Running 3 Lcd Monitors On One Pc

I am wanting to run 3 lcd monitors so that i may have multiple programs up on different screens at one time. I am considering this motherboard . Asus m4a78 plus from the 'egg' and 2 ati radeon 4650's. I am not so much interested in crossfire (which i don't think supports more than 2 monitors anyway). Can i acheive 3 monitors with this board and those 2 cards?

Both 4650's have dual dvi support.

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Lcd Monitors Failure Causes

To date, i have got my hands in over 10 malfunction lcd monitors. The cause of deaths for all of them but one were power failure of some sort. I think the lcd company intentionally did this to make people buy new ones. Here are some of the causes:-
1. Premature aging or leaking of electrolytic capacitor: either because of the use of capacitors with lower temperature rating or, for save a buck or two, use capacitors of un-trustful brand(s). Replace the capacitors usually brings the lcd back to life. 2. Dead external power adapter: especially the ones with a strange output voltage which is not easily replaceable. Depends on how the adapter is assembled, you might need to force it open to find the real cause. 3. The most strange ones are the so called "cold soldering": in some larger lcds, i found the solder of several components on the internal power board were loosed! Ideally the power board in a lcd monitor should not have cold soldering, which i think it is a truth when it was built. However, solder may became loose if, after the soldering work of a power board were done, there are external forces applied onto certain components (e.g. The ones connect to a big heat sink which were than stressed by screw onto something else ). In such case, adjust the angle/position of the monitor may put excessive force on the soldering point and eventually break the connection between the legs of the ics and the solder. Re-attach the solder could be your best choice. 4. Unstable relay. Due to the fact that some solid state relays are highly temperature sensitive, the current a relay can output/conduct may decreases dramatically as the temperature increases. The result is intolerable blinking monitor. For emergency, try to ventilate the relay, in the long run replace it with one of the same specification is your best choice. Not recommended, but, if you know what circuit were controlled by that relay and the function of the circuit, you may be able to short circuit it and make it permanently on or remove it to make it permanently off or connect a manual switch to turn it on/off by hand. 5. I never encounter this but lcds with faulty thermal fuse(s) or blown fuse(s) were reported in this forum. Replace the fuse might be a reasonable thing to do. However, if it blown again, you might need to check other places.

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Screen Dimensions Of Lcd Monitors

I am looking into getting a few lcd monitors, 3 to be specific, for my computer at home. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why in the world i would need three monitors. I currently have 2 at work at quite often wish i had three. I also want to get a large wide screen for viewing movies as my main monitor and 2 smaller on each side for support. Here's where i'm having some trouble. I'm deciding between either a 20. 1 widescreen or 22 widescreen (the 22 just came out for not much more money, but i wanna wait on some reviews before deciding). For my additional two monitors, they will be mounted by arms to each side of this widescreen monitor, but i want the height of the screens to match up. I can't seem to find many sites that show the height and width of the actual screen to compare. I'm hoping some people out there can post of some dimensions (height and width) along with the designated screen size (diagonal), also if it's widescreen. Or if someone knows a site out there with a chart of these dimensions. Hmm, maybe i should just visits fry's electronics with a tape measure. P. S. If you have a crt, please don't post, i know they lose about an inch from the screen, which will totally mess up my numbers.

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3 Monitors, 2 Lcd 1 Laptop With Docking Station

I am setting up a triple monitor display with a dell latitude d630 hooked up to a docking station. The docking station currently has 2 monitor hookups, one digital and one analog. I have a 17" dell monitor and a 17" samsung monitor that i would like to hook up to the docking station. If i plug in both displays to the current configuration, i am going to replace my current laptop monitor with one of the 17" monitors, therefore giving me a dual monitor display. I plan to use a iogear usb external video card to connect one monitor to the laptop docking station, the other monitor will connect directly to the docking station. I have heard that hooking up 2 monitors this way can blow up the computer. Is there a driver i need to install before setting this up? Or am i wasting my time with this thought because i cannot install a triple monitor video card.

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Lcd Monitors Lg W2243t And Lg W2243t-pf Differences

How differences are between lcd monitors lg w2243t and lg w2243t-pf ? I want to buy but do not know which.

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Lcd - No Signal

Asus maximus mb. Build less than a year old, this is a backup computer so has not been on a lot. Installed a few programs the other day, next time i turned the computer on the monitor said "no signal" i have tried a second cable, reinserted the video card and ram, changed pci power connector to the card. It is not a wrong input selection on the lcd either. Guess i will try the lcd, which is a few years older, on a second computer. The ocz psu just went on this and got that replaced. Wondering if this build is a lemon? I don't think there is anyway that this can be software or driver related ?

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Can A Laptop Lcd Used On Pc ?

I have been going over this in my mind for a while searching for a cheap way to make a diy projector. I have got myself a overhead projector but need a lcd to put on top to project the image, but problem is i don't wanna buy a desktop tft panel to take apart. Instead i have seen on ebay, quite alot of laptop lcd panels taken out of laptops. Is there anyway i could use those lcd's and wire up a those power boards and a vga controller board and use it as normal desktop panel so i can put it on my ohp and plug the lcd into my pc?

Are there any really deep techniques out there who can tell me if this is possible and how to go about it.

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Lcd Monitor Or Tv

Which one would provide a higher quality picture and overall performance, a lets say 24" wide screen lcd monitor with a tv tuner, or the same size lcd tv, high def most likely, and no tv tuner. The monitors tend to be more expensive, is that because they provide over all better resolution, if not, then which is better? This is because i was looking on either buying a tv tuner and nice monitor or a tv and hooking up my pc to it and want to know which one would be better.

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Keyboard With Lcd Screen

Anyone know of any keyboards other than the g15 that have an lcd screen on it for temp settings/cpu/ram etc?

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Bad Pixel On Lcd

On my new samsung widescreen monitor that i was so hyped about. I just noticed that there is a dead pixel on my screen towards the bottom. Since i just took it out of the box today i decided i should take use of the 3 year warranty. So i went online and i fished around to figure out how to do so. Samsungs policy is that on a 19 inch widescreen monitor you need to have 10 or more bad pixels to apply for a monitor replacement under the warranty. Im personally not happy with this, it sounds strange to say this but, is there a way to easily kill more pixels? (Or revive my one dead one, as far as i know that is not possible), according to google i have a "stuck" pixel and not a dead pixel (it shows up green, not black).

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Using Notebook Lcd With Desktop / Pc

I have an old acer notebook lcd monitor, well is any way i can used this lcd monitor with my other pc/desktop. Can any of u guys point me to guide or tutorial about this matter.

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Cleaning Lcd Monitor

I was just wondering what the best solution (liquid cleaner) would be best for cleaning an lcd such as an lcd monitor or laptop. I have some expo white board cleaner, but it doesnt really say whats in it, and i know lcd's dont like ammonia, so i wont use standard glass (windex) cleaner. Its hard to find a solution thats specific for lcd's and the only one ive seen so far is in a pack of like 3 microfiber cloths (which i have been one using to wipe it off) but their some stuff on it that a cloth wipe just wont get off.

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Lcd Hdtv Used As Monitor

I am considering buying a lcd hdtv to use as both a tv and a monitor. Recently bussincess depot had an acer 32" tv/monitor for can$1, 300, but they have discontinued it. So i have gone to other stores and were introduced with a variety of lcd hdtvs which the salesman said can also be used as monitors. I wanted to ask your opinions on whether there is any disadvantages on using a lcd tv as a monitor and switching back and forth between tv and monitor. Also do these high definition tvs (hdtvs) have a sharper image quality?

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Lcd Monitor Flashing

I got this 24" lcd monitor here and have a problem with it. When i got it, i hooked it up and i would get no input on the screen from any source (vga/dvi/component). The "no cable source" thing would come up with a weird flashing behind it (like the backlight flashing). Anyway, i (stupidly) got someone to open the screen up and saw the inverter had two blown caps, so replaced them. Now when they opened the screen up, they forgot to undo a connection and it totally ripped off (see images). As you can see, there are some pins broken completely. I managed to connect it back together, ignoring the four or five snapped pins. So put the screen back together, not expecting much. Plugged it in and guess what, i get a picture! (Probably corrected from fixing the inverter). So i can see and run windows fine from this screen. Yet i still get the constant flashing and there are blotches around the screen with different coloured pixels. I am thinking the blotches are appearing because of the dead pins. Now what gets me is the flashing. Is that a dead backlight or something?

To describe it in more depth: it flashes a few times a second, so its really quick. Its like a halogen dying. When it flashes, it doesnt flash off, but flashes to a low brightness. When i turned the brightness from 100 down to 0, the flashing almost completely stopped (flashed once every minute or so). So what i want to know:

1. Whats causing the flashing?
2. Would the funny blotches on the screen be from the pins?
3. What board is that that has been snapped (highlighted in red). What is it called? How hard are they to find?

I mean the pins dont bother me, as if worst comes to worst i can simply remove the pins completely and solder the wires straight onto the board. Its just, i dont want to do that if the flashing will still be there.

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Is 3d Possible At 30 Hz ? On A 60hz Lcd Monitor ?

I've seen a number of articles popping up regarding the use of 3d in various games, but they all state that it requires a 120hz monitor for it to work (the newer samsung display i believe). Is there any real reason why it can't be done on a normal 60hz lcd monitor? Ie the vid card calculates two perspectives at 30hz each, alternating each perspective each frame?

Yes i know the effective image frame rate would only be 30fps maximum, but you're still seeing 60hz refresh from the monitor. How can this be any worse than simply playing a game that sits around 30fps anyway?

Possible problem with potential ghosting? (On lower/older spec lcd's)

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One Computer To 10 Lcd Tvs

Trying to go from one computer to 10 lcd tv's. But the problem is they are all coaxial. I have a business which has 10 lcd/plasma tvs in it. I need to hook up a computer in my back junction room where all the coax cables end so i can play powerpoints and videos from online over these tvs on a channel. I used to be able to do this via an old old rf adapter which put the stuff on channel 112 somehow and it worked fine from a dvd player with one yellow rca plug. Now, i have this computer with a vga out. I got a vga to yellow rca adapter, and it's connected to a radio shack rf converter on channel three with a coaxial out to my tv junction box, but when the tv's are put on channel 3, the image is scrambled and unable to be seen. When a digital broadband amplifier is attached, the image is scrambled, but can sort-of be seen. I'm assuming the digital amp is broken but theyre expensive. Is there another way or better way to go from one vga to multiple coax outs?

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Xbox On Lcd Monitor

I'm in the market to get some kind of lcd monitor. The problem is. The ones i've looked at don't have the red, white and yellow inputs that the xbox uses to hook up to tvs. So far, the only options to remedy this, that i know of are. A vga box, which i have absolutely no idea what that means. And a tv tuner box. Now, from what i understand, with the tv tuner, if you get a really crappy, cheap one, the resolution goes to crap and you can only really use a tiny portion of the screen with any amount of clarity. Does this go the same with a vga box? Are there any other option? I'm not really looking to blow alot on this piece.

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Using Samsung Lcd Tv As Monitor

I am in the market of getting a new computer. Though, i'm not a huge computer head, im getting one built for me that is going to be "decent". What i want to spend most of my money on is a monitor. I'm interested in this samsung lcd tv that has avg ( i think thats what its called) therefore it is able to be used as a monitor. My problem:

My friend who works at dell told me that the resolution won't be very crisp and it'll hurt my eyes. All in all, i need your opinions!

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Using Lcd Monitor In A Car

My friend is heavy in custom cars and such and asked me if it is possible and how to run a normal lcd monitor in car, for cheaper reasons and such cause someone said he was doing that cause from the 110 to monitor it's converted to 12v like the car. So could a lcd be ran off the existing power source of the car and if so how. What makes the lcd solded for vehicle use different than normal lcd monitor.

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Connecting Lcd Tv As Monitor

I am seeking help in connecting my lcd tv as my second monitor. Let me explain the scenario and specifications. My specifications

One lcd monitor 17 inch (samsung)

One lcd tv 22in hd ready (samsung)

Inbuilt video adapter with hdmi and vga port (ati radeon)

Nvidia graphics card with vga and dvi port. The scenario:

Right now i connected my 17 inch monitor to my graphics card with vga port since the monitor does not have dvi port. And the display is with resolution of 1440 x 900. Since i am a web designer it is difficult for me to work in a 17inch monitor. What i want :

I am planning to connect my 22 inch lcd tv as second or maybe primary monitor. It has both vga and hdmi port. The tv is just hd ready (720pi). The problem

I wanted to connect my lcd tv with my computer (win 7 x64 ). I already was using it by buying a hdmi to dvi converter and connecting to my graphics card but the resolution was not standard. If i remember it is 1280—720. While my second monitor is 1440 x 900. The possibilities. Since i have on inbuilt graphics adapter as well as my graphics card. Is it possible to connect both in different graphics adapter and use ? For example 17in in graphics card and 21in using hdmi in my inbuilt. What do you guys suggest if you are in my legs. I badly need two monitors and i think its waste to buy a 22 in lcd monitor for this as the tv sits idle in my room without anyone watching it or should i use the both in same graphics adapter with the available resolution.

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Lg 55lh90 Lcd Tv As Monitor

Using 55" led (lg 55lh90) as monitor but it only recognizes 60hz refresh rate. ? I bought the tv because it boasts 240hz refresh rate and i'm extremely interested in purchasing nvidia's 3d vision kit however, when i go to my display settings it only allows me to select up to 60hz. I have the tv hooked up through hdmi into my nvidia gtx 260.

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Connect Laptop To Lcd Tv

How to connect laptop to lcd tv? I got vga on laptop not tv, i got hdmi on tv not laptop, i asked a professional he said i need vga to hdmi. He was wrong what do i need? Here pics of laptop:-

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Problem Connecting Pc With Lcd Tv

As the question says i want to connect my pc to hdtv using a vga cable. Both have the necessary ports for vga and it is wired up. But when i go to the pc source on the tv, after 3 seconds the tv goes into standby, what am i doing wrong? Do i have the right amount of cables (just 1 vga to vga) and i can't change any of the settings on the computer because i cant see anything, it is being booted up for the first time and has no operating system. The tv is a samsung le32a456.

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Clean Lcd Monitor

Does anyone know a way i can clean an lcd monitor, because im not sure what will work and what could hurt it.

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Using Different Lcd Screen For Laptop

Will a laptop not work if its connected to a different lcd? This is pure curiosity. I know that the lcd might not fit, but could you theoretically change the lcd screens of two laptops or do they have different little connectors. Or even if they fit, would they not work? I've always wondered this since i've changed my laptop's screen.

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Connect Pc To Sony Lcd

How to connect pc to sony lcd? I have the wire but there is nothing coming on the lcd. I have a sony lcd and i want to connect my computer (cpu) to it and everything is working okay. I also have the wire which connects the cpu to the lcd, but when i switch on my cpu nothing is coming on the lcd screen.

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Connecting Laptop To Lcd Tv

I am having a terrible time getting my laptop computer hooked up to my lcd tv. I want the contents of the computer's screen to appear on the tv (not vice versa). I was hoping someone could offer a solution. Here's the situation: the laptop has a female vga port. Simple enough. The tv is a sony kf-60we610 rear projection lcd, circa 2003. I have a few pictures of the ports on the back of the tv:

As you can see from the images, the tv has a female dvi port but i'm not sure what kind of dvi port it is. It is definitely not a dvi-d. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures but the horizontal slot along the left side of the port is actually "fake". In other words, it's not really a slot that a male pin can fit into. A male version of this dvi port must not have the horizontal pin because the female (on the tv) does not have an opening for it. I know i can use a vga to component video (y/pb/pr) converter but i was hoping for a cheaper solution. I was also wondering if i am barking up the wrong tree: do i even need to connect to the tv's dvi port? As you can see from the images, the tv has an s-video port. Would it be possible (or better) to somehow connect the computer's vga to the tv's s-video? Is this even possible?

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Connect Lcd Tv To Laptop

Trying to connect laptop to lcd tv, i have a vga to rca(red/white/yellow) converter, i have windows xp, i am trying to see if i need a specific driver for my vga after i reformatted. Mainly i need to know how to get the input to work. I went to my display properties-> settings, then i click "2" the second monitor and check the box "extend my windows desktop on this monitor" i can't get anything.

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Liteview Lcd Monitor Drivers

I have a liteview lm15w lcd widescreen monitor. Its capable of going up too 1280x800 resolutions but because i do not have the drivers for it, windows see it as a standard lcd monitor which means that my video card cannot apply widescreen resolutions to it. I have googled for the past couple of weeks trying to find drivers for this thing and maybe some work around, but nothing. I can't even find liteview's manufacturer website!

Any ways to get some generic drivers or trick my card/windows into thinking its an lcd so i can apply the widescreen? I can't stand being stuck on 1024x768 on a 15 inch!

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Laptop Lcd With Mini Itx

I am working on a project where i want to make a digital picture frame out of a laptop lcd. I have seen diy guides online for this but they all use the existing motherboard from the laptop. Thats really way too much power required for what i am looking for, i was planning on a low end mini or pico itx board with minimal processing power. The reason why i am building it msyelf is well. A) its more fun and b) i hate all the current digiframes out there (too small, not enough memory etc). The problem i am running into is i am not sure how to hook up the laptop lcd to the mini itx board. It is the samnsung ltn150u2 which i pulled from a dead laptop (the screen works i tested it in another machine). It seems as though finding controllers is almost impossible. Does anyone know if the lvds board offered by some mini itx boards would be able to control this lcd directly? I will probalby have to make my own wiring harness. That should be fun too. Any suggestions?

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