Single Pixel Lines In Dell Inspiron Screen

As a bit of backstory, i've never worked hands-on with a laptop before. Somehow, i ended up with one as my primary computer. Please save the 'lolz get a real computer' comments until after you've given your expert opinions. Recently, some vertical lines have appeared in the screen. It has not been bumped, jostled, thrown, or dampened. It's a very spoilt little machine. I don't have a spare monitor to test for a screen problem, but i might be able to jack a friend's when he gets back from vacation. As far as i can tell from previous experience, i think the video card may be going. To be honest, i'd be much happier if that were the case, since i imagine screens are much more costly. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Does anyone have any idea what's up?

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9.12 Driver Causes Bad Pixel Lines

So i installed 9. 12 drivers on my 5750 and got these strange multi colored lines across the higher portion of my screen and several sets of blue pixels that look sorta like || just randomly shambled along the bottom portion of the screen. When i uninstall the 9. 12 driver and use the default pnp display style the lines go away. I installed the hotfix hoping that it would, fix this issue, alas it did not. Also when i start the computer, the pixelation is not there until it actually boots into windows (not during post). So it's not a cable issue. It is only visible when the drivers actually start. I un/reinstalled the drivers 6 times re-downloading the package three of those times to ensure it wasn't a corrupt download or install. (Tried installing 9. 11 as well same thing)

Does anyone else have this strange issue when using a 5700 card on win 7? Any strange horizontal lines that are multicolored (also only one pixel tall) or multiple blue || marks scattered along the bottom?

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Random Pixel Lines When Play Trickster Game

Theres random "pixel lines" messed up all over the place in this game i play. Trickster online. In the mini map. On the background. On the sprites. If a sprite covers a spot where the pixels are messed up, the sprites pixels arnet messed up there. The sprites have their own spots of messed up pixel lines. If that makes sense. I haven't had any problems till today. I was playing fine for 4hrs then bam, graphics problems.

Compaq presario sr5601p
Nvidia geforce 6150 se graphics

Just bought it last monday. T_t any suggestions?

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Dell Inspiron 1545 Screen Sharing

I wanted to know if anyone knows whether the dell inspiron 1545 has a screen sharing capability and if it does, does anyone know how to get it working?

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Screen Black

I have a dell inspiron 1525 and the screen has gone black, why? My laptop starts up but then goes black as soon as i get into the homepage. Its clearly working as the lights and fan are running but the screen just goes black. I have tried to take the battery out and holding the on button for 1 minute but that doesn't work. Any other suggestions? What could it be because i have no idea what so ever.

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Dell Inspiron 5150 Screen Goes Black

I have a dell inspiron 5150 laptop. A few months ago i began to have a problem with it - if i moved the laptop (in some cases even lightly touched it), i would hear a soft click and the screen would go black. Even though it appeared to be off, the power light was still green, indicating the computer was on. This behavior is random and variable - some days i can move the computer all over the place and it works normal, other times i don't even touch it, or barely touch it, and the screen goes black. The only way i have found to deal with it is to manually power it down by holding the power button and restarting - most of this time this works, but i obviously lose or have to restart whatever i was working on. When i originally spoke to dell, they did several diagnostics, found no red flags, and told me it was a ms windows problem, despite that manually touching the computer caused the problem to occur (in my naivete this sounds like a hardware problem to me). The second time i talked to them, they had me take out all the components of my computer (cd drive, memory, battery) and then put it all back. They said it could have been a faulty connection. Despite this, a few weeks later the problem emerged again. So, i was wondering if anyone might have an idea as to what this problem might be and how to fix it. I've posted on this sight and in this forum because i found a similar thread about a screen going blank, although the details of that problem appeared to be different.

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Dell Inspiron 600m Blue Screen

I have a customer with a dell inspiron 600m laptop. She keeps getting the blue screen error in windows xp. It seems to happen when the laptop is hot. Although she does keep the laptop on a docking station. Any ideas on what this could be? Or possible fixes?

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Dell Inspiron 8600 Suddenly Has A Blank Screen

My problem is that my dell inspiron 8600, which has work for over 3 years suddenly has a blank screen. For the last month or so when ever the laptop goes into standby / monitor turns off and then turns on again there was always a brief period where the screen is red. Just yestarday the scren would not even turn on. The system was still running, but no screen. Then last night the screen started to work again for about 2 hrs. Then it automatically started to turn the screen off. I lower the screen for a few seconds and then lift it again the screen comes back on. Afterwards if i am inactive for only ~10 seconds the screen turns back off, its not the screen saver. Now when i try lowering and lifting it again this morning the screen flickers on for just a second with a red screen and turns off. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong.

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Dell Inspiron 8600c Black Screen Problem

I have a dell laptop inspiron 8600c 15"4 screen, bought in 04/01/2005, with an ati radeon turbo 9600 graphic card, centrino 1, 7 processor, 1 gb ram. Suddenly the screen turned black i thought it went to standby mode, but it wasn't. I restarted the pc to discover that it still black, but it's not really black because if i look closely with some light i can see that the pc work normally. I tried to connect it to normal screen, the pc worked normally. I want to add that since few time, the color was becoming a bit red, but i thought it's not a big deal and i don't know if it's related to my last problem. The only problem also i got 2 months ago, was that the laptop was going suddenly to standby mode, i cleaned it with spray and i launched the dell diagnostic tools, the problem was solved. I looked in the net they say it could come from motherboard or inverter or a third thing called lcd back light. Can anyone tell me from what comes my problem ? Or how can i know from which of these 3 reasons it's coming ?

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Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Screen Problem

A week or two ago, my dell inspiron mini 10v got knocked over and the screen managed to get busted. I sent it to dell to get it fixed. I got it back today and found out that my screen is practically half fixed. One half of the screen is a few shades lighter than the other. And to top it all off, dell completely wiped my hard drive. I lost a ton of pictures and music because of it. I don't see why they had to wipe the hard drive if it was just a screen problem and i don't understand why they left the "fixed" screen like this, half light and half dark. Should i complain and send it back? I'm not sure what to do.

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Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Vertical Line

I recently got a new computer and my old dell inspiron 1501 got a vertical thick line in the left middle of the screen and it's not like it's crashing it's there no matter what i do. I don't know how to fix it but have step by step instructions would be nice. And the line is not opaque you can see through it. And the line always has a remnant of the last screen my computer was on. I don't know what to do!

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Dell Inspiron 910 Mini Screen Resolution Issue

I have dell inspiron 910 mini 9 16gb ssd netbook laptop which has a screen problem. For some reason the laptop thinks it has a higher resolution screen (1200x600) than it actually does have (1024x600) so it only displays this upper part of the display on the screen at any one time, can any one help?

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Nvidia Gt 220 On Dell Inspiron Black Blank Screen

I installed a nvidia gt220 on my dell inspiron 530 and when i restart the computer i get a black blank screen? I deleted the old drivers and installed the latest drivers, and now i get a blue screen which crashes my computer and keeps restarting it.

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Dell Integrated 1.3m Pixel Webcam

I'm thinking of buying a dell laptop (well, not really thinking as much as i'm going to, so please don't tell me that other brands are better :] ), and i'm trying to decide whether it is worth it or not to get the integrated webcam with it, or just to buy one that plugs into the usb port. Can anyone give me the rundown on the integrated camera? I can't seem to really find any information about it. Does it have a microphone, is it reliable, etc.

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His X1650 Pro - Lines On Screen

I just bought a new his 512mb x1650 pro video card from newegg. I installed it and it seems to work fine, however when i move a window around turquoise and red lines show up all over my screen. I have the latest drivers.

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Blue Lines Vertically On Screen

Im having a problem where my screen will just freeze, i get tons of blue lines going vertically throughout my screen and my background goes into a purple fuzz color, sorry cant be more specific as i don't know whats going on. I already reinstalled my gpu drivers twice to no avail. Only way to get it functioning again is to reboot, happens every couple of hours.

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Horizontal And Vertical Lines On Screen

The other day out of nowhere my screen starts going nuts. It has a bunch of horizontal and vertical lines on the screen and they kind of move when the mouse is over them. When i open a new window, for example an aim window or notepad, parts of the program will display fine, without any lines, and other parts will continue the line pattern on the screen. When my computer starts up, it has weird gray images that almost look like japanese letters on the windows xp splash screen. I checked a different monitor and the picture is still weird, so it isn't monitor, so im guessing its video card. ? Anyone ever heard of a problem like this?

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5870 Problems, Dashed / Lines On Screen

I got an xfx 5870 recently and am getting some weird dashes on screen in various game menus and ui's ofpdr, dragon age. Arma2 is the only game where it has happened in the world of the game. This doesn't happen in all games, it hasn't happened in torchlight, red orchestra, and some other games. Screenshots. http://i865.


Some things i've tried. - Four drivers 9. 11, 9. 12 beta 5, 9. 12, and 9. 12 hotfix
- Downclocked some
- Vsync onoff
- Hdmi sound not installed
- Win7 up to date
- Checked power cable

Anyone have any ideas? I still have about 15 days to rma to newegg.

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Screen Display Is Odd - Vertical Dotted Lines

When i start up my pc the display is odd like a chess board. Sometimes vertical dotted line's show up. This continues until i reach the login screen for windows. When i reach the login screen for windows all seems ok.initially my hard disk wasn't being detected. I removed the ide cables and than reconnected them did the same with ram also re-inserted my pci slot display card. Now my hard disk is being detected but the initial startup display is as i have described above.

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Flashing / Discolored Lines In Sli Full Screen

Whenever i run a game with sli enabled i get discolored horizontal lines in videos and game screens, they glow really bright. I attempted to take a screen shot however the screen shot does not show the line and discoloration at all. Here is the kicker. This i have only tested with wow, but when i put the game into windowed mode whether maximized or not, this does not happen at all. I have searched and searched and seen this error in other places but no one gave a straight answer on how to fix it. So any ideas you have would be great. Newest possible drivers installed and driver cleaner pro was run on it before re-installation of drivers

850w thermaltake psu
6000+ amd athlon x2
Two evga 8800gtx
Asus m3n72-d mobo nvidia nforce 750a sli
2gb ocz ramm

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Dell Dimension E521 Or Dell Inspiron 531

I have both of these systems and want to choose one to keep and one to sell. The parts i will be putting in either to upgrade either are the following:

Amd x2 5600+
Evga 7600gt pci-e 256mb ddr3
2gb pc2-6400
2x 250gb wd sata hd's

Both systems have a 300wt psu, but the 531 allows for a hsf aftermarket to be added, while the e521 has this hsf built into the case type thing. If you were going to choose one system to keep and one tell sell, what would you do?

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Dell Inspiron Or A Dell Studio Xps

Which is better-a dell inspiron (desktop) or a dell studio xps (desktop)? I'm having trouble deciding which would be better. Inspiron desktops are cheaper, but xps desktops are a little more expensive and i can't tell what the difference is between the two brands.

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Dell Studio 1558 Or The Dell Inspiron 15

What is a better computer the dell studio 1558 or the dell inspirion 15? Im looking at the dell studio 1558 and dell inspirion 15 for a ew laptop and ive seen mostly good reviews on both. Im not looking for if the computer is worth its price but just for a general overall better computer. Which one would be better.

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Dell Inspiron 15 Or 15 R ?

I really like dell inspiron 15 laptop, because it has the best user reviews (4. 5 star). However, the dell salesman told me that it's discontinued and he asked me to get inspiron 15r instead. I know it's a sales pitch because 15r is more expensive. However, it's rating is only 4 star (as compared to the 4. 5 star rating of 15). I called dell to confirm that inspiron 15 is not discontinued. However, this salesman said that 15r's processor is newer than 15's (if i can trust this one)!

If you have knowledge about the processor's of either laptop model, would you share you opinion? In summary, inspiron 15 has the best user reviews but maybe an older processor, while inspiron 15r has lower user rating but maybe newer processor.

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Bad Pixel On Lcd

On my new samsung widescreen monitor that i was so hyped about. I just noticed that there is a dead pixel on my screen towards the bottom. Since i just took it out of the box today i decided i should take use of the 3 year warranty. So i went online and i fished around to figure out how to do so. Samsungs policy is that on a 19 inch widescreen monitor you need to have 10 or more bad pixels to apply for a monitor replacement under the warranty. Im personally not happy with this, it sounds strange to say this but, is there a way to easily kill more pixels? (Or revive my one dead one, as far as i know that is not possible), according to google i have a "stuck" pixel and not a dead pixel (it shows up green, not black).

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Dell Studio 14 Or Inspiron 14

Which is better and why: dell studio 14 or inspiron 14? I want to buy a laptop and i cant decide whether i should go for studio 14 or inspiron 14. Please do comment which is better and why it is better. (I am interested in buying dell only)

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Dell Inspiron 7000 Problem

I have an old dell laptop (inspiron 7000) that doesn't turn on anymore. Not that i really care since i got a new one anyways, but still, it was a nice machine. A electric guy came over and said it was because of my battery. For a while my battery was completely dead and i just left it in there. So this guy told me that my dead battery somehow short-circuited my power supply, therefore making my laptop "unbootable". So i have two questions:

1) is there anyway to fix my old laptop?

2) my current laptop has a dead battery in it and is it okay to leave it in it all the time?

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Windows 7 On Dell Inspiron 1525

Can we install windows 7 in dell inspiron 1525 laptop? Also my internal mic is giving some troubles, how do i make it functional.

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How To Unlock A Dell Inspiron Laptop ?

How can i unlock a dell inspiron laptop? I tried f8 and safe mode but i brought me back to putting a password?


Which system do you use?

On windows xp, try this:

Boot computer and press ctrl+alt+delete twice when you see windows welcome screen / login screen. It'll show classic login box. Now type "administrator" (without quotes) in username field and leave password field blank, press enter and you should be able to login windows. Now you can reset your account password from "control panel -> user accounts". If that doesn't or you use windows 7 or vista, try this:

1. Enter a computer that can link to internet. Download windows password recovery tool 3. 0 and install the software on that computer. 2. Run the software and create windows password reset disk by follow the instructions. 3. Eject the created cd/dvd and insert it into the locked computer. 4. Reboot the locked computer (it's necessary for you to change your locked computer's bios setting to make it boot from cd drive) and then follow the instructions to reset your password. 5. Now login windows and set a new password.

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Warcraft Lags On Dell Inspiron

Warcraft lags on my brand new dell inspiron. Has nothing to do with my internet because it does it offline too? Like i said. I just got a brand new dell inspiron and installed warcraft onto it. Whenever i play the game i hit huge spikes and the game freezes for a few seconds then returns to normal. This has nothing to do with my internet because i have the same problem offline. I figure there is something that needs to be fixed on my computer.

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