Restoring Usb Ports

I spilled water on my pda charger and chip reader. I immediately pulled plugs out of ports. I did not safely remove plugs, as i found out later. How can i restore the ports so i can hot sync my pda and read chip from my digital camera?

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Dell I9200 Laptop Usb Ports Are All Normal Speed Not Usb 2.0

I purchased a refurbished dell ( inspiron ) i9200 laptop a few months ago, haven't used any 2. 0 devices until last week, when i plug it in it says my ports are all normal speed, however i know they're supposed to be 2. 0. I can't seem to find drivers or anything that will make them 2. 0. And dell won't talk to me because i didn't buy it new from them i bought it from a certified reseller. Any ideas on what to do?

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Convert Usb Ports To Usb 2.0 Port Without Replacing Them

Can some one tell if i can convert my usb ports to usb2 port without having to replace them.

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Are Usb 2.0 Devices Compatible With Usb 1.x Ports ?

My computer has usb 1. X and we recently bought a digital camera that uses usb 2. 0. Are usb 2. 0 devices compatible with usb 1. X ports?

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How Many Usb Ports Do You Use ?

There was once a time usb was on mobos but never was used but these days it's usb crazy. So how many do you actually use?

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Usb Ports Not Working

My sons patriot pt 2980 usb ports suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago, at first we thought it may have just been his wireless adapter that was plugged into a usb port, we tried it in another usb port and reloaded the drivers for it. But everytime we plugged it in a message would come up saying the device was malfunctioning, i then tried other usb devices and the same message came up regardless of which usb port i was using, i have checked the devices on my own pc and all work fine. I tried a system restore and that was to no avail, and have just restored his pc to factory settings, but as soon as reinstall the software for the devices it comes up with the same malfunctioning message again.

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Reassigning Usb Ports

How would one reassign or reset usb ports. I have a bluetooth dongle in one of my usb ports. I would like to move my dongle and use another device in the port that was used for the dongle. I've had problems doing this and would like to know if there is a way of resetting the usb port identities.

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What Is The Best Way To Add Usb Ports ?

What is the least impacting (on the system), most speedy way to add additional usb ports? A pci adapter or a powered hub? I'm not entirely sure how usb2. 0 works so any advice would be appreciated.

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How Do I Identify The The Usb 2.0 Ports ?

I am running xp on this pc. I have also booted the knoppix cd on this pc. It has 6 usb ports. The hardware manual says:

2 of these usb ports are usb 2. 0
4 of these usb ports are the old usb 1. 1

Xp and knoppix confirm it. But physically all 6 usb ports look identical. How do i identify the the usb 2. 0 ports? The new usb device i purchased recommends that, i connect it to a usb 2. 0 port for optimal performance. The back side of the pc is located in an inconvenient spot. I want to avoid pulling out the existing usb devices, as much as possible.

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How Do I Get Hi Speed Usb Ports ?

How do i get high speed usb ports? I'm using a sony vaio laptop with 2 usb ports and it says i don't have the hi-speed usb ports installed. Are they something that i can download, or is it something that i buy and plug into my laptop and it'll work, or what?

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Usb Device And Ports Not Get Anything

The device manager says i have 2 usb ports (which i do have) but when i plug a device into the usb ports neither device or the usb sez anything. And when i plug in a mp3 player the player does not get anything. I have checked the irq settings and the device manager conflicts but everything seems to be in perfect order. Does this have to do anything with jumpers or dip switches? My motherboard was out of order for 6 months. Then i took it to a service man who fixed it. After the fixing the usb broke specifications:

Motherboard: abit bl7/bw7
Ram: 256mbsd
Hdd: 40gb
Agp: 128mb nvidia geforce4 mx 4000
Soundcard: sb live! 5. 1

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Number Of Usb Ports

How can i tell by looking at device manager (in windows xp) how many usb ports i have? My device manager show under "universal serial bus controllers" the following:

Sis 7001 pci to usb open host controller
Sis 7001 pci to usb open host controller
Usb root hub
Usb root hub

What does this mean - 4 ports or 2 ports ?

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Usb 3 Ports On The Front

If you have a new mb with usb3 external (on back) and internal (for case plugs), will you be able to use a case with usb ports on the front? Seems like you would need usb 3 inter mb ports and case ports that are usb3 sockets for things to work, correct?

So, one would then have to wait for cases to become avail with usb 3 ports on the front.

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Usb Ports Problem

I just got a new front panel today, and when i first installed the jumpers into the usb headers, i got sloppy and had one of them in reverse. Anyway, now none of my usb ports are functioning properly or recognize anything. This includes the ports in the back, directly part of the motherboard. If i stick my old wireless mouse receiver in one of the usb ports, it gives a dim blinking green light vs a bright solid if the ports were working fine. This isn't a windows problem because it dims right at boot-up and continues in both xp and 7. I've tried removing all front panel jumpers, resetting bios settings, updating/flashing bios and clearing cmos. Any other ideas/suggestions? I know pci cards for usb ports exist, but i'd only do that as a last resort.

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Problem With Usb Ports

My computer is unable to recognize any usb devices, my friend said all of the usb ports stopped functioning correctly as soon as he plugged a microsoft mouse into the ps/2 slot. He restarted the computer and plugged his mouse into the usb port and nothing happened. It is as if the microsoft mouse did something that disabled something concerning usb functionality. I can't get any of my flash drives or my external hard drive to work. Do i have to reformat the drive? Or is there a way to undo what the mouse "might" have done?

So far i can see that the usb ports being detected in the computer under device manager because i can see them as "this device is working properly".

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New Pc Build, None Of My Usb Ports Will Work

Built this new gaming machine and powered it. Everything seems fine, the leds, the fans, the dvd drive. I'm trying to set the bios up for the mother board but none of my usb ports will work. None on the extra card, not even the ones built on the motherboard. That is the only thing wrong. Any ideas?

3200+ amd 64
K8n neo4 motherboard
6800gt 256mb nvidia geforce graphics card. 1gig of ram
80gig sata hard drive

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How To Check If Usb Ports Are Working ?

How do you check if your usb ports are working and is it easy to replace usb ports?

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How To Hook Up Usb Ports Wires ?

I had my brother put a computer together for me after it was all bought from the internet and it is all hooked up and running great. But there are usb ports in the front of the tower, and he didn't know how to hook them up. There are 2 of them in the front and on the inside there are red wires. I think that those wires are for the usb ports. Deos anyone know how to hook that up so i can use them?

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Usb Ports Have Ceased To Function

I have an advent laptop. As of last week, all 4 of my usb ports have ceased to function. I have used the device manager which tells me that they are functioning properly. I run windows xp, my usb ports are intel (r) 82801eb usb universal host controllers.

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Usb Ports Getting Power But Not Connecting

Just built a new pc, however, the front two ports don't connect but supply power. Tried an ipod that charged and didnt connect much the same with a wireless dongle which lights up but shows no connection in windows(vista).

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Usb Ports Not Detecting The Devices

My pc was hung (have a habit of not switching off my pc) i tried to reboot it, it wudnt do so, i waited till afternoon, it rebooted once, but windows did not load, then in the evening, it started working all of its own (read : windows did not load) so i did an upgrade of xp sp2, so while i was trying to update it, when the setup loads all the files (im talking of the boot-from-cd method). It said that my board doesnt seem to have acpi support and asked me to press f7 while the setup prompted me to press f6 to install 3rd party scsi or raid drivers, so i did, pressed f7 and got over with, next i tried to repair the installation (c:winxp) it stopped midway and said oembios.sys could not be copied (my disk is not faulty, read on) i tried again and again, and in the night i was able to reach the setup without bypassing the acpi (pressing f7 that is) so i upgraded my windows and booted into the setup. Now, the installation was almost complete, and it asked for the language and locale settings, i noticed my mouse was not connected (usb mouse) so i plugged it in, and my pc hung, i restarted, but my optical mouse did not have any light underneath it, that means, it wasnt working, i tried unplugging-replugging it many times, no avail, then i got my old ps/2 mouse and got over with the installation, once in windows, i tried to install my mouse, nothing, my mouse wasnt even being detected, (earlier i used the same mouse) and neither were any of the other usb devices (viz. Webcam, pendrive, ipod etc. ). So i uninstalled the usb devices and rebooted, it found the usb hub but not the devices, so i formatted my c: and did a clean install of windows, but, even now, i have the same problem, i cannot use my usb devices, my mouse, ipod (it is drawing current but it cannot be synchronized) my webcam, etc.

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Am I Over Powering My Onboard Usb Ports ?

Well i have allot going through my usb ports i have ma mixer an wireless keyboard my mouse my printer an a midi over usb keyboard, is there anyway to see a percentage of what each device is using and to tell if im over using the onboards recources if thats the right way of putting it.

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How To Get Usb Ports To Activate Faster ?

I hope this is simple, i have an external fingerprint scanner that i use for password security. Is there anyway to get the usb ports to activate quicker when the system is booting up (xp home), cause it gets to the sign in page and is waiting for my fingerprint but the usb ports are not hot yet so the scanner won't work yet, it takes another 15 or 20 sec till it is ready. I hate waiting.

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Computer With A Lot Of Usb Ports

I'm building a new pc to run a program for a machine, the only requirement is that it can support at least 44 usb ports, and run the xp operating system. It will only have one program installed besides the os. Is there anything special that has to be done to accommodate that many usb ports? Or can i just install a bunch of usb pci cards and call it a day?

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Usb 2.0 Ports Works Intermittently / Temporarily

I have installed a usb card into a pci slot and it works fine. The card came complete with a ribbon cable and front usb ports all duly connected but these ports seem to work only intermittently and then only as usb 1. I have removed the card and reseated it but to no avail. I am running windows xp sp2 with athlon xp 1900 & 512mb ram. Can anyone suggest what is wrong?

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Usb Ports And Onboard Sound Do Not Work

I recently got an old fic vg33 motherboard from one of those old emachines computer. All in all, it's still working well except for the usb ports and the onboard sound are not functioning as they should be. It's not a driver issue, as i've tried both windows 2000, windows xp, and ubuntu 7. 10 on it but none of them recognize anything. They didn't even prompt for driver, the os simply refused to recognize that the mainboard has an onboard audio adapter. In windows, the usb ports are still visible in device manager, but none of the usb drives and mouses that i've plugged into it received any power. Right now i'm thinking that the mobo probably had a fried controller chip, or a bad capacitor located somewhere. But i wanted to consult some of the pros here, what do you guys think is the problem here?

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Device Manager Does Not List Any Usb Ports

I have an ibm pc running windows 2000 professional. The computer has 4 usb ports: 2 in the back (along with a parallel port) and 2 in the front behind a small pop-open panel. The device manager does not list any usb ports (it lists 2 ports: a communications port {com1} and a printer port {lpt1}). I have been trying to attach a brother mfc8500 printer/fax/scanner to the computer using a 10' a-b usb cable. For whatever reason, the computer does not recognize the usb ports and does not direct the brother software installation program to the usb driver installation screen like it is supposed to. I am assuming the problem is with the computer: it does not seem to recognize the ports. What do i do?

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Usb Ports Not Working On Hp Pavilion Dv8000

I've been having rather huge problems with all the usb ports on my laptop (hp pavilion dv8000). Any device i plug in is coming up as "unknown device" with no drivers installed. Even if the device has been pre-installed, it is no longer working. It's rather annoying as i have a lot in information (both work and personal) on a usb hard drive, so i'd like to be able to get back into business as soon as possible! The last think i remember installing/using was a samsung phone usb driver suite. I've tried rolling back to before the installation, tried manually installing the drivers and un-installing/re-installing everything down the the root usb hub.

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Usb Ports Not Working On Hp Pavilion Dv1000

I have a hp pavilion dv1000 and cant get any of the usbs to work i have tried all ports plugging in my camara, printer, phone cable ect but windows does not pick anything up i have uninstalled usbs rebooted and windows finds them but again plugging something in does nothing.

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Usb Ports Problem With Software Or Hardware

My friends computer is a few years old and it has a msi k7n2 mb i believe (ms 6570) and she notes that her usb ports don't work anymore. I tried reinstalling the drivers, i looked at the connections in the hardware, i installed 2 pci usb port cards she had and nothing worked. Basically, whenever she starts up her computer, she right clicks my computer, goes to hardware and in device manager the usb controller hubs and the pci to usb hub or whatever it's called are both question marks. When i put a usb flash drive in the usb ports, the ports turn my sandisk drive orange for a moment and then it goes away (basically it recognizes something was plugged in but doesn't go any further than that). I don't see any icons saying new device added and i can't see my flash drive. What do you think is wrong with this computer? At first i thought it was just purely hardware related but i think it might be software related since the ports 'recognize' that something is being plugged in but it won't go further than that. I don't think the ports are fried but i think something needs to be done also. Any ideas?

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