Random Pixel Lines When Play Trickster Game

Theres random "pixel lines" messed up all over the place in this game i play. Trickster online. In the mini map. On the background. On the sprites. If a sprite covers a spot where the pixels are messed up, the sprites pixels arnet messed up there. The sprites have their own spots of messed up pixel lines. If that makes sense. I haven't had any problems till today. I was playing fine for 4hrs then bam, graphics problems.

Compaq presario sr5601p
Nvidia geforce 6150 se graphics

Just bought it last monday. T_t any suggestions?

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9.12 Driver Causes Bad Pixel Lines

So i installed 9. 12 drivers on my 5750 and got these strange multi colored lines across the higher portion of my screen and several sets of blue pixels that look sorta like || just randomly shambled along the bottom portion of the screen. When i uninstall the 9. 12 driver and use the default pnp display style the lines go away. I installed the hotfix hoping that it would, fix this issue, alas it did not. Also when i start the computer, the pixelation is not there until it actually boots into windows (not during post). So it's not a cable issue. It is only visible when the drivers actually start. I un/reinstalled the drivers 6 times re-downloading the package three of those times to ensure it wasn't a corrupt download or install. (Tried installing 9. 11 as well same thing)

Does anyone else have this strange issue when using a 5700 card on win 7? Any strange horizontal lines that are multicolored (also only one pixel tall) or multiple blue || marks scattered along the bottom?

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Single Pixel Lines In Dell Inspiron Screen

As a bit of backstory, i've never worked hands-on with a laptop before. Somehow, i ended up with one as my primary computer. Please save the 'lolz get a real computer' comments until after you've given your expert opinions. Recently, some vertical lines have appeared in the screen. It has not been bumped, jostled, thrown, or dampened. It's a very spoilt little machine. I don't have a spare monitor to test for a screen problem, but i might be able to jack a friend's when he gets back from vacation. As far as i can tell from previous experience, i think the video card may be going. To be honest, i'd be much happier if that were the case, since i imagine screens are much more costly. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Does anyone have any idea what's up?

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Random Bsod And Red Lines In Mass Effect 2 - 8800gt

Ok so i have had this 8800gt for a while now and had to send it in once to xfx before for random bsods. The problem wasnt as bad when it got back but it was still kinda there. I would get bsods very randomly and sometimes not for weeks. So i just recently got mass effect 2 and loaded it up and played it and it worked fine for a little while (i had a extra stick of ram in there i stole from my wifes comp, but it was causing a lot of bsods so i took it out since i think its bad) and then out of the blue it showed a bunch of red lines on the screen and then the computer shuts off the video and needs to be restarted. So i was wondering if this is a temp issue or what. So i got furmark and have been running it on the extreme gpu burn in or whatever mode its called. My max temps in it are 65 and i havent seen anything higher than that. I have ran memtest for my memory all day before and it never has a problem. Here are my full specs:

Intel e6550
Xfx 8800gt alpha dog
2gb ocz gold ddr2 800
Intel dg33bu motherboard
Antec earthwatts 500w

So i guess my question is, should i just send my card in to xfx for them to take a look at it? My card has a arctic cooler on it with the fans and some custom ram sinks my friend sent me. Here is the link to the ram sinks here not sure how good they are but he owns the site so i will take his word they are good.

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Hp Psc 1510 Scans Adds Random Colored Lines Across

While my hp psc 1510 all in one printer scans it adds random color lines, across the whole place it scans? Well basically the title says it all, but when i hit the scan button it will scan but a lot of straight lines in different colors (when scanning in black & white and in color) when in color just weird color lines, when in black and white just black lines, so i am wondering if there is a way to fix this? Or is the scanner part just broken?

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Random Reboot During A Game

Random reboot after playing a game for about 1-2 minutes (in case you were wondering, the games were cs:source and the matrix online). Here is when this started. I've mentioned before, but i have one stick of kingston 512 pc3200 and another stick of mushkin 512 pc2100. I understand that the pc2100 slows my pc3200 down, so i decided to take it out and allow the pc3200 to run at its full potential. During the boot-up process, i decided to pay a visit to my bios. My fastwrite option was enabled, so i disabled it. Saved the changes and rebooted the computer. This is when the random reboots began to occur. Nothing would happen unless i was playing a game. So i put the stick of ram back in there, enabled the fastwrite option again, and now its back to normal. However, the games are a lot choppier than they were before. Specs:

Amd athlonxp 3200+
Asus a7n8x-e deluxe nvidia nforce2 chipset (bios may be outdated)
Ram = see above
Ati radeon 9800 pro (256mb)

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Pc Freezes When Play Ut2004 Game

I did a clean install of xp32, installed and updated all the drivers fine, avoided installing the swe ide driver for the nvidia chipset, and the comp is running smooth. Whenever the pc reaches 100% cpu usage, it takes a while to drop down, and the pc gets super laggy. The main problem happens when i try to play ut2004, w/ all the settings cranked up. The main menu loads fine, but after about 30 seconds, everything gets laggy. The mouse even lags like ***. If i don't exit out, the pc freezes. I remember when i first upgraded my comp to this setup, i played ut all the way cranked up just fine. Also hl2 all the way. I don't know what happened since then that caused this problem. I defragged my hdd, ran antivirus. I tried testing both sticks of my 512 ram, that's not the problem. I tried switching around the psu cables so there's nothing else attached to the wires that's attached to my gfx cables. I tried using forceware coolbits2 to make the 2d and 3d clockspeeds the same. The only thing i didn't try yet was changing my psu. My 400w antec is 20 pin, but my mobo takes 24 pin. But i plugged in the 4pin ez-plug on my mobo, which is what users of 20pin psu have to do.

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Play Windows 95 Game On Vista

It there any way i can get my theme park game for windows 95 working on my laptop that is windows vista? I love this game, and want to play on it again but when i click on the file to start the game it says this system does not support full screen mode. Is there anything i can do?

Answer:- a lot of programs from 95/98 won't work, even with compatibility for the relevant os enabled. In those cases pretty much the only answer is to use a program called dosbox, dos box emulates a dos environment, its a free open source program. It's guaranteed to work for any game or program that will no longer work on nt based windows and above:

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Random Beeps When Installing A Demo Game

The random beeps i get usually happens when im either installing a demo game or downloading a demo game or bruning a dvd (happened a lot last night), i dont think i hear beeping when im actually playing a game (maybe once or twice). I check the award bios beep codes but nothing matches what i hear. It's usally 1 beep. Then after 5 minutes (varies) 1 beep then another beep then another beep then it stops. Sometimes it doesnt beep at all untill the next day. Btw i think my comp knowledge is about medium. I have also pulled and replugged my video card and ram to no avail. Also 1 thing that i have noticed is that when i go to the bios set up my keyboard stops working after 1 minute, but if i use the old keyboard ( one of those factoy ones it works no problem. Not sure if this has nething to do w/ my problem. Im just throwing everything out there _ btw microsoft ergonomic driver hasnt been installed yet ).

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Online Game Freezing, Random Restarts

I started getting this weird freezing problem while playing cs: source. It started as just a small little freeze here and there which at first i figured might be lag, but soon got worse. It ended up leading to random restarts at anytime (although these have been rare, but they have happened at least 5 times) and sometimes my screen will just go black for about a second or two and then reappear. The freezin stuff only happens in games, or at least source since that's all i've played recently. The random black screen only happens if i'm not playing (at desktop, internet, etc. ) And now this new thing has started happening where source will just crash completely and end. Like it'll stop for about a second and i'll here that little noise that goes bum like a soft beep and it'll take me to the desktop. About a week ago when it was starting to get severe i did a system restore to a time way before this and then it started happening again eventually after like a day. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, gotten new drivers, done everything you can with drivers and that hasn't done anything. My temps might have a small part in the restarts i think since sometimes the temps get a little high since it has been hot lately around my area. Also, i can't figure out how to use memtest. I downloaded it and extracted it, so now it's in a folder called boot with another file inside of it titled boot as well, but i still have no idea how to use memtest so can someone help me with that as well?

And i did prime95 and got no erros on tests that didn't require any memory or only a little and then i ran tests that used a lot and i got hardware erros in like 5 seconds. So at this point i'm thinking the whole main thing could be the ram especially if i could figure out memtest and part of it could be recent high temps (not hsf issue though since when i turn on the ac in my house temps goes down) at least for the rare restart issue.

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Computer Shuts Down When I Play Online Game

I have a problem that i dont know the source. I am running windows xp pro, athlon xp 2400, 512mb ram, and plenty of space on harddrive. When i play this online game, ( Au), my comp always shuts down in the middle of the game. However, if i do normal surfing or play single-player game, watch movies, on my comp, it's fine. Does anyone know what might be the problem? I am suspecting that my motherboard could be the source of the problem, but not sure!

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3d Graphics Errors After Hours Of Game Play

Errors happens on both cards, even with new drivers. When playing games it's fine at the start. But as time goes on it gets bad and gets worse. High-res images attached. Fx1.jpg

I'm thinking it's a temp issue, but speedfan 4. 15 is reading 35c, 38c, and 34c. This just started happening over the last month or so, no problem for the first 6 months it was running.

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Monitor Black Out When Start To Play Game

Why does my hp 19" w1907 widescreen lcd monitor blacks out whenever i start to play a pc game? -Any pc game for that matter (from red alert to first person shooting game to nba2k10). And whenever it gets in that situation, i turn the monitor on and off repeatedly until it runs normally again. I'm not sure if this is because of a virus because i've got a microsoft security essentials as my anti-virus. Please help me fix this problem.

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Can't Play Game ( Morrowind ) - System Freeze

I still cant play the game and is driving me nuts a friend told me that morrowind depends more on the chip i had a celeron 2. 0 ghz. So i got a new chip a 3. 0 ghz and still cant play it i dont think is the videocard. The videocard has 256mbs is an fx 5600 the recomendedwas a geforce 4 or something that had 64 mb on the videocard so i made a new reinstallation i erase everything completely and i did a new instalation and when i play the game it freezes sometimes too much it occurs quite frequently. The machine has everything drivers update and everything windows updates everything i can play other games like call of duty medal honor perfectly and they need more than morrowind and i got the year edition becasue it had all the expansions bloodmoon has the latest patch and i still get problems. The recommended requirements for the game are:

800 mhz
256 of ram
64mb videocard

Computer specifications:

Motherboard: asus p4p800 normal one is not the deluxe
Chip: 3. 0 ghz northwood chip fsb of 800
Ram: 2 sticks of 256 is dual ram kingston i think
Audiocard:audigy2 zs
Videocard: geforce fx 5600 normal is not the ultra
Hard drives: 2 hard drives of 40 gb nothing on them i made a brand new instalation

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Nwn / Driver Issues - Stuttery Game Play

I've been messing with this one for a while. Some times when i play neverwinter nights i get stuttering game play. As if my graphics card is running at 10 fps. Some times it's perfectly fine, as if there's no problems. This is the only game it does this in. Updated the driver once when the problem started happening with the last update of nwn to the newest whql from the nv web site. My gut instinct says it's the game's last update that did it. Any suggestions? The void may know more about this one.system specs:
Core 2 duo 2. 66 ghz
2 gigs of ddr 2 pc800 ram
Intel mobo p35dp media series with p35/ich9r chipsets
7900 gt with 256 megs of ram

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Screen Keeps Flashing When Watch Movie Or Play Game

While trying to watch a movie or play a game at night my screen keeps flashing it seems to only happen when the aircon is on it is kinda hard to click on anything when the screen recovers as once i click on an icon its starts the flashing again the memory and other devices have been checked and fine but the last thing is the graphics card. I have a nvidia fx5200 128mb old i know and before i attempt to change it i would like to know if anyone else has come across the same issue in my past computer i had a nvida fx5500 that also given me problems but in a different manner. So again i am looking to hear if this has happen to anyone else and if they know of a fix because if it turns out to be the card that has had problems i have another 14 computers to sort out.

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Mouse And Keyboard Cut Out At Random Times When Play Games

This just started recently, but when i play warcraft 3 on my computer, my mouse and keyboard cut out at random times for 2-3 seconds and my master volume turns up and down randomly as well. It's really *bleep*ing annoying and i really wish i could find some way to fix it without having to reinstall the game (can't find my cd keys). I've already updated my drivers, restarted multiple times, turned the computer off and walked away for a couple days and nothing.

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Unable To Play Max Payne Game - System Hangs

No accelerator card, although the graphics card is sis (inbuilt) and so is the sound card. I used to play max payne earlier and have completed both the parts, but, now whenever i try starting it or any other game for that matter, my systems hangs, it is not able to run any games. Actually, i had left my system in my flat for sometime and when i took it back, i discovered that the ram was broken and the socket was also a bit faulty, due to which (once i changed the ram), whenever i used boot. I would not get the post beep and when i would re-start my pc, then i would get it, (sometimes it used to happen that i would have to re-boot my system 2-3 times to hear the post beep!). Sometimes it also happens that, on switching on my system the post beep would come, but there would be no display on the screen. I know the game can run without a 3d acclelerator specifications:

Amd athlon 1700+
Mercury kob 740fx motherboard
120 gb samsung hdd (80+40)
Sony floppy drive
Sony combo drive 52x/32x/52x/16x
512mb ram

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Total Loss Of Control - Computer Freezes When Play Game

I just recieved a new computer and it seems to do normal things like desktop work or internet browsing fine, but if i try to play a game, it locks up. I do not over clock anything. When it does this, there is a total loss of control, the sound goes into a loop, and the only thing i can do is a hard shutdown. It did this with everquest2 within the first 10 to 15 mins. I lowered all the graphics way down, and it then happened while zoning my character in. The computer came with age of empires 3, so i tried that. It lets me play for maybe 20 minutes and then would do it. Now, it will not even get past the intro movie. I installed the drivers for an amd dual core processor on a 32 bit windows system from amd and this did not help. I reduced the power management settings to the minimal settings per amd's website. I did all the windows updates it would give me, i upgraded dot net to 2. 0. I upgraded directx to the newest version 9c. I ran the dxdiag and it didnt show any issues. I ran a memory test using the windows program and it did 2 passes with no errors. The video cards were set for crossfire mode when i recieved it. I have tried to install the most recent radeon driver for xp multimedia edition with no luck. Right now i have set it back to the driver that came with the cards, which says it is 8. 24. I tried one of the omega drivers too, and it had no effect (was 6. 7 i believe). I tried updating the sound driver because the sound was looping during the freeze, and that didnt help so i installed an audigy gamer card and disabled the onboard sound. This gave me the same result so i uninstalled it. I called the tech support and he said it sounded like a video or hard drive issue and wanted me to try one card at a time, moving them to different pci-e slots and seeing if it would happen then. I tried each card alone in each slot and age of empires would go for about 20 mins and then freeze. (One of the pci-e slots looks slightly warped, but even if i dont have a video card in there, it still freezes, and i was also able to play agoe of empires for 20 mins with a card in that slot) i have tried playing with the side cover off and a fan going as well to see if it was heat related. The cards seem to hover in the 45-51 specifications:

Gamer fire 1600 (from ibuypower)
450 watt power supply
Athlon 64 x2-3800+ [am2] oem
A cm aquagate mini 80 mm liquid cooler
System board is ecs ka3 mvp crossfire-3200
Video cards are [pci-e}sapphire x 1600xt 256mb
Western digital 250 gb js [8m sata-2]
Os is windows xp media ctr 2005
It has 2 [ddr2-800]corsair 512mb pc6400
Sony dw-120 dvdrw

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Dual Monitor - Watch A Movie And Play Game At Same Time

I was wondering if there was any way for me to be able to play a full screen game like counterstrike source, and watch a movie with an s-video plug on my tv at the same time. I tried it and when the game loads on my main monitor while the movie is running on my tv, the movie re-adjusts itself and doesn't fit onto the tv correctly (a part of the video is cut off). Am i doing something wrong, or is it not even possible to do this?

System specs are:

Athlon xp 3200+
1gb pc 3200 ram
Radeon 9800 pro video card.

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Video Card To Play Counter Strike Source Game

I have a 64mb radeon, and i'm thinking it is time to get a new one. I'm looking for one around a $100 or less. I like to play counter strike source and the fps is not to good with my current card. I'm also going to be getting pariah when it comes out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Play Gears Of War Game On Asus Eah4350 Silent

Can you play gears of war game on a asus eah4350 silent/di/1gd2 pci-e graphics card - 1gb?

However the asus hd4350 isn't that powerful. Even with the healthy 1gb of ddr3 memory its 800mhz memory clock and 64bit memory interface wont allow it to run this game at anything higher than 1024x768. It will run at 1280x1024 however it wont be playable and 1024x768 is a fully playable resolution

What i tend to do with demanding games like gears of war is tweak the detail and resolution settings, best thing to do is lower the resolution to 1024x768 and all detail settings to minimum/low then run the first chapter and check how playable the game is at those settings. If they are fine then slowly higher the detail and run again. You have several options open to you for example run at low resolution and higher detail or higher the resolution and stay with lower detail also run the frame rate utility "fraps"( ) which will allow you to monitor the frame rate at each settings

Bare in mind 25fps is a smooth and playable frame rate so use this as a reference rate, however 20fps can also be playable, it depends on the game.

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Video Card To Play Play Left 4 Dead

Hello there, i was wondering what is the best video card? Because i asked a question a while ago on how to play left 4 dead on a net-book. But the gay there said i need a powerful pc to play it. Ok. I have a video card problem. Because. I think it is weak because it cant even enable the 3d acceleration in plants vs zombies! I was wondering if it has something to do with my video card? Or something wasn't installed like direct-x? And i searched here how to know video card brand. But i followed all instructions and i didn't see one! Or maybe i didn't just notice it? I think it's intel because everything i see is intel. So here is what i wanted in my question:

What is the problem of my video card?

What is the best video card brand?

Can someone tell me all the video card products of intel? And which is the best of it?

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Bad Pixel On Lcd

On my new samsung widescreen monitor that i was so hyped about. I just noticed that there is a dead pixel on my screen towards the bottom. Since i just took it out of the box today i decided i should take use of the 3 year warranty. So i went online and i fished around to figure out how to do so. Samsungs policy is that on a 19 inch widescreen monitor you need to have 10 or more bad pixels to apply for a monitor replacement under the warranty. Im personally not happy with this, it sounds strange to say this but, is there a way to easily kill more pixels? (Or revive my one dead one, as far as i know that is not possible), according to google i have a "stuck" pixel and not a dead pixel (it shows up green, not black).

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Get Choppy Play Back When Play Dvd

I have a mini-itx based small form factor machine that i'd like to make into a multimedia box. The motherboard is ~1ghz with 1gb of ram. The machine can handle audio, and video files without a problem. Whenever i try to play hulu or dvds however i get choppy playback. (Youtube, even on hd, is fine however). If i get a decent pci video card (only 1 pci slot on the board), would that clear up the chop when i'm trying to play?

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Dell Integrated 1.3m Pixel Webcam

I'm thinking of buying a dell laptop (well, not really thinking as much as i'm going to, so please don't tell me that other brands are better :] ), and i'm trying to decide whether it is worth it or not to get the integrated webcam with it, or just to buy one that plugs into the usb port. Can anyone give me the rundown on the integrated camera? I can't seem to really find any information about it. Does it have a microphone, is it reliable, etc.

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Pci Video Card Supports Pixel Shader 2.0

I need a video card which supports pixel shader 2. 0. But my pc has only pci slots. Where can i find this kind of video cards?

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Upgrade Radeon 9000 Igp For Pixel Shader 2.0

I have a toshiba satellite p35-s6112 with an ati mobility radeon 9000 igp video card that does not render many screen-savers well (lots of 'chugging' motion) and does not support any video games or screen-savers which utilize pixel shader 2. 0. I'm not very hardware savvy, but is there anything i can do to upgrade this card (and if so, to what?) Or find a way to make ps 2. 0 run on this card?

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Video Card - Pixel Shader Vs Video Memory

My pick are these two video cards for my old computer for my basic needs(don't need to burn my expensive laptop). Asus radeon hd 3450 256 mb ah3450 8x agp low profile


512mb pny geforce 6200 vga/dvi/hdtv agp vcg62512aeb

>Both almost the same price(not buying from the links above)

>Gf6200: twice the video memory of the radeon hd 3450. Supports directx 9. 0, shader model 3. 0 and opengl 2. 0 support

>Radeon supports directx10. 1 and shader model 4. 1 enables stunning and complex special effects opengl2. 0 support

I might not use that that old crap to play games that needs directx10. 1(shader4. 1) but i might consider someday. Gf6200 has twice the video ram though. Any suggestions?

I will be playing games that only needs directx 9. 0c(shader3. 0), so i'm assuming direct10. 1(shader4. 1) will improve graphic qualities? But it has halve the video ram than the other.

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Black Lines While Gaming

I have an nvidia geforce 7800gt and an hp mx70 monitor. I just recently encountered this problem where when there's heavy action in the game, black lines kind of flash in and out while playing. Not really so much to cause me not to be able to see anything, but enough to be a nuisance. Also, occasionally my display will kind of flicker and lines will come across the screen when there isn't anything intense happening.

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