Hp J3680 Fax Face Up Or Down On ?

I bought a hp office jet j3680 on ebay without paperwork. How do i fax successfully. Face up or down. Anyone have the answer?

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Hp Printer - Send Fax At Same Number - Which Is Redial Button For Fax ?

I have hp all in 1 2009 printer j 4580. I have to send fax at same number. Which is redial button for fax? Many times destination fax no. Is busy.

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Lexmark P4350 Printer Fax

I have lexmark p4350 printer, i want to send a fax, i looked online for manuals and stuff and i found out that i need to do everything from lexmark imaging studio, i do everything how im supposed to do but, i cant find the fax modem on my computer, idk how to do it. It can not detect the fax modem. What do i have to do ? And what is the fax modem?

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Send Fax Using Hp Officejet 6500

How to send a fax using my hp 6500? Officejet 6500 has no fax function. Either get a multifunction printer w/ fax capability, or just print and send document via fax machine.

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Printer / Scanner / Copier / Fax - Recommendations

Not sure if this should be on this board or not. I'm looking for a printer/scanner/copier/fax, what would you recommend? Budget is like $400 absolute max. I see some let you put your digicam mem. Card in them, this a good feature?

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Does Dell V313 Printer Have Fax Feature ?

Does dell v313 printer have fax feature?


Yes, according to the manufacturer's technical specifications for that model, it is a fax / copier / printer / scanner. http://accessories. Us.

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Scanner That Fax With Fast Paper Feed

Is there a scanner that is fax quality only (low resolution, but fast paper feed) that connects to a pc? We use electronic fax software, but using a typical scanner to scan in faxes is insanely slow. We need a sheet fed scanner that only scans like a fax machine, but connects to a pc and lets you scan documents into pdf format so that we can attach them to our fax software. I looked up sheet fed scanners, but they are more expensive than 3 in 1 ink jet printers, sometimes costing more than $500. I assume these scan at *high* resolutions very quickly. We only need fax quality scanning.

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How To Connect Lexmark Fax To Laser Printer?

I have a all in one lexmark x4270 which i use only for faxing the papers out (don't receive faxes coz it's cartridge is out). Now i want to buy a laser printer. So i was wondering if it is possible to connect these to together so that incoming faxes can be printed through the laser printer. I know, it can be done if i connect my lexmark and laser printer altogether by receiving pc-fax and then printing. But i work on laptop and sitting on place is not my thing. Also if you can suggest some printer with that kind of networking.

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Using Fax Machine On Hp Psc 2410 Photosmart Printer

How do you use the fax machine on a hp psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one printer? I'm so confused. I just got this printer and i've figured out how to print, scan and copy but the fax part is confusing me and that is the part i actually need right now so can someone help?

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Lexmark P205 Printer Won't Send Fax

Lexmark p205 all in one printer connects but won't send fax. The printer needs to be connected to an active telephone landline.

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Intel 537 Data/fax Modem Not Compatible With Windows Xp Pro

I had my roomate upgrade his computer to windows xp pro and now his modem is giving him problems. His driver is saying to be working properly, but when he signs on he can only view a couple of web pages before he starts getting 401 errors for every website he visist and shortly after he get dissconnected. We tried searching the win xp pro cd for a better driver but couldn't find one. We downloaded a driver form the web which was for the modem and win xp, but when he used it he could only sign in to check mail and when he would try to sign in to browse the web (he uses juno dialup) juno can't find his modem. So we rolled back the driver and he is having the dissconnect issue again. Can anyone give any input on this matter?

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Hp 6200 Printer - When Printing It Displays Fax Window And Wont Print

I have a hp 6200 printer. When i try to print a page it displays the fax window and wont let me go to print?

Answer:- two things to check for:

1) make sure you're not printing to the fax option part for your printer, but to the printer itself. Check your default printer selection. 2) check to make sure your required fax setup settings in the printer are set and configured (fax phone number & other options are sometimes required to be set before the device is properly enabled for use).

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Using Answering Machine With Fax Machine

Does your answering machine need to be connected to the fax machine to work properly?

I have an hpc6180 all in one printer and have been having fax issues. I just connected the answering machine directly to it, and it seems to be better, but the other day my wife tried to send a fax to an office during working hours, and got a busy signal on each attempt for about an hour, and was unable to send. My neighbor tells me he doesn't have his answering machine connected directly to his fax, and it works fine. I would prefer this option if possible, but i don't know if it is.

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