Connected Laptop To Tv, How To Set Volume ?

I had connected my hp laptop to lcd tv, how do i set back my volume on laptop?

Answer:- the tv remote should affect the volume if you connect your laptop properly to the tv. This should not affect your laptop sound after you disconnect from the tv.

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Connected Laptop To Tv But Cant See Anything

I connected my laptop to my tv. But cant see anything. I connected my hp laptop to my samsung plasma tv via vga cable. At first you can see it on my tv. But while it continues to load. It sounds like my tv goes to sleep and i cant see anything on my tv anymore. Does anybody know how to fix it?

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Laptop Router Not Connected

I just added a wep key to my router, because someone near me was constantly leeching it. Everyone else was able to connect to the newly secured network fine (on ipod touches, and laptops running vista and 7). When i tried to connect to the network on my laptop, it says that it connected, but next to the wireless name, it says in big bold letters "not connected", but the option in the bottom right of the window only allows for disconnecting, because it thinks that it is connected. The other strange thing, is that under network connections, the wireless connection icon also says not connected. If i right click on the icon, the "status" option is greyed out, so i can't click it. And finally, if i try to "repair" the connection, it disables/enables it fine, but says that it was unable to connect to the wireless network, and that the repair failed. I have a feeling that the problem has to do with a service, because my laptop has a tendency to shut off random services, but i have no idea where to start my search of the faulty service. I'm running on windows xp home edition sp3
My wireless adapter is a atheros ar5007eg

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Laptop Says Connected To Internet But It Is Not

My laptop says connecetd to the internet but it is not. Right now i am on my brothers mac, and it has a perfect internet connection. My laptop is right beside me and it won't connect to the internet. On the bottom (i think it's called a task bar. ) It says the signal connection is "excellent" but i can't connect. It says it is running 54. 0 mbps. I have no idea what that means. I am not a computer whiz so answers simply. Maybe step by step instructions.

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Laptop Crashes When Connected With Tv

Laptop crashes when connected with a tv. I am using a lenovo 3000 n200 laptop with 3gb ram and i am running windows 7 professional. It has a pentium duel-core processor 1. 6ghz. It has an intel x3100 graphics card with 256mb memory. I just purchased a new lcd tv and i decided to try and connect my laptop to it. The tv has an s-video port and so does my laptop. So i used an s-video cable to connect my laptop to my tv and every time i try duel screen or extended desktop, my computer crashes and says that my graphics card has crashed. I'm not sure weather it is a driver issue or a registry issue but if any noe has a solution to it, please let me know.

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Plasma Tv No Signal When Connected From Laptop

Need help with plasma tv. No signal when connected from laptop to plasma tv. ? I am using a vga cable to connect my laptop to my soyo mt mt syjcp32b1ab plasma tv. When i connect it there is no display.

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Can Turn Off Laptop Monitor When Connected To A Tv ?

If you want to connect your laptop to a tv, can you turn off the laptop monitor? I don't really see the point in connecting it to a tv if you have a laptop monitor in your face - is there any way to turn it off?

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Printing From Laptop Through Printer Connected To Pc

I am trying to print from my laptop through the printer connected to my pc. I have wireless internet. So far i tried this after searching around in the internet. Both printer and pc are vista and printer is canon. I did "start" then "printers and faxes". Select the printer and right click, click "sharing" then "share this printer" then "ok". Now go to your laptop and click "start", "printers and faxes", on the far left click "add printer", click "next" then "network printer", click "browse", i tried doing this and the printer isnt showing up.

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Print From Laptop Connected To Another Computer

How do you print from a laptop that is not connected to the laptop, but is connected to another computer? I have a laptop that is connected to a wireless network, and i have another computer that is connected to my printer, so i would like to know how would i be able to print from my laptop to the printer.

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Laptop Connected With Limited Access

I have a gateway laptop, and it was working fine last night, but today, i went to go online, and it said it was connected with limited access. I've tried restarting various times, and i even unplugged the router and plugged it back in. I've tried many suggested things and nothing has worked. The wifi works fine on my ipod, but not my laptop. I have windows vista.

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Laptop Internet Connected But Isn't

Why isnt my laptops internet working it says its connected but isn't? Im on bt all my over computers connect but my laptop wont unless i plug in a stick it says im connected but msn or any browsers wont work.

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Print From Printer Connected To Computer From Laptop

I have a printer connected to my computer. I wish to print a document from my laptop (windows vista) directly from the computer-connected printer. From my laptop, when i tried to install a new printer through my wireless network the printer's name isn't listed, and when i searched for it through the tcp/ip address it doesn't show up. I also tried to go to the "network and sharing center" and turned 'on' printer sharing, but when i tried printing and error cropped out. Does anyone know how i can solve this problem?

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Problem With Laptop Connected To External Monitor

My laptop screen is broken so i have been using it for almost a year now with an external monitor. Everything was working great until a few days ago. Now when i turn the computer on, the screen for the monitor lights up and when this all happened at first (and still is happening) my external monitors screen resolution went huge. I've tried fixing it and nothing will make everything smaller again. I can't play games because of this either. I've tried unplugging and replugging and going to control panel to see screen 1 and screen 2 but nothing i try is working. Any help? Because if now i'll be stuck like this for a long time since i don't have the cash to fork out to buy anything new for this stupid thing.

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Printing From Laptop Not Connected To Printer But Through Other Computer

How to print from a laptop that is not connected to a printer, but another computer is connected to it? I have a windows xp laptop that is not connected to my printer, but i have a desktop computer(windows 7) that is connected to the printer. The laptop is connected to my wireless network. The printer is not a wireless printer. How do i get my laptop to print?

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Laptop Won't Go On Internet Even Though It Is Connected

My laptop won't let me go on the internet even though it says that i am a connected to the internet? I have a windows pc. It's hp. When i try to go on the internet it says "google is not set up to establish a connection on port world wide web service with thus computer". Please help! It's wireless but i'm fully connected.

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How Can I Check If Lcd Is Properly Connected Inside Laptop ?

Recently, whenever i start up my laptop, the screen has been occasionally been black. Sometimes, i've been able to fix it by adjusting the screen (moving it back / forth) but today, i can't seem to fix it at all. I would contact dell, but my warranty has expired, and all of their online solutions tell me to go into diagnostics mode. Which requires the screen. -_- my guess is that something inside just got unplugged, as my screen hasn't been darker or anything, it's just occasionally died on me, so i don't think it burnt out. Simply put, how can i check if my lcd is properly connected inside my laptop, and if it isn't, how can i fix it?

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Monitor Connected To Laptop In Extended Desktop Mode Not Working

Why wont halo combat evolved run through an alternate monitor connected to my laptop in extended desktop mode? I have it all set up with my new 20" monitor connected to my laptop, using the extended desktop feature. The are connected through the normal blue monitor cable, and i have a 512mb ati radeon graphics card. I can run every other game i have, including cod 4, 6, crysis, halo 2 etc on the monitor, perfect, but i start halo combat evolved and it just has a black box in the middle of my screen?

I can run it on my laptop without my monitor plugged in. And i have fiddled around with the resolution because i feared halo might not support what ever resolution i have now (1600x something - forgot lol), but ive tried everything and i cantt gett it to work.

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Print From Laptop To Printer Connected To Computer With Usb Cable

How do i print from my laptop to a printer that's connected to a regular computer with a usb cable? I have a laptop in my room and we have a printer in another room. The printer is connected to a regular desktop computer via usb cable. How can i print from my laptop?

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External Blu-ray Usb Drive On Laptop Connected To Hdtv

At the moment i use my wifes laptop (core2duo 1. 8ghz with 2gb of ddr2) as a media centre for dvd/avi/x264 playback. Its connected to my 40" lcd tv via a vga cable. The laptop uses onboard intel graphics and it handles hi-def x264 files with ease. So i was wondering if an external blu-ray drive would run well on it?

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Optical Out Volume Control

I just installed an ht omega striker sound card and have it attached optical out to my home theater system. Windows volume no longer affects the volume level of my sound system. If i turn it all the way up or down, the level is the same. Have i forfeited my ability to control volume with the mce remote, or am i missing something simple? I've looked elsewhere for an answer to this, but have had no luck.

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Chkdsk Volume Is Dirty

Since last night (because of improper shut down), everytime i get onto the computer it runs the chkdsk. While it does it says. "Checking file system on c: the type of the file system is ntfs the volume is dirty". It also says a bunch of other things but most of which disappears before i can read it. Once i am on i get an error message stating. "The file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility". Ok, so i click onto start and then onto run and type in chkdsk c: /f to run chkdsk and fix any system errors. It runs. I get a prompt that says something about the disk being locked and asks if i want to run the chkdsk the next time i restart.

I say yes and restart my pc. Again the pc runs the chkdsk and again it says. "Checking file system on c: the type of the file system is ntfs the volume is dirty". And once i am on i still get the same error message. "The file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility". I also ran chkdsk c: /r which took longer as it was a 5 step process. It did not help either. I ran adaware, disk clean-up, defrag. Nothing helps. I search the help section and found an article regarding detecting and repairing disk errors. It told me to open my computer, click properties, under error checking click check now. Then select scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. I did all this, went through the whole process and it did not help either.

I do not know what else to do. I have googled for info and followed as much as i could. The only thing i have read about and did not try is the recovery thing. I don't know how to and do not feel safe fiddling without some sort of guidance. Can you help? If you can, please remember to talk in itty bitty steps as i am like a kindergartner when it comes to this. All of the items i did up until this point were tips that i found on the microsoft website and other sites.

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Volume Bitmap Errors

My disk is showing up volume bitmap errors when i run chkdsk. It says to fix these errors run chkdsk /f which i do. It then runs the scan upon startup etc. However it does not fix the problem. I have already tried doing a windows format to try and correct the problem. However, this did not work. The drive was previously ext3 so perhaps it needs a low level format (writing 0's) to fix this. What is this volume bitmap for and can i fix it without a low level?

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Dynamic Volume Creation

Ok. I'll try to be as clear as possible with this one. Dell optiplex 740 (athlon xp 5600+, 80gb c: drive, 2x 40gb (to be raid 0), dvd burner) would anyone know how to make my desktop computer think it's a desktop (not a laptop) and allow me to setup dynamic disks?

The os is installed using a corporate windows xp image, not the corporate xp cd. I am trying to setup an office file share to speed up the deployment of our xp image to new pc's in the office (our primary server for this is offsite and rather slow copying the 4gb image each time). I setup the new computer, and attempted to setup the 2x 40gbs into a dynamic raid 0 set. Our image seems to have been mastered on a laptop, since there is no option to convert a drive to dynamic. I have ruled out hardware, as i swapped the c: drive and installed windows via a regular dell xp disc. I converted the drives to dynamic with no issue. I swapped the c: back to our image xp, and now the only option given is to convert the disks back to basic disks. I cannot allow a regular xp computer on our network for security reasons, as the image contains security patches and anti virus, otherwise i would just do that. The optiplex 740 does not have hardware raid, and buying a card is not an option for our office.

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Backlit Keyboard With Volume Knob

I really need a backlit keyboard and yet i also want an integrated volume knob. I am sick of pushing buttons for controlling volume. I need a knob! I've been looking at a lot of backlit keyboards but i can't find one with a volume knob. The saitek ones all have a knob, but that's only for controlling the leds! Any ideas guys? The logisys kb208bk seems to have a volume knob but all the reviews on newegg give it 1/5 eggs! It seems there are no xp drivers? What the heck? Would nt drivers work?

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Volume Shadow Copy Error

When i try to make a system restore my computer says:

"The volume shadow copy service used by system restore is not working"
And error number 0x81000202

How do i fix this?

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Low Volume When Hooked To Two Computers

I have a pc and a brand new mac mini (oct 2009 model). The speakers i am using are logitech z-2300 2. 1. My setup is as follows:

I have 3. 5mm male-to-male cables going from both the pc soundcard and the mac mini audio-out to a y cable with two 3. 5mm female ends and one 3. 5mm male end. The 3. 5mm male end goes to a 3. 5mm female/female connector. The other end of this connector has the 3. 5mm male jack from my speakers hooked to it. With this setup and my old mac mini it allowed me to have audio from both my pc and mac go to one set of 2. 1 speaker system. I could play audio from both sources and the volume was normal. It worked great. However, with this new mac whenever the 3. 5mm jack is hooked into the mac, the audio coming from my pc is extremely low volume. As soon as i unplug the 3. 5mm cable from the mac, the audio coming from my pc returns to a normal volume level. I have no idea why this changed when the only different element in the setup was the new mac mini. How should i go about solving this problem? Should i be using a different setup? Is there a way to boost the volume? I'm pretty clueless about audio, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Spdif Optical - No More Fixed Volume ?

I use spdif optical out from my x-fi titanium into an external dac. In the past, the volume has always been fixed (meaning that adjusting the software volume in windows does nothing). I use the volume control on my headphone amp. I just noticed that now the windows 7 software volume control is no longer fixed. It is adjusting my volume! What is going on here? I thought spdif optical out was always fixed volume. I don't want software messing with my signal. Yeah yeah, i can leave it at 100%, but some apps adjust the volume (like online flash movies, etc. ). Anyone know whats up?

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Volume Bitmap Error (mft)

Just yesterday i had a powercut where i live but the ups system took over and did a force shutdown. Unfortunately i think the force shutdown damaged my c: and i keep getting a reoccurring volume bitmap error. I have read up about this but i can't seem to fix it. My harddrive is a 160gb seagate. I did reformat c: and reinstalled windows today but to no avail, the error still occurs. I have run chkdsk at startup to repair the problem, but when windows loads and i run a chkdsk scan on c: in read-only mode the error keeps on coming up. It did say it had something to do with the mft, how would i fix this?

I have partition magic 8. 0 and that isnt reporting any problems with any of the partitions. This problem needs to be fixed because after sometime the pc randomly becomes unstable and i cannot access its resources or anything without hard resetting it.

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Striped Volume Goes Offline After Reboot

I am trying to configure a stripped volume using windows vista. The hardware is configured as jbod, and disk array driver is configured as all pass-thru. All of my available disks are visible in vista’s disk management tool. I created a stripped volume using all the disks. The performance is phenomenal. My read performance can reach up to 600mb/s. However, there is one problem. The stripped volume goes offline every time i reboot the system. Then i have to reconfigure everything and do a quick format etc. Any suggestions? Is this a driver issue or a os issue?

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Hp Pavilion Elite Volume Problem

I've bought a hp pavilion elite desktop package 2 days ago. One thing i noticed is that when ever i use the multimedia keys on my keyboard the volume display will not show up. Also, all my drivers are up to date. So, what might be the problem? Is there any software involved to make the volume display show up?

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