Lag Playing Mkv Files

I use an old pc for my htpc it is a p4 2. 4ghz with a gig of ram, compro tv tuner & 9600xt running vista ultimate. It does everything superbly except play mkv files. The audio is %100 ok but the video will lag a lot especially when there is lots of movement. This is in mp / mpc & vlc. I think i have the right codecs would this be my pc just isn't powerful enough or a software issue?

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Play Mkv Files On Sony 3d Tv

How to make mkv files play on sony? I just bought a sony 3d tv (kdl-40hx800) and i want to download a 3d movie to watch it on the tv but the movie is in mkv format and i know sony doesn't support mkv format. So is there anyway to make it playable on my tv without losing the 3d ability or much of its original quality?

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Video Lags When Play Mkv Files

I prefer to use one player for all my videos. So far i have had no trouble using windows media player for everything. I have the k-lite codec pack and the matstroka lite codec pack. Sometimes when i play mkv on my wmp it works except the video lags behind the audio. It will occasionally speed up to catch up to the audio. If i restart my computer it will work fine. I just want to know if there is anything else i can do to fix this so i dont have to go through the trouble of restarting my computer. Additional details:- ok so i also tried using classic media player and cccp codec pack and it still doesnt work. Is there something in the settings in my computer that i have to change?

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Pc Shuts Down When Playing Games

Recently upgraded my graphics card to an ati radeon 9200 se from a chaintech geforce 4 mx440. Uninstalled the nvidia drivers and fitted the new card downloaded latest whql drivers for the new card. All went well until i played games where they would run for a couple of minutes, then my pc would shut down as if there had been a power cut. Pc would only come back on after unplugging then plugging back in. Ran this prob thru other pc related forums which provided suggestions like defective graphics card, infinite loop problem between some graphics cards & cpus, too much dust, winxp sp2 bug the list goes on. Up to now i have done the following:

Changed the 9200 for same model to rule out defective card
Installed another hi power psu
Changed the mobo
Cleaned out the pc case thoroughly
Virus checked my hd
Installed latest bios and chipset drivers
Emailed amd for any incompatibility issues with ati cards none what so specifications:

Msi kt6v-7021 mobo
Amd athlon xp 2500+
40gb hdd
768mb ddr pc2700
Ati radeon 9200 se 128mb
Qtec 550w psu
Winxp with sp2 installed

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New Hardware Sound Keeps Playing

I am running windows vista ultimate x64 w/ an sli config. When i boot my machine and the vista startup sound plays i then hear the "new hardware connected" noise from the os. I get no notifications about new devices being installed. This is the same noise you get when you shut your printer off and on (or any device for that matter) with your pc running in vista/win 7. Any idea how i can find out what is connecting at startup? I have owned this machine with the same hardware config for almost 24 month.

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What Causes Mouse Lag ?

What causes mouse lag? On my new system, i'll experience it once in a while when the cpu is under load. I'm using the ms optical mouse blue connected through the usb port on dell specifications:

Abit ip35-pro
Bfg 8600gts
4gb ram
Vista 64

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Mouse Lag

I'm running my g9x through the hub on the g15 and in to my kvm switch and into my pc. Am i getting lag? Technically!

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Video Lag

I do not know why, but one of my computers has a serious video lag issue. Its had it for quite a while, and reformatting doesnt seem to help much. Ive tried different video cards and video drivers. Nothing fixes it. What happens is, when ever a video or any movement is done, every few seconds, the video will pause (lag) then continue to do what it was doing. Im also noticing its doing it as i type this post. Only other thing is it could be a buffer issue, but i dont know how to track down if the buffer is f*ing up or not. Any ideas?

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Xp Video Lag

I experience periodic video lag in streamed internet video using flash media player (even when the video is fully downloaded). During those lag i see about 1 frame every 2 seconds and both firefox and ie cpu usage peak to 50% (i.e. They use one full core). I am not out of ram during the lags and no other applications are running. Pausing the video has no effect on the cpu spikes (they end after the same amount of time, video paused or not)

This problem appeared for no reason a while ago. Since then i tried everything i could think of: driver update, flash player update, various codec packs (even though i am pretty sure this has no impact of flash video), different browsers and i even formatted the computer without any improvements. At this point i assume the problem comes from the newer versions of the flash player (it started somewhere along version 9 but is still present in version 10). My computer is an acer aspire 5100 (amd turion 64 x2 mobile, 1. 6ghz, ati radeon xpress 1100, 1g shared memory) os is windows xp sp3 (problem was present is sp2)

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Help Video Lag

I am desperate for some assistance. Whenever i play bf1942, or any first person shooters i experience severe video lag. Even on low settings it still comes back to haunt me. This is what happens. I walk a few feet, freeze then appear in a different location. You know good ole lag for ya. I know one thing thought with the video card i have in there this should not be happening. Ive checked my drivers. Problem with direct x? Service pack 2? Ram? Its quite annoying when you have a top of the line machine acting like a $200 dollar dell pc. Any help would be appreciated. Specs:-

Processor- 3. 2 p4 lga775
Ram- geil dual process 1 gb
Videocard- x850xt 256mb
Service pack 2
Direct x9. 0c

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Random Freezes While Playing 3d Apps

My computer is randomly freezing i know it is a hardware problem because i re formatted my computer just last weekend. It locks solid and the sound repeats its self and nothing moves it is not a heat problem because my computer runs around 36 idle and about 47 under load.

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Windows Xp Freezes While Playing 3d Games

My system freezes up whenever i play a 3d game, mainly everquest. It used to do it rarely, than it became more and more common. Now i can't go a few minutes without it locking up. At first i thought it might be heat, so i cleaned out every bit of dust from my system, took off side panel and had a fan blowing on the case, it didn't help (than i monitored the system temp, i idol at about 40*c, and when it froze i was at about 44*c). I tried switching the slot of my ram, didnt fix it. I tried upgrading my sound/video drives, didnt fix it. I took out my soundcard, didnt fix it. I formatted and installed my os again, didnt fix it. I reinstalled the game, didnt fix it. I tried underclocking my fsb, didnt fix it. I disabled my sound drivers, didnt fix it. The only other thing i could think about doing is getting a better power supply, but i don't want to waste my money if i'm not guarenteed its gonna fix it. I have an athlon xp 1800+, windows xp professional, 30gig hd, geforce 2 mx400 vid. Card, soundblaster live! 5. 1 soundcard, k7t266 pro motherboard from msi (got it around october), and 256 mb of ddr crucial ram. I am very frustrated at this point, and i am very close to taking a hammer to my computer. I recently downloaded 3dmark to check if the freezing was sucluded to eq, but 3dmark also froze on me.

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Stuttering Problem While Playing A Game

Out of the blue, i started having this stuttering problem while i was playing a game. It never happened before, so i closed the game thinking that it was the program, but now its even windows that has been acting this way. My mouse seems to skip across the screen and my music is stuttering. I ran virus/adware scans even registry mechanic to see if they might fix it. Nothing. I decided to restart my pc, and noticed the windows loading screen taking about 4-8 minutes to finish loading. It seems to stutter when applications are being opened or loading content. I have a feeling it might be either my ram or hd that is the problem.

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Computer Locked Up While Playing A Game

My computer locked up while playing a game. When i rebooted the machine it went to the screen that gives you the option to boot in safe mode, but locked up on this screen as well. I rebooted again and my monitor will not come out of safe mode. As it stands. My rig turns on like normal with no beeps, all fans, lights, drives etc are working properly. Rig will not post and monitor will not come out of safe mode. Monitor is working properly with another computer and i tested the internal speaker by taking out the ram and booting, which produced beeps. Any ideas?

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Pc Reboot Automatically While Playing Far Cry-2

I am nvidia xfx 8800gt alpha dog 512mb display card and i was using original driver from cd which came with the display card box. Everything was running smooth even crysis and moh-airborn & pacific assault and even crysis war-head and assisin creed. When i start playing far cry-2 i got the message that drive is too old and i should upgarde and after that it start the game which still works properly. Now, recently i have upgraded my display card driver and driver was downloaded from nvodia offical site according to my o/s (xp-pro) and display card (8800gt)

Now i can still play crysis & crysis war-head and even starting far cry-2 normally but problem is only in far cry-2 and that is whenever i am collection medic kit, my computer screen just flash (blue screen comes) and pc is restarting. I was using max resolution (1280x10nn somthing) when above problem happend. Then i reduced my game resolution 1280x9nn (something) and now far cry-2 is again working as normal. But i want to play game in full resolution and don't know exactly what and where is the problem. May b a faulty display driver. Then how to fix it. I am using c2q 6600 4gb-ram and got lot of free hd space. Need ur help and pls let me know if u need more info to solve my problem.

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Nest Drive For Playing Mmos

Basically, i want to know what is the fastest hard drive in regard to loading heavily populated cities in mmos. X-25 ssd, velociraptor or 2 wd blacks in raid 0. Aion cities are just stupid loading on my old system, and i'd like the best solution without regard to price, loading windows, space, etc. I appreciate any help on this, as everything i have read is about is clear as mud. New system is i5 750, msi p55 gd-g5, 8gb corsair 9-9-9-24 and one 5870.

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System Crashing While Playing Games

I bought a new pc around 6 months ago, and it has been running 100% stable for around 4-5 months, but then i started to experience crashing and occasional blue screens in games. Since crashing ect. Only occurred in games, i figured it was my video card, so i uninstalled my video drivers and ran driver sweeper, and installed nvidia's 182. 50 drivers. My issues went away for 2-3 weeks, but now i am getting them again. My issues:

1) apc_index mismatch bluescreen

2) i have had an odd error happen to me twice. When i was playing games, my sound would go off and i would hear an awkward sound coming from the speakers. The odd thing is, when i played a video file, i could still hear the sound, but not from games unless i restarted. The second time it happened, i got a blue screen before i could exit my game and restart it. I am not sure what the blue screen was and i didn't get to write it down. I am using onboard/motherboard sound. 3) games crashing and giving me the generic "program stopped responding" error. (Most common). 4) when playing the game red orchestra, i get this error:

Build redorchestra_build_[2005-11-27_10. 48]

Os: windows nt 6. 0 (build: 6001)
Cpu: authenticamd unknown processor @ 2600 mhz with 4093mb ram
Video: nvidia geforce gtx 260 (8250)

General protection fault!

Everything is stock, aside that i replaced my cpu's heatsink/fan with a sunbeam 90mm. I have not over clocked anything. I know a lot of people will say my psu is not enough, but i have been told otherwise by people that work at computer building stores. My brother also has a very similar pc with the same psu, but has three hard drives instead of one, plus an hd 4870 1gb. He is getting no such errors. I also have around 2-4 amps on the 12v rail to spare.

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Playing Music Direct Through Mic

I am trying to find an easy way to play music through ventrilo instead of having to hold my mic up to the speakers and was wondering if winamp had a way to do it? I basically want the sound output to be diverted into the mic input without having to do it manually. Please could you tell me if there is a way.

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Computer Crashes While Playing Cod4

I have a problem that has been urking me for the last week. While i was playing some cod4 my computer crashes it won't turn back on, and i smell burning rubber coming from my psu. Heres the weird part, my psu switch's (to turn off and on, near the power cord input) light is green if i turn it on, the front of my computer case's light is on (near the on switch). When i plugged in my psu in another mobo, it electrocuted me when i touched it (the psu case was open, i was checking for burned components as someone told me to). Nothing powers up accept the psu switch light & the on button light. My system specs are:

Amd socket 940 3200+
2gb ddr2 dual channel ocz gold revision 2
64gb sata seagate hdd
Nvidia geforce 8800gts w duorb gpu cooler
Sound blaster 4. 1 sound card
Demon 480watt powersupply
Ecs k8m890m-m

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Computer Restarts When Playing Games

I got a brand new 6800gt agp and since then my computer restarts when i play games, bf2 or css. I got a new power supply a 550watt 600watt peak mad dog thing. New big case. Do you think its my mobo? I got it with my emachines computer so its not like the top of the line. If its not the mobo/processor what could it be. I have plenty of fans. And if it is the mobo/processor can you suggest a processor/mobo for me.amd athlon with agp is what i got going now so id like to keep in the amd and agp family.

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Computer Lag And Lockups

My computer was locking up quite often and i had no idea what the problem was. My friend gave me the idea it was a bad harddrive so i replaced it. Everything was going well for awhile and now i am having the same problems again. It seems whenever i get into high cpu usage situations it lags really badly and usually locks up completely. Whenever it lags my harddrive makes a clicking noise and in my event viewer i get error messages saying "the device, deviceideideport1, did not respond within the timeout period. " I am really lost on this one. Any help would be appreciated.

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Audio Lag / Skipping

Whenever i am playing songs or watching a movie there is a little lag or skipping every couple minutes. Im not sure where to start looking, but i know my pc can handle it. Any suggestions on where to start looking?

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Computer Glitch / Lag

I'm having a major problem with my computer and i can't seem to figure out what the deal is. Basically my computer is sending out something that seems like "lag" only not when i'm online. Basically the processor or something to do with memory seems to catch every 5 seconds. If i move my mouse around in a circle i can count to 5 and it will pause, and then re appear somewhere else on the screen. Best way to describe it for me is basically lag but not from the internet. This is really driving me nutts, and i need to fix it asap. Need to play an online game, and when it pauses every 5 seconds it is horrible!

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Computer Lag Problem

I recently upgraded my system ( new mobo, cpu, ram, and 2 new hd's ). I had a pretty sweet before the upgrade and never had any problems what soever. So let me get to the problem. My computer is having weird lag problems. Not internet/network lag, but just general lag but its only when i use my mouse ( weird i know ) for example, i have the geforce 7600 gt vid card, and the nvidia software comes with a thing to adjust your 3d settings. There is a looping animation with a slider below to change from performace to quality. Now when i just sit there and watch the animation, it looks great and there is no lag, but as soon as i move the mouse, it completely drops in fps. I also play world of warcraft, and on my old setup i used to average 60fps, all the time. Now if i am not using the mouse, i am in the 120's but as soon as i move the mouse on the screen, i drop to 2 fps. Its extremely frustrating. I just updated every driver i could and ran a few virus/spyware/malware scans and i got nothing. Hopefully i dont have to buy a new vid card, but i am open to suggestions.

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Keyboard Input Lag

I've noticed since building the new rig that my typing would occasional feel choppy, like there is a display lag for some reason. I can definitely just by typing this post as well. Does anyone have any ideas?

It's a fresh win 7 x64 ultimate install with very few things on it. I7 920 stock, evga x58 micro, 6gb ram, 5870 w/ 9. 12 hotfix, x25-m g2. Has latest windows updates, mouse and keyboard drivers (using microsoft sidewinder x6 keyboard sidewinder mouse, no issues with these on my asus laptop). Example: if i hold the "z" key, like this:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I get a skip/pause every 20 characters or so. What could be the issue?

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Extreme Video Lag

I'm half-decently computer saavy but i've been having a problem playing videos on my laptop lately. I run on vista and have 1 gig of ram and a 1. 70 ghz processor. My laptop is fairly new and i run norton anti-virus. I'm using an acer now that's replaced a toshiba i was using before which sustained water damage. On my toshiba (which i had for over a year) i could always watch videos fine online and through media player. With this acer (i've had it since october), every time i try to run videos, whether they're already downloaded or streaming, there's a huge lag. The picture itself just freezes for about 30 seconds and the sound keeps going. Then the video speeds up very fast after the freeze to catch up with the sound. I'm pretty stumped. Less than half my harddrive is full, i have spyware/virus protection, i ran a defrag, uninstalled some programs that i don't use, did error-checking and am running my firewall at all times. What could be causing this lag? It only really affects my video performance but it's driving me crazy! I've been all over google and any advice would help me alot

Edit: the laptop is an aspire 5100 if that helps
Processor is amd athlon(tm) 64x2 dual-core processor tk-53

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Windows 7 Video Lag

I found that performance has dropped a bit since switching from vista (32 bit) to 7 (32 bit). Vista has always run smoothly for me but since trying out windows 7 i've noticed lag in several areas such as:

- Choppy screensaver
- Highlight box (when holding button down on desktop and dragging over icons) is jumping
- Framerate when playing videos in realplayer doesn't seem to be up to par
- Typing lag
- A bit of jumpiness when moving windows around, or minimizing them
- World of warcraft is choppy when in windowed mode (but runs fine in full screen mode)

Hopefully that all makes sense. The choppiness isn't overly horrible but definitely enough to be easily noticable. Here are my relevant specs:
-Core 2 quad 2. 4
-4 gb ram
-8mb cache
-500 gb hd (75% free)
-Nvidia 8600 gts

I'm pretty sure this issue has 'video driver issue' written all over it. I updated to the drivers that nvidia released specifically for windows 7 under windows update (their "prerelease wddm 1. 1") but it didn't seem to help. Any thoughts or suggestions or similiar experiences to share would be greatly appreciated!

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Fullscreen Video Lag

The problem i am having is simple: fullscreen videos lag, bad. It looks like i'm getting half the fps from windowed mode. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

System specs:

3300+ amd athlon 64 processor (2. 4ghz)
1. 5gb pc3200 ddr sdram memory
Geforce 7600gs 512mb video card
Windows xp home 32-bit
Internet explorer 8 32-bit

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Wmp11 Video Lag

Since installing vista, i've been getting terrible lag on my videos when i use windows media player 11. With xp, i had ripped quite a few videos from youtube via, which allowed me to download the videos in avi files with divx codecs. I had also ripped some long (1-2 hour) homemade dvds in avi files with xvid and divx codecs. I find it fairly annoying that all of these videos are lagging terribly in windows media player 11. The shorter youtube videos work alright if i don't go fullscreen, but if i do, they lag. By lagging, i mean that the audio progresses normally, but the video is slower, and falls behind the audio, making it very hard to follow the videos. For the longer movies that i ripped myself, they lag much more. Even without going fullscreen, they seem pretty bad, and starting at any point gives me glitchy video that is already far behind the audio. What i find interesting is that i can play these videos with the divx player, and in windows media center - absolutely fine! However, i'm not a big fan of the divx player, and windows media center takes a while to start up, and runs fairly slowly. Also, with windows media center, i have to fast forward. I cannot simply click on a part of the movie and skip ahead to it. I love vista, but these video problems i have been noticing are starting to irritate me. Any thoughts?

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Video Lag In Firefox

Just as the post says, i try watching stuff, e.g. Youtube, and the video lags away from the sound. I press pause, the video then stops and then a second later the sound. Any patches or fixes out there. A link will do. Just don't understand why is only does it in firefox. Other videos that are on my hdd have no lag.

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