Switch Between Two Monitors

I have a 9600 pro, one lcd monitor utilizing the dvi jack and a tv that has a dsub input on it. Both are working fine but i am trying to set them up where i can switch between the two without having to unplug one, reset the configuration and plug the other in. They both work in dual screen mode however when i use the tv for online racing (which is the only time i use the tv as a monitor) the game has crashed three times and ccc pops up. Once i unplug the lcd monitor and use the tv by itself there are no problems. There has got to be a way to turn on off and turn the other on. I can disable the secondary but not the primary. I have probably made this as clear as mud.

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Dual Monitors And Kvm Switch

I have an ati 9800xt vid card and would like to start to use a dual monitor setup. I would like to set up my system to use my 19" lcd as my main monitor and my 19" crt as my secondary. Here is my question, is it possible to plug the secondary (19" crt) monitor up to a kvm switch to control another computer?

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Domain To Switch, Then Switch To Router

I want to install a domain controller with hdcp server in a small environment and i have 2 router. Here is the situation, currently my network consist of workstations connect through a switch and switch connect to a router which have hdcp, and the router to the cable modem. So when i set up window 2003 server r2 domain controller with hdcp, i have to disable the router hdcp and make it as a switch. The question is when doing that do i have to connect the cable modem straight through the window server and from server to the switch, or i can assign the wan ip and connect the the the server to switch and modem to switch too?

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Cd Rom Switch Possible ?

Got a new program for my b-day today but its a "pc-dvd" and my cd drive (on my dell) is just a cd-r/rw drive. But my brother has a dvd drive in his compact and i was wundering if i could switch them and both of the work in the opposite computer. Both of the drives are the ones that came with the computers from the factory, and there both fairly new computers(1 or 2 years old). And also if it is possible, is it an easy enuff task to switch them myself? Just take the housing off and unplug and un screw them then switch em, right?

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Psu Switch

I recently ripped apart my old computer, and built a new one. The old psu is still good, and i want to run it to charge some batteries i have right now. My question is, is although the psu has a switch on the back, where and what does it need to turn on? The case switch can turn it on, and the os can turn it off, but how?

Is there a circuit that should be completed or something?

Also, this psu will be a good tester for other things in the house.

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Switch Hdd

Is there a limit to how many hdd's you can have connected to your motherboard at anyone time. Limited by the master/slave connection? And if so. Wouldn't it be cool if you could have like 5 hdd's inside your pc pre-connected but not operating. And if you needed to switch. Rather than having to open the case up and *** about disconnecting. Would be good if you could just flick a switch to change over. Does this already exist. (I take it this couldn't be done when the computer is running)

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Ps/2 And Usb Kvm Switch

Ive been asked to install a kvm switch for a colleague. He needs normal ps/2 connections on all but one of the devices he wishes to connect. The other device only supplies an usb connection for its peripherals. I just want to use a ps/2 to usb adapter. My hardware supplier says this might be problematic and that i should rather use a special usb kvm switch. This is a bit more expensive and i feel that my supplier is having me on. Would there be an issue in using an adapter instead of a specialized kvm switch?

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Joystick Suddenly Switch Off

I have a strange "problem" with my thrustmaster topgun afterburner 2 joystick. The problem is when i for an example play h. A. W. X. It suddenly switches off the assistance mode, or fires the missiles by itself. It even switches targets randomly. I have tried everything so far, from updating the mobo drivers and directx. Don't ask me why it started to behave like this, it just started one day. I haven't tested it with dcx9 yet (no fly zone mission) or any other game. However, it responds normaly (no jerky motions or similar).

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4 Port Kvm Switch

Ok since we started a computer repair shop. Looking to get a kvm switch. I used to have one long ago but now there are so many new ones with hotkeys to switch. What is a good one that doesnt cost an arm and leg. Any good deals? Anyone have one they aint using?

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Switch Between Headphone And Speakers

Is there a way to switch between the headphone and computer speakers without having to plug/unplug the headphone every time? Basically, i want to be able to leave the headphone plugged in and to switch back to speakers without having to unplug it.

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Network Overhaul, Switch

So 100mbit networks just not cutting it anymore. My rag tag fleet of equipment is just not meeting my needs or the needs of my family and work. Main reason, i need to transfer 4+ gb of data daily to my fileserver. Second reason, i want a pxe server so i don't keep losing my linux and windows cd's and having to reburn them. Third reason, expanding my homebrew pvr from single system to a back end with front end systems. Fourth reason: aging equipment ranging from 99-2006

I need to upgrade my network to gigabit. My network will consist of:

A dedicated dhcp server using pfsense
The server will contain:
2x 100mbit nics
2x 1 gbit nics

The layout:

#1 100 mbit = wan
#2 100 mbit = dmz *voip, sorenson vp200, #3 1 gbit = lan to file/web/ftp/mail/dns/pxe sever
#4 1 gbit = lan to an 8 port gigabit switch
#5 pci slot available

8 port gbit switch *8 port central*
1# used as uplink
2# = old router to use wireless broadcast, dhcp disabled. 3# = 5 port gbit switch in the office. 4# = 5 port gbit switch in the bedroom *leisure room*
5# = workstation in the living room
6# = computer in my sister's room. 7# = spare *usually for servicing client machines
8# = spare

The two 5 port switches will be gigabit but unmanaged layer 2. Some of the computers will be upgraded or already have gigabit capability. My main question is should i get a managed switch or unmanaged switch for 8 port central? Give me some insight on managed vs unmanaged?

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Difference Between A Router And A Switch

What's the difference between a router and a switch?

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Switch Processors Between Two Hp Computers

Can you switch processors with two hp computers? My old computer is an hp pavilion a1410y. It runs xp. I currently use hp pavilion slimline s5210t (kind of regretting' it), with windows 7. The slimline has a 2. 4ghz processor, and my old one has a 3. 2 ghz processor. I really want to play cod: mw2, but the slimline is not going to be able to do that without a new processor or video card. I don't really want to buy a whole new computer since this is only a half a year old or so, but maybe thats what i'll have to do for the games i play. But would it be possible to switch these two processors around? I wouldn't do it myself.

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Switch Speaker Sides

So i just setup my new computer desk. Unfortunately due to it's design and the length of my speaker cables i had to put the "left" speaker on the right and the "right" speaker on the left. This is annoying when playing video games since all the audio clues are reversed now (ie something sneaking up on you). I couldn't find anywhere in my control panel to reverse the speaker output so i'm hoping one of you can help! I just need a quick simple fix.

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Hp Dv6810us Switch Off Repeatedly

I switched on the laptop and as i switched it on, it just switch off back and it keep doing the same thing. Why is this happening? Any experts? I took out the cmos battery and the battery pack from the laptop then i held the power knob for about 20 secs and the laptop came on back as normal.

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2 Computers Connection Using Switch

So i bought a switch, since i have 2 computers in my house. I am unable to set it up. All cables are connected as they should be and they aren't broken. On desktop computer and laptop the ip address and all other settings are same (except the ip address since as far as i know, they need to be different at last 3 numbers). I am unable to connect both computers, the laptop will not connect. Can i get any instructions, did i need to check my settings somewhere?

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Hp Photosmart C4100 - Please Switch Off And On Again

I have this and every time i try and switch it on, i get the message 'please switch off and on again' on the little display screen and the exclamation mark next to it is flashing. I tried to switch it off but it just turns itself on again straight away and i get the same message. I also tried unplugging it and removing the usb etc but it just stays the same, has anyone got any ideas of how to fix this?

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2 Routers And A Workgroup Switch

Im having some difficulties with my network setup. Right now the way my system is setup is downstairs i have a belkin something or other as my main router that connects to the broadband internet modem, then a long ethernet cable that reaches to my bedroom that connects to a linksys 5-port workgroup switch. That connects to my 2 computers my 360 and has 2 free ports. I recently bought a linksys wrt54gs wireless router and put it in place of the belkin but the signal strength wasn't as strong as i would like it coming to my room. So i put the belkin back and now i want to put the linksys in my room connected to the workgroup switch. I've been trying to disable the dhcp and that works fine but the second step that im told has to be done where i change the ip address of the linksys to match that of the belkins range(192. 168. 2. Xx) never works properly. I lose connection to the linksys and the only way to get it back is to hard reboot which resets the dhcp and the ip.

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Router / Switch Configuration

I am using a 4 port (linksys wrt54g2) router, and i need to add more ports. I'm considering purchasing a 5 port switch (d-link des-1105). I'll have the switch plugged into the router, and the router plugged into the cable modem. This leaves me with the following:

3 open ports on the linksys router
4 open ports on the d-link switch

I'm wondering how i should connect my devices. I have the following:

3 computers (wired, not wireless)
3 voip phones (wired, not wireless)

Does it make a difference which devices i plug into the switch and router? Will i have less bandwidth on the devices connected to the switch, compared to those connected directly to the router?

*As a side note: according to the instructions, my voip phones need to plugged into a router. They will not work, for example, if plugged directly into the cable modem. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but i thought i'd mention it.

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Usb Switch Device Between Mac And Pc

I have a pc and a mac. I am getting a dell 20 inch monitor (can't wait) which has suport for 2 inputs. I am using this awful kvm switcher which isn't fully compatable with my mac. I want to find some usb device that can switch back and forth between the mac and the pc, but is seperate from the monitor because i don't need a switcher for that anymore. Any ideas or sugestions?

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Kvm Switch For Keyboard And Mouse

If i use a kvm switch for my two computers to save some desk space instead of having 2 keyboards and two mice would the kvm introduce any input lag into the systems?

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Triplehead2go And Kvm Switch Problem

I have a triplehead2go (digital dvi version) and a avocent switchview (dvi) kvm device. The triplehead2go works great by itself, i was using the resolution 3840x1024 (1280x1024 across 3 monitors) with it. As soon as i tried to install it with the mentioned kvm switch, the highest resolution i could get with it was 800x600 on each monitor. Any resolution higher then that would cause 2 of the 3 screens to corrupt (the screens had color, but it looked like a single line of color stretched across the entire screen). Any ideas? I tried enabling and disabling sli, newest drivers for both the 8800gtx and the triplehead2go. Rebooting, everything still shows the same error. I think the kvm switch is the problem, just hoping i'm missing something.

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Computer Dies When I Switch It On First Time

Every time i switch my computer on with the big button on the front of the tower, you hear the discs start up for a second or so, but then it dies. The little green light on the front stays on. If i press the big button to try to start her up again, nothing happens. I also get nothing if i press the little button that can usually be used to reboot the thing. If i switch it off and on at the back and then press the big button again, everything starts ok. It's been like this for about a week. What exactly is the problem and how do i fix it?

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Cisco Router W/ Catalyst Switch

I've been assigned a homework assignment for one of my college classes, and i'm in need of a bit of help. The assignment is as follows:

"Give a short, but complete description of a cisco router (1800 to 7200) and how it works with a cisco catalyst switch (2950 to 6500) to create a lan which optimizes the network traffic by isolating computers with the same ethernet and/or ip address. "

I've google'd far and wide for a clear cut answer to this, but so far i've just managed to mostly confuse myself. I must note that i'm very inexperienced with networking and have practically no experience with routers or switches. I'm not asking you to do this homework assignment for me, but rather to just point me in the right direction if you can. The routers and switches have many features and functions, and i'm just having a hard time associating these with one another in order to answer this specific question.

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Using Belkin Kvm Switch With Windows 98

I'd like to share keyboard, monitor and mouse between my apple mac mini and an old pc in which there are two different oss: windows 98 se and ubuntu linux. I had a look on the web and found the belkin kvm switch for mac mini. It should be exactly what i need, but looking at its technical data i noticed it's suitable for mac os x 10. 3 and later (ok for me) and windows 2000 or xp and no need of extra software. Wondering if it could work with windows 98 se, as well, i contacted a misco technician in italy (they sell such switch) who told me there should be a mistake in the technical data and it should work even with windows 98 se. But now i'm a little doubtful and would be grateful to you if you let me know what you think about that (am i supposed to buy it?).

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Switch Between Speakers And Earphones Issue

Ok, i got tired of reaching behind my computer every time i wanted to switch between my speakers and earphones, so i put my comp onto my workspace, and hooked up the front audio ports on my case to my motherboard.connected all the pins where they should be connected, according to my motherboard manual, double checked, everything was supposedly correct. Turn on my pc, and try the port. All i hear is that static you hear when you turn your speakers up to high and move the mouse around. My question is, will the audio posts on my motherboard work if im not using the onboard sound, but a dedicated sound card?

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Where To Buy Power Switch For Hd Enclosure ?

I need to replace the power switch on my external usb hd's enclosure; is there a good place to buy components like that on the net? (I tried newegg but they don't seem to stock such small items. )

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Switch Graphics Quality On Hp Laptop

How do i switch the graphics quality on my hp laptop? When i bought my laptop, i upgraded the graphics card so that i could change the quality. The purpose is to save battery when i'm only doing normal stuff, but still be able to play games if the mood strikes. How do i switch from normal quality to the better quality?

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Separate Switch For Modem / Router

I recently got hooked up with verizon fios and the modem they gave me has a built in wireless router and 10/100mbps switch. The router is actually pretty nice and has a good feature set so i'm willing to use it, but the wired switch is only 10/100mbps. I tend to transfer large files between the computers on the network and i've grown accustomed to having a router with a gigabit switch, this bandwidth drop is really cramping my style. Is it feasible to set up a separate gigabit switch to connect computers and still have them connected to the router for internet?

All of the computers have dual gigabit ethernet nics so i know it's probably possible i just don't know how it would work in practice. I can imagine that the computer might have a hard time trying to figure out which network adapter to use for sending a file versus which to use for connecting to the internet. If anyone has done this before please let me know how it worked for you.

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Hp Pavilion Zt3000 Wont Switch On

My hp pavilion zt3000 wont switch on. Answer:-
1. Please unplug your printer and than plug in and than check. 2. Check another power cable. 3. Battery may be dead replace it.

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