Driver Problems For Dell Usb Multimedia Keyboard

I recently purchased a dell usb multimedia keyboard, part number 310-7940, for my dimension 4600 desktop. The keyboard was plugged into a functioning usb port and the computer was rebooted. Shortly after startup the green lights on the keyboard were illuminated breifly, then turned off. When windows started up, the keyboard does not work but the "found new hardware" wizard comes up and recognizes the device as "dell usb keyboard. "

However, it cannot find the drivers or the necessary software for the keyboard to work, and fails to "install" the device. I tried downloading driver r44838, but running this driver simply opens the system volume control. I also tried clearing the nvram, restoring the system to a previous date, updating the windows service pack, and updating the chipset driver. None of these actions seemed to work. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Dell Multimedia Keyboard (sk-8135) And Windows 7

I just picked up a dell multimedia enhanced keyboard off the 'bay' for a cheap price and it works fine with windows 7 but is there anyway to program what the enhanced multimedia keys do? I know the keyboard is from the xp days and ms released power toys (for xp only) that allowed you to change what the enhanced keys did is there anything like that for windows 7? I tried the dell site to no avail (all they have is 32 but xp drivers) so does anyone know of a third party app that will allow me to change what the keys do?

The keyboard is model sk-8135 and it seems alot of people like this keyboard as i do and i want to get winamp to recognize the enhanced keys (play/pause/next, prev track stop etc) it works fine with windows media player but i lke to use winamp for my primary music player

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Dell Usb Keyboard Driver Update

I got a dell keyboard from a friend but it's not working. My computer is giving me a pop up that's trying to download a driver update called dell usb keyboard, but the problem is windows update won't work for me. Is there a way to download the drivers update manually from a website with a link to the download? I'm using windows 7 by the way.

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Compaq Multimedia Keyboard

I have a keyboard which came with my computer. Along the top it has quick launch buttons etc. They all work as does the volume button. But just until today the volume button would display a little bar on screen when you pressed it showing the volume. However today it does not. Whats more when i go to the keyboard properties where there was originally a buttons tab there is one no longer. Any ideas?

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Multimedia Keyboard Not Functioning Properly

I recently purchased a new pc. Everything was working properly until one day, while playing pro-street i suddenly couldnt turn left and accelerate but could turn right and accelerate. Then i noticed that my sound was getting lower and lower in game. I realized that my new gigabyte multimedia keyboard was not functioning properly. The up arrow decreases sound and end now starts media player. I can understand that if the up arrow turns down sound and i press left arrow as well that the keyboard thinks that 3 keys are being pressed, but why is it doing this with the left arrow, but not with the right. As far as i can tell the left arrow doesnt do anything strange with media player. I have tried another k/b and that one works perfectly fine. I have also change the language setting for the keyboard incase it was that but to no avail. Has something maybe been spilt on it that is causing it to act this way?

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Toshiba M35 S320 Multimedia Audio Controller Driver

Toshiba satellite m35-s320 multimedia audio controller driver. I did a reinstall on my os from my computer, but not my manufacturer's cd. Now it doesn't detect the audio and it doesn't install it. Any download links for the driver?

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Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard Problem

I purchased the microsoft wireless multimedia keyborad 1. 0a and the microsoft wireless optical mouse package 12/03, and absolutely love the freedom it gives me. Lately however, the keyboard does not respond properly when i depress the keys. I must constantly move the keyboard to a different location (for instance, on my lap) to get the keys to work. I put in fresh duracell coppertop aa batteries, but the results did not change. Both the mouse and keyboard sit on top of my desk, with the mouse to the right of the keyboard. The tramsmitter, which connects to the computer via usb wire, sits under the desk. The mouse works fine. This setup has not changed since 12/03. Since i do a considerable amount of input via the keyboard, this is a major inconvenience.could the keyboard itself be the problem? Any suggestions for resolving this problem? Os is winxp home with service pack 2, piii 1. 2g, 512mb, 80g & 20g hd.

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Multimedia Keyboard Num Lock Does Not Function

I have smart multimedia keyboard. I have installed driver. Every function works but only num lock does not funktion. It is not so old a few months old. I have shared my computer with a friend. After all my keyboard does not funktion. When i shared my desktop, can it be the somehow my computer settings have changed. I have tried similar new keyboard. It does not function either. Instead of numlock it comes sign from numlock.

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Keyboard / Mouse Not Recognized After Driver Upgrade For Usb Game Controller

I had a mobo upgrade 2 months ago. I run windows xp. I installed vista transormation pack 2 weeks ago. Everything was running fine untill i decided to upgrade the driver for my usb connected game controller. After restart, windows booted fine but can't used keyboard or mouse. Both were connected through ps2 ports. Tried disconnecting them and connecting them again, power down and few other things but no success. I then also tried using usb connected mouse and it does not work. I tried repairing windows installation with xp cd but i can not select i agree tab upon repair reboot (basically cant still use keyboard and mouse), leaving me with no choice but to make fresh install.

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Usb Driver 2.0 For New Dell Xps 410 (vista Blasted)

I recently uninstalled vista from my new dell xps 410 and installed xp. The device manager is showing standard usb 1. 1 when i have 2. 0. Since my dell resource cd is for vista, and there seems to be some restricition on usb 2. 0 drivers available for download, i'm looking for any help i can get. Dell support is so bad it is almost useless.

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Dell Dimension E510 Usb Keyboard And Mouse

I am fixing a dell dimension e510 for someone, all it has is usb, no ps/2. When i boot the system, install wizards will run for the usb mouse and keyboards, but i cant click next or tab/enter because the system will not apply a generic usb driver so the devices can function. I have tried 3 different mice, and 2 keyboards. I did find that if i insert a windows xp cd it picks up a driver but it is not digitally signed and i cant click on "continue anyways". I am baffled.

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Using Dell T6867 Usb Keyboard With Compaq Laptop

Dell t6867 usb keyboard with smart card reader. Will the keyboard work with my compaq laptop? I want to make sure it will work with my compaq presario f700 series laptop. Or if it will only work with dell laptops and desktops.

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Dell Mini Keyboard Smaller Than Normal-keyboard ?

How much smaller is a dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I recently purchased a dell mini laptop and was wondering-how much smaller is the dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I don't want my fingers to feel cramped. I was also wondering how much smaller the screen is. Are items on the screen actually smaller or do you just have to scroll around the window?

Dell mini user's opinions are very welcome.

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Usb Works With Keyboard And Mouse But Won't Read Usb Stick

Hello guys, i've this problem since some time. My keyboard and mouse work properly but the system seems to fail in reading usb sticks. They do appear in my computer but when i access them it either says " f: is not accessible. Impossible to satisfy your demand because of peripheral error e/s ", or, it allows me to enter it but there are no files listed. The stick works ok in other machines and there are files on it. It also takes a long time for the system to see the stick. I did have some viruses but now the comp is clean as i ran all the programs suggested in networking&security section of this forum. Help!

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Keyboard Error: ( Code 39 ) Driver May Be Corrupted

I recently bought some more ram for my comp, replacing the default 125 mb with 2 512 mb cards. I then turn on my wonderfully fast comp to find the keyboard no longer works. I had unplugged everything while putting in the new memory, so i figure that the plug in the comp is crapped out. When i look at all the hardware things, i find the keyboard, open the info, and under device status it says "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" so anyway, i figure the keyboard port is messed up. I go out to the trusty bestbuy, and buy a nice new usb keyboard (plugs into the usb not the keyboard port on the pc) i plug it in and run the installation, everything is okay. Then i try to type - nothing. The other buttons work on the keyboard, like the sleep button and the calculator (because we all know its too hard to hit the start button haha) the same problem comes up. I really need help figuring out how to get this freaking keyboard working.

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After Uninstall Keyboard Driver, It Auto Reinstall On Reboot

I have a vaio vgn fs660 notebook, and it has some dirty keyboard problems (keystrokes appear without touching keys, keys dont work intermittently, several things). I'm ready to tear it apart and clean or replace the keyboard. But before i do, i noticed that if i uninstall the keyboard driver, the keyboard seems to work perfectly. But every time that i reboot, the driver auto reinstalls and the problems return just like before. Can anyone explain this weird behavior and if so, it is possible to suggest a fix? (I've ujpdated the driver and then downloaded and reinstalled the original driver. Neither one of these things fixes the problem. But 'killing' the driver seems to work.

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Usb Keyboard Or Usb Hub Not Installing

This started when we switched usb keyboards. We were using a chester creek usb keyboard without any problems. We bought a new chester creek keyboard and plugged it in, the found new hardware wizard opened and looked for a driver but was unable to find one. So we plugged the old keyboard back in and the same thing happened. So now both keyboard don't work in the usb slots. They both work fine using an usb to ps/2 adapter. Also our usb hub is now not installing either. The same thing happens, found new hardware wizard opens, but is unable to find a driver. Everything else works in the usb slots, flash drives, headphones, hard drives. Only the usb keyboards and usb hubs are not working. They show up as other devices in device manager. Both the keyboard and hub work fine on other computers. This computer is about five years old and running xp sp3 with all updates installed.

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Dell I9200 Laptop Usb Ports Are All Normal Speed Not Usb 2.0

I purchased a refurbished dell ( inspiron ) i9200 laptop a few months ago, haven't used any 2. 0 devices until last week, when i plug it in it says my ports are all normal speed, however i know they're supposed to be 2. 0. I can't seem to find drivers or anything that will make them 2. 0. And dell won't talk to me because i didn't buy it new from them i bought it from a certified reseller. Any ideas on what to do?

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Dell 1501 Sd Reader Driver

Anyone tell me what driver for the sd reader for my dell 1501 with xp sp3? Was running vista and then changed to xp. Worked on vista but not on xp.

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Garmin Usb Serial Driver

I bought a usb to serial adapter so that i can plug in my garmin forerunner 201 (only has a serial connector) to my new computer (doesn't have a serial port). So i bought this kind of nondescript adapter online, and it arrived without any drivers. I thought all usb-to-serial drivers would be the same - but apparently not! I googled for drivers, found 1, 001 different drivers available, and the 2 or 3 that i downloaded did not work. How do i go about finding the right driver?

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Ethernet Driver

I have a dell inspiron 1525 and i have wireless internet and i was wondering how it hooks up to the internet because my ethernet driver thing isn't activated and i lost the driver cd.

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Dell Inspiron 6400 Sound Driver

I found a list of recommended driver downloads to get sound on my inpiron 6400 but when i attempted to download i wasn't sure what to do next, all that had happened was some kind of link poped up and show what looked like some kind of code in red text. If you happen to know what im talking about can you please help me because i was sure what it was. What do i do with it? Why is it there and can anyone tell me how to download a driver correctly?

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Dell Inspiron E1505 Audio Driver

I need the audio driver for my e1505 dell inspiron. I just reformatted the hard drive on my dell inspiron e1505 and put xp pro on it. However i do not have the driver disc for it and so i went on to dell's site to get the drivers from there but none of them work.

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Dell 924 Printer Driver For Mac

Is there a dell a-i-o 924 printer driver for a mac? If so, can i please have the link to the download. I need to know if a dell aio 924 printer will work with a mac because i am getting one soon. If there is a such driver, please provide the link to the download.

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Dell Xps M1330 Wifi Driver

How can i install the wifi driver back to my dell xps m1330? I uninstalled my wifi driver when my son wanted to play with the laptop, how can i reinstall it, i tried searching wifi, network in the computer but i seem to have much trouble locating it, any help?

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Webcam Driver For Dell Inspiron N5010

Please i want webcam driver for dell inspiron n5010. I could not find it on dell support (downloads and driver? I bought dell inspiron n5010 but there is no driver cd with it, i heard webcam driver can be found under input device drivers on dell website, but there was only touch pad driver in that category, i will appreciate if some can send or give me direct free link for download. And btw i m using windows vista.

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Dell Dimension 3000 Driver Missing

So i had to wipe out the hard drive for my brother in law's dell dimension 3000. I thought he had the disc with all of the drivers but he doesn't. The computer has a wifi antenna in the back but i don't know the model for it or if it's even stock. And i can't find a driver that works. The computer has no internet connection whats so ever i tried to download a wireless driver from the dell website from a different computer (it's an hp) and put it on a flash drive and transfer it but that was no good. Any ideas other than buying a modem?

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Dell 810 Printer Driver For Mac

I am in desperate need of help. I have a dell printer, its name is: dell photo all-in-one 810 printer. It works perfectly fine of windows but i could not find any drivers for the printer to be installed on mac. Now, i have read many forums all telling me that this printer is a windows-based printer that cannot be used but i was wondering if there was a way to install the .exe file for the printer on mac so that it would start working. (I have the disk that the printer came with and i was wondering if there was any way of installing with that). Please let me know if this is possible and if it is, it would be greatly appreciated if a link relating to my problem is given.

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Usb Device Driver Stopped Unexpectedly

My usb on my computer is giving me a lot of problems, every time i connect my ipod or flash drive once i disconnect it, my computer shuts down and restarts, then i get a message about a device driver stopped unexpectedly, i have 6 usb ports, 2 in the front, then 4 in the back. Am using 3 ports, 2 in the back and 1 in the front. If needed i have a amd 2. 07 ghz 1gb ram xp pro.

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Medusa 5.1 Usb Software / Driver Does Not Work

I bought a medusa 5. 1 usb edition headset. It works but the software doesn't seem to work properly. Some of the tabs don't seem to be in the software. Theres suppose to be a tab to adjust the mic and couple other things. It showed all the tabs in the manual. Also im running vista and had to download the vista drivers from their website. Also isn't the headset suppose to show up on the sound configuration or something?

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