Define Audio Functions To Input Buttons Of Keyboard / Joypad

Trying to build an input system, it records audio functions and substitutes them as input functions for the joystick or keyboard. The first bit is easy, but does anyone know how i can relate my functions to the w, a, s, d, keys, or to the 8 point axis of an analogue joypad, esdsentially looking for ways to define my audio functions to the input buttons of a keyboard or a joypad.

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Change The Functions Of The Keyboard Buttons

I have a microsoft digital media keyboard, seen at the top of this website click here. Now most keyboards these days come with a next, play, previous, buttons that work with itunes. Is there any way i can change the functions of the keyboard buttons, i have the microsoft software but it is terrible, there is favourite buttons that you can assign, but you can only assign them to open applications, not function as a play button, etc.

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Wireless Keyboard With Minimal Functions / Buttons

I'm looking for a quality wireless keyboard that doesn't come covered with crap. I don't want additional function buttons, multimedia controls, lcd info screens, knobs, switches, lights, snow cone makers, cheap plastic add ons, spilt board ergonomic crap or anything else other than the standard keys. I would like a wireless version for home use. Does anybody know of a keyboard like this. I guess an extra button or two wouldn't hurt, but i want the bare minimum, any suggestions?

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Audigy 2 Zs Notebook - Input The Audio Of A Game Console

I recently sold most of my pc (check out the trading forum for some cool stuff from me) and i was thinking about getting an audigy 2 zs notebook for my laptop. I know the card has a digital audio input but would it be feasible to digitally input the audio of a game console (in my case xbox and xbox 360) to the laptop and output it in 5. 1 to my logitch speakers?

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Keyboard Buttons Switched

My friend is having abit of a problem with his keyboard. All his buttons has switched place, like when he press y it comes s z, but with all buttons. I know there is some kind of hotkey for changing it, like ctrl + shift + alt, or something like that (not sure). But i cant find it. Please help if you know something about it. !

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Keyboard With Normal Function Buttons

My logitech media elite keyboard is getting bad so i'm in the market for a new keyboard. I thought i could just buy a media elite again, but no logitech hassled around with the crappy keys , resized the function buttons and voila: media 600 keyboard. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm done with those stupid proprietary function buttons. Is it just me, or is there nothing decent on the market? I'm looking for just a "normal" keyboard:

Normal sized function buttons
Normal positioned function buttons
Normal buttons (not laptop style)
Around same feeling as the media elite keyboard

(Thing as volume keys / mute / media / mail / etc. : Nice to have. )

I've had a look on the logitech g15 and don't like it at all:-

-Doesn't type as nice as the media elite
-Who needs a illuminated keyboard? I can type blind with all ten fingers and if you slide off the keyboard you can easily find the 'f' and 'j' because they have that ridge. A illuminated keyboard only distracts. The only light should be numlock, caps-lock and scroll-lock. -A display on a keyboard? No, i have my teamspeak client on my 2nd monitor. I've crashed a lot when flying chopper in bf2 because of the stupid randomly positioned and sized function buttons , so normal sized and positioned function buttons are a must-have. Would also be nice if there would be no need to cover 'escape' with the lid of a 35mm film can. I guess i'm not the only one waiting a keyboard that matches above list, so if you found one, please post. Edit: i have no problem with ergonomic keyboards as long as the space-bar is split in two (or firmly connected so i can cut it in two myself. ). The microsoft ergonomic 4000 is a perfect example of a completely failed keyboard because the space-bar doesn't work that well being curved in two directions. http://www.Pc-maeuse. De/media/images/ms_ergonomic_4000-2.jpg

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Keyboard With Volume Control Buttons, Headphone Socket

I'm having a hard time finding a keyboard that meets the following criteria:-

- Volume control buttons, including mute
- Headphone socket
- Very quiet
- Not much more than 60 bucks

Also backlight keys would be a plus, but as i'm having a hard time finding those four, i won't be picky.

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Keyboard Input Lag

I've noticed since building the new rig that my typing would occasional feel choppy, like there is a display lag for some reason. I can definitely just by typing this post as well. Does anyone have any ideas?

It's a fresh win 7 x64 ultimate install with very few things on it. I7 920 stock, evga x58 micro, 6gb ram, 5870 w/ 9. 12 hotfix, x25-m g2. Has latest windows updates, mouse and keyboard drivers (using microsoft sidewinder x6 keyboard sidewinder mouse, no issues with these on my asus laptop). Example: if i hold the "z" key, like this:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I get a skip/pause every 20 characters or so. What could be the issue?

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Keyboard And Mouse - No Input Device In Windows

Recently unplugged my ps2 mouse and keyboard and attached usb mouse and keyboard. Everything worked fine. However, returned to my ps2 mouse and keyboard yesterday and they dont work. I have no input device in windows (although both mouse and keyboard operate until windows loads, so i am able to access pc setup and boot screens). In haste, i tried to reinstall windows, but now i am stuck in the middle of installation and cant press ok to continue.

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Keyboard Input Creates A Clicking Sound

Does anyone know of a way to disable the small "clicks" that windows (i assume) makes when receiving input from the keyboard? Although i can only hear them at very high volumes, i would still like to know how to get rid of them.

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Random Keyboard Input - Delay When Typing Letter

Today i bought a new radeon hd 4850 video card (and 500w ps for it) and while the card itself works fine, i now have a problem with my keyboard i didn't have before. Occasionally i get random keyboard input (random gibberish) and sometimes i get delay when typing (i'll type a letter, and three keystrokes later it'll come up). I'm typing this on another keyboard i borrowed (which works fine) and my keyboard worked fine on my old video card, they just don't seem to get along together.

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Wireless Keyboard Input Lag / Inputs Are Not Registered

When i type things there is noticeable input lag, and sometimes inputs aren't registered. Then there is the one time i typed a bunch of stuff, went afk, came back and there was one and half pages of l's in ms word. The batteries are fresh, so i don't know what to make of this. Anyone have an idea?

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Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Keyboard's Some Buttons Don't Work

I have a dell inspiron 6400, been solid for 7 months but now the "tab", "caps lock", and left "shift" buttons don't work. Any ideas what i can do other than sending it in to be fixed? Still under warranty.

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Delete Hp Imaging Device Functions

Can i delete hp imaging device functions? I have an hp printer (just a basic cheap printer that i bought separate from the laptop). It's taking up a ton of space (235 mb).could this be from another printer that was once installed on this laptop? Will this cause the printer to not work properly?

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Using Features And Functions On Dell System

I just got a new dell xps system and it has an nvidia 8600gts in it. I am wondering what features and functions i need to turn on and where, to make the graphics look as best they can. In gtr2 config, i have it set to 1680 x 1050 x 32 (dell digital wide screen) and have the aa on the highest setting. Even with lots of cars on track, i get great fps (60-110) but it just doesn't look that great. My radeon x700 in my old system had a better picture. I am sure there are functions/features i need to activate or adjust, but i am not sure where they are. Is there some other settings panel in gtr2 that i haven't found yet? I saw the nvidia control panel but am not really sure what to do with it.

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Pci Audio Card Or Onboard Audio, Which Gives Better Benchmark ?

Would i get a better benchmark score if i bought a 2nd party pci audio card opposed to an onboard one. Which one is recommended if so?

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Side Buttons On Mx1000

I used to have a ms optical mouse with a button on each side of the mouse that i could assign to use in games for certain actions. The buttons on the mx1000 wont assign to anything, as in the game doesnt seem to see them. Just the normal left, right, and center wheel buttons are seen in the games. Its not a super big deal as i can just map the keys to the keyboard but i would rather have them being used on the mouse. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue or if there is a way arounfd this.

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Whats Up With All These Buttons On A Mouse ?

What do they do, what happened to the left click, right click, and scroll option? If someone could explain would be nice because i'm looking for a new mouse any suggestions.

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Mouse With 3 Buttons And A Scroll Wheel

I need to find a mouse that has 3 buttons and a scroll wheel. I do not want one where the scroll wheel is meant to be the 3rd button. I need 3 actual buttons and also a scroll wheel (and if that happens to be a button that is ok i guess). There is some software i use that really needs a middle/3rd button, but it is impractical, annoying, uncomfortable, etc to use the wheel as a button i need to press alot. Any ideas?

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Remap Wireless Mouse Buttons

I have logitech mx620 wireless mouse and i'm looking for remap search button (never used it) to something more useful, like refresh for i-net browsers. Is it possible to remap it without using additional software (editing registry or something like that)?

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Mouse Buttons Non Functional After 5 Or 10 Minutes

This past couple of days i've been reformatting and re-installing windows and tweaking my partition sizes. However, yesterday evening, after finishing loading up windows xp and in the middle of loading my programs my mouse buttons just stopped working for no apparent reason. The cursor movement works just fine but the buttons are non responsive. I reformated and reinstalled windows again this morning thinking everything will be fine but low and behold during my program load up the buttons packed up again after about 5 or 10 minutes. Any ideas?

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What Are Right / Left Click Buttons On Laptop Touchpad ?

What are the right click /left click buttons on a laptop touchpad called?

Answer:- it's called a left and right touchpad button or touchpad buttons because you can click or let's say press it.

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Install Mouseware To Use All Buttons On Logitech Mx500 Mouse

Do i need to have the mouseware installed to use all of the buttons on my logitech mx500 optical mouse in games? Because with it, the scroll wheel i can't use. (I usually use the up/down buttons) i'd like to use the scroll wheel, but also i want to use all the buttons.

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Mapped / Assigned Mouse Buttons On Logitech Mx5x0

A friend and i were arguing about what 'should' be mapped / assigned to the different buttons on our logitech mx5x0 mice. I personally have the left back thumb to double click, front to minimize all, scroll wheel click is alt+f4, button behind the scrollwheel is auto scroll down and the one behind that is restore all, with the front button being mapped to backspace. I use basically the same thing for gaming but when world of warcraft comes out i'll probably make a specific set for it. When i had a 5 button ms intellimouse i had mapped keys much the same way, double click, close, and show/hide desktop.

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Ms Razer Habu Mouse Dpi Buttons Stopped Working

It's odd, 2 days ago the ms razer habu mouse dpi on-the-fly buttons stopped working. Also the 2 side-backlite lights stopped working. And the pointer is all shaking, low dpi i guess. I uninstalled drivers now the mouse is fully lit-up. Problem is i can't get my dpi buttons to work. Anyone has any suggestion?

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Using Dell 6400 Media Buttons To Control Vlc Player

Is there anyway i can use my dell inspiron 6400 player buttons beside the speaker to indirectly control vlc? The play/pause forward and stop buttons on my laptop work fine with windows media player but im a huge user of vlc player so is there any plug-in or something that allows me to use these buttons on vlc player?

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Sd Card As Usb Input

Is there a thing that plugs into the usb plug on the pc and then at the end of it is a space to put your sd card in?

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Message: No Rgb Input

Im getting the above message on a m8s pc and im not sure whats causing the problem. The pc is powering up (fans, led on mobo, power led etc) yet there is no input to the monitor. There is no gfx card just onboard vga. Ive tried my 7900gs in it but that didnt solve the problem. Ive reseated the ram & cpu, cleared the cmos (via the jumpers) and basically checked all the connections but nothing has worked

Tbh im starting to think the motherboard has died as its strange that all of the fans and leds are powering up yet nothing else is happening (im not even getting error beeps from the mobo) what do you guys think?

Ps: the mobo is an asus k8v-vm skt 754 with a sempron 3200+ fitted. Ive also tested the said pc on my own monitor using my own vga cable and still nothing.

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Headphone Input Infront Of Pc

I have a speaker attached to my computer from the back of pc headphone input. This is in the lab and before everyone leaves i have to use my headphone. There are two headphone inputs beside the cd drivers infront of the computer but when i put in the headphone no sound comes out of them.

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Is It Possible To Use Two Sets Of Input Devices ?

I'm slowly converting my current system into an htpc, mostly just so i can replace my tv (i'm tired of having so much floor space devoted to something that could be integrated into my computer). It would also be pretty cool if i could use the regular computer functions from a distance of a few feet, but i also game on it, so i don't want to give up my hard-wired mouse and keyboard. My current mouse is usb and the keyboard is ps/2 (though i plan on replacing it soon with a usb keyboard), and i'm wondering if i can plug in a wireless mouse and keyboard and just use either set without causing huge conflicts. Both sets would be plugged in all the time for convenience, and i just want to know if i can grab one mouse or the other and that one will work.

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