Inf Error Video Driver Not Found

I have a compaq presario 1500us i formatted and installed windows xp pro. I downloaded all the available drivers for the laptop from compaq's website. I am having the following issue:

I downloaded the ati mobility radeon 7500 drivers (compaq install package). It would not let me install them due to the following 2 error messages. 1. )"Inf error" video driver not found. 2. )Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard vga driver before running setup.

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Catalyst Driver Install - Inf File Was Not Found

This issue is driving me insane. To update to the new catalyst, i used the same method i've always used:

1. Boot to safe mode
2. Run driver cleaner for all ati categories
3. Boot to windows normally
4. Install new catalyst suite

Now, at step 4, i get as far as installing the catalyst control center, but as soon as it starts installing anything driver-related, i get the error "driver install: the inf file was not found. " With no choice but to simply press "ok. "

I've searched around on google and tried someone's method of installing the adapter via device manager and pointing it to an extracted inf from the failed catalyst install, and then trying to run the install again, but no luck. This issue seems pretty hopeless, and although i want to avoid it, it seems like it may be one of those great catch-22 errors that ati is so famous for causing and will require me to reinstall windows. Note that i am using windows7, however, i have used this method on previous catalyst installs flawlessly. I've heard of this issue on vista as well while browsing google. Anyone run into this before?

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Found New Hardware Wizard Detects Camera, But No Driver Found

I had the quickcam messenger webcam working just fine on my pc. Then the hard disk died, so i reinstalled the same os (windows xp pro) on a new hard disk. To install the quickcam messenger again, i downloaded and ran the current logitech installer (lws110.exe) from Only this time it failed. I've tried multiple times, carefully uninstalling the logitech driver and software each time and rebooting. I also tried the installer disc for the quckcam chat (which i also own), with the same result (plugging in the quickcam messenger). The installer gets to "step 4 of 4" (camera setup), without a hitch. "Congratulations "the installation and setup is complete! "Plug the device at any time to complete the installation and use your new quickcam"

At that point, i plug in the quickcam messenger, and windows xp detects it, as indicated by the bubble that appears above the task bar: "found new hardware camera"

Anyway, after displaying that bubble window, xp runs it own "found new hardware wizard". Whether i click cancel on the wizard, or run it (it fails to find the driver), or let it just sit there for 20 minutes, logitech's own installer never detects the camera. And the driver apparently never gets installed. I searched the logitech disc for a . Inf file that i could point the wizard to, but could not find anything that worked. I've checked for motherboard driver updates, but find nothing for any usb problem (and the usb port appears to be working just fine with everything else, anyway). I installed xp sp3, but that doesn't help either.

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Hitachi External 2.5 Hdd No Driver Found

I've been using a 2. 5" hitachi 80gb 5400rpm sata as an external storage device for some time now. Works fine and all, then one day when i plug it in, i get a "no driver found" and i can't access it at all. I'm thinking either the hdd is dead or my external case holding is defective. Does anyone know of this problem?

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Wd Caviar Green Error Found

Windows wouldn't boot and won't even let me repair it on my 500gb wd caviar green hd because the partition was corrupted. Everything ran fine after i reformatted and did a clean install of windows xp. I scanned the hd with hdtune 3. 5 and it found one block error 50 secs in. I let it run all the way through and there was only that one block error at the beginning about 2gb in. I got a 1tb wd caviar black drive thinking i would need to send in the 500gb drive for repair/replacement. I scanned for errors again with hdtune on the 500gb drive after reformatting and still found the error at the same block position. I used the 7 pass erase feature on hdtune to wipe the 500gb drive clean and did an error scan. I was amazed when there was no error found. I ran another scan and the damaged block was no longer there. Can i still send the drive in for rma?

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Hdd Not Found On Boot = Disk Error

I recently received a western digital 160gb, as a replacement for a broken western digital 120gb, from western digital. However on boot the hdd is sometimes not found and instead a little clicking noise can be heard, which in turn leads to the primary slave not being found and then a disk error. Usually if i simply turn it off then back on again, then it works fine however sometimes i have to do this multiple times, sometimes i have to turn it off and leave it for a few minutes and sometimes i have to open the case and push all the cables into the back of the hdd and dvdrw a bit more. To me the cables don't feel as though they've come loose and so really this is an exercise of ritual rather than anything constructive, yet it seems to do the job. Once the hdd is recognised the pc works fine and dandy but i'd like to avoid this failure as it is happening more and more. Is this an issue with the cpu, data cables, power cables, hdd, dvdrw, ram?
My system is an asus pundit w/ intel 2. 8ghz, dual 512mb ram, western digital 160gb, sony 8x dvdrw.

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Error: Smartbridge Alerts: Entry Point Not Found

Looking for a little help with an error message im getting on startup, after windows is fully loaded and im at desktop i get :

"Smartbridge alerts: motivesb.exe - entry point not found. The procedure entry point getprocessimagefilenamew could not be located in the dynamic link library psapi.dll. "

Any ideas?

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Printer Error - Required Software Component Was Not Found

I have a hp f4400 series printer/scanner/copier. How do i get it to scan without the error message? Bought this a couple of weeks ago, haven't had much time to play with it. Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times to no avail. Error message reads: "a required software component was not found or was improperly installed. Reinstall the hp photosmart software that came with the device, and try scanning again. "

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How Can I Disable "found New Hardware" For Driver ?

I'm having a problem with sound drivers. I have hd realtek onboard sound and it works fine, but ati keeps trying to install hd audio drivers aswell and when they are installed it causes problems with certain games and my pc will restart. It's definately the ati hd audio, i sorted this out after hours of research for my error codes, event logs etc. But now every time i restart my pc i get the "found new hardware" wizard and it tries to reinstall these drivers, so i click cancel and have to go into device manager and disable it every time. Is there a way to stop this driver from trying to install permanently?

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How To Uninstall Intel Inf Drivers ?

I install the intel inf drivers and i am using an intel 80gb ssd g2 i just red that if you install those drivers trim won't work. I would like to know how to uninstallthem since i reinstalled windows last week and i don't want to do it again.

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Windows Vista Inf Problem

My pc is running on windows vista and i recently bought an epson sx115 printer/scanner/copier, when i came to install it like the booklet said it would get to the scanner driver part of the setup and a message would pop up ''epson scan setup - an error occurred during setup, restart your pc then run the setup again'' which i have done about 5 times. So then i tried to install the scanner through the device manager, it finds the drivers and starts to install them when another message pops up ''windows encountered a problem installing the software for your computer - the required section was not found in the inf''

The printer and copier work fine, its just the scanner!

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, different cables, different software and i have even took the printer back saying it was faulty. And still nothing!

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How To Install Inf Chipset Drivers For P35 ?

I installed the old drivers from my mobo's cd, and there are much newer ones on the asus site. I am getting horrible crosfire performance and this may be the culprit. How do i install the newer ones?

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5750 Error On Driver Installation

Just installed a 5750 and both of my screens went black on the catalyst 9. 12 driver installation in vista 32 bit and stayed that way for 3 minutes so i hard rebooted. After a reboot it installed fine, and it seems to be working fine. I ran 3d mark 06 a few times and played burnout for a while. However, i'm concerned this indicates hardware issues that come back and bite me in the ass?

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How Do I Find Out If There Are Any Updates For My Video Driver ?

How do i find out if there are any updates for my video driver? And how do i find out what my video driver is?

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Disable The Video Card Driver

I've been trying to set up my display drivers off of a fresh windows install, and i accidentally 'disabled' the driver for my video card. So the pc boots up and i see all the dos stuff and the windows loading menu, but then monitor is blank [no display adapter in xp]. Now i'd normally remove the card and put it back in but it doesn't work. I don't have another monitor slot on the motherboard so when the card isn't plugged in neither is the monitor and all i get is beeps [windows doesn't start w/o a monitor]. I tired booting with a vga mode but that didn't help. Is there any other way around this aside from plugging in some other video card and then the old one?

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Keyboard Error: ( Code 39 ) Driver May Be Corrupted

I recently bought some more ram for my comp, replacing the default 125 mb with 2 512 mb cards. I then turn on my wonderfully fast comp to find the keyboard no longer works. I had unplugged everything while putting in the new memory, so i figure that the plug in the comp is crapped out. When i look at all the hardware things, i find the keyboard, open the info, and under device status it says "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" so anyway, i figure the keyboard port is messed up. I go out to the trusty bestbuy, and buy a nice new usb keyboard (plugs into the usb not the keyboard port on the pc) i plug it in and run the installation, everything is okay. Then i try to type - nothing. The other buttons work on the keyboard, like the sleep button and the calculator (because we all know its too hard to hit the start button haha) the same problem comes up. I really need help figuring out how to get this freaking keyboard working.

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Failed To Load Detection Driver - Error

I would load windows vista and get a bsod with the failure registering in an atixxx.dll . I figured it was a driver error so i tried reinstalling my drivers. I did a driver sweep and started up the install.exe. Halfway through, the install would either crash my entire system or i would get a "failed to load detection driver" error. Very frustrating. Last night, i reinstalled vista. Drastic, i know. I installed all of the updates. I then tried to reinstall the ccc package. Same error! I looked online for some fixes. This one:

Seemed promising but didn't work for me. I don't know what else to do. Any ideas? I might end up selling my 4870 and buying a nvidia product just to avoid this issue.

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The Driver Detected A Controller Error On Deviceharddisk1d

My hdd seems to gone haywire. This error "the driver detected a controller error on deviceharddisk1d" keep pop up and spamming my event viewer. When this happen my system will freeze for a few sec and back to normal again. This thing happen like every 15min. When to search around the net and found some info that this error might cause due to loose/faulty cable. I already check for loose cable, all fixed up properly but i got no spare cable to try on. I have 2 hdd on my system hdd1 = g. Skill ssd(os and games on it) , hdd2 = v. Raptor 150gb (page file, my doc, download etc). As for hardisk1d which 1 it actually meant?

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Video Driver Problems Anfter Reformatting

Alright, i just reformatted my computer for the second time ever. And i know from my first time, that i have to reinstall all the drives for my sound card and video card. I got everything done for my sound card, but about a month ago, i got my motherboard and video card repplaced, and im not sure wut they are now. Anywayz. I cant find the right divers for my video card. Iv tried nvidia, s3, via. And a couple others. And i dunno wut to try anymore. Can anyone help me!?

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Is Video Card Driver A Hardware Or Software?

Drivers are software. The video card itself is hardware. Anything you can touch is hardware, otherwise it is software. For example: a cd is hardware, the stuff on the cd is software. -
To get the latest default drivers

Click your start menu -> type in 'device manager' and press enter. When your device manager comes up click the + symbol next to 'display adapters. ' right click each item under that menu and select 'update driver software. ' then chose 'search automatically for updated driver software. '

You can also type in 'windows update' within the start menu to obtain all current updates for windows. I suggest you run a windows update before checking for driver updates, as often this will update drivers for you. If new software is available then it will update to it; the updates come directly from microsoft (windows). Internet connection required.

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Realtek Alc662 Driver Install Error 0xe0000227

I just built a new system with an asrock a780fulldisplayport mainboard (amd 780g, sb700), which has a realtek alc662 hd audio chip onboard. The os is win2003 server enterprise r2 sp2. During installation of the audio driver (the one from the asrock cd as well as the realtek site), the installation gets nearly to the end where it pops up an error ("realtek hd audio driver installation failed / [error code: 0xe0000227]"), after which the installer quits. I did enable audio in the os and fully patched it up including the hd audio hotfix, yet the error persists. A google search revealed a few more people with this issue (on different mainboards), yet without a solution. Anyone care to hit me with a cluebat?

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Hp Psc 1410 Driver Run Time Error

Tried install hp psc1410 series driver cd, but was taking time, so i terminated, run time error seen, help solve?

Answer:- if you couldn't find driver on hp site easy, you could try a program i use. It automatically updates your drivers, saves me a lot of time and frustration. Take a look here for those drivers.

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Acer Laptop Bios / Video Driver Problem

Just pickep up a new old laptop at a garage sale. It'll be only a slight speed improvement over my current one, p200mmx vs. P166mmx. But this one uses sodimms instead of proprietary ram modules, the battery actually works well, and it has a nice keyboard and a cdrom. It came with win95 in it, surprisingly, and i had to reinstall the video and sound drivers to get it booting into windows. After some preliminary checking i installed 98se clean on its 2g primary partition, after copying the install cd to an existing 1g extended partition. This is when i realised why it still had 95 in it. It won't let me put in the video drivers for the neomagic video adapter. Every time i try and point it to the driver i want, it continues to demand the driver from the w95 cd. I can only guess there is something in the bios controlling this. It's a unisys aquanta en/m, but some investigation identified it as an acer nuovo variant. Acer seems to have drivers for their nuovo variants only for 95 and nt. I was thinking of getting one of the new samsung spinpoint 40g 5400rpm drives for it and putting in 2k when i get the ram maxed to 128mb. (I could move the drive to my next old-but-better laptop in the future and put the existing 3g back in. ) But i'm wondering if i may be limited to nt because of the video issues. The bios is accessible at any time, even in win, through function keys, and is not on the hdd. I'll do more prowling around the acer site for bios or drivers, but i'm not overly hopeful. Any feedback on resolving the video driver issue is gratefully accepted. The acer nuovo variants lack the usb port this one has, and have only one of the two sodimm slots accessible on the bottom. This has both on the bottom. I'll have to see if this matches a different model, like one of the acernotes, more exactly.

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2007 Aluminum Intel Imac Video Driver

What video driver do i need for 2007 aluminum intel imac. I am running windows xp but im just wondering the graphics card in this.

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Error - Display Driver Stopped Responding And Successfully Recovered

I am getting an error message which says "display driver stopped responding and successfully recovered" after a blank screen (for 2-4 seconds). The computer is this one. I am using vista 64bit on this. The error report created by vista is this:


Video hardware error

7/9/2009 11:15 am

Not reported

A problem with your video hardware caused windows to stop working correctly. Problem signature
Problem event name:livekernelevent
Os version:6. 0. 6002. 2. 2. 0. 256. 4
Locale id:1033

Files that help describe the problem

Extra information about the problem
Os version:6_0_6002
Service pack:2_0

The computer has all the updates, latest drivers (from intel), and latest bios. Note: tweaking "hardware acceleration" is not possible (menu doesn't allow it). In bios, memory allocations cannot be changed. Any ideas?

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The Driver Detected A Controller Error On Device Scsi Adpu3201

Server 2003 has the on-board dell perc 5/i for hard-drives. An add-in adaptec u320 scsi pci-x card. Only a quantum lto 2 tape drive is hooked up to the adaptec. This error started popping up and is logged every day. The last 2 people that administered this server are no longer around. I'm not exactly sure when the tape drive was installed. The problem is, i cannot roll back the driver, because no previous driver exists. I also downloaded the latest driver from quantum, which is the same exact one. If i disable the port with the tape drive, the error doesn't seem to appear.could this be caused if the scsi isn't terminated? This is an off-site server, but not currently doing any backups so it's not a hugely important issue, but something i would like to get cleared up.

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Win7 Agp Video Driver For X1k And Lower Cards

Im looking for a 32bit win 7 catalyst driver for my radeon 1950 pro agp, im having a hard time locating one as the hotfix 9. 6 dont detect the card and also the regular 9. 6 dont, i tried installing cat 9. 3 hotfix win xp but 7 ignors it stating it has the latest driver already (generic windows ati driver).

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Display Driver Crashes During Full Screen Web Video

I managed to catch a glimpse of a display driver failure notice, so i can now confirm what exactly the problem is. Basically if i play a web video and make it full screen anywhere other than youtube or (like, kotaku, etc) it will play for 30 seconds or so and then crash. The screen will go black, my mouse will become barely responsive and i'll have to hard boot. I'm running windows 7 rc 7100 and this has happened with both 9. 6 and 9. 7 cats. Am i all alone here or does anyone know if there's a fix? I can't seem to find any info on it at all.

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Video Card Failed To Initialize Error

My sons 9700 pro died so i just replaced it with an 1650 pro. Cleared out old drivers. Installed new ones. Now he can't get games to play. The screen is wavy whenever i go on the internet as well. Can't figure this one out. Any ideas?

It's an old 939 system/win xp/350 watt psu.

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Video Card Or Driver Doesn't Support Ubyte4n Vertex Data

Will call of duty modern warfare 2 run on my sony vaio laptop? Well when i downloaded it and then went to play it it comes up video card or driver does not support ubyte4n vertex data.

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