Unplug Cpu From Motherboard To Clean But Now Pc Wont Boot

I unsnapped my cpu from the motherboard to clean it then reconnected it but now it wont boot up? It power on the cd trays green light comes on but the blue light won't.

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Can I Clean My Cpu Fan ,as It Fill With Dust ?

Can i clean my cpu fan , as there is too much dust is fill in it? And if yes so how can i clean it without any harm.

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Motherboard Compatible Cpu

Is there a website i can go to, to check the compatible cpu's with a particular motherboard? Like an inter-active list. I've seen one of those at an amd forum, but that site was only for amd processors.

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Motherboard For Intel I3 Cpu

What motherboard would you suggest for an intel i3 cpu? I want to buy a new system for gaming mainly i will be pairing an i3 cpu with the gtx 460 (the 1gb/256 bit version) but am not sure on what motherboard to buy, any suggestions?

Price range is between 100$ - 150$, please note that i do not want a matx board since i want it to have more room if i decide in the future that i want to upgrade the network card or the sound card also it's ok if the board only has 1 pci-e 2. 0 slot.

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Hypertransport Frequency On Cpu And Motherboard

I have some confusion on my current set-up, i have a k9n neo-f mb hypertransport 1000 mhz and an amd athlon 64 5200+ x2 which has a 2000 mhz hypertransport frequency, does this mean that my cpu is been bottlenecked by the hypertransport of motherboard? Cause im planning to change my motherboard to an asus m4a78 which has a 2600 mhz hypertransport.

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Overclocking - Put Cpu To Different Motherboard

In my computer i cant overclock because my motherboard is an intel one. But my brother has the same socket as me and he can overclock cause he has a foxconn motherboard. So what i am trying to say is that can i put my cpu (socket 478 3. 0 ghz) in his motherboard and overclock it to lets say 3. 4 and put it back in mine. Will mine still be 3. 0 ghz or will it turn to 3. 4?

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Best Practices For Switching Cpu And Hsf To New Motherboard

Just wondering what the best procedures are for removing a hsf and cpu from a motherboard to be used in a different motherboard. Use alcohol to clean the base of the hsf? What about the cpu? Use alcohol there too?

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Hardware Compatability Memory, Motherboard, And Cpu

I've been browsing over intel's site and looking at their new 875p chipset, and it says it supports a processor with a 800/533fsb and ddr400/333 memory. My question is, can you use any combination you want as in a p4 800fsb and ddr333 (even if it's not optimal), or how about 533fsb and ddr400 memory? Whats the general rule on using mismatching meory and cpu fsb?

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Psu Died, Has It Fried The Motherboard Or Cpu ?

My corsair psu recently died and it is sent off for rma. In the mean time i have connected up a spare psu. I stripped the pc down to ram, gpu and cpu. Out of the case, onto cardboard to avoid shorts. With the old dead psu, on powering up the pc, no video output, no post beeps, cpu/gpu fans did not spin up. With the working psu - cpu & gpu fans spin up for a few seconds then die, spin up again, and die, etc etc. Cant turn it off from the front (need to switch off from psu). No beeps, no monitor signal. Took out the cpu - now if i connect the cpu fan, it spins up and keeps spinning. The led on the front of the pc comes on and stays on. I can turn the pc off from the front switch. Still no post beeps though. From this - is it certain the motherboard is dead? Or is it possible the cpu is also / instead of dead? I dont have another system to test them on. So i am going to have to buy either a new mobo or a new cpu but i am trying to work out which i need.

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Motherboard For Intel Core I7 960 Cpu

Im making a new gaming computer fro myself. I want the best cutting edge components for it. Ive chosen the intel core i7-960 for my new computers cpu and was wondering what is the best motherboard for my intel core i7-960? And if you could give me the link to it on newegg i would appreciate it and tell me why you suggested that particular (one or more) motherboard.

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Motherboard With Support For Quad Core Phenom Cpu

Anybody here know if amd and ati are going to have asus create a motherboard with quad pci express 2. 0 slots for crossfire x and pci slots that are actually out of the way of the pci express slots. Unlike the asus m3a32 mvp motherboard which is a horrible design for quad crossfire with hd 3870 video cards because all the pci slots for sound cards are covered up by the dual slot video cards. Please help me i am very very anxious and antsy ! I have $3, 500 for a new computer and it has been burning a hole in my pocket. I want a motherboard with support for quad core phenom cpu, crossfire x (quad crossfire) for 4 separate dual slot cards, and a pci slot that is out of the way of the video cards for a sound card. Anybody know when these motherboards are going to be released if they even are going to be made at all? If they don't go with quad crossfire because of the space issue (you need a case such as the thermaltake armor + with 10 expansion slots on the back of it) then they will most likely just release their hd 3870 x2 card and not worry about making a larger motherboard design to accommodate for 4 pci express 2. 0 slots along with separate pci slots.

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4 Pin Cpu Power Connector - Motherboard / Psu Problem

Motherboard / psu problem 4pin cpu power connector. I have a 750tx from corsair and the m4a79xtd evo by asus however the motherboard's processor power connector is a 4 pin and my power supply (as expensive as it was) only comes with an 8 pin connector (and no it isn't split into two) what are my options aside from buying a new power supply? (Or a new motherboard?)

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Motherboard Won't Boot Up - Memory Problem

I recently built a system using pc-4000 500 mhz. Ram the board is only spec'd for 400 mhz. It won't boot up. Msi says this will cause it not to boot up. Geeksquad says it won't affect it. Do you think this is the problem, or is there something else to look for.

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Dual Cpu Computer Won't Boot

I'm having problems with my dual 2ghz athlon mp computer. I've had it for over a year and all has been fine. My setup is 2x athlon mp2000, 1gig samsung ecc, tyan s2466n-4m. I have tried various video cards including radeon 8500 and voodoo 3 and it doesn't boot up. So within the last week my computer was having some odd issues, it was rebooting itself every now and then. I decided it was a power problem and pulled out some extra pci cards that i didn't really need. It seemed to quell the problem as it didn't reboot as often. Then yesterday it just started rebooting wierdly again. When i woke up this morning the computer didn't have a video display, so i rebooted it. When i reboot it, it doesn't display anything to the screen, though the hd does spin up and the fans turn on. I pulled out everything but the ram, cpu, vid card, and a few fans. It still doesn't boot up correctly. The hd led on the front of my case also doesn't light up anymore when i turn on the computer. A few things of the past, the internals of my case have been running at 40-45deg c, and the processors run at average at 55 deg c. There have been a few cases where the processors have gone up to 80deg c because a fan died, but i have caught most of those cases within a short time and the computer still worked fine. Also i dont' get any beeps or sounds when booting so i think the ram is okay

Can anybody help me diagnose the problem? I think it is either the m/b or one of the processors. I don't have access to other cpus/mbs offhand, so i want to be sure of what is broken before i go buy a replacement. Please respond asap, i'm in school and most of my work is on the computer.

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Asrock 775 Motherboard Problem, Computer Wont Boot Up

I'm having a pc with asrock 775 mother board. & Suddenly its not working. No beeps no input signal to monitor. I tried removing the ram & fixing it with another & with a new vga. But still the machine wont boot. The fans are working fine. Can some one tell me whats up. I feel as the mother board is burned. A way to identify this is appreciated.

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Change Bios Boot Order On Asus M2n Motherboard

How to change bios boot order on asus m2n motherboard? I want to replace xp with 7 on my mom's computer, thing is f8, f12, tab, and del don't do anything on start up. How the *** am i supposed to boot a disk if i can't even access anything in the bios? Did the local computer store screw with my mom's computer? Because she always takes it to these local guys that know nothing more than me, and all of a sudden i can't configure anything in the bios.

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During The Last Boot Up Your System Hung For An Inproper Cpu Speed Setting

I have bought an asus p4s533-e motherboard and present i have two processors, i am not using two processors at the same time. 1 x penitum 4 1. 6 ghz 256/400/1. 75v this is the one i am using at present, but want to upgrade to the p4 2. 40, the computer is set to auto but is not reading the cpu correctly? This is what the bios says when i start up the computer. During the last boot up your system hung for an inproper cpu speed setting, your sys is now working in safe mode, to optimize sys performance and reliability, make sure the cpu speed conforms to the specifications of your cpu. Can anyone tell me what is specifications:

My cpu speed is 1600mhz
Cpu frequency multiple (16x) cpu external frequency (mhz) 100/33
Memory frequency auto
Cpu vcore set= auto
Cpu vcore is grayed out but says (1. 75v)
Memory is pc2100 266.

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Pc Freeze, When Unplug Usb 2.0 Devices

I just bought a usb2. 0 pci card because i only had usb1. 0 in my pc. My mother board fully supports usb 2. 0 as i check on the manual! I installed the card in the pci slot and the drivers but as i unplug my pen drive the pc freezed !

I rebooted , all is fine until i hook up another usb device this time my blue tooth dongle. Tried a differrent pendrive and the same thing happened! I tried removing the card and drivers and reinstalling but the same thing happened! Im running windows xp pro sp2 with all the latest updates!

The strange thing is here! Im running another version of windows xp pro sp2 on the same machine. I booted on this version, installed the card and drivers and it worked fine! All the devices i plugged where found automatically and worked fine!

Whats can be wrong with my xp version that the usb 2. 0 is not working with ?

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Mouse Unplug Causing Problems

If a ps/2 mouse is unplugged or plugged into a machine while the machine is on, can that cause the machine itself to malfunction besides not being able to use the unplugged item? Is this for keyboards as well?

The reason i ask is because i'm having trouble with a mouse hooked up to a kvm and i want to do some testing to find out what the problem is, but i don't want to be causing problems for the machines hooked up to the kvm.

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze - Must Unplug Computer

Nearly everyday my iq504 will suddenly just freeze up. The mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive as well as the touchscreen. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The only choice i have is to unplug the computer (basically crashing eveything i may have had open at the time) and then restarting it up. Sometimes this happens while i am in the middle of using internet explorer, sometimes using microsoft money, sometimes using ms-outlook, etc. I have also had instances where everything was fine, i get up to get a soda, come back and i am frozen up. I wasn't even touching the computer and only left it for a couple minutes and this happens. Is this happening to me uniquely or do others here experience this as well. If so, has anyone found a solution? I've already downloaded the latest drivers from the hp website. I don't know what else to try at this point.

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Wipe Clean Pc

I have an old dell tower and i want to wipe it clean, can i do this?

Answer:- the first thing to do is too find out whether there is a partitioned os system installed. If the following doesn't work then you haven't a partition and no harm will be done. Okay so its hit the fan. Factory reset, give it a birthday, you've nothing to lose by the sound of it. It depends on a number of things whether this will work, e.g. How old is it, what manufacture. Assuming xp o. S. Within partition. You'll have no worries, this won't work if you haven't a partition, so give it a go, first switch off the offending pc completely (important). Now switch on, immediately and continuously tap f11, or hold it down (this f number can vary (e.g. F12) with manufacture) this will bring up, as the pc whines up, initially the factory reset page. Select the top option "a complete destructive reset". The complete factory reset option is what you want, don't be shy, and don't partially do the job. Press okay. Don't be nervous, answer a couple of question (e.g. English etc. Yes) it'll then say something like, "this might take a couple of hours" go for that. Now go make a coffee, come back in 30 mins and it's as originally received, just outta the box. You should install soonest a reputable antivirus program (norton) and leave the pc on-line over night to auto up-date, this is can be time consuming, and best done whilst you're asleep.

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How To Clean Laptop Keyboard ?

I have a old gateway solo were my dumb friend got apple juice in it. Anyways i have the keyboard removed and was looking for a way to clean it, i would rather not replace it since the comp is not worth much.

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How Often Do You Clean Inside Your Pc Case ?

How often do you guys blow your pc case out with air? I try to do it once every month 2. I know dust can kill a pc and want to keep that from happening. When i do clean it it looks like theres no dust but when i blow it out i can see some particles in the air.

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How To Clean A Used Ssd Drive ?

I have a samsung ssd drive that i pulled out of my laptop. It still has the partitions and old os and data on it. I want to stick it in another computer and load windows 7 on it. Before i would usually just perform a low level format on a used drive but that was with spindle drives. Is there a proper way to remove the partitions and format an ssd drive? I have heard conflicting reports on this so i'm asking for help.

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Clean Mousepad And Monitor

How do i clean a mousepad and what should i use to clean my moniter. Mousepad: steelpad qck+
Monitor: sony stylepro s95/b 19-inch lcd monitor, black
(It has a "glossy" screen)

Should i use water, anti-bacterial disinfectant wipes, alcohol wipes, other?

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Clean Lcd Monitor

Does anyone know a way i can clean an lcd monitor, because im not sure what will work and what could hurt it.

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How To Clean And Fix Pc For Free?

Answer:- if we keep our pc clean, it will never get slow and work smoothly. There can be the following possibilities to make a pc slow:

1. It is possible that your pc may have so many programs running in background that use memory and may be there is not enough main memory to run your main programs. To see and remove all running background programs:

A. Press the ctrl + alt + delete keys at the same time. B. Click any program or task except explorer or systray. C. Then click end task. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to quit all programs except explorer and systray which are necessary components of microsoft windows. You should now have a clean system, however you have just removed the programs from your computer's memory, they will all return the next time you start windows. If you don't want certain background programs starting when you boot, use the start/search function to find the program and either configure it not to run at startup, remove it from programs/startup, or delete it from your system. 2. Your hard drive could be too full of data to function efficiently. There should be at least 300mb-500mbs of free space to allow for disk file chores. Note that this mostly applies to the c: drive or whatever drive your window's cache is on. If your c: drive is too full, delete unused programs on the c: drive to make space. 3. Your computer could have a fragmented hard drive. This results from programs being loaded and deleted. Run the window's hard drive defragmenter (defrag) once a month. 4. If your pc has 256 mb of memory or less, or you like to play games, you may not have enough system memory to run your software efficiently. You must upgrade memory to 512 mb or more. 5. You could have old or conflicting windows device drivers. An example would be you might actually have two entirely different video drivers on your system and windows could actually be alternately using both of them. To prevent this problem, first boot the computer in safe mode by pressing and holding the f8 key during startup, after the dos memory check has completed. While in safe mode select start/settings/control panel/system/devices. Click on all the devices and see if the various drivers have any yellow or red exclamation marks (which indicates a driver conflict) and also determine if there are any duplicate drivers that can be eliminated. You may have to delete and reload a driver to correct these problems. Duplicate drivers can and should be deleted. 6. As each new windows program is installed and uninstalled, it leaves behind parts of itself that can slow down or crash your computer. These are mostly .dlls and other shared files. It's also very possible when uninstalling a program that needed windows system files can be deleted. When your computer asks if you want to uninstall shared files it's usually safest to say no - even if your uninstall program claims the files are not being used. Old windows drivers can be found by booting into safe mode, then opening control panel/system/devices and ridding your system of old drivers. Another option is to use various system cleaning software. Otherwise, the only real answer to this problem is to reload windows into a new directory which eliminates all old junk and leftover files. This is something to do last, as you will also have to reload all your windows settings, drivers, and programs. 7. Your computer could be full of adware, spyware, viruses, or trojans. These are all nasty programs that literally take over the functioning of your computer so they can run their programs. You definitely don't want any of this junk on your computer. To get rid of these parasite programs, and to prevent them from installing in the first place, you need and up-to-date firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware programs. These are three separate software programs that must be running at all times except for when you are not plugged into the internet. It is very important that these programs continuously update themselves or they will become out-dated and will no longer be useful. These programs can be purchased together or from separate manufacturers.

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Best Way To Wipe Computer - Clean Re Install

What's the best way to wipe my computer? I have windows me, and it's been giving trouble lately, a lot of trouble, and i just want to start over.

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Clean / Erase Usb Drive

I have borrowed (and am about to return) a 512mb cigar pro usb drive. I had deleted all the files. Now, how do i really clean / erase the drive (e.g. Leave no possibility of recovering files)? It is formatted in vfat. I can use either linux or windows.

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Does Nvidia Not Clean Out Their Own Drivers On Purpose ?

I was putting in my gt 240 for physx the other day and had to uninstall the drivers. When running driver cleaner i saw that there were a lot of nvidia driver files left on the system. I have seen a lot of people on these forums since coming here that they are having problems going from nvidia to ati, but not as much the other way around. This made me put two and two together and ask does nvidia purposely leave a lot a drivers to *** with people upgrading to ati?

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