Connecting Laptop With Broken Screen To Another Laptop

How do i connect a laptop with a broken screen to another laptop? I need to connect a laptop with a broken screen to a laptop without a broken screen so i can see what's on the broken-screen laptop, is that possible/how would i do that?

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Broken Laptop Screen

So i had a stoke of bad luck and my laptop fell off the table, the screen is cracked and needs to be replaced, it will cost me 500+ to get it repaired so i was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly how hard it would be to buy the lcd screen and repair it myself, i've built countless desktops in my day so i'm good with computer hardware but have never delt with laptops before as far as building, so if anyone knows what it would take to do this please let me know. I don't know if it makes a different but the laptop is an alienware area-51 m5550 15. 4" screen, also if anyone knows where i could get the parts needed for this as well it would be very much appreciated.

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Connecting Desktop To Laptop So That Laptop Act As Monitor

Is there any way to connect my desktop to my laptop, so i can my laptop can act as a monitor? I have a desktop computer but with no monitor, is there any way i can connect it to my laptop to view the desktop?

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Laptop Dc Power Jack Broken

My compaq hp laptop hasn't been charging. I thought there was a problem with the charger but i found out the hole (dc power jack pinout) where i plug my charger into on my laptop is broken. It wiggles around. Has anyone ever dealt with this problem? How do i fix it? Should i get someone else to fix it. Is it safe to unscrew the bottom of my laptop to look at it? Or will that mess it up?

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How To Fix Broken Laptop Lcd Screens ?

Any of you have bad or broken laptop lcd screens and are appealed at the price tag the manufacturer puts to repair your screen? All this at a loss of a few days of productivity? Well, here is an answer to your distress. How to replace a broken laptop or notebook display

I thought you people should know that there is something that you can do about a broken laptop lcd screen other than buying a new laptop or paying the laptop manufacturer a ransom.

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Transferring Hard Drive Data From Broken Laptop

Transferring hard drive data from broken laptop? Connect two hard drives for transfer? I have a laptop with a completely bust power socket and monitor that isn't working. Since i have bought a new laptop. How can i transfer the data saved on the broken laptops hard drive to my new pc when the power won't work in it? (Also battery doesn't work). Is there any way to remove that hard drive and connect it to my new laptop to transfer all the data that way?

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Getting Internet By Connecting Laptop To Another Laptop

Getting internet by connecting my laptop to another laptop? Okay, so when i go to my friend's house and bring my laptop, i can connect to the network but i don't get internet. I have the same problem at another friend's house, but i can get internet if i plug it in with an ethernet cable. At friend a's house, however, the router is in his dad's office, his friends aren't allowed in there. Now, my friend's laptop connects to the internet there wirelessly just fine, so would i be able to get on the internet by plugging my laptop into his laptop via ethernet cable?

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Connecting A Laptop To Tv

I am interested in connecting my laptop to my television. My tv has a 4 pin s-video input, but my laptop only has a vga input. I am looking into getting a vga to s-video adapter, but i don't know if it will work. My tv does not have hdmi, so that is out of the question. All of the websites i have looked on say i need to make sure my vga card will support tv out. So my questions are: will this vga to s-video adapter work? Should i just order it on e-bay? And how do i check that my vga card supports video out. *My tv is a toshiba and my laptop is an hp , it has windows 7 if that makes any difference

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Connecting Laptop To Tv

Can i connect my laptop to my tv? What would i need? Where would i plug the cables?

Answer:- all you need is a certain cable to connect your laptop to your tv. There is a cable called an s-video. You can find these cables almost anywhere and they are pretty cheap. Most tv's have this plugin. But the image quality is not all that great. If you have a hdtv you are better off with the vga cable (if your laptop and tv has this pug-in).compared to the s-video cable, the image quality of the vga cable is way better.

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Connecting Laptop To Pc

I have an hp g60 labtop and i am trying to connect it to my flatscreen. I am using an hdmi cord and have tried following all these youtube videos but for some reason i cant get the video to appear on my tv. So far i have plugged the hdmi cord from my computer to the hdmi port 1 on my tv and then changed my resolution and switched to extend these displays. Then i pressed input on my controller and went down to hdmi 1 and nothing appeared on the screen. Is there something im missing here?

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Problem Connecting Laptop To Tv

Ok im using a vga connection and the image on the television screen seems to have been shifted to the left. Half of my actual computer screen is cut off on the television and the right side of the television is blank. I've used this same laptopv connection before and haven't had any problems. What could be the issue?

Ive already tried using a different graphic connection by using the keyboard hotkey fn + f8, no difference.

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Pc Monitor Connecting To Laptop

I want to hook a dell monitor up to my laptop only cause its bigger and much more clear to play world of warcraft on. Now i want to know were to go to change the settings to allow me to close the laptop and will not log off cause having it open takes too much space up on my desk. Like were to i go to change the settings on that?

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Connecting Laptop To Lcd Tv

I am having a terrible time getting my laptop computer hooked up to my lcd tv. I want the contents of the computer's screen to appear on the tv (not vice versa). I was hoping someone could offer a solution. Here's the situation: the laptop has a female vga port. Simple enough. The tv is a sony kf-60we610 rear projection lcd, circa 2003. I have a few pictures of the ports on the back of the tv:

As you can see from the images, the tv has a female dvi port but i'm not sure what kind of dvi port it is. It is definitely not a dvi-d. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures but the horizontal slot along the left side of the port is actually "fake". In other words, it's not really a slot that a male pin can fit into. A male version of this dvi port must not have the horizontal pin because the female (on the tv) does not have an opening for it. I know i can use a vga to component video (y/pb/pr) converter but i was hoping for a cheaper solution. I was also wondering if i am barking up the wrong tree: do i even need to connect to the tv's dvi port? As you can see from the images, the tv has an s-video port. Would it be possible (or better) to somehow connect the computer's vga to the tv's s-video? Is this even possible?

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Connecting Laptop To Panasonic Tv

I would like to connect my laptop to my tv? My laptop is a toshiba satellite l350-203 (with windows vista home) to my panasonic tx-28ps12 television. I have a vga to scart cable, as per instructions from multiple websites. My monitor settings are to duplicate the monitor onto the crt (fn f5). I have checked with microsoft that the drivers are updated. The laptop seems to be doing what it's supposed to, the problem is the telly. All that i'm getting is buzzing, with diagonal white/grey lines on black. No duplicated monitor. It changes frequency of buzzing when i scroll with my mouse and change web pages, but i have no image at all on the telly. I have tried doing an auto tune (which can't be done to an av channel, only a normal channel, if you have an aerial connected. My sky box, dvd player, and vcr have all done the whole plug into the scart and play. It's only the laptop that isn't. I would like to watch my avi films on a proper screen.

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Problem

I recently purchased a vga cable to connect my laptop to my tv, it's an older tv, but i have a converter for it so i plugged the red yellow and white cables into the corresponding ones on the converter which is attached to the tv, the vga end of the cable i inserted into my laptop. The screen on my tv remains static, and when i go into the the windows mobility center to add a monitor it can't detect it. What am i doing wrong? What can i do? Or is my tv just to old despite the converter?

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Connecting Ethernet Cable To Laptop

I have a vista 64 bit laptop that i would like to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable from my router, instead of using wireless. I have a toshiba satellite a100, trying to connect to the router i have set up(linksys). Im connected to cable modem via local service provider. Ive set up broadband connection twice both don't work. Seems im only able to hook up with wireless. Ps there are no errors in the device manager and all drivers are updated.

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Through Dvd Player

Ok so i have a little dilemma here im trying to figure out. I wanna plug my laptop to my tv and i wanna know if its possible to do this through a dvd player. What i mean is my tv doesn't have a hdmi output but my dvd player and my laptop does. So i thought maybe if i plug the dvd on my tv and then plug the hdmi cable behind it and then to the laptop it would work but im not sure if it can. It still showed the dvd screen after i tried it so im asking does anyone know if its possible to make this work with the hdmi cable even if the tv doesn't have a output for it ?

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Hp Xp Laptop Not Connecting To Netgear N300

I recently bought a netgear n300 from best buy after having my 2nd linksys within 2 years die on me. I connected my gaming desktop computer(windows 7) *wired* and my laptop (windows xp)very easily *wireless* and fast. I then tried my wifes( hp 6515b amd turion 64 x2 tl-50" windows xp service pack 3. ) And it recognized my netgear n300 using hp wireless assistant, but then i get an ongoing message after entering the password. Which is correct i've checked and rechecked. The on-going message says " waiting for the network to be ready" or " waiting for the network" in general. Every other piece of equipment i have has picked it up no problem. I've utilized my n300's security for wpa2 at first, but once i started having problems i downgraded it too wpa. Thinking this would reslove the issue because my original linksys was wpa security, but theres been absolutley no change. I've heard rumors about windows xp sp3 not being so compatible with wpa2. I've searched and searched for drivers for this machine if anyone has any idea on what to do please give me a shout.

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Problem Connecting Laptop To Pc With Lan

I want to share my pc adsl internet connection with my sony vaio cw series laptop, first i tried to connect my laptop to modem with a lan cable, but i'm getting the "no internet access" in my laptop, what is the problem? Then i tried to connect my laptop to the pc and i created a workgroup and stuff. But i got the massage "unidentified network" in my laptop, and neither of them are showing the other on my network places.

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Flashes Colors

I am trying to connect my laptop to my tv so that i will have a bigger monitor. My laptop has vga out and my video card should support the tv out signal. The tv has rca-component. So, i ran the vga from my laptop and plugged the component cables into my tv. I know there is something you have to do on your computer to transfer so to speak the video onto your tv. I went in and changed it to "clone" monitor 1 and that didn't work. So then i chose to just use monitor 2(tv) that didn't work so well either. After adjusting the resolution, i could see a lil static and then i saw a flash on my computer screen on the tv then it started being flashes of colors and static with the computer screen showing every few seconds through all the static. Please help me be able to see this on my tv. And yes i know i need separate audio. I already have that cord too. Ready to go, if i can just figure it out.

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If Disconnect Laptop Screen, Will External Screen Still Work ?

If i disconnect my laptop's screen, will an external screen still work? I have an acer aspire5315 laptop. What i am doing is i am putting it into a custom case that will not fit the built-on screen. The laptop does have a vga output (so i can connect it to another monitor, or hdtv. ) So, if i disconnect the laptop screen completely from the motherboard, will an external one connected via vga still work?

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Connecting An Ata-6 Laptop Drive To A Desktop

I'm wondering is there any way to connect an ata-6 laptop hardrive to a desktop computer? This is the drive in question:

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Connecting Xbox 360 To Laptop For Internet

I have vista ultimate. I am using a d-link wireless router. So ive been looking around on the internet for a way to connect my xbox 360 to my laptop, my laptop has a wireless connection. Ive tried several different articles including ones from here and on other sites, but non seem to work. The main problem is, it says my xbox 360 connection, is unidentified and when i try to diagnose it just says try automatically getting new ip address. Also i cant bridge connections because it says i need to have 2 high-speed lan, that are not being used through internet connection sharing. Also every time i try and make sharing allowed for my wireless connection, it says an error occurred while trying to make this shared. I am getting so frustrated that i cant get this too work, so if anyone needs any more information that might help you solve this, ill update it right away. Any help would be greatly appreciated. *Update* i recently found that the problem might be my router conflicting with my setup so i have to change the address.

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Router Connecting To Laptop Stopped Working

L've had no problems connecting the router to my laptop until all of a sudden it stopped working. Lt works fine on my dad's computer except mine. L've restarted my laptop, repaired the wireless connection and it says ''one of two adapters are unplugged'' when they're not. How do l get it to work? L've tried updating my wireless card drivers but no luck.

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Connecting Desktop And Laptop With Wireless Router

I am trying to hook up a wireless connection between my desktop and laptop. I have an sbc dsl modem on my desktop already and i want to connect it wirelessly to my new laptop. I have a wireless router, but when i tried connecting it to my laptop, the screen read that i need software for it before i can proceed. I didn't receive anything other than the router and telephone line, so can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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Connecting Windows 7 Laptop To Xp Using Ethernet Cable

How do i connect my windows 7 laptop to my windows xp laptop using an ethernet cable? I have a sony vaio vgn nw225f and an old ibm thinkpad that originally had windows 98 on it. I upgraded to xp and this computer does not have wireless capabilities. Can i take an ethernet cable from my laptop and plug them into the other one to get an internet connection on my ibm?

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Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Devices To Laptop

How to connect multiple bluetooth devices to laptop using bluetooth usb adapter? Is it possible to connect two bluetooth devices to my laptop using a usb bluetooth adapter and use them both at once?

At the moment i use a usb bluetooth adapter and "toshiba bluetooth stack for windows" software to stream music wirelessly to my speakers from my laptop via a "belkin tunestage" and would like to connect a wireless bluetooth mouse to the laptop to use as well. Is this possible? If so how would i do it?

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Computer Will Sleep When Connecting Monitor To Laptop

Connecting monitor to laptop and have to leave laptop open because computer will sleep. ? I have a dell inspiron 1420 with vista home premium. I connected a monitor to it but i have a problem because i have to keep my laptop open or my computer will sleep when i close it and the monitor goes black. Are there some settings i have to change?

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Monitor By Vga Cable

I have a laptop (with display at 1366x768) and i have a vga cable connecting to a tv monitor. When i have the settings at 1366x768, my laptop display is great, but the tv monitor displays the screen small and centered to the right, and doesn't show the full screen. If i put the settings at 1280x768, my laptop screen gets a little fuzzy, but shows good on my tv monitor. Is there a way i can have it so the tv monitor is in its best display setting while having my laptop at a different display setting? Or any other help fixing the problem? I want both laptop and tv monitor to show the full screen, i do not want it as one extended screen.

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Wpa2 Password Stops Laptop From Connecting To Internet

Wpa2 password stops my laptop from connection to the internet? So i haven't had a wireless internet password for quite a while and recently i've noticed someone else has been using my connection and slowing it down. So i have now added a wpa2 password, but this for some reason stops the internet from working on one of my laptops, i simple press connect and then type in the password then it will just says connecting, then nothing happens and it doesn't connect. It works fine on the other laptop and xbox. I should also mention the laptop that it isn't working on is quite old and uses xp, the working one uses vista. It has been working completely fine without the password. Router: philips snb6500

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