reboot. Once you are in windows, click on hp solution center in the start menu. You will find it in the hp folder. Put your document face down on the glass and click on the scan button from the application, and not from the scanner itself. Otherwise, it won't work. When you start the hp solution center, you will see the button on the left of the screen. It will automatically power on the hp.

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Hp Psc 2410xi Photosmart Scanner Program

Hp psc 2410xi photosmart scanner program. I can't find a scanner program for my scanner in the all-in-one. I'm not sure if i actually need a program. The scanner keeps saying i don't have the options and program, it tells me to install something but i don't know which one.

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Hp Photosmart C3180 Scanner Wont Scan

I have a photosmart c3180 all-in-one printer. I already uninstalled then reinstalled software. I turned the printer off, then back on. Still when i try to scan, nothing happens. I think "scan pro" the program is messed up. However, i already reinstalled it and still nothing.

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Computer Wont Detect Scanner On Hp Photosmart Essentials 3.0

When i go to import photo in hp photosmart it only comes up with two icons. A cd which is drive e and then a folder. It doesn't ever have the scanner show up. I tried updating the drivers and reinstalling them onto the scanner but it didn't make a difference. So how do i get the scanner to scan? And when i try to push the scan button on the scanner it just sits there and does nothing, and i know it works cuz i did it this same way on hp photosmart on my old computer and it worked perfectly fine. Whats wrong with it?

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Hp Photosmart C3180 Cd

I lost my cd to my printer hp photosmart c3180 all-in-one. How to get the software?

Answer:- go to the link then select your operating system and download hp photosmart c3180 drivers and software: http://bit. Ly/dfcnqn

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Photosmart For Hp Instead Of Image Zone

I have an hp printer and with it came image zone. It was easy to use and i knew my way around it. I recently bought a new computer and the hp disk won't work. The printer itself loads but not image zone. I cannot figure how to save my pics to a jump drive or anything and it is driving me nuts! I need to do a powerpoint but i need to learn how to operate photosmart. Any useful suggestions?

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Hp Photosmart C4600 Printer

So i got a new laptop and this printer is hooked up to my old computer which wont turn on, my laptop doesn't has a cd drive but i need to install the information from the disk to my laptop i don't know what to do and don't want to break or ruin anything help?

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Hp Photosmart C4600 Issues

I have an hp photosmart c4600 all-in-one that i am trying to make work with my macbook (version 10. 6. 4). I am confused by how this problem is possible, but it will not print "added text. " I need to print a pdf file, and it will only print the outline created for the file and not anything added afterwards (mind you, i did not alter the file between downloading and printing). Same for websites: will show very general outlines for the page, but nothing user-added. Any document i try to print from pages will only show any pictures i put in it. I have tried so many things, mostly with altering printing preferences and drivers. I suck at computers so the drivers task was way above my knowledge level. I don't have the original cd, so i tried both drivers from the hp website and the apple website. I am just so tired of trying. I need my printer to work by tomorrow morning, which is why i allowed myself to spend over 4 fruitless hours of trying desperately to make any real progress. Just to give an example of how this is printing, imagine a pdf form created by a company to be filled out whenever necessary. Now imagine someone opens the pdf and types in all their information on the appropriate lines. This person now sends the pdf to me to print. I open it, can see the entire document, but when i print it, it eliminates the answers added. Why?

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Hp Photosmart Essentials 3.0 - How To Scan ?

How do you scan with hp photosmart essentials 3. 0? I cannot find how to scan with hp photosmart essentials 3. 0. I don't see the point in having this bloated non-essential software for organizing photos. I already use picassa 3 photo viewer which is fine. The only way i can get to the scan feature for the hp scanjet g3110 that i own is through 3rd party software programs that i have photoshop and infraview. Anyone know how to uninstall hp photosmart essentials and just leave the scanning program (that i don't know how to get to)?

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Hp Photosmart C4680 Printer Cd

I got this printer, hp photosmart c4680 when i bought my macbook pro. But someway somehow lost the cd to you know. Install it or whatever. Somebody told me i can look online and find something i can download instead or something, so do any of you guys know where?

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Hp Photosmart 2710 Software

Where can i find (possibly free) software for an older model of hp photosmart 2710 printer/scanner/fax/copier ?

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Hp Photosmart 3210 Not Working

I have a hp photosmart 3210 all-in-one printer and am trying to print w/ kodak universal paper, its not working. I have adjusted all the settings, read the directions and it still says error when printing but is not telling me why and i have no idea why it isn't working or what to try all the settings are correct? It says its universal and it will work with hp printers.

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Hp Photosmart C4280 Installation

I lost the cd for hp photosmart c4280to printer. I went to the hp website and downloaded the drivers. What's the next step i need to take to be able to print?

If you have downloaded the drivers then now run setup.exe file, when it prompts for the connection of printer, do so. Let it finish installing the drivers, and you will have your printer installed.

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Hp Photosmart Alignment Problem

I have an hp photosmart c4200 and it fails to do alignment every time. Answer:- the main cause of all-in-one printers like the c4200 failing the alignment process is typically user error. The alignment process on these is a two step process. First you print the alignment page (usually automatic when you install new cartridges), then you must scan that printed page. After the alignment page prints, you must place the page print side down on the scanner glass and then press the button next to ok to scan the page. When the on button stops flashing, the alignment is complete and the page can be removed. A second cause of an incomplete alignment process is a faulty ink cartridge. Most often the alignment page will consist of multiple rows of small rectangles, some of them black and the rest either cyan (blue) or yellow. If either color did not print correctly then the alignment will fail. When you scan the printed alignment page the scanner reads the location of those rectangles and uses that information to align the print cartridges. If the scan can not locate the rectangles then the process will fail. If you notice incomplete rows of rectangles, or they are faint or otherwise imperfect you'll need to replace whichever cartridge is not printing correctly. You can try running the cartridge clean utility first, but most likely will be unable to access the option because most newer model hp printers lock up the printer when alignment fails so you can't do anything at all.

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Hp Photosmart C4180 Software

I need software for a hp photosmart c4180 printer and scanner, thats my printer and scanner, and i hooked it up to my computer , but i cant find the cd to install the software and it wont work without me downloading it. Where can i find it?

Answer:- check the following hp site link, select operating system from the given menu, to download software & driver for hp photosmart c4180: http://bit. Ly/a7qqyx

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Hp Photosmart Scan Comes Out Black

I have a hp photosmart c4400 all in one series printer when i scan it comes out all black how can i fix this?

Answer:- after scanning an image, the preview screen is blank, completely black; has a yellow, red, pink, or blue/green colored tint over the entire scanned image; or has vertical stripes that are black, white, or multicolored. Follow the steps below:

1st: the scanning carriage in the scanner may have lost the home position and needs to be reset. - Shut the computer system off and then disconnect the scanner from the power source. Leave the scanner disconnected from the power source for at least one full minute. - Reconnect the power and then restart the computer system. - When the computer system has fully restarted, try scanning again. If the scanner functions normally, there is no need to continue with the 2nd step. 2nd: the scanner may have a shipping lock that prevents the scanning carriage from being damaged during shipping. Lock and unlock the shipping lock several times to be sure it is fully disengaged. - For instructions on unlocking the scanner, refer to the setup poster that came with your scanner. For more detail see the following link: http://bit. Ly/c85lyo

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Hp Photosmart C4400 - How To Scan ?

How do you scan to pc with a hp photosmart c4400? I'm trying to scan a drawing to my computer. I pressed on scan/reprint, then on scan to pc. After, it says "scan error. Try again from computer or see documentation. " I'm not sure if i was suppose to open anything, before scanning.

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