Interference On Platinum Fatality X Fi Spdif Output

I have no other input equipment sources like tv or radio but i definitely am hearing live broadcasts but i don't know if it's from a tv, video or radio? If i have the sound properties of the creative sb x fi set as the default device speakers and the spdif out as the default communication device i do not get interference. But if i have the spdif out also set as the default device as well as the default communication device i get the interference in the windows 7x 64-bit configuration.could it be that codec pack i am using? It is the shark 64-bit codec. I decided to use that codec because when i tried it, it was the only one that allowed dolby digital output with the creative sound blaster and not just prologic. I'm using a akg hearo 999 audio sphere v2 external digital decoder with wireless headphones capabilities and i know it's not the source of the problem as it works perfectly fine on my realtek high-definition audio coming out of my laptop and the same speaker/headphones and amp setup. I've also swap the optical cables around in the setup and that doesn't make any difference. I've even tried coaxial output from the same platinum fatality x fi front facing output connectors as the spdif and i still get the massive interference so i'm clueless how i'm picking it up. I have only had the x fi working dolby digital output for 48 hours and it worked perfectly on the first day but after trying it the day after the above problem manifested itself. I'm beginning to think it's (akg hearo 999 audio sphere v2 external digital decoder ) picking up some wireless interference but only in the x fi configuration pc and not obviously the realtek high-definition audio laptop setup?

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X-fi Titanium Fatality Optical Out Surround Sound Issues

I have dd live enabled. Setup: optical out>pioneer vsx-516/k. Rear speakers hooked up via surround. When i do the speaker test through creative's console, the rear left channel is played through the front left, and the same for the right; the right rear channel is played from the front right. With music i get no surround sound, which i don't want, so that's a good thing. In games, however, i get no sound at all out of the rears. The speakers are enabled under the receiver. It seems like i can hear rear surround coming from the front speakers in games. Any suggestions?

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Prevention Interference From Hd

Can anyone advise me of some ways to curb interference coming from my hard drive. Two people have been complaining in our apartment block, they claim when i boot my machine up they get a whirring noise which speeds up to a constant whine. After checking, i find it is my machine, and i'm 99% sure it's my hard drive. These two people are using am radio (the only ones on the planet), and insist i do something about it or else they'll complain to the building owners and crrt (or whatever they are called)

Is there a cheap solution to this? Such as some kind of shield?

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Using Optical Spdif And 3.5mm At Same Time

Using optical spdif and 3. 5mm at same time. Is it possible? I'm running w7 and i always have to set one as default to get windows to output to it. It will put one as a communications device, but really, i want to have some applications (like vlc) output to spdif to my receiver which is showing the video on my tv. And i want the 3. 5mm to output from windows and everything else to my pc speakers. I can not figure it out.

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Spdif Optical - No More Fixed Volume ?

I use spdif optical out from my x-fi titanium into an external dac. In the past, the volume has always been fixed (meaning that adjusting the software volume in windows does nothing). I use the volume control on my headphone amp. I just noticed that now the windows 7 software volume control is no longer fixed. It is adjusting my volume! What is going on here? I thought spdif optical out was always fixed volume. I don't want software messing with my signal. Yeah yeah, i can leave it at 100%, but some apps adjust the volume (like online flash movies, etc. ). Anyone know whats up?

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Connect Spdif To 3.5mm Jack

My desktop has the regular 7. 1 channel output plus one spdif output. I have connected my 2. 1 speakers to the regular 3. 5mm jack. Is there anyway, to connect the same speakers to the spdif jack? I did find images of spdif to 3. 5mm converters on google. After converting, does the signal remain digital or goes back to analog?

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Does Radio Interference Cause Usb Scanners Not To Work ?

We have an office which has too many computer hardware installed such as a wireless usb hub, workstations, printers, and a radio. We keep finding difficulties installing a usb scanner (hp / fujitsu) and getting it to work. These same scanners when installed in other offices work well! My query is this. Does radio interference or dirty mains power cause scanners not to work properly or not at all?

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Solution For Speaker Noise Due To Wireless Interference

Has anyone been able to solve the problem of speaker noise due to wireless devices (such as cellphones) by clamping rf or ferrite filters around their speaker wires? My audio speakers dont have them, so i was thinking of adding a few to the power line on each of the speakers. They are pretty cheap, runing just a few bucks. Radioshack has them, also ebay. Anyone ?

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P35 Platinum Ram Problem

I recently upgraded my ram from 2x1gb to 2x2gb. After installing the new ram i booted up as normal and everything seemed to run fine. After about half an hour though the pc just randomly rebooted and then would last about 5 seconds until it reboots again. So, i decided the ram must be faulty and began to switch the ram into various slots and only using 1 of the sticks but this didn't work. From doing a bit research on the net i found that sometimes the mobo i'm using doesn't detect the ram timings and voltages properly but dunno whether this would cause the problems i'm having though and even if it could the pc rarely shows anything on screen or load to where i can access the bios. I'm using the old ram for now so i know the pc is working fine. The only other thing i can think of apart from bad ram or wrong settings is a power issue? The mobo needs an 8 pin 12v connector but the psu only has a 4 pin so i use a 4pin to 8 pin connector dunno whether that matters though. Anyone got any thoughts on what i could try to fix this?

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Ds3 And Ocz Platinum Revision 2 Compatibility

Ok, im looking at getting some ocz platinum rev. 2 ddr2 800. After reading some review of the ds3 board though, i'm a bit confused. It looks like the ds3 will not support the voltage or timings of the ocz memory out of the box. However you have to have some ram to set the bios, correct? So does this mean i need to get some real cheap ram as well so i can go in and configure the bios to recognize the ocz platinum? Or should i just get some ram supported right out of the box?

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Update Drivers On K8n Neo Platinum

I need to update the chipset drivers. My main target is the sata controller. I'm trying to flash my xbox 360 drive(connected by sata) and windows won't recognize it. And now computer started crashing. I figured i'd try updating my drivers. But i'm not quite sure which drivers to get, for which part, and where to get them.

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Ps3 Digital-out - X-fi Platinum Digi-in - Headphones Not Working

I used to have this setup (ps3 digital out > x-fi platinum digi in > headphones) working flawlessly about a year ago but unfortunately vista recently locked itself into a recycling bsod after a bad update so i had to reformat. Now, i am tearing my hair out while googling through others similar problems but not finding the solution. The rundown:

Ps3 > digital-out > digital-in in the front x-fi platinum panel, headphones are connected to the back of the pc. I have the latest creative driver, 6. 0. 1. 1368

The ps3 is setup for digital-out under sound setup with everything checked. The pc, under the creative console launcher, i am under audio creation mode, 44. 1khz, bit-matched, 2/2. 1 speakers, flexijack: digital i/o, dd/dts bit-stream out: on, everything is un-muted under input (i only have two, digital-in and line-in, i could have sworn there were two others before the reformat. ) And i've turned the knobs and slide the sliders all around and get nothing. I feel like i pushed a magic button last time and it all worked, but now, i am going bald with absolutely no sound.

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Msi K9a Platinum Or Asus M2r32-mvp

Building a new system and i need some advice guys. Been out of the loop for some years now. Still running my 4 year old computer with my trusty xp mobile cpu! ;D

Both board are crossfires socket am2 (940)

Judging from what i've read, the asus appears to be a solid board. But all the reviews i've read have been about the beta board. But even so, it looked promising. The msi board appears good in its own way but from what i have read, i am questioning its ability to perform as good as the asus. Price difference between the 2 is not much. About 30 bucks at most. What's you guys opinion on this? And yes, i will probably be overclocking.

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Lexmark Platinum Pro905 Or Hp Officejet Pro 8500

Help deciding between the new lexmark platinum pro 905 and the hp officejet pro 8500 (premier) wireless? For home use, mostly printing/copying/fax and wireless network needs, we don't use it to print photos very often.

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No Screen Output

My system won't output to my monitor. At first i thought my video card is dead so i placed the vga card into my other computer, and of course it didn't work. However, when i placed a working vga into the troubled system, it still didn't output anything to my monitor. Any suggestions of what components might be in trouble? I can't remember the mb, but its abit supports up to 800mhz cpu (p iii), sdram 133mhz etc.

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No Output From Vga Card ?

I have a friend's pc which has been causing some trouble lately, like freezing in winxp and shutting down etc, so i brought to my house to format it and freshly install xppro (which was installed in it less than a year ago) and this pc is hardly used!

When i tried to switch it on this morning , after it has been about a month swithced off, nothing came on the display. The pc booted normally without any beeps but my tft remained swithed off. First thing i tried was a new vga card and hooked up another tft. But it didnt help at all. The problem persisted!

Im suspecting that there is some kind of fault in the motherboad which is a gigabyte socket a board and is less than a year old.

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No Bootup And No Output To Monitor

When i hook everything up and try to boot, the hard disk won't even initialize and my monitor refuses to output. This immediately screams video card improperly seated to me, so i reseated the thing and got the same results on both headers. I opened the sucker up and had a look, and the small led display that usually displays a number was instead displaying "ff" on it. Also maybe to note: the video card only had digital outputs, an my monitor is a trusty old vga. So i am using a small adapter that came with the video card to hook it up. The thing was working earlier this afternoon. All i did was transport it to here. What could be the issue?

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Computer To Tv Video Output

I currently have an hd 5850, which has dvi, hdmi, and displayport outputs. I would like to output my display to an older tv i have. It only has component, s-video and composite inputs. Is it possible to do this? What would be the cheapest combination of cables/converters to accomplish this?

There's a lot of confusing discussion on this so i got kind of confused.

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How To Output Audio From Notebook ?

Most notebooks do not have an un-amplified line-out. If i connect the headphone-out to my av amp line-in, will this blow my av amp or will i get awful noise? What about those usb-audio adapters i have seen on sale - will they provide a line-out? Appreciate any help - thanks.

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Rotating Monitor Output

I have a video game system that plays old vertical games like pac-man, i want to get full use of the monitor screen by rotating it 90 degrees, i am using a viewsonic 19" lcd, my question is can i just swap the horizontal sync and the vertical sync pins on the cable.

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What Is The Voltage Output On A Usb Plug ?

Does anyone know for sure what is the voltage output on a usb plug ? I want to change collor of the leds on my key board and want to buy the right ones the first time.

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All Of Sudden The Video Output Got Stopped

I have a dell desktop and all of the sudden the video output got stopped and sometimes half are the video comes in strips and after that nothing appears the screen is blank, i just want to know the problem, is it related to video card something like that, at present it doesnt contain any video card, mother board is supporting video if it is the problem with video then can i install a pci video card as i dont have a agp slot in this machine.

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30 Bits Output Over Hdmi Or Displayport

I am looking for a video card that supports 30bits (10bits/channel) output over hdmi or displayport. I know that video cards have been using 30bits ramdac for a long time. However, in practice it seems a bit more complicated. Cheaper is better. I have no specific requirements in terms of 3d performances. (Even if i would appreciate to keep the performances level of my current radeon hd 4850. )

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Radeon X1650 Video Output To Tv

I'm hoping someone can help me with my video problem. First, here are my specs. - Radeon x1650 512 agp video card
- Asus k8v se deluxe motherboard
- Amd athlon 64 processor 3000+ 2. 0 ghz
- 1. 00 gb ram
- Windows 7 ultimate

My problem is that i cannot get video output to my tv. I've tried connecting through s-video, rgb, audio/video cables. The best i've been able to get is by having the video card selected to "extended desktop" then, when i restart the computer, the tv displays the computer. But only until the bios finishes loading, then it switches off and the computer shows windows starting up. Any ideas for me?

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Sound Card With Dual Output

I built a computer for the club i work at. The dj's are using it to play the music. The problem i am having is that there is only one output on the computer. They need two outs. One to go to the board and one to go to the head set to listen to que'd up music. I can't seem to find a sound card that has this kind of set up, but i think there is one because the program i/we use is tracktor and it give you the option for multiple outputs. If someone knows where to get a sound card that has multiple out please let me know.

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Connecting Computer Using Digital Output

Ok so you know how hp computers now come with this port that is called "digital output" and looks like a rca cable input/output? Well so far here is how i have my comp set up.comp (digital output) > hdtv (digital output) > stereo aux. (Rca cable input)

So now why am i not having sound if my cable tv sound comes through my stereo?

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No Audio Output Device Is Installed

The sound on my laptop stop working about a week and a half ago. I was able to fix it with the microsoft fixit application. Now, fixit just says the device isn't plugged in. When i hover over the sound icon on the toolbar, it says. "No audio output device is installed. " I looked in the device manager, there is nothing listed under sound. I tried installing the sound drivers from hps website, but they each said there is no device. I ran device detective and other similar programs, they said some drivers were out of date, but none of them would show anything about sound. I thought a system restore might help, but it only shows restore points from yesterday, and there is no box to show restore points from more than 5 days ago. The warranty expired, and i would prefer to get this fixed without having to spend my college money on it.

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How To Fix Broken Vga Output?

I have been running an external monitor off of my laptop for some time now. I unplugged my laptop to watch a movie on my tv with it. When i plugged the laptop back into the monitor after watching the movie, i have problems with the image. There is a section of the image that shifts to the left (the whole width of the monitor but only . 5 inches thick) for a split second. It does this every few seconds in a different position everytime. It is hard to explain. I know it is the video card and not the monitor or the cable. I tried using a different monitor and it did the same thing. The laptop screen works fine, the problem is only with external graphics output. I restarted everything. No luck. I reinstalled the driver and it seemed to fix it for a while, then it started again. When i adjust the settings using the nvidia driver software, the whole screen shifts. This is why i believe it is a software problem. When booting windows, the screen is fine; the problem only occurs after the os is booted. I'm not sure what to do. I've heard maybe i should try flashing the bios?

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Send Monitor Output To Tv With Svideo Input

I have a laptop which has a output where you would plug a monitor into it. I assume this is to use another monitor instead of the laptop monitor. What i want to do is take that monitor output and send it to my tv, which has a svideo input on it. I tried searching but i don't think the monitor connector has a name. I'm sure everyone knows what im talking about though. One of those trapezoid shaped analog monitor outputs? Does anyone know what this might be called so i can at least search for stuff like _ to svideo adapter etc

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Ati 9600 S-video Output Problems

I have an ati radeon 9600 video card. I have updated to the newest drivers/catalyst control center. My problem is i cannot get a signal to come out of the s-video connection on the card. I have a s-video to composite adaptor hooked into a rf modulator (phillips) that i bought from wal-mart hooked into a tv. No matter what i configure in the catalyst control center, i cannot see a signal on my tv, nor does the "signal" light come on the rf modulator. I have two other computers that have s-video out(desktop gforce 4200, and laptop ati x200), and i have no problems what so ever with those and the rf modulator, displays the signal to the tv perfectly. Back to the computer i'm having problems with; i've tried pretty much every resolution/refresh rate (should be 60hz), with no effect. The control center doesn't detect the tv display, i have to "force detection". I've spent pretty much the entire day on google searching, and i have found a number of other forums with this same problem (but with different ati cards) with no answers. Ati's website states that tv + monitor displays can only be achieved by using the s-video + vga connectors. It will not work with s-video + dvi connectors. I've actually tried both.

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