Nec Multisync Fe991sb Problem

I am using windows 2000 and i am having a problem with the display of the desktop. The icons look too grainy or something. To me the mozilla icons just look messed up. Any thoughts to the problem? Am i in the right forum? I just realized that the model number of my monitor might help. It is a multisync fe991sb.

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Nec Mr650u Scanner Driver

I lost my driver, please send me the driver for nec mr650u scanner.

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Nec Nd 2510a Dvd Writer Writes Only At 4x

Just recently purchased this dvd writer from newegg nec nd 2510a really good price and since i had the older model 2500. I opted to buy it since it was 8x write and it had dual layer for a second pc that i use at work. I have tried using different media and it will only write at 4x. *** The older one writes at 8x with no problem. Anyone with a fix for this or do i have to return this drive back?

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Connect Nec Lcd1960nxi Monitor To Two Different Pcs

Nec lcd1960nxi and 2 pcs? Is it possible to connect this monitor to two different pcs simultaneously using vga and dvi connectors? It has "select 1<->2" button, but i've lost the manual, so i don't know whether this button may be used to switch between 2 different computers simultaneously.

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Nec Nd-2510a Dvd Writer Problem

I have an nd-2510a dvd burner and for some bloody reason i cannot get it to burn iso and to top it off it cant burn anything for that matter. I tried updating the drivers but windows says its all good. I go to nec's website and try to get their firmware updater but, it does nothing. Can anyone help me with this? If you need errors or screens of error just ask, basically everything says the device is incompatible.

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Nec Nd-2510a Vs Lg Gsa-4120b: Dvd Burners

I'm looking to purchase a dvd burner (duel layer) and my usual hardware store has two, the nec nd-2510a and the lg gsa-4120b - the lg is a little more expensive but i'm willing to pay the price if it's the better drive, does anyone have experience with either of these drives or have a recommendation? My primary use of the drive will be viewing dvd movies in my standalone player.

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Nec Ea231wmi Ips And 5850 - Displayport Or Hdmi ?

Well i broke down and cancelled one of my xfx 5850s so i could buy a new monitor. I bought a nec ea231wmi ips and a single 5850. No im wondering how do i connect my video card to the monitor? Display port or hdmi?

Wich gives the best image/color or will there be no difference.

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